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Victim Dictum

Sunday, May 28th, 2006

“Here’s a Memorial Day quiz:

1. Who is Jessica Lynch?

Correct. She’s the Army private captured, and later rescued, in the early days of the war.

2. Who is Leigh Ann Hester?

Come on. The Kentucky National Guard vehicle commander was awarded a Silver Star last year for fighting off an insurgent attack on a convoy in Iraq. The first woman to receive a Silver Star since World War II, and the first woman ever to receive one for close combat.

If you don’t recognize Sergeant Hester’s name, that’s not surprising. While Private Lynch’s ordeal appears in some 12,992 newspaper and broadcast reports on the Factiva news service, Sergeant Hester and her decoration for extraordinary valor show up in only 162.

One difference: Sergeant Hester is a victor, while Private Lynch can be seen as a victim. And when it comes to media reports about the military these days, victimology is all the rage… Victors, Not Victims – Honor soldiers. Don’t pity them. continues..

For every story about someone who served out of conviction and resolutely went on with his civilian life, there are many more articles about a soldier’s failure or a veteran’s floundering.

It’s a sign of some progress that the men and women returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are not spit upon and shunned as Vietnam vets were. Yet there may be something more pernicious about mouthing “Support Our Troops” while also asserting that many of them are poor, uneducated dupes who were cannon fodder overseas and have come home as basket cases, plagued by a range of mental, emotional and financial problems.

The vast majority of vets don’t fit that description. Many, like one returned Army guardsman we talked to, chalk up this portrayal to the media’s fascination with bad news in general. ”

They are out of control.
They are pathetic.
They are not worthy of respect. Is that the subliminal message we are to receive about our Military?
Soldiers are people, with the usual human virtues and vices never far from the surface. Perfect? Hardly. Victims. Not in our estimation.

Perhaps we should consider offering the warm glow of solidarity and validating our soldiers’ status instead of highlighting mishaps, calamitous incidents and errors of judgement which the Media feed on relentlessly.

The Media seems to delight in focusing on what soldiers cannot control, namely ambushes, friendly fire accidents, and random unexpected bombings rather than on the actions and victories of proactive soldiers, which are things they can control. They revel in taking the sweet smell of success and turning it slightly rancid.

With appalling regularity, the Media finds ways to undermine soldiers as well as the war effort.

“One can live for two months on a good compliment.”
Mark Twain
So here’s to our Miltary and to those of us who don’t choose to view our soldiers as damaged goods or victims.
To us, they are Champions.


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Self Censorship and FeaR

Sunday, May 28th, 2006

“Canada’s largest retail bookseller has removed all copies of the June issue of Harper’s Magazine from its 260 stores, claiming an article by New York cartoonist Art Spiegelman could foment protests similar to those that occurred this year in reaction to the publication in a Danish newspaper of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mo-hammed.

Indigo Books and Music took the action this week when its executives noticed that the 10-page Harper’s article, titled Drawing Blood, reproduced all 12 cartoons first published last September by Jyllands-Posten..
Indigo pulls controversial Harper’s off the shelves continues..

In a memo obtained by The Globe and Mail that was e-mailed to Indigo managers yesterday about “what to do if customers question Indigo’s censorship” of Harper’s, employees are told to say that “the decision was made based on the fact that the content about to be published has been known to ignite demonstrations around the world.

Self censorship. It’s all the rage these days.
Journalists softening the tone of their articles, purposely avoiding newsworthy stories, killing publications of cartoons due to the unspoken widespread concern over Muzlim reactions and repercussions.

Sure, the publishers are most likely to cite the “we don’t wish to offend anyone” posture but that hasn’t prevented the proliferation of pornography and vile literature against Jews, Christians or others has it?

We have always been indocrinated with the idea that government has an interest in controlling the free flow of information, therefore making any censorship something that must be constantly guarded against.

This fear is not only prevalent in the broadcast arena, it reflects the willing dhimmitude of America and now Canada as well.
Since when do journalists steer clear of newsworthy stories because they might aggravate or “upset” someone or a group? Is that the new yardstick for publication?

Who now determines when, why and even whether stories or images are to be reported or published? The Muzlims who threaten to riot and pillage if they are?

These contemporary challenges to free speech reveal alarming evidence that Americans and apparently some Canadians are woefully unaware of the consequences of this sudden burst of alleged conscience and self censorship.

Is not the role of the journalist to inform the public..or is that no longer considered a crucial task. Bookstores can muzzle themselves out of fear and intimidation, failing to expose Truth, which will only further the climate of fear and reprisal………

And, After all………Isn’t that precisely what the enemy wants.

