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AI-DS: The PC Version

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

The politically correct mantra about HI-V/AI-DS is that “anybody can get it.”

This half-truth is as bizarre as pointing to the tragic death of professional naturalist Steve Irwin, best known as “The Crocodile Hunter,” and saying “anyone can die from the barb of a stingray.”

There is an obvious missing piece in both instances. You’re not going to die from a stingray’s barb unless you dive in waters that are home to stingrays.
Anybody Can Get It?

Likewise, unless you (1) Have intimate sexual contact with someone who is infected with the HI-V/AI-DS virus, (2) Share contaminated needles to do drugs, or (3) Are a healthcare worker who comes in direct contact with the body fluids of an infected person (or as in the heartrending case of Kimberly Bergalis, who contracted AI-DS from her infected dentist), you will not, I repeat, you will NOT contract HI-V/AI-DS.

Another phony slogan foisted off on the public is that women are the “new face of HI-V/AI-DS.” These myths are among the pernicious efforts to disperse the stigma associated with a disease that is almost exclusively a homo-sexual male and drug addict epidemic.

The dirty details:
AIDS research by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control reported that the typical homo-sexual interviewed claimed to have had more than 500 different se-xual partners in a lifetime. Considered by themselves, the AI-DS victims in this study averaged more than 1,100 lifetime sexual partners. Some reported as many as 20,000.

These diseases are acquired directly through the se-xual behavior homo-sexual activists are asking Americans to legally endorse and protect.

Yet, as professor… Paris, says of AI-DS: “Only God can truly pardon the one who violates His laws; man pardons at times; Nature never pardons at all: She is not a person.”
Medical facts and Stats here

The brutal consequences of attempting to break the “natural law” (yes, there is such a thing), are not bigoted or hateful…they are just that: consequences.

CDC Stats
Study after study indicates that the se-xual activities engaged in by homo–sexuals inevitably lead to a whole range of viral and bacterial infections that can ultimately result in sterility, cancer, and even death.

I will spare you the graphic, physiological details my friends, but suffice it to say Mother Nature can not be tricked.

Of course whenever AI-DS information is dispensed, according to the PC police it must take place in what is known as a “value neutral environment.”

Interesting choice of words, wouldn’t you say?

Educators and even counselors are mandated to discuss AI-DS, homo-sexuality and all human se-xuality in a “amoral framework.”

Another gem of a term.

In their endeavor to be amoral, they naturally end up being immoral.

“We treat HIV/AIDS differently from any other public health threat. While doctors are required by law to report nearly 50 communicable diseases (including tuberculosis, measles, syphilis, meningitis), and people with those communicable diseases are ordered by law to get treatment or go to jail, United States laws prohibit disclosure of anyone’s HI-V status.”

Teaching the facts regarding se-xuality, condoms and homo–sexuality without teaching any moral values associated with them is tantamount to cheering on immorality.

So what if condoms used for contraception fail 10 percent of the time..teenagers can still party right? You can always abort..kill the dreaded baby huh.

PCers are constantly screaming that AI-DS is “not just a g-ay disease,” Yea. We got that but…….guess what…

It has struck a disproportionately large number of homo–sexuals and has been spreading primarily through homo–sexual and bi–sexual s-ex.
Do you get that?

Apparently the homo–sexual lobby is prepared to let thousands become infected and die rather than allow this info and the truth to circulate freely.

Sorry, there’s no getting around this either:
Leviticus 18:22
“Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.”

Study the facts. It is a causal relationship.
Homo–sexual behavior, especially promiscuity is the triggering mechanism of this disease. Homo–sexual s-ex is the sowing. The reaping is AI-DS.

Our government is busy making public service announcements and having campaigns about the risks of not wearing a seatbelt, of smoking, of overeating, of driving drunk, but heaven forfend one openly discuss the inherent hazards of homo–sexual behavior. Your’e immediately a homo–phobe or worse…a Right winged religious fanatic. angry.gif

Medical reality shows that homo–sexual behavior is dangerous.
Russian roulette anyone?

Having compassion for those that are stricken (and I do), does not preclude us from facing the facts.

Take off the PC blinders.

Beware this deadly disease my friends:
Political Correctness: Anyone Can Get It.

My prayers are offered up to anyone afflicted with this horrific disease and to all the loved ones and health care workers trying to heal and comfort them.

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SaY to No JesuS….say YeS to “Mo”

Monday, October 15th, 2007

A senior airport supervisor was suspended from his job after he hung a picture of Jesus on a staffroom wall.

Airport supervisor suspended for hanging picture of Jesus on staffroom wall
Gareth Langmead was escorted from Manchester Airport and suspended from his job after a Mus-lim colleague complained about the image.

