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Fitna IndeeD

Monday, March 31st, 2008

The ambassadors of 26 Is-lamic countries want the Netherlands to investigate whether the film Fitna made by Dutch right-wing populist MP Geert Wilders can be banned.

They asked Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen whether it is possible to start legal proceedings against the anti-Is-lam film. The meeting at the ministry in The Hague was attended by ambassadors of countries including Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Is-lamic countries want Dutch to ban Wilders movie
In Indonesia, a few dozen demonstrators protested against Geert Wilders’ film outside the Dutch embassy. They waved banners reading “Holland go to Hell” and “Kill Geert Wilders”, threw eggs and bottles of water at the building and chanted anti-Dutch slogans.

One protestor called on Mus-lims around the world to kill Mr Wilders, calling him a “Christian terrorist”.

Ban the film? Ha.

Ban???! We don’t need no stinkin’ bans!

How bout they jus ban Izlam..then ya won’t have to get yer panties into a bunch bout bannin the flick about Izlam eh?

Did the Jeehadis ever call for a ban on the head-chopping videos on the net..or how bout the REAL head choppings at the hands of their Muzlim brethren?

Let’s see now.
We have not once witnessed Rads or the mythical moderate Muzlims expressing any indignation whatsoever, against the horrific violence Muzlims commit which are depicted in this film.
But we do see all their fury when someone dares illustrate that fact.

As far as defaming Muuuha-MAD. Um…he’s quite dead ya know and therefore can’t be “defamed” least not in this country. In addition to which, Geert, in his brilliance, makes no judgements but lets the images and Kooranic verses speak for themselves.

So, if anything is defamed…it’s their own words and actions.

The 15 minute movie starts with the bomb-headed Moh-am-med cartoon that previously triggered riots throughout the world, and then juxtaposes Ko-ranic passages with grisly scenes of carnage carried out by Mu-slims in recent years and Mo-slem clerics calling for murder and violence towards all non-believers.
Israeli Insider defies Is-lamic threats, posts banned Fitna film about Ko-ran
In one case a frenzied im-am pulls out a sword and acts out the beheadings he would like to carry out: “By All-ah, we shall cut off the Jew’s head! Al-lah is great! Allah is great! Jih-ad for the sake of All-ah!” The audience, similarly enthused, cheers him on.

Needless to say the more the Muzlims harrass Geert, …the more it will reinforce the message to other would-be video makers. The last time I checked, this is call threat and intimidation.

Political grievance theater, courtesy the Muzlims. Yawn.

As far as the unending “outrage” and insult constantly pouring out of the”Uuu-mma”……’s the same as the response of roaches to a good dose of raid or DDT.

And for the PC-overdozing chatterings of the Kool- Aid drinkers who allow po-rn as free speech but not the truth about a violent ideology….I got 3 words:

Shut the #**% Up.
Or hit yer knees and thank Geert.

Geert Wilders is fighting our fight.
His head is the one on the chopping block. Quite literally.

Celebrating Geert and freedom of speech with y’all and my friends at Nuke Gingrich, third world county, McCain Blogs, Right Truth, DragonLady’s World, Adam’s Blog, The World According to Carl, Pirate’s Cove, Stuck On Stupid, The Amboy Times, Wolf Pangloss, , Conservative Cat, Tilting At Windmill Farms, and D equals S, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.

AddicteD to Your Cell PhonE?

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Getting married, starting a job or going to the dentist have long been recognised as sources of great stress.

But it seems they are now matched by a new, peculiarly 21st century affliction – the fear of being out of mobile phone contact.
Nomophobia is the fear of being out of mobile phone contact – and it’s the plague of our 24/7 age
Millions apparently suffer from “no mobile phobia” which has been given the name nomophobia.

They have become so dependent on their mobile that discovering it is out of charge or simply misplacing it sends stress levels soaring.
“We’re all familiar with the stressful situations of everyday life such as moving house, break-ups and organising a family Christmas.

“But it seems that being out of mobile contact may be the 21st century’s latest contribution to our already hectic lives.

Ah. Guilty as charged.flirt1.gif
Cellphones and BlackBerrys were created to make life “easier”, were they not? It seems, however, they are now interfering with the lives of users, who just can’t seem to “turn them off”.

