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Israeli Journalist Tossed and No one CareS

Monday, August 20th, 2007

An Israeli journalist was forcibly ejected from press conference in Jordan at the weekend for daring to identify herself and ask a question.
Israeli journalist ejected from Jordan press conference

During the press conference following the festival, the Israeli reporter tried to ask one of the popular entertainers a question in Ar-abic. But after identifying herself as an Israeli, the Ar-ab journalists around her rose and angrily approached, causing the Jewish reporter to flee the premises in fear…


A spokesman for the festival later said Israeli attendance at the event was completely out of place so soon after what he called Israel’s aggression against Lebanon last summer.

Israel and Jo-rdan are officially at peace, though the Jordanian populace remains largely hostile toward the Jewish state.

wretch gag cough duh
With “friends” like that, who needs enemies eh.


But but but, we must be multi cultural mustn’t we? Let’s try to understand why blatant Jew hating is cool for Muzlims k.


The Lefty hard core Lib multiculturalists have twisted and convoluted our history into something it never was.

An intermingling of cultures all operating under one system of government. The Irish, Polish, German, Greeks, Italians, and yes- the Jews from all over the world, came to our shores and brought their own ethnic differences and then added them to the American melting pot.

Did they changeAmerica? Heck yea. And they, were in turn changed by it as well.
It was two way traffic.


Muzlim immigrants are being allowed to establish separate communities, make incessant demands to mix religion and state, open their own madrASS-a in NYCity, demand foot baths funded by taxpayers, refuse to do jobs that go up against their ahem..”teachings”, rather than learning how to blend their own cultural heritage with that of America’s.

What they long for is to establish new versions of what they left behind in their brutal, pitiless, muzlim regimes.


Let’s be honest friends.

There’s nothing multi or culti about multiculturalism. It is merely another word for “separatism,” and the worst kind of it.

Howzabout the neat lil premise that all cultures are equal, and that no real value judgments can be made about any of them.
That kinda gets Jordan right of da hook here don’t it.
Sure, let Israel or America try a lil trick like that.

Is CA-IR demanding apologies and filing lawsuits on behalf of the Israeli reporter for suffering “humiliation, fear and of course..”getting offended”? Aw shux, they’re not?……could it be because of this?

Tidbits from the Koo-ran:
1-On unbelievers is the curse of All–ah. – Sura 2:161
2-Slay them wherever ye find them and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution is worse than slaughter. – 2:191

The harsh reality is that some ahem “cultures”, (I use that term loosely), have pathologies that should be stamped out.
Some are a culture of death and worship the devaluation of life.

If Jordan is an example of the more noble, honorable Muzlims…….

Well then, we best just left the IzlamoNazi and Leftist boot keep stomping on humanity’s face…….
and hey….take the apologists and defenders with you k.

It’d be a real curiousity to see the look on their leftard faces when the industrial-strength animals turn on them first.

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Sex DefineS Us

Sunday, August 19th, 2007

The masses are sheep.


Plodding along gobbling up erroneous assumptions and ideas that the politically correct current hurls in a certain direction, without once bothering to question them.

For centuries, people who participated in beatings, bondage, and all kinds of humiliation for sexual pleasure were considered mentally ill.

Along came the American Psychiatric Association, the new arbiters of morality, apparently(in the 1980′s) and removed S & M as a category in its DSM, otherwise known as Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

In 1973, they removed homo-sex-uality as a category as well, allegedly a step toward the societal acceptance of people whose sexual desires and behaviors aren’t ” vanilla”, or typically “traditional.”

Men pretending to be little girls, women being bound , and allegedly consenting adults screaming in pain with each strike of a flogger or drip of hot wax is now considered “normal” and simply another “preference.” Meaningless se-x, “just for fun” is harmless too.

Anyway it’s none of our business what’s happening in bedrooms or um..”dungeons” across the country, right?

Rape. White Slavery. Sexual Torture, Assault and Abuse.
Sexual violence and abuse of Children.
Trafficking of Women.

All unrelated eh.

Thus, we permit things known as “se-x clubs” featuring nudity and bondage to proliferate, citing its “normalcy.”

We are told there is no relation between this and our drowned out battle cries to protect the sacredness of “family”, and thus protect the children, who are decidedly lost in this generation.

The bar on sex-ual acts that fascinate, and terrorize need to be constantly raised due to the desensitization of our culture. Scantily clad women are everywhere.

We are told it’s perfectly ok to feed our sense pleasures: our se-x sense pleasure, our hungers, our greed.

It’s ok for our flesh to break our human spirit’s communion with God and act for the sake of “pleasure.”

