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Hussein Obama in Indonesia

Thursday, April 21st, 2011


“It turns out Barack Obama was dreaming big right from an early age – at just nine-years-old he announced he was going to be the prime minister of Indonesia.

‘Any nation will do’: New book reveals Barack Obama wanted to be prime minister of Indonesia at tender age of 9

If that aint the Doozie of the Day, I don’t know what is.mission

Power hungry lil “tyrant wanna be” at age 9 eh?hyper

Well now..whatta shame that dream didn’t come true. Could have spared us our living nightmare here eh.


Oh wait.
Now he just wants to be HEAD honcho of the New World Order.dangerani

Well look at it this way..
At least at least he knew he wasn’t an American.half


And for those who wanna be “IN THE KNOW”:idea



The U.S. President heaped praise upon Indonesia as the model of what an Islamic Country can be. He especially noted the incredible religious diversity of Indonesia.

Are other faiths in Indonesia “flourishing?”

According to the latest statistics (from the U.S. government), over 86 percent of Indonesians are Muslim. That makes 209,000,000 practicing Muslims in the country. Let’s see about the other “flourishing religions”:

5.7 percent of Indonesians are Protestant

3 percent are Roman Catholic

1.8 percent are Hindu

.00001 percent are Jews

That’s right, 209,000,000 Muslims and 20 Jews.

If this is Obama’s definition of “flourishing religious diversity,” I am really worried.

Of course it’s not a problem for me. See even if I wanted to, I could never even visit Indonesia let alone live there. That’s because this “model of democracy” does not permit those with Israeli passports from entering the country. Really gives you a good feeling about Obama’s vision of Middle East peace, doesn’t it?
Obama Praises Jew-Free Indonesia

Yet while standing in this virtually Jew-free Muslim nation, Obama choose to chastise Israel for allowing Jews to build homes in Jerusalem. According to the President, this is the real problem in the Middle East.


Okay To heck with openly, brazenly, rabidly anti-semitic, JEW-free, stinkin Indonesia.bomb-boom

THIS is how they treat Christians:


A crowd of 200 Muslims launches intimidating messages at the faithful and prohibits the use of a local church for Sunday services. The attackers claim to be residents of the area. Protestant pastor denies this: “definitely strangers”.


From 2009 to now at least 17 Christian churches targeted.
Bekasi, anti-Christian persecution continues. A Protestant church targeted

Muslims vandalizing Christian graves in the West Bank in Israel.

Slavery is a fundamental, integral part of the Islamic religion, law and culture and continues in these Muslim nations. Muslims themselves are slaves of Islam, forbidden from leaving.

In the 21st century, Indonesia enslaves it’s own people or sends them as slaves into the Islamic world or they join Muslims living in the west which is unaware of their slave status!

Islam’s genocidal slavery

“Indonesia is a major source of women, children, and men trafficked for the purposes of forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation.

To a far lesser extent, it is a destination and transit country for foreign trafficking victims. The greatest threat of trafficking facing Indonesian men and women is that posed by conditions of forced labor and debt bondage in more developed Asian countries – particularly Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan — and the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia,

according to IOM data. Indonesia women and girls are also trafficked to Malaysia and Singapore for forced prostitution and throughout Indonesia for both forced prostitution and forced labor.”

(U.S. State Dept Trafficking in Persons Report, June, 2009)

Oh yea, Hussein the Horrible..
Your precious homeland Indonesia is “flourishing” alright.

Since its independence over 1000 churches have been closed or destroyed and attacks continue….as of this very minute.

Or perhaps we need someone to errr....define the word "flourish"?


A decapitated statue of the Virgin Mary is just one of the artifacts destroyed by Muslims.

Hey Mista Demagogue in Chief…why dontcha return to your flourishing, beloved “homeland” aka hellhole.
Tis nevah too late to um…pursue yer dreams.

Oh, and not for nuthin but , where is the predictable, steaming Muzlim “outrage” over Barry Hussein who has “supposedly” left the peaceful religion of Izlam?