Upon hearing this fateful announcement.. “ Please Turn off all cell phones and pagers” in theatres or even hospitals, some are riddled with anxiety.
Whaddaya mean..turn if OFF…Off……….as in off?bitelip.gif

People seem to feel the incessant need to be “connected”, at all times……… be in the loop, to know what’s going on and to be available to everyone. Always. On the golf course, at work, during a meeting, late at night, on line in the supermarket, during dinner………………….

Whaddaya mean…I called you on your home phone..Ya didn’t answer.
I tried your cell…Where were you?!

Ever go out with someone who simply can’t get through dinner, or even a movie, without sending text messages?
Ever notice how some compulsively check their phones for voicemails, e-mails, or text messages throughout the day?
Are you one of them? C’mon. Fess up.computerani-uy.gif

And what if your phone calls or text messages aren’t returned right away?..How does that make you feel?

Then, there are some who are so addicted that they can start out using a basic phone but feel the need to upgrade and switch to newer models all the time, the latest and the best…….. with more advanced features or purchasing PDAs that are actually more like mini-computers.

It may be challenging..But, hey..It’s okay to Turn the thang OFF.
Life will go on.

And guess what…all those exceptionally urgent messages…will be right there waitin for ya………after you talk to your husband or wife……..after dinner………..after the movie…………after the love-making………..after playing with your kids…………

Heck, you may end up enjoyin your privacy so much and havin so much might not even want to turn it back on so soon. Heh.

Ring. Ring.jester.gif

Tryin to call my friends over at Rosemary’s Thoughts, Democrat = Socialist, Adam’s Blog, Right Truth, A Newt One- MAF letter, Stuck On Stupid, Cao’s Blog, The Amboy Times, Conservative Cat, D equals S, third world county, Nuke Gingrich, McCain Blogs, The World According to Carl, Pirate’s Cove, Wolf Pangloss, and A Newt One, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.

Young Pass-ionate Love…or Mature Love…

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, researchers have actually observed the effects of love on the brain.
When people in the early stages of infatuation are shown photos of their sweethearts and told to think about them, areas of the brain rich in the chemical dopamine are activated. Dopamine produces very powerful pleasurable sensations.

Cocaine and amphetamine, for example, produce their effects by spurring the release of dopamine.

As relationships mature, however, those areas are less responsive to the mere sight of one’s lover. To be successful, the relationship must evolve from dopamine-driven euphoria to a more mindful cultivation of love and respect.
How Marriage Helps Your Brain
Flowers and candlelight dinners help, but so do exploring and experiencing the world together. In fact, one area of the brain that “lights up” in these later stages of love is the cortex, the same place where information is stored and rational decisions are made.

Ah yes. Passionate love. How exciting.How electrifying!love-inloveani.gif

But if there’s one sure thing about it…it’s this : It doesn’t last. loveaniuu.gif

Daily stressors, arguments over money, raising kids, or the most trivial of things can deflate that passion and romantic love in a hearbeat.

The happiest folk are the ones who despite disappointing each other at times…still insist on showing kindness, acceptance, compassion, and love to their partners…which, ironically, oftentimes – leads to more of those very same qualities from their partner.

Let’s be honest.
Everyone messes up…ok..some more than others. Heh.

But hanging on to grudges or betrayals for dear life , make you perpetuate the damage, sometimes endlessly.
T’aint easy but sometimes, if you can’t seem to let go of your pain, bitterness or hurt, a counselor or close friend can help you learn ways to forgive and to finally just let it go.

Nothing can rekindle your love faster than just having fun together.
What’s fun you ask?..Pfftt.coupleanizz.gif
C’mon..You remember fun..dontya?

-Take long walks.
-Learn something new together.
-Laugh. ok..that was corny...but what’s better medicine than laughter…you tell me.

-Or…just do Nothing- together.

-Compliment…………..alot. Heh. (That’s for you boys) flirt1.gif

-Use pet names…be generous with hugs and kisses.

-Listen. Just……….listen.

-Take vacations.

-Pray together.

Rebuild the love……….a litte bit..every day.…Leave some things..unsaid.

“I have learned that only two things are necessary to keep one’s wife happy. First, let her think she’s having her own way. And second, let her have it.”
Lyndon B. Johnson

“My husband and I divorced over religious differences. He thought he was God, and I didn’t.”coupleani-nuddy.gif

Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate.
Barnett R. Brickner

My wife says I never listen to her. At least I think that’s what she said. Ha.bitelip.gif

What say Y’all sweet friends?

