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Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

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Proof of our society’s decline is that Halloween has become a broad daylight event for many.
Robert Kirby

Look, there’s no metaphysics on earth like chocolates.
Fernando Pessoa

Trick or treat!

Ask not what your Pumpkin can do for you, ask what you can do for your pumpkin. halloween_1.gif

Everyone is a moon and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.
Mark Twain


Eat, drink and be scary. scared.gif

What’s a MUMMY’s favorite music?
-wRAP Music! ..haha


Why did the mummy call the doctor?
-Because he was coffin

What does a monster call a girl who has three heads, nine eyes and six arms?



Y’all are invited for din din @ my place.
My humble abode: grinz

Right this way……..Come along ya slackers………….

Wash up before dinner plz.

A glimpse of my table. Mwwuhahaha!
Dig in!…haha

I only have eyes for you. lol

Drink anyone?

Don’t be shy..have some Finger food!

Oh..and a free tip…heh
Beware of “friends” or strangers bearing tools the likes of chainsaws, staple guns, , electric carving knives, hedge trimmers, lawnmowers, butane torches, soldering irons, or um… band saws. Make that a double beware if they are wearing a hockey mask or one made of human skin.


Have a BOOtiful Halloween sweet friends!

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Po–rn Victimless?..How ConvenienT

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007


So much for the claim—often made by po-rn advocates—that po-rn-ography is a victimless crime. This week is White Ribbon against Po–rn-ography Week—a good time to remind ourselves of how destructive po-rn is.

The numbers are staggering. Po–rn is a 10-billion-dollar-a-year industry. One study revealed that more than 32 million individuals visited an Internet po–rn site in just one month. Some 800 million po–rn–ographic DVDs are rented each month. Other surveys reveal that one in five children on the Internet receives a se–xual solicitation.

There is no longer any doubt that po-rn-ography inspires crime. Most child molesters admit that they consume hard-core p-o-rn on a regular basis.

Just click yer mouse, glance up at yer local billboard , turn on yer T.V., check your spam filter.
You don’t have to find p-orno-graphy. In our society: It finds you.

Warning: Before you start shoutin “free speech”, po-rn is not even defined as “speech”.
Even free speech has constraints.

Everyone can agree that shouting “fire” in a crowded theatre is detrimental but peddling human flesh, especially womens’ is debatable? Provided the flesh isn’t your mother or daughter right?

It will never be proven scientifically that p-or-no-graphy causes se-x crimes.
Then again, it will never be proven scientifically that calling your child “bastard” and insulting him 32 times a day may affect his self esteem either.

There IS no causal relationship when dealing with human behavior.
But there is was common sense and decency once.

Ask yourself.
What is the benefit of po–rn?

Its sole intent is to entice the se-xual desire in men by objectifying women.
It normalizes and glorifies the degradation of women, and teaches men to feel se-xual without having to feel emotional or connected to a woman.

Our Constitution doesn’t guarantee anyone the right to showcase the se-xual abuse and torment of women simply because they began in the perverted imagination of some soul-less, money hungry per-vert.

It is not only addictive, but corrosive to normal, healthy se-xuality between two human beings who honor one another.

Not a single newspaper in our State published the Muuuuuuuhamad cartoons as they were deemed “offensive” to Muzlims but humiliating, objectifying and selling women in all forms of depravity “offends” no one eh.

Adult enter-tainment?
What praytell is “adult like” about encouraging the desensitization and objectification of women so that ultimately that which ought to be unspeakable becomes not only possible, but acceptable, and finally………even desirable.

You want to tell yourselves it is victimless to soothe your guilty conscience?
What shape must a girl or woman be in mentally and spiritually to make the decision to become a p-o-rn “star”..and how many are coerced?

The answer is Thousands.Trafficked. Bound. Beaten.
And coerced.

They are the downtrodden and internally fragmented girls and women, nearly all of whom have extensive and horrific backgrounds of se-xual abuse.