Keith Ellison: LIAR

Friday, March 11th, 2011


If this aint the Doozie of the Day, I don’t know what is.frightened

Don’t know if Y’all saw Ellison sobbing at the DON’T YOUR DARE EVEN SPEAK ABOUT RADICAL MUZLIMS, King’s hearings..
Keith cryin like a baby..aww…NOT

The congressman told a teachable story this morning. One problem: It’s untrue.

Rep. Keith Ellison’s Bigotry

This morning, Rep. Keith Ellison (Democratic-Farmer-Labor party, Minn.) appropriated a hearing on Islamic radicalism by weeping his way through a speech about whata-buncha-nasty-bigots Americans are.

He chose as his case in point Mohammed Salman Hamdani, a Pakistani-born Muslim American who rushed to lower Manhattan on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, to assist in rescue efforts, and died in the collapse of the World Trade Center.

Here’s how Representative Ellison tells the story of the aftermath of his death:

After the tragedy some people tried to smear his character solely because of his Islamic faith. Some people spread false rumors and speculated that he was in league with the attackers only because he was Muslim.

It was only when his remains were identified that these lies were fully exposed. Mohammed Salman Hamdani was a fellow American who gave his life for other Americans. His life should not be defined as a member of an ethnic group or a member of a religion, but as an American who gave everything for his fellow citizens.

Does Ellison’s account check out with reality?

No. It is actually pretty close to the opposite of the truth.

In fact, six weeks after the September 11 attacks — before Hamdani’s remains were identified, which Ellison implies to be the turning point of public perception — Congress signed the PATRIOT Act into law with this line included: “Many Arab Americans and Muslim Americans have acted heroically during the attacks on the United States, including Mohammed Salman Hamdani, a 23-year-old New Yorker of Pakistani descent, who is believed to have gone to the World Trade Center to offer rescue assistance and is now missing.” That is, Hamdani was actually singled out for particular high honors among the thousands of victims of the September 11 attacks.

There’s little evidence of the “rumors” of which Ellison speaks, either. Poke around yourself.

Go to Google and search for Mohammed Salman Hamdani’s name, using various time frames from before today’s hearings (say, in the week after the September 11 attack).

You’ll discover two discordant sets of returns: none for sites and news reports accusing Hamdani of being a terrorist, and many thousands of pages honoring him as a hero while claiming that he was “widely accused” of being a terrorist.


Moderate Muzlim?..ha. Here we go againroll-eyes-aniacko
THIS is what I had this to say years ago when he infiltrated himself into our Nation’s Congress:

Barring a cataclysmic event, Minnesotans today will elect the first-ever Mus–lim to the U.S. Congress, and odds are the media serenade won’t be far behind.

CAIR’s Congressman: Will the media care about his troubling ties?

What remains to be seen, though, is how many journalists will be willing to strike a discordant note by questioning Keith Elli-son on his Nation of Is-lam past or his open embrace of the Council on Ame-rican-Isla–mic Relations (CA-IR), a group founded by two self-identified supporters of Isl–amic terrorism.

The organization’s officials, in fact, have helped raise over $50,000 for Ellison.

Dearborn. His stopping ground.

Well, well well. Isn’t that special?confused
Ellison, an innocent “Moderate Muzlim”?….

Don’t believe it for one nanosecond.muttering

Lie # 1-Ellison wrote in his letter that his involvement with the NOI was limited to 18 months..

When in fact……….
“…columns he wrote while in law school at the University of Minnesota defending N-OI leader Louis Farr-akhan indicate he was a member as far back as 1989. That’s almost a decade, not merely 18 months.

Lie # 2- He said “that he was never a member of the NOI (Nation of Izzlam).

When in fact he admits that he “organized the NOI’s Million Man March in 1995, and when he ran for the state legislature in 1998, he was identified in the Star Tribune as an N-OI member.

Lie # 3- “…he claimed that he didn’t realize until later the organization’s racism and anti-Semitism.”