He had found the picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus – the subject of devotion by many Catholics – in a desk draw while cleaning out an office.

And the beat goes on………

A priest has been interviewed by police on suspicion of inciting racial hatred for expressing his Christian views in his parish newsletter.

Father John Hayes, 71, was quizzed for more than an hour after commenting on the case of a Mus-lim girl who went to court over her wish to wear a full veil in class.

Priest gets a visit from ‘hate crime’ police for expressing his views on Mus-lim veil affair

A sergeant and community support officer turned up without warning at his presbytery after an allegation was made to a Scotland Yard ‘hate crimes’ unit.

Oh, This is HELLA GOOD.

A Priest guilty of “Mind crimes”?

Any muzlim in Britain can saunter down the street holdin a sign saying:
Kill the Jews.
Death to Britain.
Death to America.

The bobbies and poe-lice would simply yawn and carry on their bloody way.
But harassing nuns and priests for “thoughts”…..uh huh.

Government officials warn Christian clergy not to wear their clerical collar, Jews are told not to wear yarmulkes or kippot in public, teachers are not allowed to wear religious jewelry, (or teach the 3 little pigs) for fear of “offending” the “peaceful, tolerant” Muzlims in their midst.

This is your country:

This is your country on fundamentalist Izlam:

Any questions?

No. You’re not drugged and you did not wake up in an alternate reality sweet friends.

Moore and Gore deserve an Oscar and the Nobel Peace prize, Iran is a fabulous trustworthy country whos twisted sociopathic leader should be given a pulpit at an Ivy League University in NYC, cyclops4.gif Cindy Sheenan respects the memory of her late son, and um….Border Patrol Agents and United StatesMarines deserve jail time for protecting us!biting4.gif

Britain has become a playground for terrorist recruiting, financing, indoctrination, and plotting. They were bombed. as in…bombed.
Yet their own press has taken the lead in misleading the public by claiming that the depravity and twistedness of the sicko, ignorant knuckle-dragging murderer jeehadists is all the fault of “the Jews.”

When in doubt, don’t toss the Muzlims out…
NO no no…Boycott Israel.

You know.
Ya bang yer head on the wall, and the wall is to blame.

If there exist any “moderate” Muzlims…and if they ever wish to be seen as “peaceful”, they would be fighting the REASON people hate Izlam, not the people who ended up hating Izlam.

Thousands of innocent people who have nearly been blown up, who can’t go anywhere anymore without a nagging fear, who can’t board a plane without removing their shoes, without being grilled and scrutinized, get outraged and angry and are subsequently labelled racists and Izzlamophobes.

What is wrong with this picture?

Treason, my friends is the betrayal of a sacred obligation made by allegiance to a nation, a bond to a friend or a covenant with God and His laws.

We are all guilty.

Git our yer remote and fast foward a decade or so friends.

We “appease” and we don’t bomb the Iranian nukes.
We tie our Marines’ hands behind their backs and never allow them to kill the ones of terror.

Our government is now ahem… “working” with the Hezbullies, the sicko inVenzoo-Lala Land, the commies and drug dealers in Mexico, the despot commie of China.

Al Gore, the genius will finally cool off long enough to pen a brand new Constitution modelled on Shaa-ria law and the Koooran.

May I please purchase a “seethe”? angeryhit2.gif

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I got your “Offended” right here!

Sunday, October 14th, 2007

For at least 20 years there was a debilitating fog of moral relativism in the air, a miasma of guilty self-loathing, to the point when some natives persuaded themselves that although all other cultures were equal, ours alone was less equal than others, or might at least be offensive, and should be suppressed. Even the phrase “host culture” was considered unacceptable…
Fear of giving offence is killing our culture

The Sunday Times reported that some Mus-lim workers ..are refusing to check out purchases of alcohol on the debatable ground that it’s against their religion.

Whenever the sinful stuff is presented by a customer at the till, the Mus-lim expects an infidel colleague to hurry over and sully his or her hands with the transaction instead.

This is preposterous and a depressing sign of the times. But the painful truth is it would be just as preposterous to blame the.. Mus-lims. For years now ethnic minorities have been encouraged to insist on their cultural differences and on their human right to have these differences respected and actively promoted.
It is hardly surprising that they have responded by doing so. It is those who have encouraged them who are to blame.

Think of the headmistress in Yorkshire who removed stories about pigs, including the Three Little Pigs, from her school in case they might offend her tiny Mus–lim pupils.

Think of the councils that have banned Christmas, or hot cross buns, or the council worker who banned a flyer about a Christmas service from a council notice board but held a party to celebrate E-id.

