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PLease SaY NaY Pope Benedict XVI

Tuesday, February 28th, 2006

Local imam to join talks at Vatican

With Islam at the center of several explosive situations around the world, one of Michigan’s most prominent Muzlim leaders, Imam Hassan Qazwini, headed to Rome on Monday night for five days of Catholic-Muzlim talks focused on interfaith strategies for making peace.

“It’s a very promising sign that the Vatican is promoting this dialogue,” Qazwini said as he prepared to fly off to meet Wednesday at the Vatican with Pope Benedict XVI. That meeting is to be followed by four days of talks between Catholic leaders and Muzlim clerics from around the world.

Forgive my lack of humility here but it seems that this sort of invitation amounts to nothing more than sanctioning and acceptance.

May I remind us all of this fairly recent episode involving our very own President?
In Who’s Protecting the President? you may recall the following from May 6, 2003…..

Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. wrote that “The sound of a kiss is not so loud as that of cannon, but its echo lasts a great deal longer.” If this is true, then there should be some serious political reverberations as a result of President Bush’s decision to kiss Imam Hassan Qazwini after speaking to an Arab-American community in Dearborn, Michigan on Monday.

This continues a well-noted trend of placing the President in the company of purported leaders of the Muzlim community who do not share the President’s moral clarity on terror.

This supposedly “moderate” Imam from the Detroit, Michigan-based Islamic Center of America (ICA) has some disturbing connections to radical Islamists that cannot be overlooked by a conservative President who has been entrusted by the American people to fight a war on global terrorism.

For starters, Imam Qazwini’s Islamic Center once invited Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan to be the keynote speaker at a memorial for its deceased founder Imam Mohamad Jawad Chirri. At the time, Arab American News described his address as “dynamic” and “always controversial,” and reported that he urged the Muzlim community “to become politically active…[and] as powerful as the Zionists.”

Translated as : Fear not. We still hate Jews.

For those who do not recall, Louis Farrakhan is the man who once called Judaism a “gutter religion” and who has been banned – for security reasons — from entering the United Kingdom since 1986. London’s left wing journal The Observer has a profile of Louis Farrakhan that points out his “reliance on anti-semitic imagery.” A few examples: “Jews are ‘bloodsuckers’”; “Hitler ‘was a great man.’” It also notes that “he talks of ‘settling the score’ with white people” and boasts proudly “that black street gangs are ‘born warriors of true liberation.’”

Translated as : Fear not. We still hate Jews and White People.

Furthermore, in the lead up to the war that eventually liberated the people of Iraq, the Associated Press reported in October 2002 that Farrakhan believed Saddam Hussein was “making peace with his neighbors” and that the “[Bush] Administration is the greatest threat to world peace.” He added, “Only Israel, the United States and Tony Blair…are willing to go along with an attack on Iraq.”

Would Imam Qazwini consider these anti-war, anti-Bush viewpoints to be “similarities” or “differences” of opinion?

Imam Qazwini has other troublesome connections to radicals in the United States. He is a board member of the American Muzlim Council and shares this position with some notable terror apologists.

Translated as : Fear not. We still hate Americans too.

And yet our President kissed this man and the Pope now wishes an audience with him.
Does anyone not see that there is a principle at stake here.
Do not deceive yourselves…The terrorists are gauging our response to their venemous words and barbaric tactics.

And for this we reward them with validation and affection?

Google Restrictions or NoT

Tuesday, February 28th, 2006

According to one opionion: Internet Cargo bound by law

“China has every right to demand certain restrictions from Google and other companies seeking to do business with its citizens.

This is no different than a cargo ship coming into port from international waters; by entering any country’s territory, they are agreeing to be bound by that country’s laws.

The Internet may be international, but all its cargo must come to port in your country before reaching your browser.”

What do you think dear readers?

Who’s GoD is it AnywaY

Monday, February 27th, 2006

The Death of God Exhibit opens..but we ALL know which God will be portrayed now don’t we?

Muuuuuhammad is alive and well in this latest exhibit by a controversial British artist.
But crucifixes and rosaries aren’t faring as well..

“The show, the result of Hirst’s three-month stay in Mexico, includes human skeletons, animals preserved in formaldehyde and skinned lambs, propped up as if praying or splayed upon crucifixes. One work shows a lamb kneeling inside a crystal container, looking as if it is carrying a white-covered Bible and red rosary between its legs.”

And for the quote of the day:
“They are in effect, very strong works, but our intention is not to provoke but to invite to reflection, to the discussion of ideas, and I think Hirst achieves that with impeccable quality,” said Hilario Galguera, who owns the gallery. “I don’t think they are provocative pieces simply to provoke, that would be very easy.”