When in case of FACT:
“Ellison served as NOI spokesman at a 1997 public hearing where he defended—in his own words—“the truth” of a government official’s supposed comment that “Jews are the most racist white people.”

US Mideast Israel Palestinians Protest
Dearborn Moderates..uh huh.


“CAIR was created in 1994, spun off from the Is–lamic Association of Pales–tine. Though the group bristles at that characterization, its two founders, Aw–ad and O–mar Ah–mad, were both high-ranking I-AP officials in 1994, and they maintained close relations for years afterward. I-AP, which appears to have ceased operations within the past two years, was an openly anti-Semitic organization long believed to be Ha–mas’ political front in the U.S. A civil court judge in Illinois last year confirmed those suspicions when he declared that there was “strong evidence that I-AP was supporting Ha–mas.” >fearme

Pulleze. We all know the CAIR bears creedo:

We are once again preparing to inflict shaariah worldwide and oh..of course to wipe Israel from the map, please send money, money31arms and any extra jih–adis.

Our first ever Muzlim in the U.S. Congress?
With political and financial ties to the terrorist organization CAIR?

CA-IR are nothing but stone-age tyrants who will never be confronted for their hatred and venom by the Leftstream Media.


Not gays, not transgenders, not African Americans, not illegal immigrants.

We all preach to the choir about how awful the threat of Izzlam is, and now the threat is moving ever closer to our front yards by sneaking in through our very government.

Not to mention the ongoing LIES.
Liar Liar Liar:liar
Pathological anti-semite Congressman Keith Ellison’s “Pilgrimage to Mecca” was paid for by “Izzzlamic Nonprofit” org. Of course he claimed he didn’t “know about the inner workings of this group”…MB. Nuff said?cuss-angry

Vote in the rabid anti-Semite, with political ties to a known terrorist organization.


Then it will be that much sooner that the prophets of hate will be a protected minority with a separate legal system.

Heck. Just think. Wer’e just a handful of votes away from honor killings, wife abuse, rape, torture, beheadings of infidels and forced conversions to be nothing but commonplace.

Perhaps Minnesota should cede from the Union eh?

CA-IR is nothing but a gang of subversives, not to mention the racist, venom spewing N.-O.I. that he belonged to, despite his lies and denial.


Anyone remotely associated with the CA-IR bears belong on the Homeland Security Terrorist watch list .

Which brings this to mind:

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.

But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men.

He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murder is less to fear.”

Cicero (c. 106-43 B.C.) cicero.jpg


Ya holdin yer infidel breath y’all?
Don’t waste yer carbon footprints.

Y’all keep a stiff upper lip. As surreal as this all appears.
It is happening and yes, we are living through it.

The following is dedicated to all my sweet friends, my faithful commenters and Karl M.
I know just how you feel. I bet we ALL do.

Coca-Cola being Sued by guess Who

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011


As if it wasn’t bad enough for The Coca-Cola Co that the closely-guarded secret recipe for its flagship brand was revealed last week, the company is now being sued over the discovery that the soft drink purportedly contains alcohol.

…. an Israeli Muslim has filed a NIS1.2bn (US$332.8m) class action suit against Israeli Coca-Cola franchisee.

The Central Bottling Co for compensation for “mental anguish and infringing the independent choices of the individual”.

Compensation for every Coca-Cola drinking Muslim?

The recipe, it seems, contains 8oz or “1 qtr” of alcohol, and given that alcohol is forbidden by Islam law, the claimant believes he has been “unwittingly drinking alcohol for years”.

Subsequently, the class action suit is seeking NIS1,000 for each of the 1.2m Muslims living in Israel.

If this aint Doozie of the Day..what is?hammer3


Inna meantime the Coca-Cola Co. claims that their recipe is still secret after nearly 125 years.

Stand Tall Coca-Cola guyz n dolls.

Perhaps we need to recall a handful of the hundreds of pesky lil Muzlim “threats” that they can only wield in our FREE societies?

