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Stop the ACLU Blogburst

Monday, December 17th, 2007


Crossposted from Stop The ACLU

Its become a popular yearly tradition now to send the Anti-Christian Liars Union grinches a Christmas card. I personally think its ineffective, and that the money you waste on a stamp for the organization to toss in the shredder would be better served towards a good cause. So, I encourage you to save that money, dig a little deeper, and contribute to an organization that fights the ACLU and defends Christmas. The Alliance Defense Fund, and the ACLJ are both great organizations that defend Christmas each year. The Alliance Defense Fund does it for free. Why not help groups like that out this year?

However, from experience last year…I know that many will insist on sending the ACLU a Christmas card. Afterall, it is tradition. If that is how you want to make your message…we have some great greeting cards and postcards available at our online store. Plenty of other great Christmas gifts too.

Send your Christmas card to the ACLU at:


125 Broad Street

18th Floor

New York , NY 10004

Send one now!

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A-rabs GoT a BaD Rap..or is it Rep?

Sunday, December 16th, 2007

Anti-Ar-ab sentiments revealed in recent poll are not racist, but rather, reaction to Ar-ab conduct.


In order to understand why we, the Jews, are no friends of the Ar-abs, we can look into several examples of A-rab conduct: For example, Israeli Arab annually mark Na-kba Day – for them, Israel’s Independence Day is a catastrophe, which leads us to understand that in their view we are unwanted here, and if we go away they’ll be satisfied. gnasher4.gif

Ar-abs are to blame
…. that they do not accept the Jewish character of the country and do not recognize it. Meanwhile, the A-rab decision to refrain from performing national service instead of military service stems from a desire for separatism, rather than a wish to constitute a part of Israeli society.
Had Israeli Arabs accepted their minority status and refrained from cooperating with the Pal-estinians and with enemy countries, the situation would be completely different.

The solution to the problem also has to do with the conduct of the Arabs. They must clearly declare that they are truly interested in cooperating with us and openly accept Israel as a Jewish state.

Let’d do some Math class.
Ar-abs constitute roughly 20% of Israel.
Jews constitute 0% of Jordan, or ahem. what some like to call: “Pale-stine”.

When “Pal-estine” was partitioned, the Jews were ceremoniously kicked out of A-rab countries and laws were enacted denying Jews citizenship.

But but but………..Look at the evil Zionist policy:
A-rabs have equal rights in Israel.
They are represented in the bloody Knesset for mercys sake.

Israel, as all other civilized nations hunt down and gun for terrorists.
Ham-ASS, Rad muzlims and their Pali buddies gun after innocent civilians, women and children.

Sept. 11th ring a bell?

The A-rabs have waged multiple wars and int-ifadas…against Israel and world Jewry.
Prejudice?..Hardly. It’s called “just the facts M’am.”.
Murderers aren’t particularly popular eh.


Truth be told, there is no country on earth that would put up with what Israel does from Arab Knesset members, who shouldn’t even be allowed in and individual Arab citizens who spit in the face of their host country.

Meanwhile, while flinging charges of racism, Ham-ASS and their siamese evil twin, the P-L-O terror gangs routinely refer to Jews and Christians as “pigs”, “apes”, and “monkeys”; they deny and mock the Holocaust,while referring to Hitler and A-rafat as their heroes.

O.K. Reality check.
A dude shows up at yer door, pulls a gun on you, and then, heck……… you pull a gun.
You guys are now the same eh? After all You both pointed a gun at the other!

That, my friends, is “moral equivalency” in all its glory insanity.

Israel, much like America and Europe have a new mantra it seems.

We know you aim to destroy and annihilate us and everything we stand for but please, come live next amongst us, by all means, take advantage of all the benefits our FREE countries offer.

London bombings.
War of ’48, ’56, ’67, ”73,….Scud missles flying overhead..Kass-am rockets killing us daily……..
Aw shux, Let bygones be bygones.

All ya need is love.” hippie00.gif

Simply imagine a convicted felon moving next door to you or into your neighborhood.
Would you wig out?

