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Modesty in the WorkPlace

Friday, November 30th, 2007

How many years, decades have passed since the emergence of “feminism”?

Men and women now rage..”Women should have the right to wear whatever the heck they want!”

No doubt.

Does that elucidate why it is that women in top jobs, in highly responsible positions, are now routinely exposing their chests, which seem to be bursting out of their blouses?

Since when is highlighing your sexuality “empowering”?
If a woman puts too much emphasis on her body and sexuality at work, she will most likely be dismissed as shallow, unintelligent and manipulative. And rightly so.
If you make your appearance the main issue, that is what you will be judged on.

We are not the same.

Men are wired to notice womens anatomy. Unlike women, they are extremely affected by body parts.
Having a woman’s chest sticking out of her blouse serves as a distraction…..which is of course it’s purpose to begin with.

But is that what we want from people at work…to be distracted from the task at hand?

Expose your chest and one thing is for certain……Mens’ eyes and attention will be drawn not to your eyes, not to your mouth to hear your words of “wisdom”, but exaclty where you want them to be drawn if you expose your flesh.

Women have finally become integrated into the work force.

In the not too distant past, women had to fight horrific unfairness, incessant sexual harassment and tried desperately to keep s-ex out of the workplace.

Now, they invite, defend and contribute to the po-rnification of music, dance, the arts, sports and yes……….the workplace.

Exactly where did the message emerge that dressing to appear as nothing but a piece of eye candy is somehow remotely “professional”?

Spare me the naiivete shpeil please.
It’s deceitful, devious and disingenuous to pretend, … that when a woman gets up in the morning and puts on a low cut blouse or very form fitting dress, she is unaware of the affect it will have on men.

Professional men know that “clothes do make the man” and what they wears matters…alot.

Thugs and hard core criminals are even forced into wearing suits for their “day in court”, are they not.

Young girls have been pressured and indoctrinated that despite their musical, athletic, or intellectual talent, they must wear skin tight clothing, transparent shirts or miniskirts..because, after all…….they are girls.
Celebrate their se-xuality. Sure…take off more……..and more……..and more.
And start when they are younger, younger and …..younger.

After all the new model of female se-xuality comes from po-rn-ography itself , which we are told is “fine and hurts no one.”
Strip clubs, which were once taboo, are now normalized.
Girls are to be seen..slithering on poles; her role is to excite, and perform, like chimpanzees – for men.

This is power?

Clothing conveys messages. Profound ones.

If they didn’t, fathers wouldn’t worry about their young girls sporting hot pants, or skin tight sweaters when in the presence of their teenage boyfriend with the raging hormones.

Then of course, there are men, who will never argue for women to be modest, no matter the cost to women, to themselves, to marriage, to society …..or to God himself.

Clea-vage means “the state of being split “.
I say women who reveal it in public are split…….They are split off from the self respecting, sacred, spiritual part of themselves.

What say Y’all?

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Outta the Mouth of… HunkS?

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

“The Israeli people have been the sacrificial lamb of history,” Fabio declares.
Fabio Rides Again

It’s mid-August, and the bombs are dropping in Lebanon as we stand in the kitchen of his sprawling Spanish-style mansion in Los Angeles (his publicist asked that we keep the neighborhood a secret to deter stalkers).
The so-called Harlequin heartthrob, a diehard news junkie, has had a lot on his mind lately, particularly when it comes to Middle East policy and the Iraq war.

“It’s about f*cking time,” he says, as Fox News reports on Israel’s attempt to push Hez-bollah out of Southern Lebanon.

“[The Jews] have been getting killed for 5,000 years. Enough is enough.

The rest of the world does not give a sh*t, except America, because the Israelis have no oil.

Everyone sticks with those Arabs—because they have the oil.”

“We should f*cking get alternative energy and tell all the Arabs and the rest of the world to stick it up their a*ss,” he says. “F*ck them and the oil!”

Dang, that’s um..”colorful” speech!..heh cool2.gif

Spot on Fabio !

