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Vanishing Emails?

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007


First there was invisible ink, a boon for anyone in the espionage trade who wanted to keep their words a secret.

Then in the 1960s Mission Impossible introduced television viewers to messages on cassette tapes that would self-destruct five seconds after being listened to.

Now an American company has invented technology to produce the 21st century equivalent – vanishing e-mails.

For a subscription of £20 a year, the New York firm VaporStream guarantees messages will disappear in a puff of virtual smoke after being read once.

Coming to a screen near you, the self-destructing e-mail

The company’s bosses believe the service will be popular with high-profile businesses which are trying to safeguard corporate secrets.

But they admit it could help those involved in shady dealings as well, who might have other reasons for not wanting a permanent record of their dealings.

Vaporizing emails eh?
Do ya suppose terrorists may find this “breakthrough” somewhat intriguing?


Let us stroll through the arsenal Rad Izlam has used thus far shall we.

Indiscriminate suicide bombings against civilian and military targets have become a constant fixture.


Rad Muzlims have been known to use their own civilians as human shields.

A-rabs have faked surrender under a white flag to ambush U.S. Marines. deathani.gif

Muzlims have used hospitals to stage attacks, have hidden fighter jets and tanks in cemeteries or historic sites, even Churches and mosques.

They have attacked U.S. troops while in civilian clothes and from civilian vehicles.

Muzlims station fighters in residential neighborhoods putting their own people directly in harms way.

Muzlims put prisoners of war on display, beheaded and all.
They execute prisoners of war in cold blood.

And they even have a manual telling them the “how to’s.”

Want to venture a guess where they find it?

The good ole World Wide Web.


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Poison gas. Explosives. Hand-to-hand combat. Knives. And religious exhortations.Manual of ji–had details terrorist tactics

The 11-volume “Manual of Afghan Jih–ad” makes chilling reading — a how-to guide to what it calls the “basic rules of sabotage and destruction.”

Most of the information can be gleaned from Web sites, experts say.

“We are at risk. Increasingly, America depends on computers. They control power delivery, communications, aviation, and financial services.

They are used to store vital information, from medical records to business plans to criminal records.

Although we trust them, they are vulnerable – to the effects of poor design and insufficient quality control, to accident, and perhaps most alarmingly, to deliberate attack.


The modern thief can steal more with a computer than with a gun. Tomorrow’s terrorist may be able to do more damage with a keyboard than with a bomb.”
(National Research Council, “Computers at Risk” National Academy Press, 1991.)

You think it’s beneath them to use use Cyberspace to threaten International governments.
Think again.

Email. What email?

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Respect through oppression

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007


A school may be forced to allow a 12-year-old Mu–slim to wear a full-face veil because its local council is refusing to fund a court battle against the child’s fundamentalist father.

Mu–slim father gets legal aid to fight school over veil ban

The school told the girl it was not acceptable for her to wear the ni–qab – which covers all of her face except her eyes – because teachers believe it will make communication and learning difficult.

But the child’s Pakistan-born father is seeking a judicial review of the decision in the High Court in London.

He argues that the ban amounts to an infringement of his daughter’s human rights and is understood to be receiving legal aid for his case.

Many of the school’s 1,000-plus pupils are Mu–slim girls, and they are allowed to wear headscarves.


The girl is the only pupil demanding the right to wear the full-face veil.


Can you say “pushing the envelope”?

Yes. Yes. Alter our speech and behavior patterns. Disseminate the idea that vocalizing our beliefs is disrespectful and er..”offensive” to others and must be avoided at all costs to make up for past inequities and injustices that we no doubt have inflicted upon the world right?

And then g’head and name it a big, bad ole, impressive, pseudo-intellectual word: “Political Correctness.”

But, let’s be honest.

The PC disease is exactly what it was proposed to be. Nothing more than a highly volatile and dangerous form of censorship and oppression.
It is being imposed more and more upon the citizenry of free societies with the express goal of influencing, brainwashing and subsequently destroying those very cultures.


Ever so slowly more and more things become “no longer acceptable” by the PC police. Our oppressors teach us what is “safe” to say or do. no_smiley2.gif

In Europe and in the U.S., this malignancy is already well established and ingrained in our educational system, throughout the corrupt media, the workplace and even in our very government.