But sometimes it is necessary to risk giving offence, to defend what matters. It may not cause offence; it might even command respect.

Muzlims making demands in their “host countries”: What a display of breath taking arrogance.

Yes. I said “host country.”
Our country fought in countless battles, (including two World Wars) to maintain its identity and freedom. Incalculable numbers made the ultimate sacrifice to protect OUR values, our way of life.

The Barbarians are at the Gate.. and we are told to respect them and call them “guests”….Well………
The free loading guests have officially taken over the hotel my friends.

Not only has it become considered racist, sexist, xenophobic and absurd to suggest that Western culture, particularly such inventions as democracy, human rights, and ahem..”women’s rights” , are superior to other schools of thought, especially institutionalized Izlam….It is downright dangerous.

Azzamatter of fact…….Anyone disagreeing with Muzlim dogma or practice is in fear of their very life. Decapitator anyone?

What does that say about Izlam and its adherents?

We have our kumbaya buddies to thank, the good ole liberal intelligentsia, for forcing any perverted ideology they can get their hands on, onto the rest of the free world.

Look geni-tals.
They have equated a nation that indulges in medieval and barbaric practices , such as female gen-ital mutilation with civilized democracy.
Need I say more?

In Afghanistan, a Fiancee Aged 3

KABUL, Afghanistan – When asked about her engagement party this summer, little Su-nam glanced blankly at her family, then fiddled with her gold-sequined engagement outfit _ a speechless response not out of shyness, but because she does not yet talk much. Su-nam is 3.

The toddler was engaged to her 7-year-old cousin Nie-em in June, in a match made by their parents.

What is most suicidal is our decadent loss of belief in ourselves and our Culture.

We must tolerate those who don’t tolerate us?..Um…I don’t think so.

Try visiting a Muzlim country..on second thought: Don’t.
You are either not allowed period. (if your’e Jewish or Israeli)
or you will have to surrender your Christian bible at the airport.
Hello “Kingdom”!

When you do visit a muzlim country, you will be expected..ahem..demanded to respect their culture, dress appropriately, covering your head, arms and legs (if you are a woman) so as not to cause offence.

But when Muzlims come here..the kool aid guzzling Lefties make no demands that they return the favor…..common decency.

Our Lib politicians are the very first to don all the symbolic clothes, headdresses, paraphernalia, and turn out to the all the different “cultural” parades. They gape and marvel at how “multicultural” and “diverse” we all are and what a paradise we all live in so harmoniously.

Of course they wouldn’t be caught dead in a Santa Claus outfit at a school play nor would they wish ‘Merry Christmas” to anyone, just in case they might be..ahem..”offended”.

The harsh truth is that a nation is based upon a common culture and language. The whole notion of a multicultural nation, wherein each “culture” demands to be front and center, is a contradiction in terms and doomed to failure.

Not all “beliefs” are respectable.

Lighting up the Empire State Building in Ham-ASS green?
Our government has already thrown us off the cliff and then demand that we tell them how much we enjoy “the view.”

Perhaps it’s time to stop worryin bout bein “politically correct” and being more “patriotically correct.”

The good ole multiculturalist Emperor has no clothes…we all know this.
But hey, nudity never did “offend” Lefties, did it?

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“OuR Military” OpenTrackback Weekend

Friday, October 12th, 2007

If a soldier, sailor, airman, or Marine in Iraq were to receive an anonymous care package or letter of support, who likely would have been its sender: a liberal or a conservative?

Chances are you said the latter. But why? Why are conservatives and Republicans seemingly more supportive of our troops than liberals?

It’s a good question.
Why Do Conservatives Love the Military?

1-The military sees a clear line between good and evil.
The minute you start thinking that there’s no such thing as good and evil, right and wrong, it’s virtually impossible to support an organization like the military.

2-Veterans view themselves as servants, not victims.

3. The military stresses hard work, self-discipline, and personal responsibility.

4-Service members understand that freedom is not free.

5-The military shoots guns. Lots of guns.

Semper Fi.


Here’s To all our soldiers who may have caught a bullet, trying to save a friend.
To those whose names are on a wall…….We have not forgotten thee.


To those in faraway lands who lie awake fighting loneliness, after signing up for yet another “tour”.


For the ones fighting the silent battles, with no limelight shinging upon their heroism.

Some march, some fly, some sail.

I’ve worked with soldiers returning from Iraq, and trust me sweet friends…If ever we find ourselves in danger, with our enemies at hand, our everyday soldier has “got our back.”

Bear in mind……
A revolution was once fought to secure our Liberty. A Constitution, was once penned as a shield from tyranny.

And while our public servants refuse to uphold the solemn oath they swore, our soldiers do– forever more.