Meanwhile back at the ranch……..
Israel is being strong armed and headlocked into YET again making torturous compromises
, at the latest “peace conference” …er..gang rape in Annapolis……….of being coerced into hand shakes with anti semites and cold blooded killers who won’t even return the gesture, having to sit at huge conference tables, opposite those who would murder them in a hearbeat……………….and being subjected to never ending simpleminded, lying, fabricated, slanted media coverage as the maraschino cherry on top.

bombsani.gif UH. HUH.

Israel will of course, release thousands of more terrorists, (despite the fact that our abducted boys are no where in sight)….eventually even cede their very own sacred country’s capital and heartland, and, ultimately with the brand new spankin border lines being roughly nine miles wide, lose what is left of her already tenuous security.

Let’s break it down my friends, shall we.
Concessions by Israel.
Suicide bombers and the first Inti-fada by the “peace-obsessed” A-rabs.

Camp David.
Concessions by Israel.
The second Inti-fada, by the “peace-loving” A-rabs.

Lebanon and unforgivable Gaza concessions by Israel.
Unending kassam rocket attacks on innocent civilians by the “peaceful” A-rabs…and the kidnapping of 3 precious Israeli soldiers.
Concluding in the Second Lebanon War, courtesty our friends the Palis.

The A-rab idea of “peace”, indocrinated in every ugly crevice or the entire anti semitic, Jew hating Muzlim world and, incidentally clearly stated in the PL-O…ahem..”Charter”, is to conquer and settle all of what the British mapmakers named “Palestine.”

So howzabout the Israelis conquer and settle all of the Land of Israel, given to them by God for the Jews. How bout that.
One good turn “peace plan” deserves another eh. jewish.gif

Tit for Tat.
Kinna like this folks:

The attack on a Ham-as position in Kh-an Yu-nis Wednesday afternoon which killed two was the first sign of a new IDF policy regarding the Gaza terrorists.

Military sources told Maariv/NRG that from now on, the IAF will attack a random Ham-as target in Gaza every time a mortar shell or rocket hits an Israeli community, and will no longer limit itself to striking the terrorists who launched the rockets.

IAF Strike Signals New Tit-for-Tat Policy


Oh and…………Fabio rules. Heh.

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It’s FunnY to DegradE WomeN

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

In A politically correct age, they seem like outrageous anachronisms. And there is no doubt these adverts – many taken from the first half of the last century – reveal just how much women used to be caricatured as downtrodden housewives or hair-brained office girls.
The outrageously politically incorrect adverts from the time equality forgot

1952: Is your coffee pressure packed for extra freshness? If hubby can tell you’re not making Chase & Sanborn coffee for him, well, you’ve been warned…

1953: You don’t need a knife, a bottle opener or even your husband to unscrew the cap of this bottle – just a little twist of the Alcoa HyTop Closure, made of pure aluminium, and that ketchup is ready to pour

1946: Women are seen as indecisive, trying to squeeze into something too small, worried someone else is wearing the same dress and then taking it back to the shop. Men need only one look at the Pacific label to know it suits you, sir

1953: Husband furious because you’ve missed the post? The Pitney-Bowes Postage Meter prints the stamp and seals the envelope all in one go.

1961: When you can’t wait for your dinner, give her a Kenwood Chef food mixer and let her have some fun preparing your favourite dish

1970: Your wife won’t be able to stall the car or grind the gears – and there’s even one pedal fewer to confuse her with the Mini Automatic

Real funny stuff huh.

Ridiculing women in art, jokes, in film and theatre is a universally accepted disease.

Leftards don’t “take offense” unless, of course you name your Teddy Bear Muuuuhamad

Then you get censored worldwide and deserve public lashings.
Yes. Muzlims actually “lash” people.

Consider first that traditionally, for centuries, women had NO professional, legal, or educational equality with men.

Men could rape, pummel or beat the living daylights out of their wives with impunity.