It is called changing “society from within”.
The Muzlims know this. All too well.


We self censor out of fear and we are steadily losing our freedom of speech.

This game of multi culti “diversity” that the Muzlims are gagging us with has degenerated not only into reverse discrimination but shameless blackmailing and threatening by the CA-IR Bears anytime a society chooses to protect its citizens or maintain norms and boundaries.

Muzlim religious fanatics are the worlds’ greatest threat. Sept. 11 has shown us that much.

“The Musl–im Council of Britain said the school’s policy of allowing the ‘hij-ab’ headscarf is “quite sufficient to meet Is–lamic requirements”.

But, that’s not good enough eh?

This man is insisting on “pushing that ole envelope”.


Where is it written praytell that we must comply with the arbitrary dictums of every Muzlim on the planet?

Meanwhile back at the ranch…….Westerners are expending hundreds of billions of dollars trying to export democracy to an Izzzlamic country where it may never realistically flourish, while the Muzzzlims right here are trying to destroy our democrcay in the West.

In the West, we show our faces.
If, for nothing else but security purposes, that is simple common sense.

But alas, the common sense eating virus has reached epidemic proportions throughout Europe, and has clearly establshed a firm foothold in the U.S. as well.

Envelope anyone?

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Guard the Borders Blogburst

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

By: Heidi

Dirty Texas Politics Taint Border Patrol Agents’ Trial

I have to give huge kudos to Shawn Christopher Phillips, of the Wry & Coy Report, for compiling some of the least known and most misreported facts surrounding the case of the two Border Patrol Agents prosecuted for shooting a drug smuggler. Shawn has raised some very troubling questions surrounding the case – questions worth asking and investigating. He has also connected the dots in a way that the media has been unable (or unwilling) to do.


Muz-lim Mag?

Monday, January 22nd, 2007


CHICAGO — A new magazine is offering the 400,000 teenage Mus–lim girls in the United States a chance to be a cover girl.

Teen magazine strikes a pose with Mus–lims

The magazine’s tone is chatty, and its focus on beautiful women and relationships is similar to other magazines targeting young women — although the women shown tend to more modestly dressed.

She said initial circulation efforts concentrated in areas known to have large Mus–lim populations, including New York; Jersey City, N.J.; Dearborn, Mich.; Chicago; Los Angeles; and parts of Texas. The publisher, ExecuGo Media in Toronto, will also distribute the magazine in Ontario and Toronto.


Let’s see.

The average magazine for teens bombard girls to maximize their “hot” looks, expose their young bodies and call it “empowerment”.
There is always the token article on how to attain popularity at school and of course how to snag that boyfriend.


The underlying message is that for girls……… the “body” is the ultimate expression of the self. Not the brain, not the heart…but other “parts” which need to be exposed, enhanced, and of course…shown off.

Hollywood celebrities and self proclaimed starlets are the ones presented as role models against which all young girls can measure their own appearance and behavior.

Not scientists, not surgeons, not historical figures……..but rock stars and rich girls with no resumes at all.

Gee, I wonder why there is a rising numbers of teens starving themselves.

If anyone has ever read one of the self-quizzes or advice columns in one of these mags…I would have to say no more.

But heck, why should the writers assume any editorial responsibility toward their young and suggestible readers?

And now, the ultimate PC display.
Let’s include those Muzlim teens shall we.

I can hardly wait for the first story on all the injured and killed Americans, Europeans and Israeli’s at the hands of Rad. Muzlims.

Oh wait. That’s not about a new shade of lipstick.
Never mind.


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GermanY’s ahem.. “Films”

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

israel-anti-toon.jpg germany1.gif

BERLIN – Does Germany indeed recognize Israel’s right to exist? Officially, there have been diplomatic ties between the two countries for the past 41 years.

Berlin festival shuns Israel

Officials funnel funds to events that have wiped Israel off the map

Take, for example, the Berlin International Film Festival, which has been consistently undermining Israel’s existence in recent years.

The festival’s management is careful, of course, to invite Israeli films to participate. After all, political correctness is still obligatory. However, those in charge of making the selections usually prefer more controversial films – preferably with an anti-Israeli tone, if not anti-Zionist.