Thank you for protecting our freedom’s paradise.

Our country.
Where the air is chock-full of sunlight and our flag is full of stars.

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The Embracing Sh-ariah Bldg…”E.S.B.”

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

No doubt y’all have heard the latest.

No no no ..not the latest foot baths, or added “prayer rooms”, or the newest employment contracts which now include “prayer breaks”, or the mandatory ha-lal school lunches, or or or even the Flight 93 memorial, shaped in a crescent to honor the hijackers and of course Me-cca.

Naw. It just keeps gettin better.

New York’s iconic Empire State Building is to be lit up green from Friday in honor of the Mus-lim holiday of E-id, the biggest festival in the Muslim calendar marking the end of Ram-adan, officials said.

Empire State Building to go green for Mus-lim holiday

They can make it neon green for all I care..There is only one color New Yorkers and Americans who don’t want Sha-riah will see: …Red.

The “holiday” the known as the “Embracing Sha-riah Bldg.”, honors is one which celebrates how Izlamic thugocracy conquered the Arabian peninsula, slaughtered whatever Jews they got their hands on and dhimmified the rest of the non Muzlims.


Ra-ma-dan commemorates the Battle of Ba-dr, the first significant military victory by the forces of Muuha-MAD, the warrior.

The Battle of Ba-dr of March 17, 624, is a turning point for Izlam, and proved to Muuuham-MAD that Izlam should take on a militant aspect because, of course, such is the will of All-ah, who told him that personally.
(Hat tip : AlwaysOnWatch)

If it were up to the Leftards they would have allowed the Nazis in the 1940′s to light up the building with swastikas in honor of The Bund on Hitler’s birthday.


Oh oh oh.. who remembers THIS?

NEW YORK — The Pale-stinian teacher who went on a fatal shooting rampage atop the Empire State Building carried a note blaming the United States for using Israel as “an instrument” against his people.

Hey, I got an ideer..why don’t they light up the World Trade Centers’ Twin Towers in Ham-ass green?..Oh wait.
Where would they string the lights?

People had better closely study exactly what they are “welcoming” with open arms and bowed heads and what they choose to “honor” and making falsely equivalent.

Makin believe that Izlam is “just like all other faiths” is nothing short of suicidal stupidity.

Know your history.
We encouraged A-rabs in the Middle East to “vote” for their own leaders..and they vote in terrorists: Ham-ASS.
We encouraged Muzlims in Iraq and Afghanistan to form their own “Izlamic” states through the democratic process…and what do they decide?..That Izlam should be dominant in their Constitutions…well there goes democracy.


Please call the E.B.S.and let them them know how ya feel.
Empire State Building: 212-736-3100
Or send an email.
Contact the EmpireState Building

Here is my take on it:









Izlam is not “just another religion”. For mercys sake read the dang playbook wouldya.
Honoring it for the sake of diversity as if it were a pluralistic and tolerant nation and ideology ignores every one of its central ideological aims.

Is there no end to this madness?
As soon as we manage to stomp out one fire , some Leftard self-hating idiot comes along and is already lighting a new one. fiery4.gif

May I respectfully remind you……..
This is a fellow human being.

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Hmm..Do we need God?

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

The issue is whether the secular worldview can provide a basis for a good society. Can it motivate and inspire people to be virtuous and generous?

Atheist regimes like the Soviet Union, Red China, and Cambodia killed tens of millions of people in an effort to establish an atheistic alternative to the City of God.

For men like Stalin and Mao, people were expendable precisely because they were not created in the image of a personal God. Instead, they were objects being manipulated by impersonal historical forces.
Nietzsche Would Laugh

…author of Letter to a Christian Nation. In a recent debate with Rick Warren, he complained about Christians “contaminating” their altruistic deeds in places like Africa with “religious ideas” like “the divinity of Jesus.” Instead of rejoicing at the alleviation of suffering, he frets over someone hearing the Gospel.

In response, Warren pointed out the inconvenient (for Harris, that is) truth: You won’t find many atheists feeding the hungry and ministering to the sick in places like Africa or Mother Teresa’s Calcutta.

Can’t we all just “get along”? grouphug.gif

Allow me, sweet friends to “expound” (translation= ramble)tease.gif

Some things we have observed over the centuries.

It appears that most human beings prosper and live more fulfilling lives in community with other people, as opposed to alone and separate from each other.

Some of the advantages and benefits to living in community, are safety in numbers, and the knowledge that civilizations seem to rise and fall based, partly, upon how well their way of life encourages work and cooperation with their fellow man and woman.

But one thing we are fairly certain of:
Rules and regulations tend to carry alot more weight if they’re thought to originate from a powerful source that is above questioning.