Elementary,secondary education and Higher education were generally UNavailable to women. boxedin.gif

Womens reproductive system was considered the basis of her bodily functions. Menstruation and childbirth were looked upon as illnesses.

Women often donned long gowns with trailing petticoats, not exactly conducive for walking, let alone athletic endeavors.

Worldwide, women had been indocrinated that the purpose and goal of her life was to marry, have children, and of course…….obey her husband. bride10.gif

Women were viewed as being feeble minded, frail, physically weak, vulnerable, and above all: intellectually inferior to men.
Not to mention small brained, highly emotionally unstable, and irrational..and those were her strong points!

Given the condescending and rife violence and abuse of women worldwide, the jokes tend to lose a bit of their hilarity, don’t they?

Sharing my respect for women with my friends over at Perri Nelson’s Website, Blog @, Rosemary’s Thoughts, Adam’s Blog, Right Truth, The World According to Carl, Blue Star Chronicles, Pirate’s Cove, Leaning Straight Up, The Amboy Times, Big Dog’s Weblog, CommonSenseAmerica, Chuck Adkins, and Republican National Convention Blog, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.


No Fault Divorce?

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

As a general rule, plaintiffs who file for “no-fault” divorce should be found unfit to gain custody of their children. This should be done for the protection of the children involved. But most importantly it should be done to restrain the growth rate of the scourge known as “no-fault” divorce.

‘No-Fault’ = No Kids
Radical homosexual activists have been bold in their attempt to redefine the basic make-up of the family by assaulting the God ordained institution of marriage with whatever creative sexual union could be devised. Yet the damage they’ve inflicted upon children to date is miniscule compared to the arrogance, selfishness, and defiance that the plaintiffs of “no-fault” divorce have unleashed upon child after child.

Particularly dangerous has been the growing effect of women seeking no-fault divorce only to then seek casual cohabitation with replacement men.

Children living in households with unrelated adults are nearly 50 times as likely to die of inflicted injuries as children living with two biological parents, according to a study…

Children living in stepfamilies or with single parents are at higher risk of physical or sexual assault than children living with two biological or adoptive parents, according to several studies …..

Girls whose parents divorce are at significantly higher risk of sexual assault, whether they live with their mother or their father, according to research……….

Wanting to fornicate without consequence wasn’t enough – now we wanted a guilt free way to make it happen. So as a result people are “finding themselves”, “trying to figure things out”, or stating that “they are not ready for the responsibilities” that marriage brings with it and just need an amicable way of exiting the situation.

No fault divorce.
Kind of oxymoronic isn’t it..not to mention disingenous too.

Of course it’s somebody’s bloody fault.

At least they should call it “both fault divorce”, or how about “all my fault divorce”, or “it’s really my fault but I’ll blame it all on you anyway divorce”. At least that would be more honest eh.eek.gif

In the absence of a serious basis, people should not even be getting a divorce, and guess what….If you’re not ready for a lifelong commitment: heck, don’t get married.

Divorce hurts kids, period.


It hurts the couple, and it harms society at large . Why do think our Laws have traditionally supported marriage?
Because stable and long standing families are good for the whole of society.

With no-fault and “no more stigma” divorce, the commitment of marriage has been made short lived , always available for unilateral repudiation on the slightest caprice or whim.

Heck, picture any other “contract” with a “no fault” clause built in.
Oh yes..that would go over swimmingly well in business, for example. Contracts would now be available for instant unilateral repudiation with no penalty
. Hooray!

Parents deceive themselves regarding the trauma of divorce.


Every movie invariably has some parent saying: “But, Tommy, Mommy and Daddy still love you very much, and always will.”

Tommy knows better.
Ask any kid of divorce.

Mommy and Daddy once supposedly “loved each other very much” too huh…and alot of good that did them.

Trust is shattered, oftentimes, forever.