Immigrants MUZLIMS Claim Wal-Mart Fired Them to Provide Jobs for Local Residents

All 10 complaints also stated that West African workers, who are Muslim, were refused short prayer breaks.



OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Oklahoma voters have approved a measure that would forbid judges from considering international law or Islamic law when deciding cases.

Voters ban judges from using (SHAR-IAH) international law



Muslims Sue Fox Theatre Over 9/11 Event

So….Muzlims wanna host a Ramadana Ding-dong party on Sept 11 and are denied.gunsmile

ATLANTA — A couple of local businessmen are suing Atlanta’s Fox Theatre claiming racial and religious discrimination.

Basheer Jones and Nardin Jihad wanted to host a concert at the Fox on Saturday, Sept. 11. The concert would celebrate the end of their Muslim holy month of Ramadan, the men said. But the Fox said denied their application in March and that led to the lawsuit.

Jones said a Fox Theatre official told him, “You know, you guys are Muslim, and it’s September 11 and there’s going to be some security issues so we don’t think that it would be best for us as a company to rent the facility out to you.”



The list is endless my friends. Truly endless.

So which genius Muzlim claims to have uncovered the formula for Coca-Cola long enough to do what they do best: Rage, Seethe or Sue.bullani

Oh,,, and Can someone kindly remind me again why Israel allows these @#%%** to live among them?
Just askin.israel-ani1

Obama raising money for Terrorists: Again

Monday, November 1st, 2010


Doozie of the day.
Lines that should be jokes but are dead serious.

This just in!

Hussain……Hussein the Horrible Obama’s envoy to the Muslim world, (whatever the heck that is…..zombie……) said there is a “disturbing rise in anti-Islamic sentiment” that may be caused in part by the poor economy.

Oh wait..Isn’t that the Jews he meant?..That’s one confused envoy.confusedani-dy

Oh yea..he goes on to say:
That the (made up, contrived) arrowthruhead9backlash against Muslim-Americans has lotsa precedent in the U.S., as African-Americans, Jewish-Americans, Irish-Americans, and Chinese-Americans.

Don’t you see the commonality there? Not.dizzy1

Cuz all those immigrants flew planes into buildings aiming to slaughter United States civilians at one time or another right?death-cheer

Nobody with a pea brain would dare find moral equivalence between acts of Islamic terrorism all over the free world and the defensive War on Terror.
Nor would they compare any other immigrants to America (or any other free Nation) with Muzlims.


Is it really that difficult to distinguish between four planes being hjijacked and flown into buildings that contained over 40,000 innocent people and the collateral damage done to non-combatants who just so happen to shelter their brethren …the Islamic terrorists.

Funny how the pathetic oft repeated message of Izlamic “peace” gets lost abruptly as we discover bombs hidden on airplanes not 24 hours before this leech on the American taxpayer speakuth.
Cargo plane bomb plot: UK steps up security checks on airline passengers

In Washington, the US government was considering whether to grant the CIA far greater powers to select targets in Yemen for assassination by missiles fired from unmanned drones, despite mounting hostility in the country to such air strikes.

Care to connect any of these here dots…?


Al Qaeda bombing attempt is Thwarted. Ummm it was synagogues that were targeted. unIzlamic…Not quite.
That err…sounds an awful lot like Anti-Semitism don’t it?


But Hussein the Horrible Obama races to conduct a fundraiser for Muzlims.

Yes Mumbai – on the anniversary of the massacre. And then off to one of the biggest mosques in the world. Hmmmmmm.

Hussein’s oh so carefully applied veneer is peeling.


We’ve said time n time again:

If the allegedly moderate Muzlims would stand up en masse against the so called extremists who supposedly hijacked their religion, then maybe ..just maybe there would be a glimmer of hope.

What part of en masse don’t they understand. Have you ever heard of a muzlim organization dedicated to denouncing the activities of terrorist CAIR, No sir and you won’t. Never happen.


But hey… let’s blame the “economy” for alleged anti-muslim sentiment, shall we. Sounds good eh.