Po-r-no-graphy addiction claims marriages everyday..which is why women are the ones crying themselves to sleep………not men.

Simply because the shattered lives and families, the s-t-d’s, the suicides or homicides…. do not always make headlines doesn’t mean that po-rn is not the direct or most certainly the indirect cause.

It would take a gutload of self deception for someone to deny the obvious connection.

Is it a weakenss?
No doubt.
Does it take Herculean strength for moral or righteous men to abstain from p-orn..perhaps.

But men who actually defend po-r-nography as harmless “entertainment” simply have no regard for human life. (female human life, that is)

Wer’e gaggin on them…..and the stench of immorality has become insufferable my friends.

“I’ll watch po-rn whenever I want..who cares as long as it’s not “my little girl” in the filth.”
Well guess what bubba……..It’s someone elses “little girl.”

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Mos–ques have Terrorists?..Who Knew!

Monday, October 29th, 2007

Books calling for the beheading of lapsed Mu–slims, ordering women to remain indoors and forbidding interfaith marriage are being sold inside some of Britain’s leading mos-ques..

Lessons in hate found at leading mos-ques

Extremist literature, including passages supporting the stoning of adulterers and waging violent ji-had, was also found on sale at many other mos-ques regarded as mainstream institutions.

“Some Kinds of Women Who Will Go to Hell”
1. The Grumbler … the woman who complains against her husband every now and then is one of Hell.
2. The Woman Who Adorns Herself.
3. The Woman Who Apes Men, Tattoos, Cuts Hair Short and Alters Nature.
(Women Who Deserve to Go to Hell: East London mos–que; Mus–lim Education Centre, High Wy–combe)

Uh. Huh.
And our First Lady is busy posing in an ab–aya, the symbol of Izzlam’s oppression of women. Nice shmata Laura.

What are the rad Muzlim immigrants doing you ask?
They are abusing the laws of the free countries they are permitted to infiltrate and gestate within, against the very indigenous people of the country.bombaniww.gif

Jus a dab ‘ll do ya.
One teeny drop of poison at a time for those who can’t bear the full dose all at once. Chip, chip away to bring pseudo veneration to their ahem “culture” at the expense of ours or any other free society’s.

Remember my friends:
The malignant disease of PC’ism requires a victim as well as an oppressor.


Izzlam is the only belief system on this planet which is protected from attack in it’s worst indoctrination centers: mos-ques.

Yet again , the UK can await for the mythical “silent majority of Muzlims” who any minute now are coming forward and challenging these Rad dudes in the mos-ques right?

Ah yes the evil ones among them who “highjacked their ever so very peaceful religion” of course.

Any minute now……….
any second now……..


No foolin.laughing0.gif

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CensoR T.V…like the good ole dayS

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

Am I imagining it or is television becoming even more family unfriendly? For years now, primetime television fare has offered a steady diet of comedies that depend on se-xual innuendo and situations for laughs, crime dramas that make the world seem like it’s filled with sadistic predators and pe-rverts, often within our own homes, and cable “news” programs that spend as much time dissecting the bizarre antics of this week’s celebrity bad girl (or boy) as they do covering real news.

But avoiding objectionable material has become more difficult, despite V-chips, which allow parents to control access to certain programs. And one of the more toxic areas is now the ads.

Say Goodbye to Family Friendly TV

Not only do commercials try to use se-x to sell everything from automobiles to soap, it seems half the ads on TV now are marketing se-x itself in the form of se-x-enhancing drugs. And there’s no avoiding the ads, no matter how careful you are with selecting your programming.

“Just turn the TV off”, they shout.

Ah yes.
Turn off the…billboards, the entire internet, the magazines stands, the window dressing at the mall……….and on and on and on.

Blindfold yerselves forcryinoutloud.

We are now living in a country where 12-year-old kids punks walk by me droppin the ole f-bomb as if they were recitin poetry.

Our “culture” (though I’d hardly call it that) is one in which women are objectified and blatantly disrespected. Where our sensitivities are bombarded with ill mannered, boorish, crude and uncouth images. Where we are inundated with anti-religious (but never anti-Muzlim of course) plots in television and film.