Combine the lack of social stigma with actual concrete incentives such as awards of property, alimony, the bonus of tax-free child support and “government ‘assistance”. money6.gif

Living together, shacking up, cohabiting..anything instead of marriage oftentimes produces tax advantages in addition to other forms of governmental “assistance” to the point that some single moms get tax “refunds” which could literally add up to thousands of dollars.
And guess what, the poor lil single mother hasn’t paid a single red cent of income tax.

Throw this into the bargain.

Violence against the non-blood-related children by the new man is just one example. (In nature the new lion will often eat the cubs of the previous male when mating with a previously mated lioness.) Men who cruise women with children is a phenomenon now that we can track statistically.

And then there is the Woody Allen syndrome of the individual who is drawn toward sexual acting out with the blooming daughters of the formerly married woman.

Now, That’s one hellaNightmare if ever there was one.

To say marriage has become devalued is a masterpiece of understatement.
Yes, there are such things nowadays as “divorce parties.”

Many abusive, hopeless situations call for divorce, even and sometimes especially because children are involved.
Divorce, if you must.
But be man and woman enough to “find the fault.”, and have NO doubt that it is beyond a doubt: irreconcilable.

Spreading the luv to my friends over at Perri Nelson’s Website, Rosemary’s Thoughts, 123beta, Adam’s Blog, Right Truth, Stuck On Stupid, Big Dog’s Weblog, Cao’s Blog, Leaning Straight Up, The Bullwinkle Blog, The Amboy Times, Chuck Adkins, Conservative Cat, Pursuing Holiness, Faultline USA, The World According to Carl, Pirate’s Cove, Blue Star Chronicles, CommonSenseAmerica, High Desert Wanderer, and Right Voices, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.

“Redacted” protracted & the Annapolis “Diss”

Monday, November 26th, 2007

IT’S hard for Hollywood pacifists like Brian De Palma to capture the hearts and minds of America if Americans won’t see their movies.

While the public is staying away in droves from “Rendition,” “Lions for Lambs” and “In the Valley of Elah,” audiences are really avoiding “Redacted,”

De Palma’s picture about US soldiers who rape a 14-year-old Iraqi girl, then kill her and her family.

“Redacted” – which “could be the worst movie I’ve ever seen,” said critic Michael Medved -took in just $25,628 in its opening weekend in 15 theaters, which means roughly 3,000 people saw it in the entire country.

Waitaminnit now.
Lies lies and more lies about our Troops oozing outta Hollywood……….

Is anyone in Hollyweird makin honest films bout the “Death to America” countries?zombie.gif

Howzabout a flick about our buddies the Sawdis, and how they export their martyr-wanna be jeehadis to Iraq to get killed.williamtell.gif

Oh wait, they tried makin a flick bout the Sawdis already.

Hmmmm..Funny how they neglected to include the lashing of the gang rape victim last week but heck, on the positive side, they have consented to come to Annapolis to gang rape Israel…along with these lovley lil countries:



United Arab Emirates


Muzlim A-rabs in Gaza.

Oh, but wait, they will hafta execute that lil treat with a ten foot pole because er…they aint gunna consent to touching no “filthy”Jews.

“Let’s chat” huh Condi. Mmmhmmm.

What’s that a suicide belt Mista Abbas or are ya jus happy to see me?

Oh, oh oh I wonder why De Palma missed this in his extraordinary film.
Ahead of summit, Ham-ass threatens to make deadlier Qa-ssams

Oh wait. That’s not lies about American soldiers. That’s truth about Muzlims.
Scratch that.

Hollywood Leftards must above all treat the Magic Kingdumb with kid gloves.

Anyone wanna be the first to place bets that “Redacted” gets an Oscar nomination for something, anything next year?

Hey it’s o.k. if jeehadis rape their women, torture, slice off heads, and blow up their own babies in suicide and car bombing operations..cuz cuz cuz..they’re jus so dang misundastood ya see.

Expect this charade to change in Hollyweird any time soon? ..cough cough…yea….Hold your breath…tongue-tied11.gif

Boooyahhhh Israel!…Yea. We don’t need no stinkin Annapolis “peace conference”……..gang rape.