Now, envision hundreds of thousands of people who are trying to kill you and your family daily, moving in and becoming your next door neighbors.
Cushy huh?

But, Angel, it’s only the “radical” A-rabs who hate Jews.

Uh huh.
Since when was there was a time before “radicalization”?

The very Kas-sam rockets aimed at Israeli schoolchildren daily, were named after a man who murdered Jews wayyyyyyyy before 1948 and the mythical “Pale-stinian State”.

Ar-abs didn’t just start hating Jews

Qas-sam rockets are named after the Iz-z ad-D-in al-Qa-ssam Br-igades, the armed branch of Ha-mas, itself named after an Isl-amic Moj-ahed and fighter Iz-z ad-D-in al-Qa-ssam who led a Pal-estinian fighters group during the 1930s.

Arabs murdered Jews simply “for being Jewish” eons before the term “Zionism” was even invented.

Anti-Jewish riots in the early 1920s in Israel. Before the Holocaust.
The 1929 massacre in Hebron.
The horiffic Arab revolts in the late 1930s.

And let us not forget: The “Fed-ayeen”
Old fashioned Arab -Jew hatred

Having lost in battle what they could have had in the peace envisioned by the 1947 Partition Plan, Pale-stinian A-rab terrorist groups, called “Fe-day-een”, began systematic raids against the Israeli civilian population. 1,300 Israelis were killed and wounded by A-rab terrorists between 1949 and 1956. The “Fed-ayeen” operated from bases located in and controlled by Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan.

Oh, and one quick question.
Forget about anti semitism.
Among Ar-abs, that’s a given.

If the A-rabs are as “peace loving” and tolerant as they and the media claim, why hasn’t CA-IR and the A-rab League condemned the genocide of the Sudan, Sept.11th, the bombings in Bali, London, Spain, Madrid or the gassing of the Kurds?
Jus askin.

Sorry to say………….
A-rabs, Radical Muzlims and the oh so quiet “moderate” Muzlims (who refuse to take a stand against their terrorist brethren) have gotten their reputation the old fashioned way my friends.
They earned it.

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Thank YoU TroopS!

Sunday, December 16th, 2007


Sweet friends!…Couldn’t resist posting this!

What a find.
Trust me, it’s worth the minute and a few seconds.

Yes Yes Yes!

P.S. I had to delete this post and re-post it …so I lost all your precious comments!..sigh.
I read them all..Sorry bout that guys and dolls…feel free to re-comment if you like!..heh at-wits-end.gif

WaR DogS get MedalS..Wo0p!

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

They have often been the unsung heroes of war.

But yesterday the animals which have put their lives on the line for the sake of thousands of servicemen and women, as well as civilians, were given official recognition.

In a unique ceremony, military honours were given to the 62 animals which have received the PDSA Dickin Medal – the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross.

Recipients – including pigeons, dogs, horses and one cat ..

The cats and dogs of war get their own VCs at special awards ceremony

Cocker spaniel Jake was sent into the wreckage of the Tavistock Square bus after the July 7 bombings in 2005 to ensure there were no more bombs inside.

And labrador Endal was honoured for saving the life of his owner Allen Parton in 2001. Mr Parton, who uses a wheelchair, was knocked unconscious in a car park.

Endal moved him into the recovery position and covered him with a blanket from his wheelchair, refusing to leave his side until he had regained consciousness.

Yes! We should follow suit.
Many of us are familiar with guide dogs, search-and-rescue dogs, and even bomb- or drug-sniffing dogs.


In just the police department alone, police dogs are used to track criminals, sniff out illegal materials, search buildings, and simply to do the jobs we humans can’t do nearly as well!

Believe it or not, many police dogs have even been fitted with bulletproof vests.

Thousands of police dogs work for us daily but perhaps you don’t know that hundreds of police dogs have even given their lives “to protect and serve”………us.

Then…………..there are our War Dogs.

The Army Quartermaster Corps began the U.S. Armed Forces first war dog training during WWII. By 1945 they had trained almost 10,000 war dogs for the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.