I embrace diversity in that I have seen that it is entirely possible, even likely, for two well intentioned and well meaning people to come to drastically different understandings and interpretations about the meaning of the same scriptural text.

I have also seen, however that “freedom to act according to one’s own conscience” with no belief in a Higher Power, has had morally devastating consequences on societies. hippieaa.gif

While morality based upon Faith may be personal and subjective in that it depends upon who is evaluating the given behavior, rational, secular “ethics” demand that people be their own moral agent.

Ah, using the ole rubber yardstick doesn’t always add to up to decent behavoir.

Unless you wish to see a universe inhabited by decadents, degenerates and weak willed Epicureans. Oh, wait, that describes the Democrat’s dream doesn’t it?

Atheist group offers free po-rn in exchange for Bibles.


Atheist Agenda, an atheist group at U Texas San Antonio, staged a “Po-rno for Bibles” event, where they gave free po-rno-graphy to people who traded in religious scripture.

People are to apply their own reasoning and mental faculties to the complexities of a given situation, being open to consider all arguments for or against a behavior. Not too realistic is it?dunno.gif

I know one thing.
Human beings are not objective regarding their own limitations.

And…Pride sure does goeth before a fall.

I have seen it countless times in my life.
People tempted by money, power and lust. Poor choices made in moments of weakness……

Why?..People are haughty and at times have way too much misplaced “faith” in themselves and therefore do not apply enough safeguards.

While secularists have stolen the Biblical injuction and turned it into what is known as the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” …..the vagueness, they employ renders it useless.

For the Liberal do gooders, little or no distinction can be made between the democratic voting process or a “might makes right” wielding of physical power. Hence, wer’e just as “bad” as the IzlamoNazis hell bent on destroying us. (Irony alert)at-wits-end.gif

What is objectively “wrong” with the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition , the IzlamoNazi tortures and murders, Nazism or even the Salem witch trials?

Who’s to say that Might doesnt make Right?

Yes, there have been abominable episodes done in the name of religion and are repeatedly trotted out by secularists and Leftists to discredit religionists.
Do the weaknessess of those men render all Faith meaningless and “bad”?

Are we to be coerced into the belief that being against homo-sexual marriage and adoption are “racist, sexist, or any other “ist”?

You would have to endure some unsettling mental gymnastics to convince a moral society that men are identical to women..That fathers and mothers are therefore interchangeable…that children do not necessarily deserve a father and mother……….ergo…homo-sexual marriages and adoptions should be legal and considered “natural.”

Geniune believers and people of Faith do not mind being labelled sanctimonious for merely having the integrity to call things as they are.
Men are not Women.
Children do deserve a father and a mother.


We are all guilty of complaining at times about the morality of others, are we not.

However, the ones making the most righteous noises these days are the ones advocating for the smallest amount of decency and principles.

Getting caught with your hands in the till, or with your pants down, has become laughable. (particularly if your’e a man, or a Clinton, or both)yikes11.gif

Alas, whether we admit it or not, we are vulnerable. We are susceptible to temptations that sometimes eagerly present themselves in moments of weakness, stress, or faltering faith.

Atheism may not necessarily lead to violent destructive behavior. Then again, the Nihilistic lack of hope or vision for tomorrow seem to be the route that so many non believers take and, that, my friends, can cause the quiet slide into the night and the moral darkness which abounds.

People without something to believe in are teetering on the edge of the dustbin of history.

Will they allow someone (IzlmoNazis) to will them in….. or will they dhimmitudingly toss themselves in?

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”
Albert Einstein

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A-rabic on T-shirts..tres kewl

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

Most Ar-ab countries aren’t exactly known as hotbeds of rock ‘n’ roll fervor, so, sadly, few Western bands have actually played the Middle East. But wouldn’t a concert tee look cool if they had?

That’s the idea behind 26-year-old graphic artist Brendan Donnelly’s newly unveiled collection of shirts, which sport the logos of bands like Joy Division, the Velvet Underground, and the Ramones (left), all translated into Ar-abic.
The concert tee gets an Ar-abic tweak
Obviously intended for audiences with a well-developed sense of irony, the tees subvert the familiar in a way that somehow manages to make fun of both repressive regimes and Western-style consumerism.

So the tees “manage to make fun of both repressive regimes and Western-style consumerism.”…As if they are remotely equivalent eh.

Why dontcha try some of these originals on for size eh.

Heck yea, I’d luv to have the A-rabic language strewn across my chest. No matter that all Muzlim societies..ranging from good ole Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iran, Sau-di A-rabia, Iraq, Algeria, and now even Gaza remain the most repressed, brutal, impoverished and benighted cultures on earth.
Heck, let’s display their letters on our free American chests shall we.