And that’s just the entree.

We have no choice but to listen to kids talk to their parents rudely and sarcastically because that’s the way Bart Simpson and all the kids on television talk.

And no matter whether we use the two knobs to turn on or off our television set………..this has become our “world.”

One of the biggest hits being flaunted on prime-time TV is “Dancing with the Stars,” which most claim is a “family-friendly show”. Sure, if you believe female dancers should all dress like hoo-kers and allow your husbands and young sons to join in on the “who’s goin to be wearing less next week” leering contest”.

For those seeking a tad of decorum, female modesty and human civility……
Would you have us all not leave our homes at all then?

Yea, That’s the ticket.
Then we don’t have to hear the latest scoop bout the unbridled ped-o-philes on the loose, the extensive road rage, or the host of new teachers who are having se-x with their own students huh.

Once upon a time all the way back in the 1950s , the ahem.. “Golden Age of Television”… there were national standards of conduct for television as well as films.

What was shown in the public domain was not merely a matter of national discourse but of legislative concern.

But Heaven help anyone mentioning the “C” word nowadays. “Censor nothing” is the new mantra.

You say tomato , I say tomaato.
You say censorship. I would say parental and societal responsibility and civic virtue.

I have always maintained (since my very first post) that the free market must be filtered and sometimes even restricted based upon a sense of personal ethics responsibility.
Judeo-Christian morality has been the philosophical basis for past policies of censorship. Not everything is innocuous. And advertisers making money does not excuse all.
Simply because you can make hordes of money sellin cocaine or ecstasy or running a brothel, for that matter……is no reason for it to be legal, now is it?

The idea of substituting coarseness, licentiousnes and lewdness for liberty was already attempted friends, during the French Revolution.

And guess what………the liberty, fraternity and equality guarantied by the Jacobin atheists very quickly turned into The Terror.
The Reign of Terror
The Soviet Union, China and all other communist regimes followed suit.

The Socialism being touted by the Dhiimicrats and the hedonism as a replacement for the morality of religion will have the same end result.

The ACLU, Hollyweird, and all the lefty kool aid guzzlin Libs offer a chance to sin and embrace vileness with no social consequence.

They shamlessly sponsor and celebrate every form of decadence with the sole objective of destroying our religious faith and ultimately our very Republic.

It doesn’t take much for a free society and a free market to degenerate into anarchy. And guess what……TV or no TV…we all have a front porch view of that one………even as we watch.

I find television very educational. Every time someone switches it on I go into another room and read a good book.
Groucho Marx

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Hollywood HaterS OpenTrackback Weekend

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

Critics have labeled the new movie “Rendition” a “political thriller.” Whether it thrills or not is subjective. But “political”? Absolutely.

It’s merely the latest in an unbroken series of major films about the war on terror that range from those seeking to assure us that Is-lamist terrorism isn’t the threat we might think, to those depicting the terrorists as no worse than those who fight them — and by implication the American people as a whole.
Hollywood’s War on the War on Terror

Fast forward that reel to the post-9/11 era. Just how many Hollywood movies (not documentaries) have been made in which the bad guys are Islamist terrorists that do not specifically concern the Sept. 11 attacks? If you have to guess, guess “none.”

Ah yes. The latest in a string of “Wer’e the bad guys” movies:

“The Kingdom”
“Live Free or Die Hard”

Let’s be honest friends. Hollywood is just one component of the Media Monster Machine.

The alleged “news”..propaganda media, the advertising and entire public relations industry, the so called “arts” community, and all the other Lefty string alongs.

Make no mistake.
This is a gargantuan network which personifies the Leftist global elitism.

Actors, rock stars and supposed “artists” are unelected, and unaccountable. Yet have more influence on the sleeping masses and the young than all the elected officials put together.

Ask a teenager to name a rock star. acting.gif
Ask him or her to name a Senator.
Catch my drift?