.. the festival’s official panel of judges noted that members would include “the Pa-lestinian actress, film director and scriptwriter,” Hi–am Abb–ass, who starred among other movies in the controversial film Paradise Now, and in the problematic TV screenplay of The Gate of the Sun, where Zionists and Israelis were compared to Nazis.

No Israeli films for Germany and heck, toss in a Jew hater as the judge. mouse.gif

So charming that the judgie will be Hi–am Abb–ass, who fights for the ahem..cough, cough, “Pale-stinian” cause.

But since she is so obsessed with portraying the murderous A-rabs as saints and heros……..
Let us review some history, shall we class.

Once upon a time in 135 A.D., the mighty Romans defeated the kingdoms of Israel & Judah.

The name “Pale-stine” is the anglicized term for “Syria Palaestina”, the name given by the Romans.

Jerusalem was simultaneously renamed “Aelia Capitolina” to remove any trace of “Jewishness” from the region. rabbi4.jpg

Despite the area being conquered by numerous foreign occupiers, until the rebirth of the Jewish State in 1948, there always existed a Jewish presence in Israel. torah2.jpg

But alas, even the best occupations must end.

The Roman occupation ended in 330 A.D.

The land that eventually became known as “Pal-estine” was then occupied by numerous empires.

1-Byzantines 330-638A.D.

2-A-rabs (Fat-imids & Abb-asids)
3-Turks (Seljuks) 638-1099A.D.

3-Crusaders 1099-1291A.D.
4-Mamluks 1291-1516A.D.
5-Ottomans 1516-1917A.D.

6-British 1917-1948A.D.

Israel was REBORN in 1948 and to the dismay of the entire A-rab world… exists to the present day. israeliflagboy.gif

The mythological “Pale-stine” never even existed as a sovereign nation with it’s own people, culture or capital city for that matter.

As a matter of fact, at the turn of the last century, the land was almost barren and empty.

Some Jews bought the land from the A-rabs and proceeded to cultivate and irrigate it.

Oh..and as far as the people who stayed behind in 1948, well they were never called Pale-stinians either.

They are Israeli A-rabs.

Now as far as that pesky lil “refugee” problem the A-rabs and Libs in anti-SemiteVille seem so preccoupied with…….

First off, Israel actually offered 100 000 refugees “the right to return” to Israel in 1949; as a starting point to begin negotiating “peace.”
You know that term that A-rabs just can’t seem to wrap their heads around.

Well guess what all the Arab countries said.

You got it. A resounding NO as this would mean accepting the state of Israel….and that’s just a NO CAN DO. trafficsign57.gif

But heck, if you insist on identifying yourself as a refugee, you get to do all these neat things like blow up buildings and people..especially children. wtc small 11.jpg

You can even justify murder and terror. wtc small1.jpg

The fact is A-rabs have more land than they even know what to do with. Jordan is more than twice the size of Israel with fewer people. You do the Math.

Do you see them opening their arms to the ahem..”refugees”, instead of encouraging them to remain on international welfare for the past 60 years. muzlimviolencemoney11.jpg

Oh. And one last point Ms. judgie Hi–am Abb–ass who compares Jews to Nazis.

Over one million Jews were forcibly expelled from Middle Eastern A-rab countries.

Is there a “Jewish refugee” problem in the world?

Do ya want to know why not……….

I don’t know one who wasn’t absorbed by Israel, or relocated to other lands, not one who didn’t have to start their entire lives over..but somehow not one ended up on public welfare for the last 60 years.

I got your “refugees” right here dude.

So enjoy your hate, I mean “film” fest Germany.
Danke schön for nothing.

flagus and israel1.jpg

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CatholicS Musn’t Speak their “Truth”

Monday, January 22nd, 2007


A Catholic city councillor in Kamloops, British Columbia, who was himself the victim of the crime of vandalism due to his faith, has been forced to apologize and pay a homo-sexual activist couple $1000.

Canadian City Councillor Fined $1000 for Saying Homose-xuality “not Normal or Natural”


In line with Catholic teaching on the matter, he described hom-osex-ual acts as “not normal and not natural.”

“I’m not against les-bian and gay people, but I don’t agree that I should have to endorse it.” He also said that people can do what they like in the privacy of their own homes, but, he said in reference to gay pride parades, they shouldn’t “go out and flaunt it, in front of people who don’t necessarily agree.”