Same reason for the heinous crime rates in Detroit, right?thuganiee

With logic like that………..

No wonder democrats are going to get their clocks cleaned on Tuesday.


I.D.F. using Attack Dogs Against Flotilla

Friday, October 8th, 2010


The IDF’s Oketz canine unit will be used to assist soldiers in boarding Gaza-bound ships during future interceptions, a military source said on Thursday.
IDF will use attack dogs in future flotilla interceptions

The decision followed intensive deliberations by military chiefs on how to improve boarding techniques following the bloody confrontation on board the Mavi Marmara ship on May 31, in which navy commandos were stabbed and beaten, and nine Turkish activists terrorists (to be accurate).. were killed.


In future operations, specially trained dogs will be placed on the ships first to ensure that naval commandos can safely board.

Dogs?..Oh my. Count down till PETA gets their panties into a bunch.
Oh wait..Do they wear them?pan-tycas

DEAD Israeli babies? biggie.
Dogs being used to possibly save Israeli lives?…How abusive.

Israelis murdered by Muslim Arabs.

Meanwhile..back at the ranch, Prime Minister Salem Fay-yad is busy condemning the killing of Ham-ASS terrorists, by the IDF.

When Ham-ASS murdered four people in cold blood last month in Hebron, Fayyad condemned the ahem..”timing of the attack.”

The “Timing” of the slaughter of these innocents?

But when the IDF kills two bloodstained Arab murderers of children, Fayyad says “the path to peace does not come by way of killing”.

Doozie of the Day indeed Faaaaaaaaayad.

Terrorists givin us lessons bout peace…………..

OMG. If that’s not funny, I don’t know what is.scratch

If ya ask me…. instead of attack dogs, they should use PIGS.
We all know how Muslim terrorists feel bout them.. don’t we?

Over and out Bubba, I gotcher flotilla right here.

We “over-reacted to 9-11″

Sunday, September 5th, 2010


Doozie of the Day.

Lines that should be jokes but are dead serious:

Ohhh look: Another MODERATE, secular Muslim, Fareed Zakaria– speaking out. (In Newsweek of course)

Wonder what he’s saying?

Let’s give a listen shall we:confused1

September 11 was a shock to the American psyche and the American system. As a result, we overreacted.

Here are some of the highlights. Since September 11, 2001, the U.S. government has created or reconfigured at least 263 organizations to tackle some aspect of the war on terror. The amount of money spent on intelligence has risen by 250 percent, to $75 billion (and that’s the public number, which is a gross underestimate).

That’s more than the rest of the world spends put together. Thirty-three new building complexes have been built for intelligence bureaucracies alone, occupying 17 million square feet—the equivalent of 22 U.S. Capitols or three Pentagons.

Five miles southeast of the White House, the largest government site in 50 years is being built—at a cost of $3.4 billion—to house the largest bureaucracy after the Pentagon and the Department of Veterans Affairs: the Department of Homeland Security, which has a workforce of 230,000 people.

In the past, the U.S. government has built up for wars, assumed emergency authority, and sometimes abused that power, yet always demobilized after the war. But this is a war without end. When do we declare victory? When do the emergency powers cease?

It’s clear we “overreacted” to 9/11?

Who the heck is “WE”?
Zakaria was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India to a Konkani Muslim family…

He’s sorta Hindu, sorta secular, sorta Muslim.
Sound familiar?


To him….”It’s clear we overreacted to 9/11.”
Um….I’ll tell ya what is clear.
Fareeeeed isn’t a part of “we”, that’s for dang sure.

How exactly does a Nation “overreact” to the flat out murder of 3,000 of its innocent citizens by monsters who advocate a belief system which calls for world domination and destruction of democracy?




A nuke attack on Afghanistan, a mushroom cloud over Kabul or Iran may have been a tad over the top. Then again…………nukke

Gee. I wonder, Fareeeeeeeeeeed, why Al-Qaeda, isn’t the threat it once was.claphands

Hmmmmmmmm. Perhaps because the vast majority of its Muslim monster terrorists have been killed, deep sixed, pushin poppies up somewhere?
I wonder how that happened.