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God bless Geert Wilders

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Fitna .. released!

Watch it here, now. Please.

Here’s the LINK if the video is removed..again. Sigh.

Or watch HERE

God bless Geert Wilders.

Urging all my friends to view this! Outside the Beltway, The Virtuous Republic, Rosemary’s Thoughts, Right Truth, Adam’s Blog, Shadowscope, Leaning Straight Up, Big Dog’s Weblog, Cao’s Blog, Conservative Cat, D equals S, third world county, DragonLady’s World, The World According to Carl, Pirate’s Cove, Blue Star Chronicles, Tilting At Windmill Farms, and Right Voices, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.


TibeT and Israel

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

The long-suffering Tibetans have been in the news. This happens perhaps once or twice a decade. In a more moral world, however, public opinion would be far more preoccupied with Tibetans than with Pal-estinians, would be as harsh on China as it is on Israel, and would be as fawning on Israel as it now is on China.

Why Do Pal-estinians Get Much More Attention than Tibetans?

Consider the facts: Tibet, at least 1,400 years old, is one of the world’s oldest nations, has its own language, its own religion and even its own ethnicity. Over 1 million of its people have been killed by the Chinese, its culture has been systematically obliterated, 6,000 of its 6,200 monasteries have been looted and destroyed, and most of its monks have been tortured, murdered or exiled.

Pale-stinians have none of these characteristics.

There has never been a Pal-estinian country, never been a Pal-estinian language, never been a Pal-estinian ethnicity, never been a Pal-estinian religion in any way distinct from Islam elsewhere. Indeed, “Pal-estinian” had always meant any individual living in the geographic area called Palestine.

For most of the first half of the 20th century, “Pal-estinian” and “Pa-lestine” almost always referred to the Jews of Palestine. The United Jewish Appeal, the worldwide Jewish charity that provided the nascent Jewish state with much of its money, was actually known as the United Palestine Appeal.

Compared to Tibetans, few Pal-estinians have been killed, its culture has not been destroyed nor its mosques looted or plundered, and Pa-lestinians have received billions of dollars from the international community. Unlike the dying Tibetan nation, there are far more Pal-estinians today than when Israel was created.
So, the question is, why? Why have the Pal-estinians received such undeserved attention and support, and the far more aggrieved and persecuted and moral Tibetans given virtually no support or attention?

The first reason is terror. Some time ago, the Pal-estinian leadership decided, with the overwhelming support of the Pal-estinian people, that murdering as many innocent people — first Jews, and then anyone else — was the fastest way to garner world attention.
The second reason is oil and support from powerful fellow A-rabs. The Pal-estinians have rich friends who control the world’s most needed commodity, oil.
The third reason is Israel. To deny that pro-Pal-estinian activism in the world is sometimes related to hostility toward Jews is to deny the obvious.

OK..Someone should have given our President a clue: The real “religion of peace”, aside from Judaism…would be: Buddhism. Not, the other one…you know the one all our leaders fell all over themselves apologizing to after Sept11th.nosmile.gif

So, whats the Lefty Libs’ and hippie peace organizations’ reaction to the outright slaughter of its adherents? ponder.gif

What?..No hand wringing, no wailing? No no no..They reserve the outrage for when there’s an accidental shooting of an Iraqi civilian.
Chinese brutality?.. Shhhhh….They may cancel the Olympics if we don’t sanitize it and repackage good ole Red Chinese propaganda.

So much for China.sars.gif

About “Pale-stine”?

We ALL know the true historical account. Lord, we’ve heard it enough times.

But, we must restate and review and regurgitate daily to counteract the Muzlim and medias’ incessant LIES.

So here goes…………..again:

By the end of the 19th century, the Land we call Israel, was controlled by the Ottoman,Turkish Empire, but was for all intents and uninhabited wasteland.

The Jews were finally granted permission from the empire to resettle their historical land.

AFTER the Jews went to work making Israel a viable country again with a stable agriculture, all of a sudden, A-rab migrants began sauntering in to find employment.