The flesh is told:

In modern literature, in the so-called arts, in advertising, in music and rap, on television, in movies, on your personal computer, far and wide in the entertainment world, in politics and business…one message is clear:

Feeding the selfish and corrupted appetites of the flesh have no consequences.


Illegitimate children born of unions where fathers don’t even know the mother’s name is commonplace.

Fatherless children are an epidemic in black communities.
Families are ..well….simply no longer sacred.

There is little disparity between the carnal man and an animal.

Animals give in to the impulse of appetite, eat that which belongs to others, sometimes leaving their waste and filth in sacred or beautiful places.

Animals do not have what evolved humans do: Shame.They mate shamelessly out in the open.

Being part of a moral, emotional and mental fellowship is laughable to those offering these tainted messages of guiltless pleasure, non stop to the dim masses.

The fact that we were designed in His likeness so that we can have things in common with our Maker is irrelevant.

For our very lives to be meaningful and have fulfillment we know that must live and function for the purpose we were created, and whether we know what this ultimate purpose is or not — we know that we have a “soul” and that this soul is our higher, rational self.

What you feed your soul determines your destiny.

What is your source of nourishment?

Do you allow your appetites to rule, or do you rather feast on spiritual items..

What kind of literature do you read, what films do you choose.

As a woman, do you choose provocative, immodest clothes. What signals are you sending out to others.
As women especially, our clothing and accessories speak a language all their own. Ask any man.

How is your language, what words do you opt for.
What music do you listen to.
What are your pastimes, your pleasures? What kind of thoughts do you indulge.
Who are you intimate with.

S-ex does define us.
As do our attitudes toward the sacred and sublime.

Are you munching on animal food or the precious foods of the Spiritual and Heavenly sphere.

Feeding my friends over at STOPtheACLU, which has the latest on footbaths for you know who!, and Outside the Beltway, Perri Nelson’s Website, Rosemary’s Thoughts, 123beta, Adam’s Blog, Big Dog’s Weblog, Right Truth, Shadowscope, Nuke’s News & Views, Webloggin, Leaning Straight Up, The Amboy Times, The Bullwinkle Blog, The Florida Masochist, , Conservative Cat, Pursuing Holiness, Diary of the Mad Pigeon, Faultline USA, Wake Up America, The World According to Carl, Blue Star Chronicles, Pirate’s Cove, Planck’s Constant, Gulf Coast Hurricane Tracker, and Dumb Ox Daily News, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.


NYPD Terror Report OpenTrackback Weekend

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

Ground Zero Memorial

The Council on American- Is–lamic Relations (CA-IR) said today that a new NYPD report on “radicalization” may result in all U.S. Mus-lims being viewed with suspicion.

In a statement, CA-IR Board Chairman..Ah-med said:

“Whatever one thinks of the analysis contained in the report, its sweeping generalizations and mixing of unrelated elements may serve to cast a pall of suspicion over the entire American Mus-lim community.

Muzlims dare to whine about NY
The report lists sites that are likely to be visited by any American Mus-lim as radicalization ‘incubators.’ The sites listed include mosques, cafes, cab driver hangouts, student associations, nongovernmental organizations, butcher shops, and bookstores.

2002 Ground Zero Memorial ringing the bell at the time of the first WTC tower collapse.

CA-IR..the unindicted co-conspirators of terrorism with ties to HamASS..tellin the NYPD , who happen to have their own separate muzlim group, …that they are un-American.

Whata bunch of foreign alien, thug, arrogant parasites they are. blahblah.gif

Uh oh. Someone turned on a light. Run CA-IR run!

OK..someone boil this down for me.
Exactly what part of CA-IR is American..that they can call NYPD or anyone else for that matter “un-American”? cultani.gif

Did the terrorists at CA-IR create our colonies?
Did they help pen our Constituion?
Were they involved in our Civil rights movement?
Are they the ones who abolished slavery?

Come to think of it, do they have anythin whatsoever to do with anything that involves democracy, liberty or freedom. (aside from demanding alleged “rights” for Muzlim terrorists and terrorist wanna-be’s)

They don’t want NY to be searchin into their lil corners of our city…Hmmm..
Sounds an awful lot like someones got something to hide eh.

Where I was on Sept.11, 2002: Ground Zero.

They’re worried bout casting a pall of suspicion over the entire American Muzlim community?
That’s the whole bloomin point, CA-IR nitwits…It should cast suspicion on all US Muzlims…ALL.

Oh, but Angel, isn’t that profiling and stereotyping?
Oh ya mean as in assuming that radical Izlamists worldwide are the ones responsible for terrorism..that kinda profiling.

Heck yea.
Unless, of course the moderates start wearin t-shirts:
I’m a Moderate Muzlim against Jeehad.

When will that happen huh.