Fifteen War Dog platoons served overseas in World War II. Seven saw service in Europe and eight in the Pacific. In 1951 the responsibility for training military dogs was given to the Military Police Corps. Dogs continued to serve the armed forces with distinction in Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Afghanistan and Iraq and many recent contingency operations.

War Dogs

Merely baring their teeth, they can cow a crowd. Commanded to strike, they can easily flatten a big man with one leap, flying like a 50-pound sand bag tossed from a truck.

Smart and strong Malinois and shepherds predominate, but other breeds are trained too. Even small dogs, like beagles or poodles, are occasionally taught to detect explosives in submarines and other close quarters.

Soldiers find loyal comrades in war dogs
Military canines provide protection, love during and after service

Regardless of the dangers, the dogs are fearless. For them, checking a road for bombs means a fun walk, their handlers say. “They like what they do”…

Bring on the medals baby!

Here my sweet friends is my doggie Ashley, that I posted bout
whom we lost a little over a year ago………Miss her every day……..

What say Y’all? angelgirl.gif

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There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.
Bern Williams

Israel passed its first resolution at the U.N.!

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

Israel has successfully passed its first resolution ever at the United Nations – albeit one having nothing to do with politics or the Israeli-Arab conflict.
The resolution encourages able nations of the world to develop farming technology for developing countries.
Israel Celebrates Passage of its First UN Resolution

..-Included in the 29 abstentions were South Africa and 19 Arab states present,
…-Iran did not take part in the vote.
The abstentions came from..
Algeria, Bahrain, Brunei, Darussalam, Djibouti, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Lesotho, Libya, Malaysia, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Swaziland, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Welcome to Bizarro World my sweet friends.

The flippin U.N. is an enema of the State.
Nothing but a gang of cut-throats, dictators, terrorists, and oh, and don’t forget the ole global-socialists.

But they’re so fair to Israel. Look, they passed an Israeli resolution…woohooo!..about………farming. LOL

The “Old McDonald” Resolution passed…well I’ll be!..They love Israel now.booyah.gif

Look Under: “Agricultural technology for development ” if you want to see the resolution

Inna mean time….
Omelet, and Livni were busy kissin n huggin Condi at Annapolis while they manage to get Israel’s name on a some innocuous piece of UN debris which the Muzlims either flat out reject, or ..ahem… abstain from. Woohooo!

Wouldn’t it be the ultimate fantasy if for once Israel would practice a little realpolitik and show the U.N. hooligans what “disproportionate response” really looks like.

I’ll take a front row seat in the General Assembly for that one mates.

As far as all the A-rab accusations in the filthy U.N. about the “illegality” of Israel owning Land and building on her own “settlements”….Let’s review shall we:

Israel won ALL the land of the West Bank, Gaza, the Golan, and the Sinai, in fair defensive blows and struggles from A-rab genocidal enemies all around her.

There are 22 A-rab countries, and not one single one has attempted to um… “absorb” their “Pa-lestinian” “brothers.”

The pseudo people known as the “Pal-estinians,” are the trespassers who should legally be expelled with their goats and camels in tow.

After the 1967 war, Muzlim leaders asked Moshe Dayan if they should just leave.

This is what he said:

There is only one way now, only one way. Never mind what is going on around us. It is for Jews and Arabs to live together, side by side in Jerusalem, in Gaza, in Hebron, in the West Bank, and the Jordan Valley.

No good deed goes unpunished eh.

That’s cool..In the 70′s the ole U.N. was busy cheerin keffi-ah wearing Yassar Arafat in the General Assembly.

Right. He was only supposed to kill Joooooooos.
Well guess what…… Fast foward 30 years , and U.N. staff are being blown up.
Nice goin Jew haters.

And how bout South Africa eh.
For them to abstain from a resolution in which Africa would be a main beneficiary, is nothing short of reprehensible.
Does it get more disingenous than that? (don’t answer that..heh)

I do have one question though.
What exactly do the A-rab nations have against aiding developing, third-world countries and farmers?

Is “farming” offensive to Izlam too? farmerani-uddy.gif
Or is it just um……..the “Israel” thang …again? israel-ani.gif
Just askin.