Avoiding Annapolis and Hollywood with my friends over at Outside the Beltway, Blog @, Perri Nelson’s Website, Is It Just Me?, The Virtuous Republic, 123beta, Adam’s Blog, Right Truth, Stuck On Stupid, Leaning Straight Up, The Bullwinkle Blog,, Cao’s Blog, Big Dog’s Weblog, Chuck Adkins, Conservative Cat, Nuke’s, third world county, Faultline USA, The Uncooperative Radio Show!, The World According to Carl, Blue Star Chronicles, Pirate’s Cove, Dumb Ox Daily News, and Right Voices, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.


Support OuR TroopS…MorE

Saturday, November 24th, 2007


“The son of a servicemember clutches his “daddy doll” one evening recently when feeling his father’s absence more than usual. Operation Give a Hug of Takoma, Wash., works to comfort military children by making and giving them special dolls that can hold a photo of their deployed parent.”

Everyone can make a Difference

Everyone has a special gift to offer.

Just in time for the holidays, 13 major recording artists have created a musical “Thank You” for the troops.
Artists Create CD to Thank Troops

“CD for the Troops” will be available for anyone with a valid military identification card to download at no cost from the Army and Air Force Exchange Service Web site,, beginning tomorrow.

Getting this project, which combined the music of Billy Joel, Brooks & Dunn, the Goo Goo Dolls, Jewel, Josh Groban, Los Lonely Boys, Melissa Ethridge, the Neville Brothers, Sarah McLachlan, the Lt. Dan Band, Montgomery Gentry, The Fray, and Five For Fighting, to troops’ ears took true teamwork. John Ondrasik, the singer-songwriter who performs under the stage name “Five For Fighting,” was intimately involved with making sure that happened.

WooHoo, stars with some patriotism shootin through their veins!
Remember those names.

Having been given the blessing of working with our Troops and families, I have set my eyes on just how they represent the backbone and fighting spirit of our blessed Nation. I salute them with all the force and loyalty my heart can marshal.

Whatever inimitable “gift” you have to offer sweet friends…: Offer it. Do it now.

Tis the Season~!


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Give Thanks to WomeN & MeN!

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

Wow ya mean men and women are actually different?
Yikes. I wonder what the PC police would hafta say bout this..ha.

Guys: Give thanks for women!

1. Like it or not, we groom you for a real relationship love-inloveani.gif
Whether it’s the mom who taught you to respect us, the sister who told you our secrets, or even the last girl who dumped you because you weren’t ready to settle down, the women in your life help to shape you into the best man you can possibly be. So that when you meet The One, you’ll be ready, willing and able.

2. We’re sympathetic

3. We’re extraordinary ego-boosters

4. We’re soft
Soft hair, soft lips, soft skin… and so forth. All in all, it’s a pretty huggable package.

5. We keep your social life hopping

6. We listen
7. We have a civilizing influence

8. We inspire you to shoot for gold

9. We make worthy opponents
Guys: Give thanks for women!

10. If you want kids someday, we’re usually willing to have them
And the labor pains. And the stretch marks.
And in between, the periods. You’re welcome.

Women: Give thanks for men!

1. We do gross things you don’t want to do
Got a bug that needs squishing? A clogged drain that needs snaking? In this day and age of women doing it for themselves, every once in a while, it’s nice to sit back and let a guy feel like a “real man” and do your dirty work for you.
Whether we’re sweating our butt off hefting air conditioners into your bedroom window or carrying heavy cases of bottled water from the car to the house, dudes are not above getting grimy for your affection.


2. Our constant desire to have s-ex with you has got to be good for your ego

3. We’ll never tell you that you look fat in those jeans

4. We’re easy to please
Fancy dinners? Pricey presents? Save your dough. To bring a big smile to your fella’s face, follow this simple equation: One beer + one couch = happy man.