Human skeletons propped up and praying…splayed upon crucifixes..?
animals with Bibles and rosaries between their legs?…

and his intention is not to provoke?
How bout this catchy title then: “The Death of God” ….

“This government is very Catholic and when certain very reactionary people find out and see the works, they’re going to make a fuss,” Caballero said. “But that will be a good thing in the end because it will make more people be interested and come and see other ways to make art.”

Oh…no fatwahzzzzzz on his head eh?..Because he is only insulting and degrading and blaspheming Christianity eh?
I will not insult your intelligence, dear readers by bringing some glaringly obvious points to light.

Will the press shy away from reproducing these images so as not to offend Christians?

Yahoo News Photos
has already prepared the slide show!

A man looks at a bull’s heart pierced with needles in a formaldehyde solution, a piece by british artist Damien Hirst called ‘The Sacred Heart of Jesus’..

‘Adam and Eve Under the Table’

‘The Body of Christ’ consisting of 500mg paracetamol tablets and bull’s blood’

‘In the name of the father’ consisting of sheep crucified and suspended in formaldehyde’

‘Our Father who Art in Heaven’ consisting of a sheep in formaldehyde with a rosary and a prayer book’

But fret not, because they are expecting people to ahem…”make a fuss”.
What exactly constitutes “a fuss”?

Muzlim Barbarian SavageS TorturE and Murder Jewish Young MaN

Monday, February 27th, 2006

In a tragic,tragic story Brutal murder was anti-Semitic crime

“The French interior minister, Nicolas Sarkozy, yesterday described the abduction, torture and killing of a young Jewish man as an anti-Semitic crime, amid growing anger at the brutal murder.
Mr Sarkozy told the French parliament that the gang sought for the murder of Ilan Halimi, 23, whose naked body was found by railway tracks eight days ago, three weeks after he had disappeared, had also tried to kidnap other Jews.”

“The police, who found literature linking some of the suspects to Palestinian and Muzlim groups, have insisted the murder was motivated by greed – the gang had demanded a ransom – and not religious motives.”The truth is that these crooks acted primarily for sordid and vile motives, to get money, but they were convinced that ‘the Jews have money.”

“That’s called anti-Semitism by amalgam.”

“Ilan Halimi was snatched on January 21. A young woman, suspected as acting as a lure, has since given herself up. His family received numerous ransom demands. He was found, with 80% of his body burned, naked and handcuffed on February 13. He died on the way to hospital.”

“France’s Jewish community numbers around 600,000, the Muslim community around five million, both the largest in Europe…

Police had earlier insisted the murder was not anti-Semitic, but the victim’s mother Ruth Halimi accused them of ignoring this motive for fear of upsetting Muzlim opinion

She told the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz that if her son “hadn’t been Jewish, he wouldn’t have been killed”…
“We told the police there were at least three attempted kidnappings of young Jews but they kept insisting that the motives were purely criminal.”

This beautiful young Jewish boy was found with 80% of his body burned, naked and handcuffed..

I await the rioting and passionate, vehement outcry from the ahem moderate Muzlim community.
I’m waiting.
Still waiting.

Please pray for the soul and family of Ilan Halimi.
Pray that for once -Justice will be done.

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HatTip to Van Hesling at Moonbattery.
For more background on the story see: The Real Ugly American
Moonbatteryhas some background and insights.

FlagS Furling

Monday, February 27th, 2006

According to Education is solution to creating patriotism

Some claim that Patriotism is a value that cannot be forced or required through law.

“Putting American flags in every classroom, as a bill in the Arizona House of Representatives proposes, will do little to increase patriotism in young students. A better solution is to properly fund education so that students can learn about our nation’s history, institutions and civic participation.

Then, when students see a flag, they will see something more than a piece of fabric with stars and stripes on it.”

Hmmmmmmm..if you ask me……..I’m liking that bill.

The mere presence of our flag gives voice to our ideology and unique American sentiments.
Our students are presently so awash in PCism, and multi-culturalism, it would serve them well to to whip up a fervent love and pride of this great, noble country.

The word patriotism actually comes from a Greek word meaning “fatherland.” The love of fatherland or homeland was an attachment to the physical features of the land.
Much the same way one may place a picture of his own father on his mantle, and in so doing, is reminded of his or her love for the very person to whom she owns her very life.

I say…Hoist up those beautiful American flags in our classrooms and let the children’s hearts be tugged with pride and love of country. We desperately need to be reminded just what ideals the red,white and blue truly stand for.