The ones who managed to escape death, like trusty ole Bin Laden–, have been in hiding for literally ..years.

What exactly do ya think OUR United States Marines, Army and Special Operations Command have been doing for the last nine years huh.armyaniq

But, speaking of “over reactions”..Do ya suppose a Muslim anywhere on planet Earth would accuse the Muslim, Sept 11th terrorists of an overreaction by hijacking four airliners and ramming them into buildings full of innocent civilians, burning them alive?

Spectacularly offensive. But typical of alleged Moderates.weapon027

Well, not for nothin..but scratch a Muslim..and you’ll find an anti semite.
Not a closet anti semite mind you.gunani8-mbuddy

Here’s Fareeeeeeeeed’s view of the terrorist, baby killers Hezbullah:

CNN’s Zakaria Presents Hezbollah as a Model of Religious Tolerance

If we can discern “religious tolerance” in a group that says that the state of Israel should be wiped from the earth, then there is a new definition of “tolerance” that no one is aware of. But unbelievably here is CNN’s Zakaria coloring this murderous terror group as a “tolerant” organization.


The Times Square foiled terrorist attempt, the Detroit Christmas bomber, the Ft, Hood massacre, and Muslim terrorist attempts in Springfield, Dallas, a constant threat to the New York subways, Attacks all over Europe and overseas…and on and on.bombani

No, Fareeeeeeeeeed. Nothing to worry about in the last year… Just a dozen Muslim terror plots in the N.Y. area, alone.

Fareed. Mouthpiece for the likes of CNN and Newsweek.
Do not dare speak for “WE” of the United States of America.

Another sick puppy.
Anybody got the antidote?


Bob Beckel: Get Over 9-11!

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Doozie of the Day:
Bob Beckel.


These are the Liberal Democrats my sweet friends:

In a panel discussion regarding the funding of the Muzlim Monster Mega-mosque at Ground Zero, Bob Beckel, says:
At some point ” we have to get over 911″.

I too, was a first responder elbow to elbow with our FDNY and NYPD.

And guess what Bob Beckel?

We will NEVER “GET OVER” 9-11.

In addition, we will we not “get over” the bombing of the Kohbar Towers, Oklahoma City, the USS Cole, The Twin Towers, the Pentagon or the Field in Pennsylvania.

How bout our soldiers just “get over” Pearl Harbor” while wer’e at it too eh?

G’head Beckel..Make your twisted statement to the families who wonder what their husbands, wives, sons or daughters did at the last moment knowing they were going to be burned alive or crash?


Tell your sickening statement to those families who had to see the images of their loved ones jumping out of the World Trade Center in a futile attempt to save their lives.


Tell it to those with the strength and spirit to do all possible to try to live just to see another day.




Tell it to those I had to hold for hours, or rock, or stay with till the Sun came up because sleep would never come…………….

Tell it to the children who I had to tell that Daddy is never coming home………ever.

On September 11, 2001, in the heart of America’s greatest city, nearly three thousand Americans were murdered in a single morning.

Terrorist Muzlims struck a blow against ALL of us that reverberates to this day. Well, At least for people of conscience that is …”


But wait…Why be surprised at what LIBS spew?

Wasn’t it Hussein Obama, their Messiah who stated: “America is not a Christian nation …”
Was it not he who lied and propagandized that : “Islam has always been part of America …”

So now one of his stooges embellished a tad:
Beckel comes along and says: “We’ve got to get over 9/11 …”

Should we “get over” slavery too while wer’e at it?

Right. That’s just what we should do.

I mean really y’all…………….Stop the whining and . Just get over it…

I have a better idea Bob.

How bout you get-over-yourselfx150_f


Flotilla “Peaceniks” are IslamoNazis: Shocker

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010


Lines that ought to be jokes but are dead serious:

Angel’s DOOZIE OF THE DAY :ouch

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu likened Israelis defending themselves against a handful of Muslim terrorists onna boat- to September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States.