In addition to paying $1,000 to Oly-nick and K-oll, DeCicco will provide a statement saying his comments were “inappropriate and hurtful to some.”


Ah. So all of a sudden it’s acceptable for the self-proclaimed secular “authorities” to discipline free speech when it runs counter to secular teachings or dogmas.


Apparently, according to secular Libland and the ones in power, the right to freedom of expression, only applies to information or ideas that are favorably received or regarded as “inoffensive” by the Powers that Be.

They can justify the proliferation of pornography, religious denigration, or abide public exhibits and humor which may offend, shock or deeply disturb people of moral values and faith, but religious leaders may not express their spiritual views with the same impunity.

As a nation we embrace political correctness.

We thus have organized groups like the ACLU and CA-IR who are capable of imposing their unique brand of hypocrisy and we witness the domination of the most conventional and traditional thoughts and ideas that our very society was founded upon.

When the Muuuhamad cartoons erupted upon the scene, in France, Germany, Italy, Norway and Austria, newspapers and magazines republished the cartoons in an attempt to make the point that the limits of free speech must not be dictated simply “by those who might take offense.”

Right here in America. NO one published them.

Out of “sensitvity”?..Ha. smile-uhh.gif
They simply caved in to the censorship of the mob.

Some editors in other countries had to go into hiding, some were fired and others resigned over that matter. Americans just put on their knee pads instead. facehide2.jpg

But, now, secularists can hijack the “who gets offended by it” issue for their own seedy purposes and politcal agenda. ssshhhh.gif

They don’t call for restraint and responsibility on the part of pornographers, Christ or Jew haters. Why? Because those provocations don’t dangerously fuel passions and worldwide violent reprisal. That’s why.

Dissent, is no longer acceptable and has to be cloaked in ambiguity to ward off the law suits and retaliation by the self appointed secular Gods.

“In line with Catholic teaching on the matter, he described hom-osex-ual acts as “not normal and not natural.”

According to the Bible:
“You [masculine] shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.” (Leviticus 18:22)

“If a man lies with a male as a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall be put to death, their blood is upon them.” (Lev. 20:13)

Where the bible mentions homo-sex-ual behavior at all, it clearly condemns it.

Christian and all religious morality is but a way of expressing the integrity of our relationship with God. This includes divine law in the sexual realm as well.


The Lib secularists have taken it upon their self proclaimed selves to filter out what they perceive as sexism, patriarchalism, violence, and homophobia from the Bible.

They get to choose our ethics?
It is now our task to build ethics on the basis of bad science and secular indoctrination?

Last time I checked, in our democracy, no group, no matter how religious, has the right to claim an exemption from criticism or parody even. But “special interest” groups like Muzlims and homo-sexuals can?


Religious insights and ideas may be arrived at through a path that is based on Faith, not reason and is therefore not amenable to ordinary argument and debate, but it is nonetheless an insight and idea.

So, here we go again my friends.

The very same people who purport to protect free speech and the “civil liberties” of all , at the moment that speech comes into conflict with their agenda or mission, they are first in line to quell those words, and most certainly not to protect that “speech.”

And to the couple who sued the Catholic city councillor:
Uh…about your understanding of tolerance, free speech and justice…well…you might just want to revisit an English dictionary.

What do ya suppose the Canadians think eh?


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“Your’e FireD”

Sunday, January 21st, 2007


A Mus–lim woman police officer has sparked a new debate by refusing to shake hands with Britain’s most senior police chief for religious reasons.

I cannot shake your hand, sir. I’m a Mu–slim and you’re a man

In addition to refusing a traditional congratulatory handshake from Sir Ian, the WPC – who wore a traditional Mus–lim hij–ab headscarf – also declined to be photographed with him as she did not want the picture used for ‘propaganda purposes’.

“There was a great deal of discussion about it afterwards. People were asking how the hell is she going to make an arrest if she refuses to touch men.”

Ah. Yes. Just the person you want in charge of Public Safety.

Um. O.K.

This is the uniform, toots and these are the the job requirements. And, by the way, being a police officer, guess what.. they do include touching people you’re not related to.
Don’t like it?
Don’t take the flipping job.