Suffice it to say, the bands would be banned in Muzlim countries and have their long haired pony tailed heads lobbed off if they didn’t convert to Izzlam pronto. Irony. Uh huh. censored.gif

So sure..wear your funky new t shirt on Madison Ave., but one word of advice: If your’e an “infidel”..(Christian, Jew, or anythin else NON Muzlim)..don’t sport one on your next trip to Saudi A-rabia eh.rolling-eyes.gif

Hollywood and the Fashion Industry:
Like seeing eye dogs that are trained to lead culturally blind people into the societal gas chamber.

Hey, fashionistas: Try wearin a t-shirt condemning Sh-aria’s killing of Christians and Jews, honor killings, wife abuse, rape, torture, forced conversions, or female genital mutilation…see how long it stays on yer back k.

A-rabic t shirts.
Because nothing says fashion like using the language of the very terrorists who attacked us.

You absolutely have to have A-rabic on your chest?
Wear this one.

You can buy one here

The above phrase in Ar-abic is “lan astaslem.” It means “I will not surrender / I will not submit.”
Commemorate the sixth anniversary of the ji-hadi attacks on America

Better yet..wear this one:

Betcha Madonna and Demi already are.

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Columbus Day..Booyah!

Monday, October 8th, 2007

Few opinions I’ve expressed on air have produced a more indignant, outraged reaction than my repeated insistence that the word “genocide” in no way fits as a description of the treatment of Native Americans by British colonists or, later, American settlers.
Reject the Lie of White “Genocide” Against Native Americans

I’ve never denied that the 400 year history of American contact with the Indians includes many examples of white cruelty and viciousness — just as the Native Americans frequently (indeed, regularly) dealt with the European newcomers with monstrous brutality and, indeed, savagery. In fact, reading the history of the relationship between British settlers and Native Americans its obvious that the blood-thirsty excesses of one group provoked blood thirsty excesses from the other, in a cycle that listed with scant interruption for several hundred years.

the American government, never endorsed or practiced a policy of Indian extermination; rather, the official leaders of white society tried to restrain some of their settlers and militias and paramilitary groups from unnecessary conflict and brutality.

Moreover, the real decimation of Indian populations had nothing to do with massacres or military actions, but rather stemmed from infectious diseases that white settlers brought with them at the time they first arrived in the New World.

We stole “their” land!
We did it for the oil!

Dontcha know…There was no such thing…
as violence and certainly no brutality whatsoever until the “evil white man” came onto the scene.

All ahem….”Indians”, who the PC crowd refer to as “Native Americans” danced in circles along nature filled paths strewn with rainbow colored leaves and flowers…

Yes yes……… they just relaxed all day in Aztec temples, munching on herbs and listening to peaceful music……….

We interupt this delusional scenario for a bit of geographical perspective.

Have you ever seen a political map of the world?

Do you know how the the various countries’ borders were originally demarcated and defined in the first place.

Well, let’s see now….Except for the few national boundaries that are actually natural barriers , i.e., the English Channel or the Korea Strait….Over 95% of what we know as the world’s “national boundaries” were the result of conquest and war.
Yes. Conquest and War.

Basically, that is truly what most of world history consists of:

Big, burly,strong dudes (no dudettes…sorry PC crowd) conquering the weaker dudes or the ones with less toys or firepower.
They then either exiled them, drove them away, enslaved them, killed most of them.

But leftys just love to distinguish the United States for having taken this continent away from the “Indians” when that was actually the norm throughout all of recorded history.

Not quite.

Oh, and incidentally……
Despite the shrieking from the PC crowd…”Indians” are not and never were: “Native Americans.”

No one can claim to be truly a native to North America. Indians were descended from Asians who, at some point in history, migrated to North America. Minor detail?

There are speculations that a land bridge from Siberia to Alaska may have even existed then.

But come to the Leftards “Indians” became “Native Americans,” but the Israelis never became: “Native Middle Easterners.”
Just askin.arrowthruhead9.gif

As far as inducing guilt and shame to all Americans ………

Hmmm…Do you ever hear Libs trying to make Turks feel guilty for having conquered Constantinople?
Or better yet, make Muzlims in South Asia feel culpable and at fault for having been imperialists and slaughtering the Hindus?eyebrow.gif

Naw. Only white Americans have ever been guilty of crimes and unfairness historically.

Not to ruffle too many feathers..(no pun intended)

but …the so called “native populations” were far from blameless, innocent and peaceful.

Indians fight one another

Some Indian tribes held a belief in eating the hands and feet of the enemies they had killed.
Ah yes.., the person’s strength and speed would then become their own.
Ritual cannibalism..well…amongst some… was a ritual.