See..The following won’t warrant a press release from CA-IR:
1-Calling Chrisitians and Jews “the sons of apes and pigs.
2-Im-ams worldwide calling for a worldwide caliphate
3-Muzlims worldwide calling for jeehad.
4-instructing Muzlims in firing automatic weapons at remote training camps, even right in Upstate NY.
5-actual acts of Terror.

CA-IR moans that the NYPD Terror Report casts suspicion on All U.S. Muzlims?..Golly Gee.
Sounds a tad like a headline taken out of a 1930′s report in Europe “casting suspicion” on all Nazi or Nazi sympathizers and defenders.

2002 Ground Zero Reflection Pool.

Notice ya never hear Muzlims..or allegedly “moderate” Muzlims say:
Yes, Muzlims are terrorists worldwide …………….

Sorry CA-IR, ya didn’t succeed in killing ALL New Yorkers on Sept how does it feel to be under our microsocpe now?

Ground Zero 2002.

This is my city. This is the NYPD I worked with for months and months in a place we called “The Pit”, looking for human remains, courtesy your fellow Muzlims.

This is what it looked like when I was there.

So, unless you wanna offer your “help” in tracking down your fellow Muzlim terrorists here in the U.S. of A…. howzabout a steamin, hot cup of shut the $##@ up.

In the words of Jason Mattera:
“We will not be intimidated by radical Is-lamic thugs…CA-IR can go to Hell and they can take their 72 virgins with them.”

What say y’all sweet friends?

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Maryland Food Collective: Anti-Semites

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

In late April, a checkout person at the Maryland Food Collective told a student that her “I Stand With Israel T-Shirt” was offensive, and refused to serve her..

Pro-Israel student refused service

Jewish students attended the collective’s weekly meeting April 30, where workers asserted their right to deny service to anyone they chose.

Co-op offers apology to Jewish student

This is a University sanctioned dining facility…The University of Maryland.


I always thought the whole idea of co-ops was about about people not profits, tolerance and er..cooperation..silly me.


Psst…University of Maryland leftards: This is called…um..”bigotry.”

Oh wait. Howzabout the Maryland Food “Co-op” Collective cashiers wear neon signs announcing their sympathies, know this anti semitic cashier could have worn a t-shirt saying:

“I would serve radical Muzlims and suicide bombers who murdered 3,000 of my fellow Americans and blow up innocent Israeli children, (because if I don’t, they will probably bomb me).bomb-boom.gif…but Jews can’t buy lunch.”

Better yet, try denying “service” to a Black or gay person and see how long your ahem..”co-op” remains in your student center.blackani-ddy.gif

Geez. I had the silly notion that “customer service” actually means “giving service to the customer”, not concerning yourself with their t-shirts or political statements.boggled.gif

Nothing novel here. Blatant anti-Israel bias typical of these leftard co-op participants, which has been bloody obvious in both national political discourse at large and now on this campus of the University of Maryland.

What self-respecting business “defers” customers and tolerates a biased, obnoxious cashier, who chooses whom to serve based on whether he or she feels intellectually “offended” by the political leanings of the potential customer.

Not to mention that this behavior is against the UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND HUMAN RELATIONS CODE , which obviously doesn’t apply to Jews.

What’s the name of the “cashier” in question..Is he/she hiding?

Had this been an anti Muzlim incident CA-IR, the unindicted co-conspirators of terrorism with ties to Ham-ASS, would have threatened lawsuits and ensured that the University of Maryland write press releases which would no doubt make headlines.

But I’ll bet not a single one of you have even heard bout this lil “incident” eh.

Jews are way too passive.
Bring a dang lawsuit.

Better yet, get on line in a burrka next’ll have your tuna sandwich in no time.


University of Maryland: Food Collective:



Let the University of Maryland know…that We know.
and it’s most definitely NOT cool with us.

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Brussels is IsslamiFried

Monday, August 13th, 2007

The Brussels mayor, the Socialist Freddy Thielemans, has, on 9th of August 2007 sent out a press release in which he has banned a demonstration with a minute of silence to commemorate the victims of 9/11 on the 11th sept in Brussels. The reason for the prohibition is that he says he cannot guarantee public safety and that he won’t disturb the Is-lamic section of the population in Brussels.

Brussels Afraid of Muzlims

Breaking News:
Muzlims “offended” by “silence” now too.

How many countless times have Muzlims received permission to demonstrate in Brussels and worldwide, shrieking their venom and wishing death upon their generous host country.


But Brussels can’t have a moment of silence for victims of 9-11.