While your’e Surfing..Catch ThesE

Sunday, February 26th, 2006

For a some inspiration git over to :

Short and simple overview of spying on enemies during wartime at Don Surber

For lovely Olympic photos see: A Ladys Ruminations

A must see the latest war on Tom and Jerry at Peakahs Provocations

First Toons NoW BookS

Sunday, February 26th, 2006

Alexander Solzhenitsyn cautioned us:

“Woe to that nation whose literature is cut short by the intrusion of force. This is not merely interference with freedom of the press but the sealing up of a nation’s heart, the excision of its memory.”

The Fascists of Free Speech reveals to us that City Lights bookstore in San Francisco is refusing to sell the long-delayed English translation of Oriana Fallaci’s new book, “The Force of Reason.”

Fallaci’s book takes a militant stance against Islamic militants.

Patrons were told “We don’t carry books by fascists.”..Hmmm…wonder if Mein Kamf is on the shelves..after all..wer’e talking San Francisco here.
And needless to say if something offends women…well ..this very same store
City Lights supported banned author, owner Lawrence Ferlinghetti,who was indicted (and acquitted) for obscenity in 1957 for selling Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl.” But hey obscenity only encourages violence and disrespectful attitudes toward what the heck eh…
Formidable barriers around the liberty of opinion only extends to the sensitive Muzlim population apparently.

Oh and by the way Fallaci is being sued in Italy for insulting religion because of her latest book.
In May, 2005, A-del S-mith, the President of the Union of Italian Muzlims launched a lawsuit against Fallaci charging that “some of the things she said in her book The Force of Reason are offensive to Islam.” Smith’s attorney, Matteo Nicoli, cited a phrase from the book that refers to Islam as “a pool that never purifies.” Consequently an Italian judge ordered her to stand trial set for June 2006 in Bergamo on charges of “defaming Islam.”

Who is this self-righteous Muzlim A-del S-mith you may ask.. On June 14, 2005 Smith himself was sentenced by an Italian court in Padua to six months in prison (commuted to a fine of € 6.000), for the crime of defaming religion. On January 4, 2003, during a live broadcast on Italian TV, Smith had characterized Christianity as a “criminal association” and described Pope John Paul II as “a foreigner who leads the church … a con man”. On 13 January 2006 Smith was sentenced again to 8 months in prison for the crime of defaming religion. On 15 December 2003 he threw out of the window a crucifix in the hospital room where his mother and two other women were ailing, he describes the crucifix as “the small corpse that scares children”.
Oriana Fallaci prosecuted in Italy for Speech Crime

Let’s see now are any of the ahem ..”peaceful” Muzlims carrying placards saying”Behead Those Who Disrespect Islam,” or “Get Ready for the Real Holocaust” being sued?..How about silenced?..Censored?..You guessed it. Not.

Then again Hubert H. Humphrey said: “The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.”

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HollyweirD Undermining National SecuritY

Saturday, February 25th, 2006

Hollywood Sells Out to Radical Islamic Interests

“WASHINGTON, DC — Accuracy in Media (AIM) today urged a congressional inquiry into how Hollywood has come under the influence of radical Islam.

“This issue strikes us as being just as important as an Arab-based firm managing some terminals at U.S. seaports.” declared AIM editor Cliff Kincaid. “Hollywood’s deleterious influence on our nation — and the world — can certainly be construed as a national security issue.”

“..Hollywood is whitewashing the threat posed by Islamic terrorists. “Munich” depicts murderous Palestinian terrorists as ordinary and thoughtful human beings,(thoughtful, yes, that’s the word that leaps to mind isn’t it?).. while “Syriana” suggests U.S. foreign policy is responsible for provoking terrorist violence.(of course..isn’t it always?..) Another film, “Paradise Now,” which is also up for an Academy Award, glorifies would-be suicide bombers.

“But Hollywood and our major media have been under radical Arab influence for quite some time… “The Sum of All Fears,” which was the movie version of the Tom Clancy book, replaced the Arab terrorist villains with neo-Nazis so as not to offend the Council on American Islamic Relations. The Fox network responded to complaints about its popular series “24″ depicting Muzlims in America secretly plotting terrorism by running public service announcements portraying American Muzlims as moderate and peaceful.

Public service announcements portraying American Muzlims as moderate and peaceful???
Because for once, they depicted Muzlims plotting terrorism , they have to make disclaimers?!

Hollywood is nothing but a propaganda machine churning out battle cries daily that do not match reality. They merely reinforce and impose their biases – masquerading as entertainment.

Time to set the record straight. Save your money. Don’t bother buying that movie ticket..unless your brain needs a good washing.

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We all know how much Hollywood stars and little starlets loves animal rights..Go see TMH’s article on Animal Rights..It’s an eye opener.

YouR MoneY given to TerroristS?

Saturday, February 25th, 2006

Of the People, By the People, For the Terrorists

raises what would seem like a common sense issue…..