The Media coupled with Hollywood are the real enemies in the current war.
They are in bed with the Izlamo Nazis just as they were with the Communists back in the day.

Want details? See the following:
Hollywood Lefty Anti-America Haters

The Hollywood Left: the haters and betrayers…Among them ..The usual suspects:
Hanoi Jane Fonda, a self-proclaimed “revolutionary”.
Ed Asner.
Danny Glover, who has “has made many scathing denunciation of the U.S., condemning, among many things, “this rabid [post-9/11] nationalism that has its own kind of potential of being maniacal.”

Michael Moore, who “characterizes the United States as a nation infested with racism and injustice domestically, and with a lust for empire globally.”
Harry Belafonte, and Mike Farrell, and don’t forget Sean “I love terrorist leaders and despots” Penn.

The anti-war sentiment in the entertainment community is as insidious as it was during the Vietnam era.
But…um…Who asked them?!

Presently, most actors’ presence on the screen is downright insulting.
And if you haven’t noted as of yet, I never post “breaking news” about celebs….Ever. actressani.gif

The only thing they break is the bank, by grabbing your hard earned dollars for the trash that passes as “Art” these days.

What puzzles most of us are the things which have been left in the movies rather than the things which have been taken out.
Agnes Repplier

You know, when I first went into the movies Lionel Barrymore played my grandfather. Later he played my father and finally he played my husband. If he had lived I’m sure I would have played his mother. That’s the way it is in Hollywood. The men get younger and the women get older.
Lillian Gish

There’s no thief like a bad movie.
Sam Ewing

What say y’all sweet friends?

Bring back the old time movies……or pray for a breed of patriotic actors and actresses to take on Hollyweird?

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Blog Comments

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Whenever people lament aspects of the Internet, they are most likely to lament the net’s ubiquity of por-nog-raphy. Only God knows, for example, how many kids, searching for some government information, typed in “white–” only to be greeted by por-nogra-phic images (happily, the website changed hands in 2004). It is almost impossible to completely avoid such imagery even with filtering programs.

But there is something at least as awful — and arguably more destructive — that permeates the Internet: the lies, vitriol, obscenities and ad hominem attacks made by anonymous individuals on almost every website that deals with public issues.
Internet Anonymity Is as Destructive as Internet Po-rn

Being identifiable breeds responsibility; anonymity breeds irresponsibility.

Cursing, ad hominem attacks and/or the utter absence of logic characterize a large percentage of many websites’ “comments” sections. And because people tend to do what society says it is OK to do, many people, especially younger people, are coming to view such primitive forms of self-expression as acceptable.

Ah yes. Most of us are all too familiar with the flame-throwers in the “Comments” sections.

You know, the ones foaming at the mouth, who, when not cursing in peoples’ comment sections are most likely scarfin down 3 hero sandwiches while watchin sit. coms on T.V. and attendin the latest movies filled with obscenities, sex-ual and toilet “humor”.

Of course, for the ones capable of thought… there is a new found “philosophy” which legitimizes rudeness.
Relativism: as in “there are no right or wrong answers.” to anything.

Heck everyone’s opinion is as good as everyone else’s.

Blurring of fact and opinion is commonplace in schools and Universities these days. Yes we must stroke the egos of the little brats in their classrooms instead of insisting on competence or excellence.

This ultimately has had an enormous effect on the level of debate on the internet.

Unearned self-esteem may very well be the most colossal quandary in our society.

The publik skool system is pumping out packs of thugs with huge egos, (based on nothing genuinely earned),some of whom even make it into college, becoming even more misinformed, shrill and downright crude.

Then along comes the anonymous “Comment” section.

Here come the volatile, spoiled emotional three year-olds throwing tantrums for attention. computerjunkieani.gif

Do you recall the days when “You are a Jerk” was not considered a retort to a brilliantly laid out logical argument.

The days when “F** You” was still considered coarse, vulgar, and improper, most especially in front of women, and certainly never used BY women?