The World Trade Center Attack

2,823 people killed
Out of those: 1,102 victims identified

1.8 million tons of debris was removed (108,342 truckloads)
So far: 3.1 million hours of labor spent on cleanup

Hold on a minute y’all but but but I thought Izlam was a religion of peace, and that the terrorists were a just minority, and that most Muzlims abhor violence.


Anyway why would a 9/11 commemoration upset Muzlims’ ever so delicate balance. They’ve been tellin us along the attacks were engineered by the Mossad or George Bush right? blameani.gif

Being the civilized people they are, they no doubt comprehend ideas like freedom of speech, or um….. freedom of assembly. Then again……never mind.


But wait..we haven’t had dessert.
The maraschino cherry on the top cherries.jpg of this surreal event is this pathetic mayor admitting that his government cannot perform its basic function, which is protecting the rights of his own citizenry.
So why are the good people of Brussels still paying taxes eh.

Is this now officially Brussels, the capitol of Eurabia?

If anyone so much as questions a muzlim’s behavior , he is immediately branded a hateful racist, bigot. Terrorists like CA-IR, whom our very own government sanctions brings lawsuits, whines endlessly cry-bu_baby.gif and the wires of the world don’t lose a minute before shining a very broad beam on the individual.

But, when Izlam and Muzlims worldwide kill and torture people from various faiths and ethnicities daily; bombaniqq.gif when they verbalize quite succinctly their true intentions of destroying the USA, Israel and the West, and even when they carry out those very plans, Europe is silent as they are persecuted, murdered and scattered to the four winds by Muzlims and their fabricated, phony Pale-stinian cause.

Sure, Mr. Mayor, Support a sick, twisted theocracy that is illegitimate in every sense of the word, nursed on victimization born out of failure and humiliation.

On Sept.11, nearly 3,000 Americans died.

On that same fateful day:
Millions of Europeans and dhimmified Americans became voluntarily enslaved.

I have a better idea. Howzabout a moment of silence… for the city formerly known as Brussels.

Apparently these lil get togethers were just fine:

No Cartoons of da Prophet!

Down With America

Pro Heejab Rally..woohoo!

Muzlim illegals take over churches

The only people on Earth allowed to be overtly racist, homophobic, misogynistic and anti-semitic are Muzlims.

And if you dare open your trap about it…oooh…you’re an Izlamophobe.face987.gif

A silent gathering to honor those who were burned alive by Izlamists or, let’s re-phrase that: a teensy minority of “Asian” extremists or militants or whatever PC term you care to spew is forbidden.

Because the dhiimified Eurocrats are so afraid of Muzlims that they will do anything so as not to enrage them.
As if they needed an excuse to get enraged.angry07.gif

Will Europe ever evolve from lowly invertebrates to something with a backbone? back-bone-ca.jpg

We saved them from the Nazis.
Lemme tell ya.
If Europe thinks occupation under the Nazis was bad… just wait until they’re under the thumb of Izlam. Those murderous, subhuman thugs wrote the SS playbook.

Meet the Mayor of Brussels: She’s a Muzlim”

Oh, and next time ya go to Brussels, wear your rubbers, cuz the floor there is ankle deep in dhimmi and moonbat doo doo.

Then again: what did we expect from a nation located so close to France?

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I am a DanceR

Sunday, August 12th, 2007

I went dancing last night and fell.
From the floor to the ceiling.
From the ground to the distant Heavens.


I danced through my burdens, my passions, my memories of he, who was here in this very room……my soul.


Before long it will mark three years……. since my cherished family friend, went to meet his Maker.

Another year has gone by.
And, I am still trying to dance.


Three hundred and sixty five days..

12 months

52 weeks

8,760 hours

525,600 minutes

3,153,6000 seconds


Will, I dance for you.
You were there last night, You whispered..No More sorrow..and yet, here it is …another day without you.

My loved ones urged me on, exclaiming, the Good Lord wishes you, Angel, to be dancing still, into His light.


With every step I rise magically to reach for your spirit.
I try with fragile, artful grace to find you somewhere here, where you once stood tall with muscles taut down to your toes.

I mark time with every heartbeat, knowing you are glancing down..looking after me, guarding me, …twirling, spinning, leaping.


I was there when the Good Lord wrapped His arms around your failing body and allowed you to fall into a deep sleep.

The pain fell upon me like a heavy cloak, and my feet would not dance.
The angst became like a heavy stone I wore, forever dragging me down into waters that I could never seem to rise above, drowning me in my own inescapable sadness.


And yet, We danced until our dance was done.

Last night I danced high, and light, and free, calling to mind the memory of The Dance we shared in this life and my pledge to you on your dying day… that I keep dancing.

I stamped and stomped. Am I keeping my tenuous balance on this bewildering globe of ours. I whirled and tossed, with every step leaving behind the anger I dare not offer to His face for taking you so soon.