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Religion of “____” Killing Christians..Oh Well.

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

In an interview Sunday, …. 40 bodies have been found this year in garbage dumps with bullet holes, decapitated or otherwise mutilated with a sheet of paper nearby saying, “she was killed for adultery,” or “she was killed for violating Is–lamic teachings.”

BAGHDAD: The bodies of a Christian woman and her brother were found in a garbage dump, police and church officials said Tuesday in the southern city of Basra, where women have grown increasingly fearful of religious vigilantes blamed for the deaths of at least 40 women.
Iraqi Christian woman and brother found dead in city with rise in religious vigilante killings
Gunmen in an unlicensed white SUV with darkened windows first grabbed the brother — 31-year-old … and forced him to call his sister, 41-year-old .., and ask her to leave work and meet him on Sunday, the officials said. Their bullet-riddled bodies were discovered Monday, according to the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they feared reprisal.


Women broadcasters told to wear hi-jab or face death.

But even though most of the 15 women broadcasters who work on government-run Pal–estinian television also wear veils by choice, they say that religious law is now being imposed on them by force.
You are without shame or morals,” it read. “We will cut your throat from vein to vein if needed to protect the spirit and moral of this nation.”
The threat was an excerpt from a longer letter sent by a radical Pal–estinian group to more than a dozen women television broadcasters working in Gaza and the West Bank.
Women broadcasters told to wear hi-jab or face death
If the women refused to wear strict Is-lamic dress, it read, they would be beheaded.


Why does everything they touch drip with hatred and venom. killbearani-ddy.gif
Why do nothing they utter rise above ad-hominem vitriol.

I don’t reckon we could even compile a list of abuses of human rights and criminal activities of Izlam even if we were so inclined.

1-Misogyny is an understatement.
Choking to death your own daughter for not wearing a heejab.
The girl was strangled by her own Father, whose name happens to be…you guessed it: Muuuuhammad ………… and DIED.

Yes, this was her.

2-Torture and Beheading.: Regularly and routinely engaging in torture of its dissidents, infidels, converts, its women and prisoners.

3-Religious persecution.
Jews are not permitted to live in the KingDumb and in most cases are not even permitted to enter Muzlim countries. Christian persecution in the Magic Kingdom of Sawdi is rampant. Christian worship in public places in not allowed at all.

4- Funding of International Terrorism.
Not only Sawdi royal family members, but ALL government officials and Muzlim countries donate millions of dollars to Ham-AsS, the Hezbullies, the World wide Jeehad through their ahem…Muzlim “charities”.
Did I mention that the Sawdis have paid upwards of $5,000 to the families of suicide bombers in Israel as their just dessert and “awards.”

5-Slavery and indentured servitude.
6-Indoctrination of children with a climate of hate and death.

Are you not dazzled yet.

Oh, but wait………
Aren’t all cultures morally equal.
All cultures are morally equal. Right?

No siree Bob.
There is no common vocabulary.

IzlamoNazi jeehadi terrorists are irrational, xenophobic, rageful, perverted, hostile, and totally blinded by their dogmatic, fundamentalist Faith.
Ah yes. Izlam is a faith, didn’t you know?

Let’s see now.

Our President says Is-lam means Peace. And that Izlam is a Religion of Peace. listenotani.gif

The CA-IR terrorists say that racist Isl-amophobes are the real threat and danger. Ha.meanani-mbuddy.gif

Rosie O’ “I hate the world” Donnell, Lib extraordinairre,…….. says that ahem..”Radical Christianity” is just as dangerous as Izlam. Uh.huh.

The people who stand by and continue to allow this infiltration, the defeatist traitorous weasel-like Dhimmicrats and Leftards who spew “multi-culti” propaganda are not even fit to tie the shoes of our valiant and courageous soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Yup yup.
“Visualize world surrender”. The new mantra.
I think not.

“Ask not what you can do for your country, ask how you can sell out your country.”

Heejab anyone?

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Doozie of the DaY

Monday, December 10th, 2007

Today’s Doozies:
Lines that ought to be jokes..but are dead serious.