They were a bunch of unorganized migrants, but became unified under Ara-FAT’s (who was Egyptian) terror campaign in the 60′s and thus the cynical fiction of “the nation of Pa-lestine” was created.

The British, promised to support the Jews, but predicably reneged on their promise after WWI. They drew up the “Mandate of Pa-lestine,” which included what is now the Kingdom of Jordan.
Why is there even a ” Kingdom of Jordan”?

Israel, being humane and altruistic, was willing to let A-rabs, who decided to call themselves “Pal-estinians” all of a sudden, to live and work in Israel, but no… that didn’t work for the ole A-rabs. They had to manufacture the “Israel “stole” our land” whine.mad.gif
Their land?
Are they kidding?

The land belongs and always did belong to Israel.

And why don’t these Palis move to a Muzlim country to be amongst their own?… Because guess what?..Their fellow Muzlim countries are not even prepared to accept such a violent, backward, destructive people.

They are pathological destroyers and their fellow A-rabs know it.

Everywhere the Palis have been giving a glimmer of autonomy, they have destroyed all the infrastructure that the Israelis worked so arduously to build.

They were ceremoniously kicked out of JORDAN by the Hashemites, AFTER the formation of Israel.

And what did the neighboring, hate-filled A-rab countries, (who still refuse to take in their refugee ‘bretheren’ to this day) do?

Oh. They encouraged the “Pal-estinians” to resist and reject the new state of Israel, with promises of full military support to help “drive the filthy Jews into the Sea.”weapon013.gif

Their insane jealousy of successful peoples displays their inferior culture no-3.gifwhich has been regressing for over a millennium and happens to be the most underachieving culture in history.

Why is it that the ahem..”Pal-estinians” don’t ask their A-rab brothers why they are living like cattle when the rest of the Ar-ab countries live with profuse amounts of weath.money31.gif

So much for Izlamic unity and charity huh.

For the very LAST time:
ISRAEL was never “their country”.

The history of “Pal-estine” :
It was ahem…. “owned” by Jews, Romans, Turks, Brits, and then..oh…..Jews again.

The “Pal-estinians” never owned it. EVER.

The fact that some nomadic A-rabs happen to have settled some of the land hardly makes it a nation. Now, does it?

These same nomadic A-rabs also lived in Jordan and Egyptian territory, but, do they consider that to be Pal-estinian land ?..Um…Not quite.

And just for the record: The West Bank and Gaza originally belonged to Jordan and Egypt.

By a show of hands sweet friends…………
Who remembers that Kuwait took in hundreds of thousands of Pal-estinians?

How did the Palis thank them?

They turned around and collaborated with Sad-DAM Hussein and his army when it marched into Kuwait, which explains why once WE, yes, we……… expelled Sad-DAM’s forces from Kuwait, Kuwait turned around and ceremonioulsy expelled 440,000 Pa-lestinians.
Kuwait and the Pal-estinians

The Palis in Jordan had created such a headache for King Hussein’s government that he sent his army, killing thousands of them and expelling the rest.

That’s where the Black September terrorist group that invaded the Munich Olympics got its very name. Thought ya may appreciate that lil bit o trivia.

But of course, the Leftys support despots ..along with Maoist Communism, Red China, the Palis Ham-ASS, or anyone else who stacks up more human rights violations than ever conceived possible.

You say you want to support Freedom?
Learn the FACTs about Israel.

You say you want to support the Tibetans?
To heck with the Olympics in China.
Boycott every dang company who advertises in the Olympic games this Summer.

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“Fitna” Released?

Monday, March 24th, 2008

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Geert Wilder’s documentary “Fitna” purported to have been released on You Tube.

The following were released in 2006.

Spencer is brilliant.

Note, meanwhile, that hardly a day goes by on which some Mu-slims somewhere do not commit an act of violence that they deem to be justified by the words of the Qu-r’an.

Jih-adist leaders routinely invoke Q-ur-’anic passages to explain their actions and make recruits among peaceful Mus-lims. In other words, we see the announced theme of Wilders’s Fitna played out every day, not by non-Mu-slims but by Mu-slims — and there is nary a peep of protest from anyone.

Mu-slims in the West issue vague denunciations of “terrorism,” but never specifically explain whom they actually believe to be a terrorist, and there are no protests, no threats, no nothing against those who have supposedly “hijacked” their religion.