What a thrill to read intelligent, witty, well reasoned comments.

As I repeatedly tell a dear blogging friend of mine……Writing should be a technique used to cool and temper our anger and rage, with the precious opportunity to apply reason, balance and logic to our tumultuous and sometimes riotous emotions.

Lawd knows I sure do need that outlet. crazyani.gif

Free speech in real life may consist of some boor attending a public meeting and shouting insults at the speaker from the anonymous darkness somewhere in the back of the room.

We have a name for those louts. They’re called hecklers and fools, and in a civilized society, we don’t tolerate such conduct.

Respectful disagreement in the Comment field?
Heck yea. Though I haven’t seen it yet. (at least not very often)

Are some sites bastions of groupthink as a result of banning trolls and namecallers?

But never underestimate the power of mutual support and unity. It is one way to generate social change and upheaval.
(Never mind preventing nervous breakdowns.. heh) laughani-uddy.gif

I, for one, have no need to spend my precious time arguing with the willingly deaf and the crude, rude louts.
If that’s your thing…banghead-cat-big.gif.G’head. It’s a free country last time I checked.

The measure of a man’s real character is what he would do if he knew he would never be found out.
Thomas Babington Macaulay

You say “HatE SpeecH”, I say “TrutH”

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

When, in class one day, a student said that “hate speech” was not free speech, I asked him the following: “Can you even define hate speech?” After a long silence, I assured him that I, too, was unable to define hate speech.

But, since then, I think I have come up with a suitable definition that helps me understand both the failure of speech codes and the success of Is-lamic terrorism.
Why Is-lamic Fascists Get Away With Hate Speech
.. I formed this new definition of hate speech:

Hate speech is verbal communication that induces anger due to the listener’s inability to offer an intelligent response.

Because this inability to offer an intelligent response is due to one of two reasons, there are really two different types of hate speech: 1) Speech that is too dumb to merit an intelligent response, and 2) Speech for which the listener is too dumb to offer an intelligent response.

The similarity between the two principal forms of hate speech is obvious:

They both induce anger in the listener, regardless of whether the speaker expressed his view with any feeling of hatred or animosity.

Isl-amic advocacy of violence is not classified as “hate speech” because it induces fear, not anger.

And, of course, it explains the success of Is–lamic terrorism. It is indeed a strategy that induces fear in an effort to destroy the proper function of the First Amendment through threats and intimidation too serious to simply ignore.


Hate Speech.
Anything a kool aid guzzling Lefty says is Hate Speech.

WARNING: The Surgeon General has determined that any words a Lefty utters may be biased and false. Consumption of moonbat propaganda has been linked to stunted intellectual growth, and may cause anti-Americanism and anti-semitism.”

No matter how mean, vicious,demeaning,insulting, or otherwise malicious the words of a Lib Lefty are, they can never be accused of hate speech.

But no matter how even toned,measured, kind,or well thought out, a conservative’s words are…anything they say is branded hate speech, Why?..oh..because some Lefty disagrees with it.

Then along come the Libs buddies. IzlamoNazis, who are a breed unto themselves.

Rad Muzlims are by and large stateless organizations, lacking governmental or economic power.
So how do they “terrorize” so well you ask?

They follow the footsteps of good ole Lenin, who understood that the use of terrorism is a sword that cuts with both edges.

On one hand, Muz terrorists frighten people and slowly chip away at their sense of security by committing terrorist acts.

But Lenin also knew that governments do not generally know how combat terrorists, thus alienating more people and sometimes, in the case of kool aid guzzlin lefties……..driving them right into the terrorists’ arms.

Which brings us to hate speech.
Isl-amic advocacy of violence is not classified as “hate speech” because it induces fear, not anger.

Imus’s remark bout “nappy-headed ho’s” was “hate speech”, and he needed to fired…….……fired……. but Eichmandinjeehad’s propaganda and (There was no Holocaust..Let’s Kill all the Jews) chatter at Columbia U. were a legitimate “differing point of view” right?