I tiptoed so as not to let the celestial dream go.


I went dancing last night and fell.
From the floor to the ceiling.
From the ground to the distant Heavens.

Extending my hand for a dance to my friends at Perri Nelson’s Website, Blog @, Rosemary’s Thoughts, The Random Yak, A Blog For All, 123beta, Adam’s Blog, Big Dog’s Weblog, Right Truth, Webloggin, Stuck On Stupid, Leaning Straight Up, The Amboy Times, The Bullwinkle Blog, Conservative Thoughts, Pursuing Holiness, Diary of the Mad Pigeon, third world county, The World According to Carl, Nuke’s news and views, Pirate’s Cove, Blue Star Chronicles, CommonSenseAmerica, Wake Up America, Dumb Ox Daily News, High Desert Wanderer, and Church and State, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.


Haditha MarineS OpenTrackback Weekend

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

A general dropped all charges Thursday against a Marine who had been accused of killing three Iraqi brothers in response to a roadside bomb attack in Haditha in 2005.
“The evidence does not support a referral to a court-martial,” Lt. Gen. James Mattis wrote in his written decision.

Marine’s Charges Dropped in Iraq Deaths
Lance Cpl. Justin L. Sharratt, 22, had been charged with the murder in the deaths of three of those killed after the bomb attack Nov. 19, 2005.

In his recommendation, Lt. Col. Paul Ware said murder charges brought against Sharratt were based on unreliable witness accounts, poor forensic evidence and questionable legal theories.
“The government version is unsupported by independent evidence,” Ware wrote in an 18-page report. “To believe the government version of facts is to disregard clear and convincing evidence to the contrary.”


Do we know the difference between Fact and Fiction?

US Marines = terrorists

MSM & AP News Service = Supporters of Terrorists

The Lamestream Media is cautious and careful not to jump to any conclusions prematurely concerning Muzlims and Muzlim terrorists.
Ah yes, Muzlims’ acts of terrorism are “alleged” or “reported”.

The Lamestream Media didn’t, however exercise any such caution or deference when they falsely accused our Marines. When reporting on Muzlim violence or Muzlim terrorists, ..Heck, they won’t even call them by their name. There are no Muzlims and there is no Global War on Terror k.


Naw. They’re way too busy Counting Deaths of American Soldiers

Our Marines….Terrorists? Durbin said they were nazis, Kerry and Murtha accused them of deliberately killing civilians and called them cold blooded killers…….. So many conflicting opinions, how’s a moonbat to choose?


These guys, who are risking their lives for us, were tried and convicted before anyone even knew there names. soldier11.gif

And let’s see..the accusations? Oh right…From a single source who’s credibility was dubious at best and who had close association with the enemy and terrorists.


Lt Col Jeffrey R Chessani: Violation of a lawful order; dereliction
Sgt Sanick P Dela Cruz: Unpremeditated murder; false official statement
1st Lt Andrew A Grayson: Dereliction; false official statement; obstructing justice
Capt Lucas M McConnell: Dereliction
Lance Cpl Justin L Sharratt: Unpremeditated murder
Capt Randy W Stone: Violation of a lawful order; dereliction
Lance Cpl Stephen B Tatum: Unpremeditated murder; negligent homicide; assault
Staff Sgt Frank D Wuterich: Unpremeditated murder; soliciting another to commit an offence; false official statement

My original post Defending our Marines


You know you live in a democratic Western country if the media is rooting for your enemies, the schools and universities teach your children that your civilization is corrupt and evil, and when your politicians think it’s a crime and racist if you want to protect your own dang borders.


I spose according to the Libs, the US military were bloody terrorists in WWII when we liquefied Dresden, when we bbq’ed Tokyo and when we incinerated Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Let’s see..why did we do that again?
Oh yeah. To free Europe from fascism.
How quickly they forget.

Freedom is not free dudes and guess what: War is not pretty. armyani3.gif

This deep stain on our press, of aiding and abetting terrorism must be but one small part of what is behind their unmitigated gall in projecting their own self hatred and guilt, and falsely pointing a finger at our Warrior Angels: the United States Marines.

Blessings to the family of Lance Corporal Justin Sharatt and BooYeahhhhhhh to all our beloved Marines!
I had yer backs all along.


Lance Corporal Justin Sharatt

Lance Corporal Justin Sharratt, USMC’s Family Blog

There are only two kinds of people that understand Marines: Marines and the enemy. Everyone else has a second-hand opinion.
Gen. William Thornson, U.S. Army


Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Marines don’t have that problem.
Ronald Reagan, President of the United States; 1985


What say Y’all sweet friends?