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ArmY ReservE

Friday, May 26th, 2006


“The Future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating.”
Maj. Gen. (P) Jack C. Stultz, Chief, Army Reserve
Commanding General, U.S. Army Reserve Command

“The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found, but made, and the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destinations.”
John Scharr

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Go ArmY

Friday, May 26th, 2006

Photo by Senior Airman James Croxon

“BALAD AIR BASE, Iraq (May 16, 2006) – Spears of light touch down beyond the tower during a thunderstorm Tuesday. The lightning didn’t slow the operations of the second busiest single runway operation airport in the world..”


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Memorial Day

Friday, May 26th, 2006

Every year the soldiers of the Third United States Infantry Regiment,
“The Old Guard”, take part in the ceremony called “Flags In.”
Just before Memorial Day, each grave in Arlington National Cemetery is decorated with a small American flag.

“The flags remain in place until the conclusion of the Memorial Day Weekend when they are all removed. It is the only time during the year when American flags are permitted at all gravesites in the Cemetery.”

Memorial Weekend Open Trackbacks

Friday, May 26th, 2006

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
A day when we remember those heroes who have suffered and perished so that we can live and stay free and secure. Those souls who were just like us in everyway, except that they fought for us, and laid down their lives for those whom they didn’t even know.

Patriotism… is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.
Adlai Stevenson

Patriotism is easy to understand in America – it means looking out for yourself by looking out for your country.
Calvin Coolidge

If you are ashamed to stand by your colors, you had better seek another flag.

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Liberals and the Press..uh huh..

Thursday, May 25th, 2006

Harper to avoid national media, claiming bias
“Prime Minister Stephen Harper accused members of the national
media on Wednesday of bias, vowing to avoid them from now on in
favour of less hostile local reporters.

Harper told a London, Ont. TV station in an interview that the Ottawa
press gallery has decided to become the Official Opposition to
his Conservative government, and that he’s experiencing
difficulty that no Liberal prime minister would ever have to face

“Unfortunately the press gallery has taken the view they are going to
be the opposition to the government,” Harper told London’s
A-Channel TV.”

Well, it looks like President Bush is in good company.
Anyone care to dance along to the tune of liberal slurring yet again?
The media’s unending effort to to undercut the status of any
conservative or moral voice is getting a bit old.

Are the Liberal media truth seekers? Let us examine the evidence.

They tend to refuse to debate their opponents intellectually.
They arrogantly dismiss opposing arguments and go so far as to
deny their credibility.

They typically appeal to some alleged consensus rather than to
facts and logic.
Their emotional temperature rises markedly,( and the veins
in their necks bulge out) when confronted with logical,
And lastly, their unending, predictable obsession with labels,
slurs and name calling.

Fret not Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
President George Bush has been at the receiving end. Men of moral
fiber may be an easy target for the Liberal media and for Hollywood.
Take it as the highest order of a compliment if they’re gunning for you.

When I tell any truth, it is not for the sake of convincing those
who do not know it, but for the sake of defending those that do.

William Blake

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PayinG off Terrorists

Thursday, May 25th, 2006


“How desperate is the situation in the Palestinian territories since the U.S. and EU shut off aid to the government run by Ha-mas terrorists? Here’s a hint: A top Ha-mas official last week apparently tried to sneak $810,000 into the Gaza Strip in a pouch under his shirt.

The alleged smuggler, Ha-mas spokesman Sa-mi A-bu Zu-hri, “resorted to this way … when all other ways were blocked,” said another government official. “This money is donated from abroad. It was meant for poor people.”
The squeeze on Hamas continues…
The way Hamas is going, there will be a lot more poor people in the Palestinian territories..

Ha-mas came to power promising to cut corruption and improve the lives of Palestinians. It promised to deliver better health care and more food. It promised jobs and greater security. All laudable goals. But–and here’s where it all unraveled.

Ha-mas is a terrorist organization that promised to wipe Israel from the map. When a suicide bomb exploded in Tel Aviv a few weeks ago, Ha-mas applauded. Despite what appears to be an increasingly fierce internal debate, Hamas is standing firm in its hatred: It will not recognize Israel, renounce violence or hew to previous agreements…

Ha-mas seems only too willing to exploit the suffering of its people for political purposes.”

O.K. For the umpteenth time …
Ha-mas is a terrorist organization devoted to genocide.

It has been endeavoring to execute Israel’s total annihilation for years. Ha-mas’s goal is nothing short of the complete destruction of the Jewish state.