5. We keep you up to date on all the latest gadgets

6. You can squeeze our arms as hard as you like during the scary parts of movies

7. Our old college T-shirts are the most comfortable pajamas in the universe
See? There’s a very good reason that we refuse to throw them out.

9. Whenever you’re upset about work, our response is always, “Your boss is an f-ing idiot.”
Women: Give thanks for men!

10. We nearly always make the first move
Asking someone out, leaning in for that first kiss—all instances that can result in ego-destroying rejection. But even the meekest of men are willing to take the risk when a beauty like you steps into our lives. So sit back and enjoy watching us tremble.


Hey, but while it’s amusing to note the often intriguing differences between the se-xes, there is a level at which it becomes menacing.

When a demand for domination or control enters the arena, there is a bitter enmity, more often than not, aimed at women, despite the friendly veneer.

However, Men appear to be going through a crisis of their own these days.

The prescribed roles of men and women have radically changed.

Whereas many of these changes have had rallying and mobilizing effect on women, the many changes have confused the heck out of most men. confused1.gif
Pay for the date?
Open the door for her?
Offer her your seat?

Make the first move?

Women wanted to assume roles that were traditionally men’s roles: to rule the, just kidding………well, not really.

But to become doctors, pilots, lawyers, to manage their own family budget, to play baseball, tennis, or soccer, to be politically active. Women have acquired much more self assuredness, independence and a higher status in our society.

Men, on the other hand, never dreamed of replacing women, or ..of becoming secretaries or housewives..aka “homemakers”. They took their traditional “privileges” for granted all along.

Complex issues…… simple solutions.
Misunderstandings abound.

The PC Machine wishes however to deny inherent differences in men and women. They masculinize women and feminize men, regardless of the “true” nature of the gender.
But at what cost hmmmmm.

For now……………
Be grateful for the gender you are with all its God given proclivities…and heck…Give thanks to Women!…Give thanks to Men!

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LeavE the “Thanks” in “ThanksgivinG”

Monday, November 19th, 2007

This is the week when Americans gather together to express our gratitude to the Almighty for the blessings He has bestowed on this nation of inexhaustible abundance and freedom.

Certainly the war in Iraq has taken a turn for the better, with the levels of terrorist violence and civic unrest down sharply as a result of the U.S. troop surge….

Here at home, we are blessed with a full-employment economy where more Americans are working than at any other time in our history. Indeed, we have labor shortages in many sectors — from health care to technology to agriculture…

Despite the problems of declining home sales and the credit crunch, 70 percent of Americans own their homes, more than at any time in our history. No other nation comes close to that level of home ownership…

So perhaps this Thanksgiving week provides an opportunity to take stock of what’s right with our country, instead of just focusing on what’s wrong.

Ah. Thanksgiving. My all time favorite holiday, hands down.
We’re talking family, food, (lots of food)…(more food)..… football.

Someone please tell me how can that not be happy?

But let’s face it. Libs just caint be happy unless they are unhappy. bang-head-selfd.gif

I have an idea.
Just for one day:
Put down your angers, disappointments animosities and negativities.
Let go of the BDS. (Bush derangement syndrome). gnasher4.gif Or take yer meds.
Be thankful for what you have and for the myriad of opportunities that await you in this blessed Nation.

We can still choose to live by the “glass-is half-full” philosophy if we choose to.

Let’s be honest. The tin foil hat wearin Lefty Lib crowd live by the “all glass-belongs to the government anyways, so give me my-half dam-mit!”

No wonder they live in a negativity fest.

If nothing else, you’d think the Libs would remember all the inventions of the past 3 decades or so…that we sooooooo take for granted.
Fed- Express was a new concept.

The ole Sony Walkman..heh. musice41.gif
The fax-machine, that we can barely function without.

Some of them must be old enough to remember the ole xerox machine. Remember those pink sheets of paper and having to stand and make one copy at a time.