Angel’s first prize goes to:

Parisian conference on Israeli-Pale-stinian conflict disrupted by unidentified man who announced he would jump off conference building’s roof unless participant and former Israeli army chief Moshe Ya’alon left premises.

France: Man threatens suicide unless former IDF chief leaves conference

An unidentified man threatened to jump off the roof of a French law firm hosting an international conference on the Mideast conflict if former IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Moshe Ya’alon, a special guest at the conference, did not vacate the premises immediately.

Unconfirmed reports said the man was a Pale-stinian and further demanded the release of Pale-stinian prisoners in addition to Ya’alon’s departure.

The conference, organized in Paris by the Israel-France Organization under the banner of ‘new patterns of conflict resolution’…

Marcus added that conference organizers had received threats from left-wing organizations and Pal-estinian groups who demanded that the gathering be canceled.

Pali terrorist threatens suicide unless former IDF chief leaves conference?

Jump? Three words pal:



Don’t let the concrete mess up yer keffiiiah on the way down buddy.
Ha. One less terrorist in the world.
Boo frikken hoo.

Wouldn’t wanna keep yer 72 virgins awaitin.

Maybe we should start a new game show.
“So You Wanna Disrupt a political Meeting?”

How would ya do it eh.
If your’e A-rab: Threaten to off yerself.

Numba one: It’s called blackmail.
Numba two: It’s clearly a terrorist threat.
And guess what dude, We don’t cotton to terrorists threats. Ya dig?diesmile.gif

P.S. This is France.

Where was the follow up “car swarm”? Ha. laughani-uddy.gif

Hey…….I have an idea. Book Ya’alon to speak more often. laughanidy144.gif

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Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas TroopS!

Sunday, December 9th, 2007

It’s not just the cultural and religious sensitivities that make celebrating Hanukkah “downrange” in a predominantly Mus-lim land a bit of a challenge.

It’s the little things, too — like finding out that the base dining facility does not have kosher sour cream, seemingly a must for any potato latkes worth the name.

While the ceremonies do not come close to reaching the fever pitch associated with Christmas on bases downrange, servicemembers at several bases in Iraq paused Tuesday night to mark the first of Hanukkah’s eight nights.

Hanukkah in Iraq calls for a little creativity
Until about two months ago, Shulman was the only Jewish chaplain serving the estimated 160,000 U.S. servicemembers in Iraq.

Shulman said the circumstances will make Hanukkah a little different than at home.

“The custom is to eat oily foods on Hanukkah, as the miracle had to do with oil,” Shulman wrote in an e-mail. “In the U.S., people eat potato latkes — kind of like a poor man’s hash brown. In Iraq, we don’t have eggs to mix with the potatoes … so a woman from Cedarhurst, N.Y., mailed me 10 pounds of frozen potato triangles (not so frozen anymore) and applesauce to dip them in.”

Chanukah and Christmas are just another working day in Iraq.

Last year at this time…………

Only a few Iraqi Christians showed up to celebrate Mass in Baghdad’s churches on Saturday because of fears that Is-lamic militants could launch attacks to coincide with the holiday.

Iraq’s Christmas Spirit: Fear

The more things change, the more they stay the same my friends.

Will our precious troops be able to smell the delicate scent of the pine covered hillside…
Will they see the birds seeking cover in the tree boughs, all lush and green, the stunning white mantle as snow covers the cold ground,
Will they smell the fragrance in the air, the aroma…
Of roasted turkey, potato pancakes, or mince pies
Donuts and cookies everywhere.

Will they be able to see the lil ones on sleds and hear their shouts of glee,
How much will they ache for the sweet-voiced carols in the air, the Chanukah chocolate, trinkets and toys…

How much will they crave…. Home.

Somewhere far across the winter world tonight, my sweet friends……..
Instead of hearing chimes that fill the air;
or seeing Chanukah its all-enfolding light…there lies a soldier,

who will see these same stars as in our sky
And he may wish upon the brightest one ….

When you light the Menorah…….
When you hang your wreaths of faith…
Keep a candle in your heart.

For him. For her.
Pray they bask in splendor, their purpose we know and haven’t forgotten.