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Bitch? I Don’t ThinK So

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

The New York City Council, which drew national headlines when it passed a symbolic citywide ban earlier this year on the use of the so-called n-word, has turned its linguistic (and legislative) lance toward a different slur: bitch.
It’s a Female Dog, or Worse. Or Endearing. And Illegal?
The term is hateful and deeply sexist, said Councilwoman Darlene Mealy of Brooklyn, who has introduced a measure against the word, saying it creates “a paradigm of shame and indignity” for all women.

One of the first posts I ever wrote was entitled:
The “B” Word

If you don’t know this already may I be the first to inform you of the import of words in the process of learning to Love.

Words actually cause an “imprint’, if you will…a permanent mark through which all future perception of a child is then filtered.

If pejorative words were used to describe women, the possibility of you being able to truly love a woman will be greatly minimized.

It has now become commonplace for men and women to refer to women as “bit_ches”. For women to have sanctioned this is the ultimate expression of self hate.
The negative stimuli produced by the mere utterance of that word can engender feelings of hatred…and it most often does.

Whether we like it or not, we have been conditioned by negative associations…Words like “Bitch” and “Nigger” were born of animosity and exclusion.

I know. I know. I know.

Censorship can obstruct the basic right to free expression. It is no doubt one of the most preferred weapons of tyrants and oppressive regimes throughout history and has been used to subjugate, and gag all kinds of speech and what was deemed “deviant behavior”.

To me, statements like, ” Who is the Government to decide what’s right or wrong, safe or harmful, decent or in offensive, smacks of being excessively simplistic and somewhat laughable.

Government makes these decisions for us all of the time.
Try driving in NYC without a seatbelt on.
Try defecating in public…on second thought….please don’t.
Try getting pro-Israel info on Wikipedia or Google. Good luck with that.

But hey, UTube’s chock fulla jeeeeehad vids.

To say we shoud not allow governmental controls over anything is to ultimately support this reality:
Images of Incestuous Child Sexual Abuse can be found on our very own Internet if one knows where to “search.”

Censorship controversies are never clear cut, and whether LEFTY libs want to admit it or not..there is such a thing as a violation of community standards and impressions which may not be age appropriate.

Knowing that evil and vices will continue to flourish in secret, despite all attempts to eradciate it, is no excuse for government to openly exhibit it or normalize it.

So, who is responsible for protecting decency?

1-Should the government censor inappropriate material?

2-Should writers, editors, t.v. and film producers censor themselves?

3-Should people or even kids be able to decide for themselves whether something is appropriate for them or not.

Guess what.
American rappers and television broadcasters aint steppin up to the plate to correct this deplorable mess anytime soon. You can bet yer bling on that.


My contention:
There are times when it is wholly appropriate for the government to regulate what types of speech are appropriate.

Pornography should have never been allowed onto the marketplace and legitimized by the socialist America haters at the ACLU as “free speech”, as it does not even constitute “speech.”

Yelling “fire” in a crowded theatre is seen by all sane people as a reasonable exception for the sake of public safety, is it not?
Speech intended and designed to cause a riot, or the overt planning of criminal behavior can be stifled, can it not?

They say: There’s a time and place for everything.
I say: When is the “approriate” time to call someone a Nigger or a Bitch.


Congress is elected and supposedly represents the full body of the American people. Therefore the laws it passes are presumed to be reflective of the public will.
But are they?
They refuse to even “filter” porn from children in a publicly funded library.

The Supreme Court finds a library porn filter it can love.
Today’s case, United States v. American Library Association, represents Congress’ 2,000th (or so it feels) attempt to regulate Internet pornography, as it relates to children. This too takes some chutzpah because so far the Supreme Court has hated every previous attempt to regulate Internet smut, starting with Reno v. ACLU in 1997, when the court invalidated the 1996 Communications Decency Act, and last year when it sent parts of the narrower Children’s Online Protection Act back to the lower courts for more work. So, CIPA followed on COPA, and in 2000 Congress enacted a third round of legislation, aimed at libraries and schools instead of Web-site operators. The Children’s Internet Protection Act requires that public libraries receiving federal funds install filters for every computer connected to the Internet, whether used by adults or children. Almost immediately, a special three-judge panel in Philadelphia enjoined the government from enforcing it.

The panel unanimously found CIPA facially invalid because it forced libraries, as state actors, to violate the First Amendment rights of the public.

The heinous crimes committed against blacks using the word “nigger” and the unspeakable sexual abuse and torment women have suffered hearing the word “bitch” should make it understandable why they hold a unique power.

This power has not been lost simply because society’s standards have shrunk to zero and it has become commonplace.

Once not too long ago people understood the power of :
Inappropriate language.
Inapproriate dress.