Cuz surprise surprise folks:
A probe reveals flotilla lynchers have ties to Global Jihad.

So in other words, jihadis are the victims not the perps.
Got it?


Interrogation of Gaza aid sail detainees reveals some of passengers recruited specifically to attack Israeli soldiers. Suspects found to be carrying multiple weapons, cash..
Probe reveals flotilla lynchers have ties to Global Jihad

Israel’s investigation has revealed some 100 people infiltrated the peace and humanitarian aid activists making their way to Gaza, with the explicit design to attack Israeli soldiers using cold arms.

Some among that group are believed to have ties with World Jihad groups, mainly al-Qaeda.


So Israelis killed some terrorists eh.

But fret not,no7

Here are the pearlz of Muslim wizdom from the Turkish FM:

“Psychologically this attack is like 9/11 for Turkey because Turkish citizens were attacked by a state, not by terrorists, with an intention, a clear decision of political leaders of that state,”

What is this FM stoned on?
What do they smoke in Turkey anyway?


But shhhhhhhh whatever ya do..don’t mention the Turks slaughtering of the Kurds k. Or the Armenian genocide. muzsmile2

And oh… Yemen has just recently “ethnically cleansed” the last of it’s Jews..but shhhhhhhh.


The fact is IslamoNazi Jihadists commit the worst atrocities of humanity throughout the world.
Forget bout Joooooos for a sec.


They have butchered and continue to persecute and abuse millions of people across the world.
In India alone, they killed 80 million people.

You read that right.
80 million.

Just who were these um “humanitarians”?
Muslim Turkish men, seeking to break the maritime closure on the Gaza Strip, who took over the upper deck of the Marmara– while conveniently removing all other passengers from it.

They just so happen to be equipped with “aid”..NOT.
But did have bullet proof vests, night vision equipment, axes, metal rods, pistols and very long knives. fist

What was in their pockets ?
No IDs were found, but guess what……weapons and lotsa money were.


Inna mean time Israel, in her terminal stupidity and desire for self destruction, has already agreed to release all of the Arab “nationals” (a.k.a. terrorists) who took part in the Gaza-bound…errr… “aid” sail.

So they can come back n try again next time?

Better idea:
Dump their IzlamoNazi but*ts in Gaza.monstergan

Let their pals Ham-ASS show them what humanitarian really means.

What a sorry and effed up flock of politicians Israel has.

The images (which the Mainstream media refuse to show) of the first Israelis to board the ship says it all.

They were beaten senseless by Islamic “humanitarian aid” savages. It’s surprising only a handful of the vermin got killed.
Mourning the so called “civilians” who tried to lynch the Israelis?
I don’t think so dudes.

Ya like math?
Check out Jihad in Numbers


God bless Israel.

I kiss the boots of the U.S. Army and the IDF.


Times Square Car Bomb

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010


Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that officials are treating the incident as a potential terrorist attack. The mayor said earlier Sunday that “we have no idea who did this or why” but said pointed out that the city is a frequent target of terrorism.

Car bomb scares Times Square but fails to explode

The Mayor of NY.
Doozie of the Day:

Lines that are serious but should be absolute jokes.


Is he kidding or on crack?

Wanna hint Mr.Mayor?

Inna mean time..a Vietnam vet “saw something and SAID something”…exactly what Muslims DO not want American citizens to be able to do without shrieking racism and Izzlamophobism.

Duane Jackson was particularly busy this morning as he occupied a spot selling flags, sunglasses and pocketbooks on West 45th Street and 7th Avenue in Times Square.

But tourists hadn’t come to buy the vendor’s usual assortment of goods. They went to see Jackson, a 58-year-old Vietnam veteran who said he helped alert police to a suspicious sport utility vehicle parked near his stand Saturday night, which later turned out to have a bomb inside.