Maybe that was Wilders’s point all along, and it is a point well made, made again and again and again.

UPDATE: So much for free speech for anyone but Radical IzlamoNazis.
The videos were already yanked and “no longer available”.
But…terrrorism and jeeeeeeeehad..clearly is.

Do watch.

Update: Videos may be “no longer available”. try.

AnoTher “Grim Milestone” for our TroopS?

Monday, March 24th, 2008

Ah , yes…While our lovely Associated (with terrorists) Press is celebrating yet another Grim Milestone and counting the deaths in Iraq………………….

U.S. officials said Monday they will press forward in the fight against extremists in Iraq a day after the overall U.S. death toll in the five-year conflict rose to 4,000. …The White House called the grim milestone “a sober moment” ……….

The True “Grim Milestones” are Reported Daily HERE
10,776 Deadly Terror Attacks since 9-11..and still counting.

Here we go again guys and dolls……….The MSM counting our dead.

Is repetition is the only weapon the Lamestream Media has left?

I mean, is this a lottery or something………..that we need to toss around numbers of casualties every other day?

Ya wanna play the numbers game?..

OK…How many terrorists have we killed since the War started huh?..How bout that number?

Our heros smashed Sad-DAM’s evil regime in less than forty days. 40. Bet ya didn’t hear that on the MSM…….but……..That’s a number, isnt’ it?

Or what about counting how many Iraqis proudly waved their purples fingers in the air.

Or the number of those living and “not dead” because we eliminated Sad-DAM?

Come to think of it, maybe we should count the living and “not dead” in America and throughout the world because our soldiers are eliminating the bad guys in Iraq..and not allowing another 9-11, or bombing in London or Madrid eh?

Or what about this lil Grim Factoid

Do you ever hear an acknowledgement from the illegal alien facilitators of the more than 50,000 Americans that have been killed by illegal aliens through murder, manslaughter and drunk driving just since 9/11/01? Of course not, that doesn’t fit within their pre-determined conclusion that illegals are economically displaced hard workers and innocents who come to America for a better life.

More than 50,000 Americans have been killed by illegal aliens through murder, manslaughter and drunk driving.
And not one word from the A.P. , except when they take the time out to call anyone who opposes this a ‘racist.’

You insist on knowin numbers?..Alrightey then..Have a glance at these:
The Ten Costliest Battles of the Civil War
How’s that for a bit of relativity?

According to the A.P., a.k.a., the left-wing propaganda machine, we should have never toppled Stalin’s regime, or Hitler for that matter, because brave, willing men gave their lives…and tragically………..died.

This is how they “honor” our soldiers….with their heartless, “grim” milestones, and sickening statistics thrown in the face of the loved ones who lost a cherished child?

Never mind. Every time we win a battle, or victory, the Lamestream Media simply moves the goal posts on us.

4000 is simply a number to them – without any context.
Our soldiers’ “milestones” are anything but grim.

It’s called the Road to Victory.

Every time a precious soldier dies for our Freedom, they take a part of me, and no doubt all of us……with them.

We will mourn each and every one of them.

May the precious souls of our Troops rest in the Good Lord’s gentle Hands……………
And may the Peace and Freedom for which they so bravely gave up their lives……….finally come to pass.

Tip o the hat to lgf and Counting our soldiers’ victories with my friends at The Virtuous Republic, Rosemary’s Thoughts, 123beta, Adam’s Blog, Stuck On Stupid, Cao’s Blog,, The Amboy Times, Big Dog’s Weblog, Leaning Straight Up, Conservative Cat, D equals S, Nuke Gingrich, Faultline USA, third world county, DragonLady’s World, The World According to Carl, Pirate’s Cove, Blue Star Chronicles, Gulf Coast Hurricane Tracker, Wolf Pangloss, and Right Voices, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.

That’s HoT!..NOT

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

G’head, don’t be shy………Shed your ‘gender stereotypes’, girls…after all …….your’e just like men.

Women, since the dawn of time, have been ascribed with derogatory terms for certain se-xual behaviors, and even ways of dressing.
W-h-ore, s-lut, sk-ank, bi-tch, “easy”, har-lot, fallen woman, ho-o-ker, str-umpet, tr-amp, fl-oozy, hu-ssy, loo-se woman…….and on and on ad nauseum.