Blacks calling themselves niggas and ho’s did more than a disservice to their own.

Yea Al….whattabout the word “Kike” or “Hymietown”..Zat aiight witchu?

And all the token “public service announcements” won’t turn this tide back.
Say No to Drugs.
It’s 10PM. Do you know where your children are.

Look around you at the filth and smut posing as Art.
Read a popular young girl’s magazine teaching her how to sexually administer to boys.
Listen to a rap joint.

Is this what free speech looks like?

Oh..and regarding “free speech.”…
Not one word from the hippie hard core Libs who have no problem with porn mags showing na-ked women in a meat grinder but suddenly believe in censorship and “respect” for others when refusing to post images of the Muuuuuhammad cartoons. Puhleaze.


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Brit KidS learn about the only True GOD. Guess who?

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

ANGRY parents have blasted a teacher for telling ten-year-olds to copy a Mus-lim prayer saying “There is no God but All-ah”.
Helen Green is said to have picked the Mus-lim call to prayer as HAND-WRITING practice.

It includes the lines “All-ah is the greatest” and “I bear witness that there is no God but All-ah”.

Kids told to write ‘All-ah is God’
..Mrs Green — deputy head of Newlands Primary School in Wakefield, West Yorks — had acknowledged it was a “sensitive issue” because three of the 7/7 suicide bombers came from Leeds, 15 miles away.

Shazam! Golllllleee!
It’s happening to the Brits, and wer’e allowing it to happen to us sweet friends.

“I bear witness that there is no God but All-ah”?!

Stunningly disgusting.

Imagine a teacher, teaching Muzlim pupils that the Jewish or Christian God is the only true God. Schools would be ablaze throughout Europe, courtesy the barbarians of the R.o.P.

This my friends is a glimpse of the godless Lefty Libs in action worldwide. A sight to behold aint it.
One word of advice:
Apply heavy-duty pesticide before it spreads further.

Our precious Constitution does not regard religious faith with grudging suspicion, or as some old fashioned relic.
Our founding fathers appreciated that, in our traditions and laws, religious freedom is cherished as a basic human right and a non-negotiable aspect of human dignity. Judeo-Christian traditions and laws.

The purpose of the First Amendment is not to “put religion in its place,” but to protect religion by keeping the government “in its place.”

Apparently, the only religions being put in their place and in the rubbish are Judaism and Christianity.

Say NO to Mangers and Menorahs.
The Leftys insist on a public square scrubbed clean of religious symbols and speech unless they’re…shhhh…you know that religion…what was it called again…….Gee, the Lamestream Media can’t seem to say it either……….ah yes………….The Religion Of Peace……Izlam.

Of course the teachers and whackademics view themselves as latter-day shamans and oracles, spreading politically correct truth to the globally warmed, ignorant masses.

Let us be honest shall we.
The millions of Muzlims living in Europe, Australia and here in the West will never integrate, ever.

It is simply not in their worldview to do so. It is also forbidden by their very own ahem… Prophet – Prophet Mu-ham-med. He forbade Muzlims to befriend in-fidels, you know, anyone NOT Muzlim. He exhorted them to kill in-fidels. Yes. Kill.

As izlam grows and mutates here in the U.S., their numbers will continue to become greater. They will continue to use our precious democratic system to outvote us and introduce their form of government based on shaaariah Law.

Women. Back in the house and put that sack on ya.

Homo-sexuals: Be prepared to be hung in market square.


Christians and Jews: say H’Lo to Dhimmi-tude y’all.

Izlam is not just a religion; It is a cult and a political system.
And guess what.
Their political is system diametrically opposed ours.

They abhor , freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of choice, rights for women, freedom of anything that we treasure, for that matter.

The wolves are in the henhouse sweet friends.

There is no God but All-ah?
Pigs and apes beg to differ.

pig21-thumb.jpg monkey88.jpg

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Where have all the WomeN and Gentlemen Gone?

Monday, August 6th, 2007


Much clucking behind television anchor desks follows the airing of popular internet footage of girl fights.

After repeated displays of adolescent girls slapping each other, pulling hair, and ripping off clothes, news anchors wonder out loud about the reasons for their popularity among YouTube and other internet viewers.

It’s no big secret: This is a genre of pornography.

..This genre reflects societal trends and how women are viewed in our post-feminist culture. It’s the logical conclusion of the sexual revolution officially announced in the ironically titled “Summer of Love” forty years ago. ..

As women became more sexually “free,” they had to up the ante to attract men, hence girl fights over men (at least in men’s imaginations).

The young man on a college campus today is surrounded by young women, often dressed provocatively. He has his pick because today nearly two-thirds of undergraduates are female.