Ha-mas sends forth suicide bombers to blow up busloads of innocent Israeli men, women and children.
They target restaurants, food markets, in other words-any place where civilians are found.
Lest you think this is only Israel’s problem… radical Izlamists are on the offensive. The enemies of liberal democracy are working to weaken the United States and everything we symbolize.

The United States of America and its allies, including Isael,-seek to embody the principles of decent, civilized, liberal democracy, something not one Arab nation in the Middle East is even moving toward.

Listen up my sweet friends, we did not seek this war. But, make no mistake, we are at war, and if don’t acknoledge the enemy for what it truly is…..we could lose it and everything.


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World Trade CenteR

Wednesday, May 24th, 2006

“NEW YORK, May 23 (Reuters) – The first skyscraper rebuilt after being destroyed in the Sept. 11 attacks opened on Tuesday with fanfare and a pledge from its developer it would be a model for completing the entire World Trade Center complex by 2012.

A 57-story steel and glass building with 1.7 million square feet (158,000 sq metres) of office space, 7 World Trade Center was declared open when developer Larry Silverstein cut a blue ribbon after a bright and breezy outdoor ceremony in which schoolchildren and an Irish tenor sang “God Bless America.”
First rebuilt World Trade Center skyscraper opens: tells us..

“Lots of emotion. It’s a very joyous day. This was the last building to go down on 9/11 and the first to come back,” said Silverstein.

“It is my belief by 2012 we will have finished the rebuild of the World Trade Center,” he said.

Wars, plagues, famines,natural disasters and economic crises punctuate references in history books.
The World Trade Center.
Broken debris, pieces of splintered wood, pieces of steel and glass collapsing to the ground, taking firefighters, policemen, policewomen, and thousands of innocent people with it.

Two Generations had already passed since the last attack on American soil in Hawaii. The attack on Pearl Harbor changed the face of America.
Some seemed to have forgotten.
September 11th reminded.
Every big city imagined themselves to be the next big target.
Fear and paranoia spread through this country like out of control wildfire.
And while pain understandably took hold across the nation, the agony
New Yorkers felt was indeed “personal.”

Some look at the Skyline and refer to time in pre and post event terms.

For New Yorkers 2012 can not come soon enough.

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WomaN HatinG

Wednesday, May 24th, 2006


“American Christians are teaming up with Israeli parliamentarians to advance the status of women worldwide by stressing Judeo-Christian values.
Christian, Jewish Women Promote Biblical Women’s Rights tells us..

Evangelical Christians have proved to be some of Israel’s most faithful allies during the last few years, advocating on behalf of Israel and boosting tourism to the country.

The International Women’s Council is planning to hold a summit next year in Jerusalem, where Jewish and Christian women will be trained to lobby their governments on some of the issues facing women - including female genital mutilation, sexual abuse and trafficking, and incest and honor killings, Arthur said.”

Woman Haters.
What are they and why do we abide them so easily?

Misogynists are dysfunctional, maladaptive, and emotionally dead men.
They function from the idealization-devaluation cycle.
The idealized woman-sometimes mothers or daughters are not to be harassed, but the devalued ones, someone else’s mother or daughter is deserving of her degradation and the contempt that, inevitably follows thereafter.

So what if he frequents a strip club where someone else’s daughter is allowing herself or (more likely being coerced by someone else) to degrade herself and put herself in harm’s way? It’s not his daughter.

And in the case of honor killings, slashing his own daughter’s throat may he his calling.

He is his unable to meaningfully interact with women however and feels constantly threatened by her perceived emotional depth and powers of (real or imagined) sexuality.
What does he do with his feelings of impotence?
He derives pleasure from the utter subjugation of women.
Sadistically, he must abuse, torment, mutilate and kill women to alleviate his sense of dependence and nothingness.
Not a few women.
His rage and hatred is hate is primal, irrational, passionate and virulent.

Why are we not repelled and horrified when we know of the trafficking of women and children?

Why is there no capital punishment for sexually tormenting women and children?

Why do we laugh at jokes that are at the expense of women’s anatomy, sexuality and sense of core dignity?
Why do we indulge mocking of women so easily and yet pathologize any woman who speaks of mens issues as a “male basher”?

More power to the The International Women’s Council.
Misogynism breeds more misogynism.

Don’t remain silent when men (or women lacking self respect) drink from the wells of aggression contempt, and rage against women.
Don’t remain silent when witnessing emotional, psychological abuse, or physical violence against women.
Don’t encourage humor or entertainment which objectifies women.

You have the power to alter the psychodynamic landscape, one effort at a time. Enlist.

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