The Libs world:

Degrading and insulting women= Funny.
Degrading and insulting blacks= Racism.

Religious paintings= Guilty of No separation of Church and State.

Humiliating Christians and Jews= Free Speech.
Humiliating Muzlims= Izzlamophobia.

Lefty’s thinkin:
right =wrong
black =white
Jew = Zionist terrorist
Pali = victimized freedom fighter

Whatta load of horse dooky.

Howzabout the truth bout Izlamic countries for starters?
Lookin for a place to teach tolerance and justice. Try Sau-di Ar-abia, where it is illegal to carry a Bible or Torah.

Try Iraq, where the Holy cities of Sh-ia Izzlam are no more. Howbout the Arab Gulf states. Oh wait… Iran, where the government has called for all infidels to die beginning with …….drumroll…The Jews!

OK..Here’s a lil game children.
It’s called:
Fill in the blank:

1-The hostage-takers of the children in Beslan, North Ossetia, were _______.

2- The other hostage-takers and subsequent murderers of the Nepalese chefs and workers in Iraq were ________.

3- The ones involved in rape, torture and murder in Darfur, Sudan, are _______.

4-The ones responsible for the attacks on residential towers in Riy-adh and Kho-bar were ______.

5-Osa-ma Yo Mama bin Lad-en is a _______.

6-The overwhelming majority of those who manned the suicide bombings against buses, vehicles, schools, houses and buildings, in Israel, America, England, Spain and all over the world, were _________.

How’d ya do?
oh wait…The fingerprints of the Mossad are all over this.ha.

Were it not for strategically placed oil, most of the Izlamic world wouldn’t have a chamber pot to pe*e in, and they would be purchasing their genit-ally mutilated wives with flea bitten camels or slightly used goats.

Scratch one Muzlim country…they’re one and the same.
Same Circus, Different Clowns.

Can you believe their heads don’t simply explode from all of the cognitive dissonance.

Publishing and dispensing Po-r-nography which systematically degrades women and teaches the objectification of them is kewl.
Publishing the Mooohamad cartoons? …Um…er….Not kewl.

One man’s “hate speech” is another man’s Truth.

Shouting freedom of speech to my friends over at Stop the ACLU, Outside the Beltway, Blog @, Is It Just Me?, Perri Nelson’s Website, AZAMATTEROFACT, A Blog For All, 123beta, Adam’s Blog, Right Truth, Stuck On Stupid, Webloggin, The Amboy Times, Big Dog’s Weblog, Cao’s Blog, Leaning Straight Up, The Bullwinkle Blog, Conservative Cat, Conservative Thoughts, Nuke’s, third world county, The World According to Carl, Blue Star Chronicles, Pirate’s Cove, Dumb Ox Daily News, High Desert Wanderer, and Right Voices, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.

World Solidarity Day For Missing Israeli Soldiers

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

Bout bloody time.

Mark your calendars my friends.
October 30,2007.

World Solidarity Day For Missing Israeli Soldiers
Look up the events in your area.

and….If you please, take a few minutes to get to know them a bit.

-Ehud Goldwasser
On the 07/12/2006 Ehud was abducted to Lebanon after Hez-bollah attacked his military patrol.

-Eldad Regev
On July 12th 2006 Eldad was abducted and taken to Lebanon after Hez-bollah attacked his military patrol.

-Gilad Shalit
Since the attack at Kerem Shalom on Sunday, 06/25/2006, Gilad has been held in the Gaza Strip by Ham-as.

-Zachary Baumel
-Tzvi Feldman
-Yehuda Katz
On June 11, 1982, just hours before the declaration of a cease-fire, Zak and his colleagues were sent into battle near the Lebanese village of Sul-tan Yaq-ub. 21 Israelis were killed that day, and many more were injured. Three soldiers — Zachary Baumel, Tzvi Feldman and Yehuda Katz, are still missing.

-Ron Arad

On October 6, 1986 Arad was captured by members of the Am-al Shi-’ite militia after bailing out of his crippled warplane over the Leb-anese city of Sidon.