Let us lift them up……in a glorious light.
The spirit of Chanukah and Christmas. They not only personify…They embody.

Send a Chanukah teddy bear!

Please Send a Letter! or a whole bunch of letters.

Or…….Please send a package or letter to Any Soldier info here

Happy Chanukah and Ho Ho Ho~Seasons Greetings to one and all~!

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OuR DaughterS in the Military and BeautY Pageants?

Friday, December 7th, 2007

While serving as a combat medic in Afghanistan, Sgt. Jill Stevens could always count on her Army buddies to shield her from the less sensitive aspects of a mostly male military. The soldiers, she says, developed a warning system. Off-putting jokes, racy movies and stories filled with foul language were introduced as “NFS”: Not for Stevens.

Until a few months ago the Miss America Pageant would have carried the same disclaimer. Now here she is, Miss Utah, a self-described klutz in heels, competing for a crown that symbolizes femininity and well on her way to becoming the crowd favorite.

Ten Hut!
The military’s Miss America candidate

Stevens hopes her involvement will help change the perception of the Miss America Pageant as a beauty-first, brains-second competition—a view she herself held until two years ago.

“I used to think these women were shallow and selfish and obsessed with their looks. It’s actually the opposite. Their résumés are filled with a life of service,” she says. “After meeting them, my whole perspective changed.” Still, she adds, “the image of Miss America is too perfect, almost untouchable. I’m hoping to change that.

Ah. Women.
You want respect.
You also want to strut around in a bathing suit in front of ogling men and be “a sex object.”

Why is it that even talented, accomplished women feel to need to reduce themselves to mere “body parts” to be judged, rated and gawked at by the masses.

Sorry,……..Can’t have it both ways.

Despite the contagious disease of political correctness, gender differences do have consequences on the battlefield.
Men can die.

Although many tests throughout the military have become gender–normed to accommodate women…………when push comes to shove..literally…we need a man for the job.

We can thank the ole Clinton administration, for the deaths of many of our daughters in Iraq, as they threw out the “risk rule,” which essentially prohibited the placement of women in roles near (though not directly involved in) – combat.

The solidarity of a military unit depends upon taking joint, often life threatening risks. The inherent protective function of any society has always been, without a doubt a masculine one.

In other arenas where men and women compete, such as business, men may have no sense of obligation to “protect” women.
Not true in the Military.

No matter what fabrications the PC machine spews about “gender neutrality”, MOST..( I said “most”) women are not as strong physically as men are. A soldier in the field simply can’t depend on a woman’s physical strength, not to mention the psychological differences in aggression or fear quotient.

Men should have protective impulse with regard to women.

It is what keeps women from being ganged raped, pushed, shoved and beaten by other men.

Yes. Women can participate in specialized civilian support units behind the front lines.
And yes, the military should pay competitive wages to the members of such technical support units.

But, bear this in mind. The world’s greatest weapons and most volatile secrets are entrusted to the military.
Those weapons and secrets should never fall under the influence of no doubt, the world’s most powerful force of all:……human sexuality.

Sexuality and national defense needs don’t work well together.

Sexual temptations within the military ranks itself namely men and women living in close quarters and working together, can ultimately undermine the strength of the nation to defend itself. It is morally untenable.

The Army, Navy, and Air Force were not designed to be a dating or mating service.

As more women fill the ranks, the military offers more oppurtunities for sexual activity and abuse. The obvious outcome? Discipline and order break down.
In plain English, men are “distracted” by having women close by. Sometimes, very distracted.
It defies common sense and is morally indefensible.

Extreme you say?
While a sexual atmosphere in the workplace has been argued to add spice, charm and romance, the statistics of couples having affairs in the workplace have skyrocketed.

The D.O.D. has better things to do than concerning itself with immorality and adultery proliferating?
Not so.
Scandal and immorality eventually tarnish the pride and honor of the entire Armed Forces.

The military sector can not afford such a “distraction” from exercising one’s duties. It is life and death.

Not to mention, it invites sex-ual predators who routinely R-ape, abuse and extract sex-ual favors from emotionally weaker and lower-ranking staff.