A girl or woman who engages in s-exual activity with more than one, or many partners is, of course…a sl-ut.
What is a boy or man who engages in s-exual activity with more than one, or many partners called?

When one wants to defame or hurt a woman, the first label she receives is a se-xual put-down.

But, what is a pro-stitute or wh-ore in reality?
They are girls and women defined and judged exclusively through their se-xual behavoir. They are condescended to in the harshest manner as being immoral, corrupt, degenerate and depraved.

Male immorality or debauchery is excused as being “natural” and almost uncontrollable, once a man is “teased” or aroused.

And since men are ruled by their hormones, they can never be responsible for their “acting out”, infidelities, or shameless behavior, right?
Hence, the woman he cheated with is the “home wrecker”. The young girl at work who tempted him is the one the wife goes ‘gunning for’. Her fellow woman becomes her own enemy.

The new pseudo “empowerment” of women, which supposedly grants her rights to se-xual autonomy, by shedding all female modesty, encouraging promiscuity and assertiveness, proves to be unnatural, unfulfilling and ultimately do women more harm than many of the restrictions she suffered prior to ‘liberation.’

Men tend to be rational, active creatures, not nearly as emotional as their female counterparts. But women, striving to prove they “are just like men”, deny their emotional needs and falsify their true selves when they pretend that one night stands are “really” what they want, and that po-rn-ography is great for their love relationships.
The truth is that women want love, respect, and yes- commitment,-just as they always have, but are petrifried to admit it.

There is nothing more misogynistic than the lie that women dressing in a hyper-se-xualized way is somehow affirming and “empowering.”

Displaying oneself as a se-xual commodity……….is the antithesis of female humanity and grace.

Although men are perfectly capable of controlling their physiology and s-exual functions, oftentimes, they perceive women in provocative clothing as offering an invitation or availabilty. (Why else is she exposing her br-easts or legs?) It creates confusion at best, and anger, hostility, and even rage, when the male is rebuffed and scolded “for looking”, at worst.

Woman, by her very nature, has always taken the moral high ground, and (whether society admits it or not), usually drags her unsuspecting boyfriend or husband along for the ride.

When women abdicate that role, and deny their own womanhood, men too, get the message, that yes, women do exist solely for the purpose of se-xually entertaining and servicing men. (Why else would she strut around in red, 6 inch stilettoes, with her cle-avage in his face?)

The only purpose of a skin tight, low cut, form fitting dress is to be se-xually provcative.
There is nothing natural or comfortable about it.

But at least, let us be honest about the wearer’s intentions shall we.

Hundreds of years after women were forcibly bound into corsets, they now willingly stick their feet into shoes that an acrobat would have difficulty maintaining balance in.

As tragic as it is, women will always be judged and vulnerable, as a result, –by their se-xual attractiveness and identity.
Women, are trained to live for the exterior. For the male glances. How many heads did she turn?

Diet, excercise and plastic surgery are the main topics in nearly every womens’ magazine on the shelves throughout the free world.

Women now imprison themselves by their own willing objectification.

Supposedly “liberated” girls and women who are intellectually or musically gifted, who are supreme athletes, are still objectified. They play tennis in what almost looks like their underwear and and pose as “models” wearing skimpy clothes for magazine covers. Despite their intellect. Despite their talent.

Clearly, for a girl……….talent is not enough.

She’s soooooooooo hot.hotani-uddy.gif
He’s hot.

Being called “hot” is simply a demeaning, expolitative way of saying “someone I would want to have s-ex with.”

Teachers are rated by students.
No one thinks twice about calling even their doctor or nurse “hot.”

Judging people , and women in particular, by their se-xual appeal,- has become so the norm and has saturated our culture so much that instead of being insulted or at least taken aback, women are flattered when a student calls them “hot.”

Encouraging our society to want dancers to be “hot”, a.k.a -”se-xy” and musicians and athletes to be “hot” and even their brain surgeons to be “hot” is manipulative, and even warped. The se-xiness of your doctor is none of your concern. It is inapproriate at best, and perverse at worst.

It is time to take a long, hard look and re-think our social attitudes, and se-xual mores.

And no, I don’t want some kid telling me this article was “hot.”