“During this battle, a number of the Tipiniki Indians were captured and killed. On the way back to their settlement at Ubatúba, the Tupinambá camped near the mountains of Taquarussu. There they killed, cut up, roasted and ate some of their enemy. The chief offered some flesh to Staden who refused it, saying ‘even animals don’t eat their own kind’, to which the chief replied: ‘I am a jaguar, it tastes good’.”

Indian Cannibalism

Do we hear lefties condemning that barbarism?
Naw, it’s just another “ritual” we don’t understand and must…”repsect” eh.

Indian tribes relentlessly warred with one another, some wiping out other “peaceful” tribes. Disfiguring enemies and scalping were just some of the “rituals”.

And guess what.
Medved grants that some European settlers engaged in cruelty and atrocities toward American Indians, just as some of the Indians engaged in cruelty and atrocities toward the Europeans.

“The early colonists and settlers can hardly qualify as perfect but describing them in Hitlerian, mass-murdering terms represents an act of brain-dead defamation.”

No one is denying wrongdoing on the part of the Europeans.

But, but, but……What about when the Muzlim armies began to “Izlamisize” the entire Middle-East,… Syria, Jerusalem, then extending their hegemony into Persia and even the Indian subcontinent and finally into Europe.

They engaged in horrific brutality, instantly putting to death all those who were reluctant to embrace their brand new “religion”.

Ever hear a lefty bash them?
Rhetorical question of course.

The reaction of some of the Christian crusades in trying to expel the Muzlim armies from their recently acquired territory was often equally brutal, including , the putting to death of hundreds of innocents. (especially Jews)

There exists no one group, sect, or even religion, that is 100 percent immune from committing acts of barbarity…(although the Jewish people do come close.)

Whether the Lefties want to admit it or not……….
It happens to be the human condition.

This misty-eyed, child-like romanticism of the Leftards..regarding the so called “primitive” societies..(most especially if they happen to be non-European) is not only pathetic…it is historically inaccurate.

American Indians, Muzlim warriors, Christian crusaders, European colonialists and even the allegedly “humanistic” atheistic regimes of Stalin, Mao Tse Tung and Pol Pot have all tasted barbarism and mercilessness.

Medved is brilliant and proud of American history unlike the Leftards who disregard the corrosive effects of constantly teaching our children to be ashamed of their own country.

Yes, the fact is that Europeans from a variety of countries invaded the American continent, fought with, and conquered the people who were already here.

The stronger Europeans won and the weaker Indians lost.
And yes, that is tragic in some ways.

But what the Leftards don’t talk about and what is truly unique in the history of the world… is the way in which the losers of that war, those who were conquered, have been treated by the victors.

Will the real “Native American” please stand up?

Someone is a “native” of the place where he or she is born.
American Indians came to this country from Asia, and were not always here from the dawn of civilization.

Furthermore, American Indians actually did everything in their power to make sure that “America” as we know never even became a country. So why call them native Americans eh. They are more rightly native Anti-Americans.
If you insist on calling anyone a Native American, it should be those who created and actually built America, namely, those evil White Anglo/Saxon protestant Europeans.

But I have a suggestion for the whining, self hating America bashing Lefties:
Why dontcha all release all your property rights to your favorite “Native American” tribe , stop trespassing on this “stolen land” and get the blank out of my country.

For the rest of y’all:

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Muzlim Docs Choose whom to “heal”

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

Scroll down please for new posts on creeping Shaaaariah. Pffft.

Mus-lim medical students are refusing to learn about alcohol-related illnesses and sexually-transmitted diseases because they say it goes against their religious beliefs.
Mus–lim medical students refuse to learn about alcohol or sexual diseases

And a small number are even refusing to examine patients of the opposite sex because they say it is forbidden by the Ko–ran.

Um. Where to start sweet friends?

A white doctor refuses to treat a Muzlim patient because he finds the veil and..err… suicide bombings “offensive.”
What happens to him?


An Anglo-Saxon white cashier refuses to sell Ha-lal meat because she finds the practice barbaric and odious.
What is her fate?


A white doctor refuses to treat women because he thinks they are simply not as good as men.
What do we think of him?

Muzlims now refuse to comply with medical requirements……
How does the world react?

Oh………He is merely expressing his deeply held religious convictions, which we must accept and respect at all costs eh.

Let’s wager on how the British medical assocations react to this latest demand and outright dangerous development.

Expelling the students?
Don’t bet the farm on it.

The ole British Medical Association (BMA) and General Medical Council (GMC) must be shakin a finger at them..naughty students that they are.
That’ll teach em.

Oh, I know.