-Guy Hever

On August 16, 1997 Rina and Eitan spent the day with Guy who then returned to his unit in the Golan Heights. The next day, on the 17th, Guy left his base to return home carrying only his weapon and keys. Later that same day, he was reportedly seen standing at the Katzabiya junction, just a kilometer away from Syrian border. Guy disappeared without a trace.

Muzlims are not accountable.
No knowledge of the captured soldiers’ whereabouts.
NO Red Cross visitations.

No worldwide condemnation?

But please, no torture of known terrorists at Guantanamo k.confused1.gif

When the world says, “Give up,”
Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.”

Some see a hopeless end, while others see an endless hope.

Shouting out to my friends over at Stop the ACLU, Perri Nelson’s Website, Blog @, , AZAMATTEROFACT, 123beta, Adam’s Blog, Right Truth, Inside the Northwest Territory, , Stuck On Stupid, Leaning Straight Up, The Bullwinkle Blog, The Amboy Times, Conservative Cat, Conservative Thoughts, Nuke’s, third world county, The World According to Carl, Pirate’s Cove, Blue Star Chronicles, Republican National Convention Blog, Dumb Ox Daily News, High Desert Wanderer, and Right Voices, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.

Mid-life Youth Crisis OpenTrackback Weekend

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

We have long feared that the big emotional and financial crisis of adulthood would hit us in middle age.
But these days, we should be much more worried about a meltdown in our 20s.

A study of attitudes across the generations has found that young adults are under more stress than their parents.
The midlife crisis is a myth… it’s the twentysomethings that are REALLY stressed

Middle age or Youth.
Which is more stressful?……….arggggggggggggg!

Is the proverbial “mid life crisis” a mere myth.

You no longer like your job.
You want to sell your house; perhaps buy a boat and sail to some obscure island hideaway.
You buy a red sports car.

You face is wrinkling.
Your once taut muscles are lookin mighty flabby.
Your waist is thickening. Your hair is thinning.
You join a gym fast!

Youth. Ah.

You self medicate to ease the pain of unspoken wounds and long held secrets.
You drink, you smoke…you try desperately to look “hot”, to fit in.

You are left to morally defend for yourself…and you simply do not know how.

Youth has limitations, as does aging.

Who is “more” stressed……….youth or middle aged folks…….

What are we all in search of………Ultimately..ourselves.

Young or old, sweet friends……..

Seek within.
Therein lie the answers.

What say Y’all?

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Captain AmericA ReturnS!

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

NEW YORK — You can’t keep a good American down.

Marvel Entertainment announced Thursday that its slain hero Captain America will rise again with a new outfit and a new secret identity, after the character was killed off in March by a sniper’s bullet in a storyline on the War on Terror.

Captain America Lives! Hero to Return in 2008
Captain America will return with his trademark shield, but he also will have some new firepower. The artists are bringing the hero back with a gun.

Woohoo..He’s back and he’s packin heat!..Booyeeah!

The quintessential American hero.
Who not only fought but triumphed over Hitler, Tojo, international Communism and a whole host of supervillains.

After nearly 60 years in print, Marvel Comics had killed off Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, amidst a highly controversial story line.

Our beloved Captain America appeared in 1941, just as the United States entered World War II.

He instantly became a symbol of American strength, power and resolve in fighting the Axis powers, and Communism.

It has been estimated that 210 million copies of “Captain America” comic books, (which are published by New York-based Marvel Entertainment Inc.), have been sold in a total of 75 countries around the world.
Not too shabby eh.

For all his Stats Go here

American Superheroes.
This is our enemies’ view of them:

The Flash.
Green Lantern.
Wonder Woman.

The Incredible Hulk.


We sure could use a Super hero right bout now……………so alls I gotta say is:

Welcome back “Cap”!
You got yer work cut out for ya. Heh.

Truth, Justice, and the American Way.superhero.gif

Y’all know who mine is.wink.gif

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