Times Square vendor says he helped alert police to car bomb
Times Square car bomb was act of terrorism


According to another report:

Times Square is four miles north of the site where terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. The car was parked near the headquarters of Viacom, producer of South Park, the cartoon that was recently threatened for a plotline involving the prophet Mohammad.

The ahem “PROPHET” Muuha-MAD?

Since when does the media call Jesus the Lord..or Hashem- God of the Universe?

But alla sudden its the “prophet” Muuha-MAD.
How um…respectful and deferential of them eh.
hea-dsandca the story predictably unfolds..(Think Ft. Hood Muslim massacre)..


A group that monitors militant websites had said the Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the SUV bomb, which didn’t explode.

Thousands of tourists were cleared from the area for 10 hours.
Yet another price we must pay for allowing Muslims to live (and spread Jeeeeehad) in our midst.

Infiltration anyone?

Political Correctness will Kill us ALL

Thursday, March 4th, 2010


This oughta be filed under:
You can’t make this stuff up.

So Here’s mah…

An ex-Royal Marine was told to cover up his regimental tattoo by security staff at Heathrow on the grounds that other passengers might find it “offensive”.

Paul Fairclough, a former medic with the 539 Assault Squadron, was left feeling “angry and insulted” after an over-zealous female security operator objected to his 12-inch dagger tattoo.

Royal Marine told to cover up regimental tattoo because it was ‘offensive’
She told him it was airport “policy” to require all tattoos showing offensive weapons to be covered up and she couldn’t make an exception for regimental insignia. The fact that the 29-year-old had risked his life while serving his country in Kosovo and Iraq made no difference to her.

When Fairclough complained to a supervisor he was told that the official in question had made a mistake and that the “policy” didn’t apply to regimental tattoos, but he offered no apology.

“I was left feeling insulted, angry and incensed,” said the ex-soldier. “I served my country and lost mates who were blown-up in Iraq. I am proud of my service with the Royal Marines and this left a bitter taste in my mouth.”

If I was passenger on the plane Paul Fairclough was attempting to board I wouldn’t be “offended” by his regimental tattoo. On the contrary, I’d be extremely pleased. I’d think to myself, “If this plane gets hijacked, at least there’ll be one person on board who’s man enough to do something about it.”


Sooo…Paul Fairclough, An ex-Royal Marine receives no apology..
Clearly because he’s not a Muzlim terrorist.

And not for nothin ..but, why hasn’t the so called ‘secuirty attendant’ been sacked?

Do ya suppose donning a wearing a hiiijab would um.. offend her?

Instead of lookin for Muslim terrorists and bombs, the so called ‘secuity’ staff at airports are harassing law abiding, patriotic citizens and soldiers.



But there’s no terror threat from the Muslim world anyhoo, right?

Well for those who STILL need a refresher course in reality:

-America was viciously attacked on 9/11 by umm… Izzlamists quoting us from book called the Quruuu’an.

-Muzlims have terrorist cells in over 60 countries.

-So called moderate Muzlims in America are in reality nothing but cowards, who refuse to take any stand even in large numbers at a rally. They are opportunists. but most of all — they are supremacist manipulators.

And America goes out of its way to protect its Muzlim population.

Despite the fact that Izlam proclaims the infidels to be its sworn enemy.
That’s right.
It’s Dar-al-Izlam vs. Dar-al-Haarb, boys and girls.
Them against US.

Muzlims are offended by profiling.
Sure….Profiling can stop …as soon as the next bomb that goes off doesn’t have some ahem..”holy” Qur’anic verse attached to it by people democratic governments refuse to expel because of political correctness.


Yet America still listens and caves in to endless Muzlim whining that they’re not being treated “well enough.”
One demand and alleged grievance after another.

Sure. They’e not being treated as the “superior beings” with special priviledges, that they clearly think they deserve.

How’s this idea?
Put up or shut up.

Better yet, go back to some A-rab land and moan and whine there.
See how long your tongue stays in your demanding mouth.


How much more pandering to imagined sensitivities are free Nations willin to abide?