They’re gonna suggest a boycott of Israel again no doubt.
When in doubt: Boycott Israel.

Wouldn’t it be curious to check out an emergency room, and see what the Muzlim doctor on call does when someone comes in not breathin cuz he choked on a pork chop.

I don’t know..sounds an awful lot like No Dogs, No Blacks, No Jews, No Irish need apply.

Muzlim doctors can hang a shingle sayin: No Women, No Alcoholics and No STD’s.

Perhaps it’s time for them to re-read the Hippocratic Oath.
Or does that not apply to them either?

Pssst. Doctor wanna be Muzlims: Heal Thyselves.

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Cultural Jeehad Moves Foward

Saturday, October 6th, 2007

Lookie here.
I was gone a scant few days and this is what transpired on this ole globe of ours eh.

1-Muzlims get to pray at our Pentagon.

Separation of Mos-que and State?..Nahzombie.gif

2-Our US House of Representatives passes a resolution in recognition of Ra-ma-dan. What next..Qu-ds Day?

Q-uds Hatefest Lallapallooza Day, you know the lil celebration held every year on the last Friday of Muzlims’ fasting month of Ram–adan, named by none other than the late founder of the Izzlamic Republic, Im-am Kho-meini, as a day to rage, burn flags and basically protest of the Izzlamic Um-mah against the..ahem…cough cough.. “brutality of the Zionist regime and the evil Satanic West.”

A hatefest reiterating the “importance of Jerusalem to Muzlims”?..ha When do the parades and ragefests start which emphasize the importance of “the Vatican” to Muzlims huh. thumbsdown.gif

Photos of the “youths” partying:
(Courtesy AP and Reuters.)

3-Our very own President hosts his 7th If-tar dinner to honor..cough cough… Ra-ma-dan..and um… states that terrorists don’t represent Izzlam. Mmkkkay.

Bush: Terrorists don’t represent Is-lam

No matter that the very word I-slam means “submission, conquest, and pacification” , not ..ahem… “peace”. Ah, yes the peace of frightened dhimm-is bullied and humiliated into submission.

De-Nial is a river on Pennsylvania Avenue apparently.

“President and Mrs. Bush host an iftar dinner every year because they want people around the world to know how much they respect Is–lam and the many Mus–lims living in the U.S. who are free to worship as they want, and are an integral part of our society,”

How pleasant to see our Commander in Chief defending the “Death to Israel” and “Death to America” squads eh.

Perhaps Israel should try offerin Pres. Bush a greater stock option porfolio than the Sau-dis…ya think.

Not to confuse the issue with facts but both Muzlim holy books the…Qur–an and Ha–dith contain overt commands for Muzlims to subjugate the world..yes that means: militarily. …not some ji-hadi “inner struggle’” for peace and love beads.

Muuh-am-mad commanded Muzlims to spread Izlam through Ji–had..the conquest of non-Muzlim lands, which he proceeded to do throughout the free world a scant 13 centuries ago.
Time flies when your’e jihading, now don’t it?

With all due respect, Mr. President, read :S–ura 29:5 in the k-oran where they stipulate death to Jews and Christians unless they pay a special tax or jizz-ya and must live forever as second class citizens, if they are permitted to live that is. “There is Joo hiding behind the rock… kill him..”

And lessee now: How many times is “Palestine” even mentioned in the Ko–ran? Um….that would be zero, as in none, never.

I spose it escapes these raging maniacs that Jews have been in Jerusalem for more than 3000 years, while Izlam showed up literally hundreds of years later (about 1,600 years later)…….Israel is somehow a Muzlim-Pale-stinian land?
Uh huh. Gotcha.

Oh and by the way……..Did the “Cali-phate” claim Dearborn Michigan as their land yet? Just askin.

Their children: the future splodeydopes of the religion of Piece(s):

4-Eichmandinjeehad has just gone on record for the upteenth time stating that Israel should be eliminated from the Middle East.

The Izzlamic world’s silence and tacit approval are yet again, predictably deafening.
Where are the allegedly moderate, yet devout Muzlims raging and condemning this Hitler wanna be? Isn’t that part of the Rama-dan Q-ud Festival or did I miss that in the brochure?

And no mention of this Mr. President?

Rampaging Mus-lims have killed 10 Christians, injured 61 others, destroyed nine churches and displaced more than 500 people in northern Nigeria, according to eyewitnesses – all because Mus-lim high school students claimed a Christian student had drawn a cartoon of Is-lam’s prophet, Muh-am-mad, on the wall of the school’s mos-que.

Again! 10 Christians slaughtered over alleged Muh–ammad cartoon

I gotta question.

WHO, pray tell Mr. President, ARE the terrorists?

Mind bleach anyone?

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