Claims of sexual assault in the military rose 24 percent in 2006, according to a Pentagon report released Wednesday. An older study found that nearly half of all assaults in the Army take place in barracks.

How the army separates its men and women.

Let us be honest friends.
Thousands of young and impressionable recruits, who just so happen to be in their sexual prime join the military each year.
Do we deny that their attentions will naturally drift towards sexual oppurtunities or even sexual games.

Unbridled sex-ual activity furthers a hedonistic and decadent climate. Not exactly compatible with “honor, loyalty, respect, honesty, and discipline”, now is it?

Military men or women are direct representatives of America.
And yes,their actions, moral or immoral, reflect directly upon our Nation.

No disrespect to Sgt. Jill Stevens ,who said she “could always count on her Army buddies”.

If she struts her stuff in a bathing suit or form fitting, provocative gown at a “beauty pageant”………(Note : no fat, “ugly” girls at the pageant), she will no doubt, be able to “count on her buddies” again.
To objectify her.
To Check out her “body parts”.

and ultimately…….”reduce” her to being a “thing on display” for the enjoyment of men world over.

Sorry, but “beauty” pageants are not only shallow and demeaning to all the women in them, and women period; they are the ultimate form of objectification.

Does she want to be the next “pin up girl” hung up in some barracks for men to leer at when they’re lonely?
If the ahem…”pageant” wasn’t sexualizing and objectifying women………..why are the girls made to swagger around with next to nothing on and in high heels.
Why are there no girls with bad skin, scars, or a few pounds on their bones?..Oh right.

They are not worthy of being leered at and “rated”.
After all………they are not “beautiful”, and thus not marketable.

Being a female soldier should remain respectable.

So sorry Ms. Stevens. You hope this “will help change the perception of the Miss America Pageant as a beauty-first, brains-second competition”?
Not quite.
Not quite.

On second thought, Ms. Stevens, for your own dignity……Don’t do it.
For the respect of all female soldiers, past and present: Just Don’t do it.

What say Y’all sweet friends?

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ChanukaH!..Where the ReaL MeN Were

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

Where have all the good Men gone.

When the commanding and dominant Syrian-Greeks sought to eliminate and entirely do away with Jewish life in Israel, the Maccabees did what REAL men do. They fought back.

Physical obstacles did not thwart them.
They did not dhimmi themselves.
They didn’t try… logically “reason” with the enemy.

They didn’t convene Congress or call a board meeting.
Guess what. They didn’t even stop to ask for a second opinion from France or The Kingdumb.

Most see the miracle of Chanukah solely in the jug of oil which lasted eight nights instead of one.


I see the miracle of Man.
The military victory.

The Maccabees went to battle against the biggest, strongest army at the time. No cowering. No cringing. No tremblin or shakin in the knees.

They did what men do, when threatened by a deadly, evil enemy who sought to eradicate them all. They Took up arms. Booyahhhhhhhhhh!


Courage, self-sacrifice and deep, unswerving loyalty and Faith in God.

There is a righteous time to take up the Fight.

Everyone’s a pacifist between wars. It’s like being a vegetarian between meals.
Colman McCarthy

Where have all the good men gone indeed.

Happy Chanukkah one and all!! jewishani-uddy.gif

Ya want the short version sweet friends?
“They tried to kill us, we survived, let’s eat!”

The custom is to eat foods fried or baked in oil, preferably olive oil, due to the fact that the original miracle of the Chanukkah menorah involved the discovery of the small flask of oil used by the Jewish High Priest.

Among the delicacies are potato pancakes, known as “latkes” in Yiddish. Israelis, eat all kinds of doughnuts, especially jelly doughnuts which are deep-fried in oil. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Dig in!!

Feel free to email me for secret recipes. hehcool2.gif

May your candles and inner light be rekindled this year sweet friends.
May your Faith be renewed.
May all your traditions be preserved.
May you find depth and meaning this holiday season and peace in your precious heart.
May your home may be blessed with light, laughter and…most of all buckets full of love. chanukahdreidel.gif

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