The craziness and hostility inside many classrooms reflects the sexual aggressiveness outside the classroom. In both arenas collegiality between men and women has been destroyed.

As young men abandon marriage and college educations, they retreat into twisted and resentful ways of asserting masculinity—and emulate rappers or disaffected pierced and tattooed rebels.

And more and more women turn to anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs.
Grrrls’ Fight Club

Funny, how cleavage-baring twenty-something news anchors look in perplexity at footage of girl fights. I’d like to tell them: This all started with your mother’s feminist movement, where women insisted on being like men (or what they thought men were like.)

Pornography then went from being a secret shameful activity over displays of nudity to a business touted as prime example of the American way of free enterprise and free speech.

This is what MSNBC did recently with their glowing documentary of Christie Hefner, daughter of our national pimp, Hugh Hefner, who has his own show with nubile “girlfriends” cast as “The Girls Next Door.”

And at the same time, what is considered pornography becomes more and more violent.
The fact that Christie Hefner, CEO of Playboy Enterprises, is now seen as a respectable businesswoman illustrates what is wrong with our culture. I’m afraid that “grrrl power” is leading women back to a period of history where they were enslaved in harems.

America is inundated with images of womens’ body parts like never before.

Apparently it has become the terminal season of the slut.

Girls, young girls and women’s clothing have become steadily more revealing and sexual than it has ever remotely been before. What some women never even wore in the bedroom, is now acceptable in the boardroom.

Billboards and even mainstream magazines are crammed with photographs of women, barely clothed, straddling chairs, splayed out on beds, even on kitchen tables, and lying half-naked amongst men or animals.

There is literally no where we can go during the course of a day where our eyes don’t pass nonchalantly over images that up until very recently would have been considered pornographic.

Television, movies, music videos and the Internet are literally stuffed with young women acting out bizarre sexual scenes, “hot babes” bending over for the camera in leather, g- strings, string bikinis, hot pants all gyrating to some ugly, obese rapper’s latest joint on MTV.

A whole new generation of girls raised by alleged feminists, who think donning bikinis and stilettos and go-go dancing in minuscule outfits onstage is a noble aspiration.


In this fantasyland, Men are never indicted.
Men are never criticized.
Men are never shamed.

Men, are told that it is perfectly “natural” to be absolutely apathetic toward the needs or interests of their girlfriends, spouses or even children, even to ridicule jest of course.
Go to a comedy club for the night and count the number of jokes at the expense of women and their anatomy.


Such alienation, they are told, is surely not a reflection of any limitation in them. No no no.


Men are told, it is not infidelity or betrayal or even disrespectful for them to consume an endless supply of s-ex vixens who offer themselves up as objects to be lusted after as super models in catalogs, in movies or in pornography.

The fact is, some male bloggers post scantily clad women..”just for the amusement” of other men.
Some female bloggers post themselves barely dressed…”just for the amusement” of other men.
And some female bloggers try to even the score by posting images of men without shirts…… if that is remotely comparable to the disease of misogyny.

The modern day male’s self-centered neuroticism, normalizing of pornography viewing, coupled with self satisfaction and flights of fantasy are just part of “being a guy”, after all.


Modern day mens’ inability to focus on anyone other than himself certainly doesn’t point to a pathology in his emotional makeup. Boys will be boys, haven’t ya heard.

So what if he can no longer connect meaningfully with those who are closest to him. Feelings are for chicks.

The “love of his life” has been replaced by “the lust of the moment”.
Gone is the the promise of spiritual love and the pursuit for a best friend and lifelong companion in a woman. The modern day woman offers wild se-x, and guess what……no strings attached.

Now, that’s empowerment eh!

This highly stimulating sexual climate is never correlated with promiscuity, rape, sexual abuse, divorce, sexually transmitted diseases, loneliness, despair, abortion, homicide or suicide. After all………can you prove the correlation?

Guess what alleged feminists.
Girls are most definitely not boys.

And no matter how low they stoop, how far they bend over, or how little they wear, they will never be a member of “the boys club.”

This supposed sexual empowerment, creating a new crop of enthusiastic exhibitionist young girls, feeds mens’ basest desires, and serves to do nothing but pit men against women, teach them to depersonalize and “objectify” women..(as long as it isn’t my wife or daughter…) and ultimately humiliate and disrespect all women.

Religious Jewish, Christian and all decent women have always known that God created the human race specifically with two genders, intending each to have his and her unique place in Creation.

It is time for women to take back their role.

Allow that small ray of light to escape from the rolling black clouds of political correctness that comprise our fallen society.

Beauty, femininity, playfulness, sensuality and self respect in modesty.

Celebrate womanhood.
Woman: Respect Thyself.

And, no. We don’t mean by dressing like this:


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