Embracing respect for women with my friends at Rosemary’s Thoughts, 123beta, Adam’s Blog, Right Truth, Stuck On Stupid, Big Dog’s Weblog,, InvestorBlogger, Cao’s Blog, Leaning Straight Up, The Amboy Times, Conservative Cat, Nuke Gingrich, Faultline USA, third world county, Walls of the City, The World According to Carl, Blue Star Chronicles, Gulf Coast Hurricane Tracker, and Wolf Pangloss, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.

MemorY..ah yes I remember that……

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

WIGGLING your eyes from left to right helps to boost your memory…and it doesn’t cost a penny.

Scientists say the eye movement fires up both the left and right hemispheres of the brain at the same time.
The Easy Way To Boost Your Brain
And they believe this is the key to improving our ability to remember things like whether we locked
the front door or turned the oven off.

Some research indicates that certain types of memory – for example what one did yesterday, or memory for a word in an experiment – are dependent upon interactions between the cerebral hemispheres.

Other experts suggest that bilateral eye movements may stimulate such interactions and thus influence memory.
If this is the case, then this type of work provides another line of evidence that the interaction between the cerebral hemispheres is important for successful memory.

Moving your eyes side to side improves memory?paranoid.gif

With all the tennis I watch, you’d think I wouldn’t have this problem eh? Heh.flirt.gif

OK..What was I talking about..oh right…………..Memmmmmmmmmory.

Memory is not just another inconsequential intellectual skill. It is one of the most important ones of all. Why, you ask? Because it directly effects every one of the other intellectual processes.
But guess what?… Memory is one the easiest mental processes to improve and train. All is not lost.jester.gif

Let’s be honest sweet friends.
Our magnificent universe offers an awesome abundance of sensory riches.
Trying to process, let alone remember this inundation of information for most of our paltry lil brains, is nearly impossible.

Luckily, Nature (God) has outfitteded us with mechanisms that restrict this flood of information, somewhat.

Some refer to this mechanism as: “attention”.
Hey you..are ya paying attention?listen4.gif

In other words, when we focus on a particular stimulus, we process it more comprehensively, and unknowingly, consign the rest of the stimuli (we are taking in) to a more superficial status. Kind of the way a flashlight focuses on something……

That is why we can only truly focus on one input at a time.
Multi tasking aside.

Try talkin on the phone and blogging at the same time. Heh.
Where is your ‘attention’?

Did the person on the other end finally summon up the courage to say..“Are you, by any chance on the computer…you” Busted!laughing0.gif

Sorry to say guys and dolls, but as we age, our attentional capabilities decline, as do other things…

Memory and concentration, like most things we don’t wish to lose– depend on getting enough rest, eating well, and staying healthy.

No offense but….we often forget things because we simply are not paying attention.
Ya still with me? heh.biggrin.gif

Still in a fog?

Well, when all else fails, try wigglin your eyes side to side.

Now, Think fast: Where are your glasses and car keys huh?

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EasteR and PassoveR in JerusaleM

Friday, March 21st, 2008

Israel, ah……….the Promised Land.
The Holy Land.

Where you can catch sight of Biblical sites from both the Old and New Testaments.

Walk the cobblestone in the actual cities and landscapes where Judaism and Christianity were born.

For centuries, the lives of Jews and Christians have been profoundly touched after visiting the land where the events of the Bible took place. A whole new spiritual depth and understanding may fill you.

Christian worshippers the world over congregate in the Holy Land of Jerusalem for Easter celebration. easter-bunnyani.gif
Easter celebration in Israel takes on a deeper meaning because a number of Christian rituals have their roots in Jewish traditions.

Jews celebrate Passover, the holiday of Freedom.

Pilgrims gather for an Easter sunrise service at the Garden tomb in Jerusalem.

Mass is held at the ancient Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem’s Old City.
Priests in white robes chant the ancient liturgy, as fragrant incense rises into the air.

Israel: where the Old and New, the Holy and Secular, and Judaism and Christianity meet.

This Passover. This Easter. Go.

“And they kept the passover on the fourteenth day of the first month at even in the wilderness of Sinai: according to all that the LORD commanded Moses, so did the children of Israel.”

Faith is putting all your eggs in God’s basket, then counting your blessings before they hatch.
Ramona C. Carroll

Fear knocked at the door. Faith answered. And lo, no one was there.

Blessed Holidays sweet friends.easter-eggsani.gif

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