But, not the Dhi-mmi countries. They have another solution:

First, they begin by making allowances with the uniform. british-police-bobbies.jpg
They change the uniform to “accomodate”

Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon said Victoria Police wanted to attract more women and more recruits from culturally diverse backgrounds that reflected the community.

Making hij–ab part of Victoria Police uniform.

Now, they make allowances with rules and professional courtesy and decency.
Not to mention that by not shaking hands with the head of the force, this “traitor” to her policeforce, fails to respect the very uniform she wears.

And, let us not rule out that what we have here sweet friends, is yet another Flying Im-am moment.

You know…A set up. A pre-announced, staged drama, to create first controversy , then the usual Libs coming to “save” them and grant them even more “privilege.”

I have a bulletin for Mz. Muzlim who refuses to respect her most senior police chief and colleagues. This job involves interfacing with the public and should not exactly be given to people who refuse to interface with “some” members of the public, at her own arrogant discretion.

Oh, and have you forgotten the Muzzlim policeman who refused to guard the Israeli embassy? Picky Picky aren’t they. no_smiley2.gif

But more importantly, and adding insult to injury, she refuses to have her picture taken because it “would be used for propaganda purposes.”?!

If this doesn’t demostrate a clear antipathy towards her supposed service, superiors and duty, then nothing does.

Where’s Trump when ya need him. Why was she not fired on the spot.

But fear not y’all.. This was all predicted

Moderate British Mu–slims in the police, Armed Forces and Civil Service will one day revolt against the system to “crush it from within“, according to Om–ar Ba–kri Mo-ha–mmed, the notorious Is–lamic extremist. bombani-buddy.gif

“When you start to ask Musl–ims to join your Army and your police you are making a grave mistake. That British Mus–lim who joins the police today will one day read the Ko–ran and will have an awakening,” he said.


But, alas, this is the U.K. and Europe we speak of.
The social “P.C.” engineers and bureaucratic apathy and dhim-mitude have unleashed an infectious plague there, which is steadily heading in our direction.

(Muzlim cab driver anyone? dogs, dog2.gif and no alcohol you infid-el!)

But fear not, no doubt she will be vindicated and then she can police only women and her immediate male family members. Yea. That’ll work.


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DaydreaM BelieverS OpenTrackback Weekend

Friday, January 19th, 2007

Next time your mind wanders during a dull meeting, don’t feel too guilty.

New research shows that when you are bored you simply cannot help daydreaming.
Scientists have found the brain has a kind of mind-wandering “screensaver” that automatically kicks in when it is idle and put on stand-by.
Daydreaming is the brain’s screensaver

This showed what when people performed mundane tasks, they automatically slipped into a day-dreaming state.

However as soon as they were given a new challenge their brain scans showed a different pattern and activity in the day-dreaming part of the brain suddenly stopped.

Hey. Pay attention. I’m talkin to you. Heh. girlmoon_tn.jpg

Seems that since our society puts so much emphasis on productivity, Daydreaming is considered a negative activity; well because it isn’t really an “activity”. girl-writer.jpg

It’s non-doing.

But sometimes non-doing is exactly what we need. girl60-thumb.jpg

And as we all know, daydreaming can be so relaxing.
Let’s face it. Our minds need a mini vacation now and then don’t they?

What about thinking and “dreaming” of someone you miss.
That actually helps you feel close to them even in their absence.

So, this weekend..heck, let your mind wander a bit.

Don’t only think about chores you may have to do, or responsibilies.

Imagine things youv’e done or would love to do some day.

Imagine places you’ve been or would love to see some day.

Imagine people, from your past, from your present, or even from your future.

Youv’e earned that “vacation” , haven’t ya?


So, sweet friends, what are some of the things you find yourself “daydreaming” about ?

Open Trackbacks all weekend long.

OpenTrackback banner.jpg

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Wanna lose weight?..Laugh..heh

Thursday, January 18th, 2007


A daily chuckle can burn up to five pounds of fat a year, scientists have found.

A really raucous laugh uses about the same energy as walking more than half a mile, the American researchers claim.
It works many muscles and makes the heart beat faster.
How a belly laugh will help you lose weight

He said 15 minutes of chuckling daily could lead to a weight loss of just over 4.5lb in a year.