Offices had virtually no computers. Heck no one even used calculators.
VCRs and laser disks? computer21.gif

Me?..I’d settle on bein happy bout having hot and cold running water whenever I choose and toilets that flush.

But no.
Not the Lib generation.
The irony of it all is that the most privileged generation that has ever walked this earth is the one incessantly grumbling and carping about how damaged and deficient our Country is.
Yea, a real bummer bein American eh.
Uh uh. Nothing to be grateful for. Not even never ending comfort. ipod12.gif

As for me, another suggestion.

Naw. just kiddin.

Enjoy your beloved family and friends. Help the lonely and needy and savor all the comfort food you can handle.

Roasted turkey, home-made stuffing, cream gravy, biscuits, slather on some mashed potatoes, assorted veggies (just to be a tad healthy heh), salads, cranberries and above all – desserts …mmmmmm…….pumpkin pie, peach cobbler, apple betty, pecan pie, and heck…don’t forget the whipped cream.

But remember one thing my sweet friends.
Our way of life in this precious country may be quite enviable, but it is also quite fragile. And we may just find out exactly how fragile, if we don’t wake up and start protecting and defending what is rightfully ours.

Thank you friends. I am so very grateful and blessed to have each and every one of you in my world.
Thank you for allowing me, in some small way, to be a part of yours.
May every day be one of thanksgiving.

God bless America.

Saving some stuffing for my friends over at Stop the ACLU, Perri Nelson’s Website, Rosemary’s Thoughts, A Blog For All, The Random Yak, 123beta, Right Truth, Leaning Straight Up, The Bullwinkle Blog, The Amboy Times, Big Dog’s Weblog, Conservative Cat, Nuke’s, third world county, The World According to Carl, Pirate’s Cove, Blue Star Chronicles, Wolf Pangloss, Wake Up America, CommonSenseAmerica, High Desert Wanderer, and Right Voices, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.

Another DaY Another Meme!

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

Please please scroll down for my new posts..Sometimes I do have more than one!..heh


My buddies David at third world county and Yak at The Random Yak tagged me with the “eight random things” meme. Yikes another meme!

The rules of the meme:

When tagged, you must link to the person who tagged you.
Then post the rules before your list, and list eight random things about yourself. At the end of the post, you must tag and link to eight other people.

Here goes:

1-I can’t believe I won the Weblog Award this year and am still wonderin why..ha

2-I can’t express enough gratitude to my friends and readers here who keep me allegedly sane……more than y’all know!

3-I live to dance…or is that dance to live……..o wait…is that eat to…ah never mind~! danceeatsleepani.gif

4-My family is my World. Really.

5-I work with the Military and families of the Military, which is one of the greatest honors of my Life.

6-I married my first and only Love.

7-Sports rules. That’s all I have to say. skiani.gif

and finally………

8-Music is my panacea. musicaddictani.gif

The following song saved my Life at one point: Literally.
Press the Play button to watch.

Sorry but I have to tag a few folks throwin rotten tomatoes at me eh!

I “tag” the unsuspecting: runani.gif

Kkarl M.

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Dr. Phil on: “Palestine”..HuH?

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

No disrespect to Dr.Phil from whom I have learned a great deal…but…but…but…..

A Sign of the Times:

This past week the Dr. Phil show included Katherine Lester and her family. If you recall she is the smalltown Michigan girl who at age 16, flew to the Middle East to meet her on line Pale-stinian Muzlim My Space boyfriend, named approriately: “Ab-dullah Psy-cho”.

She was subsequently returned by the F.B.I., yet flew there again at age 18.
Spoilers, at the end of the show claim that she finally came home alleging that Ab-dullah Psy-cho turned out to be abusive verbally and hit her with a belt and with his hands.

However, Lester really needed the passport to head to Israel’s West Bank, one of the most dangerous parts of the world, to meet a 25-year-old man whom she had met on
MySpace Teen Demonstrates Larger Problem
In recent months, MySpace has repeatedly made national news for its perceived role in child abduction cases. Profiles sometimes include everything from home addresses and phone numbers to photos of girls in provocative poses and kids hoisting whiskey bottles.