“Common sense dictates that it is unwise to fund those who want to do you harm. It makes no sense to buy bullets for a gun that will be shot at you. In fact, it wouldn’t be out of line to say that funding those who have declared you are the enemy, for any reason, is a pretty stupid move. In light of this bit of logic, why is the United States, or any other free nation for that matter, still mulling the possibility of funding a Hamas-led Palestinian government?”

“Recently, the US State Department, in response to declarations by senior Hamas leaders refusing to acknowledge the right of Israel to exist, and the refusal of those now elected to power by the Palestinian people to renounce violence and terrorism, asked – asked – the Palestinian Authority to return $50 million US dollars so taxpayers were not funding a Hamas lead Palestinian government.”

“There is an important point that needs to be highlighted. “Aid” that is issued in the name of the US government to any country or organization for any reason is literally derived of taxpayer dollars. Whether it is $350 million for tsunami relief, an initial $50 million for Pakistani earthquake aid or $87 billion for the liberation, stabilization and reconstruction of Iraq, it is all derived from taxpayer dollars.”

So, when the US government sends $50 million to coax Hamas terrorists into not murdering their Israeli neighbors; to reward them for restraining from strapping on suicide vests made of nails and C4 in a quest to acquaint themselves with those 72 virgins, the bribe is bankrolled by American taxpayer dollars.

The government however will“continue to work to meet the humanitarian needs of ordinary Palestinians using non-governmental entities.” other words, they are still supporting with American taxpayer dollars, mind you- the very ” people who are directly responsible for voting a terrorist organization into power, and are knowingly complicit with the actions of a terrorist organization.”

Are we not aware that The US State Department officially recognizes Hamas as a terrorist organization.!

It is high time the U.S. stops apologizing for what is perceived by the self-haters as “isolationism”…
It is high time the U.S. stops giving in to irrational hysteria rather than relying on informed reason.

Funding supporters of terrorism is ..ahem..funding terrorism.

The “N” WorD

Friday, February 24th, 2006

Actor Tries to Trademark “N” Word

“The actor Damon Wayans has been engaged in a 14-month fight to trademark the term “Nigga” for a clothing line and retail store..
But, so far, his applications have been unsuccessful. Trademark examiner Kelly Boulton rejected the registration dated Dec. 22, citing a law that prohibits marks that are “immoral or scandalous.”

“While debate exists about in-group uses of the term, ‘nigga’ is almost universally understood to be derogatory,” Boulton wrote to Wayans’ attorney, William H. Cox, according to the application.

“IN group”?..Let me understand this…..The attorneys are so inundated with political correctness that they won’t countenance any suggestion that um…the “out group”..(oh that would be “white folk” now wouldn’t it)…use that word in any shape or form whatsoever..but for black people it is alright to be unencumbered by the niceties of interpersonal relationships and respectful speech?

“Lynda Zadra-Symes, a trademark lawyer in California, said Wayans may be successful. She compared “Nigga” to the successful registration of Dykes on Bikes. The San Francisco Women’s Motorcycle Contingent fought the Trademark Office for three years to overturn an initial rejection of a Dykes on Bikes trademark. The mark was published Jan. 24.

“Because the application was by a group of lesbians it was eventually allowed to publish,” Zadra-Symes said.

“This is a great victory,” the group proclaimed on its website. “It affirms our right to determine who we are and how we present ourselves to the world.”

Alritey then…who they are?..and how they present themselves to the world is -Dykes on Bikes?-
If that is who they are……..they had better
desperately attempt to hold onto the tenuous reins of any respect and dignity they could ever hope to get.

In January, an episode of the late-night Cartoon Network series Boondocks was criticized for putting the word in the mouth of a fictionalized Martin Luther King Jr.

The effort to commercialize “nigga” drew a sharp response from a black school official who participated in a forum about the word earlier this month at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro.

“I don’t care for it in any form,” said Dr. Lonnie Williams, associate vice chancellor for student affairs. “Either way you pronounce it, spell it, anything associated with it — I find it offensive.”

Rhodan believes that affectionate use of the term within the black community should make it an acceptable mark, but the Trademark Office has thus far has not been persuaded by that argument.

Since when can a term be used innocuously by an in-group member, while an out-group member would lose his job for the same utterance!

The term “nigg-er” was used violently to reinforce the subservient position blacks had occupied. It was used in conjuction with hate crimes and horrific offenses visited upon them.

It will never be a compliment, any more than “bitch” or “ho” or any of the other words the hip-hop community has taken the liberty to try to mainstream.

Don’t agree?
Let’s see what happens the first time a white dude buys the t-shirt with “Nigga” plastered on it and takes a stroll in the local mall eh?