Although laughter has long been thought to be good for the heart and the immune system, this is the first study to suggest a benefit in weight loss.


Well I’m simply tickled by the concept of laughter weight loss. Aren’t you? Heh.

There you are at the docs complainin of that sluggish metabolism and the 5 pounds you swore you would lose after New Years when your doctor reaches for the pill pad, quickly scribbles something, tears the sheet from the pad, and hands you a prescription ……. for daily laughter…lol :)

Did that idea just make you smile?

There’s your first 1/2 lb. burnt off. Easy as pie.
Wait, don’t mention pie. food-cake.gif

So, this natural method proves that chuckling is the ho-ho-holistic way of shedding those love handles eh.
Who ever decided to call them love handles anyway.

Heck if all 400 muscles of the body can move just by laughing, who needs a stair master.

We know that research proves that whenever we laugh we release a wave of chemicals through our chubby lil bodies including the endorphin hormone, which makes you “high”. Our immune systems create white “T” cells, you know those “happy” cells, which help to prevent all those yukky infections.

So , hey go find your inner clown. Heck, you can even leave me a joke or two, or if your’re in the neighborhood, come on by and tickle me.

Woops, another pound shed!
Only 4 left…

Now if I could just remember 4 more knock knock jokes. laugh-lol.gif

Dang, that chocolate looks good.


And when all else fails, just quote the Bible:
“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine; but a broken spirit drieth the bones”.
Proverbs 17:22

Dry unappealing huh.
C’mon, laugh.
You know you want to.


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God’s Precious little ones

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

A twin leans over and kisses the cheek of her sister in a heart-warming picture that would not be out of place in any family home.

Yet these siblings are a not even born and the astonishing images have been captured on a new ‘four-dimensional’ ultrasound scan of the womb.

A crowded womb

The scans are a highly developed form of traditional ultrasound where very high frequency sound waves are used to produce images of what is inside the body.

London-based obstetrician Professor Stuart Campbell..’It was fascinating to see the babies in more detail than ever before. I was amazed at the detail in the faces – smiles, blinking – and the interaction between multiple foetuses.’

Not exactly just a “mass of cells” are they?

“God blessed them and said to them, ‘Be fruitful and increase in number. Fill the earth and subdue it.”
(Genesis 1:28)

What is that miraculous breath of spirit that seeks sanctuary in her mother’s womb.
Two bodies growing together as one.

In spite of all the anticipation before conception and during pregnancy, despite weeks of waiting to feel that first “kick” within and fantasizing about the gender of your baby, despite months of having weird or wonderful dreams, troubling thoughts, and being terrified about what kind of parent you will be, the first time you hold your baby in your arms and call yourself mommy or daddy, an awareness engulfs you that your life will never quite be the same ever again.

It hits you right in the heart.
Another human being is now dependent upon you for its very survival.

And yet…we have this.

Unfortunately, the problem of new mothers abandoning their babies, typically in unsafe places where they may not be found, is not uncommon.

Although the exact numbers are not known, a survey of the HHS Administration for Children and Families found that 65 babies were abandoned in public places in 1991 and 105 in 1998.

They also found that 8 of those infants were found dead in 1991, which increased to 33 in 1998.
Safe Haven Laws for Abandoned Babies

In response to these abandonment cases and a group of 13 abandoned babies in Houston in 1999, Texas lawmakers adopted a safe haven law so that mothers could leave a baby in a safe place without having to worry that they would be prosecuted.

Unfortunately, so far, they don’t seem to be having much of an impact on babies being abandoned in unsafe places.

For those of us who took a look at that wrinkled, squashed and scrunched-up little thing we gave birth to…….we simply can not imagine hurting let alone abandoning our beautiful babies to the fates.

And as they grow..remembering the lines that made us tear everytime we heard them…
“Read me a story daddy…”


Ah. Being a mommy or daddy.
Being a son or daughter.
What say y’all sweet friends?

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.”

“Parents who are afraid to put their foot down usually have children who step on their toes”

“A Daughter is a Little Girl who grows up to be a Friend”


“Your folks are like God because you want to know they’re out there and you want them to approve of your life, still you only call them when you’re in a crisis and need something.”
(Michellee Chuck Palahniuk)

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