MySpace Teen Demonstrates Larger Problem?

Uh huh. “Cept for one lil thing.
It’s Dr. Phil who “Demonstrates the truly “Larger Problem”.

Let’s start with the obvious omission of the word A-rab or Muzlim the entire show. Let’s see…American girl…….Muzlim boy. Guess that’s irrlevant eh.

Not one word bout FGM’s… cli-tore-ctomies, sanctioned wife beatings, or Izlam’s institutionalized misogynism..supported by none other than… Shaaaria Law. confusedani.gif

Then there’s the location location location Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil reiterates over and over again that she ran away to “Palestine.”
Um…where the heck is Palestine.
There is NO country called Palestine, Dr. Phil.

Have ya checked a map lately? bombani-skool.gif
The girl’s mom, however, seemed to know where her daughter was and repeatedly expressed fear of her daughter being hurt in…um…”Israel.”

So all of a sudden, it’s Israel now?

According to pictures they showed on the show, apparently she was in Jericho, a city which happens to be controlled by the A-rabs now.

Jericho. Repeat after me Doc Phil.

Jericho is believed to be one of, if not the oldest cities in the world. It was the first city captured by the Israelites after their 40 years of wandering in the desert after the exodus from Egypt.

Ironically, Jericho (along with the Gaza Strip) was the first territory given to the Pale-stinians by Israel as part of their peace agreement in 1994. Today, the Pale-stinian Authority is developing the town in hopes of making it a major tourist attraction.


O yea the Pallies sure have turned Jericho into a tourist attraction alright.
Tour this.

Masked Pale–stinian mil-itants…a.k.a. “bloody terrorists”….. at a protest..a.k.a. “killing fest”… in Leba-non condemning the capture of their leader Ahhhh-med Saaaa-dat during an Israeli raid on the prison in Jericho.

Feel like headin over there for a wee bit o touring?

Dr. Phil, after showing those pictures, goes on to say that she is in harm’s way in war-torn “Gaza” while she is actually in Jericho in the “West Bank”.

Um..which is it Doc.. Gaza or the West Bank?..or are ya just confused because Ham-ASS now controls both and that’s precisely why she’s in “harms way”.

Speaking of “Gaza”, which um.. Dr. Phil,… IS NOT the West Bank…anyone remember this under-reported incident?

Tali Hatuel, 34, and her daughters – Hila, 11, Hadar, 9, Roni, 7, and Merav, 2 – of Katif in the Gaza Strip were killed when two Palestinian terrorists fired on an Israeli car at the entrance to the Gaza Strip settlement bloc of Gush Katif.

Israeli soldier taking a bible out of the car that was shot by two terrorist
Pale-stinians, killing a 34 year old Israeli mother and her four, young
daughters as they were driving the to the Jewish area of the
Gaza Strip. ( May 2, 2004.)

Tali Hatuel and her four daughters were killed when two Palestinian terrorists fired on an Israeli car at the entrance to the Gaza Strip settlement bloc of Gush Katif.

They were on their way to campaign against Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s disengagement plan. Their white Citroen station wagon spun off the road after the initial shooting, then the attackers approached the vehicle and shot the occupants dead at close range.

The Hatuels’ car was riddled with bullets, and the carpet inside was stained with blood. The girls were killed hugging one another.

On the car was a bumper sticker saying, “Uprooting the settlements, victory for terror.”

Another Israeli civilian, a resident of Ohad in the Eshkol region, traveling in a separate car, suffered moderate gunfire wounds and two soldiers were wounded before the terrorists were killed.

Fa-tah and Is-lamic Ji-had claimed joint responsibility for the attack.

So ya see Doc, words convey worlds.

But you can visit Israel anytime you like..and heck…Robin can wear whatever she wants…and you can even bring a Christian Bible witcha.

Think ’bout it eh.

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