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Terrorist Style UnderWear

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

‘Terrorists develop ‘suicide underwear’

Would-be suicide bombers could be using explosives “underwear briefs” rather than explosives jackets to evade “conservative” body searches, sources said on Wednesday.

The sources said that the explosives could weigh between five kilogrammes to seven kilogrammes, made deadly by adding glass splinters, metal ball bearings and bullets.

The law enforcers normally search upper body parts sparing the “privates”, the sources said, hence assailants are increasingly using the lower body parts to dodge the searches.

You cant make this stuff up, dude.

What’s under the bur-ka bag dollface?

Perhaps someone should clue in the Canadian government, where there idea of airport “security” is this:

OTTAWA–The federal government is putting border officials at Pearson airport through sensitivity training so they can more appropriately deal with Arab and Muslim passengers.

Airport border staff get sensitivity training

“After 9/11 we became all potential terrorists without doubt, and we still have some examples of people being picked up from the line because they wear long beards or the hijab,” said Moh-amed Boud-jenane, executive director of the Canadian A-rab Federation. “It still happens on a regular basis.”

“We feel that this is a type of profiling, which must cease.”

Looking a person straight in the eye is standard procedure for a border guard on the hunt for suspicious behaviour, but in some cases, it can be considered disrespectful to make eye contact with a Muslim woman,

What we need: More sensitivity. Of course Moooohamed. baby_cry.gif

Don’t pick em out of line.
Heck, don’t even look em in the eye. You might just notice the black eyes and bruises her adoring husband planted on her the night before.

Briefs or boxers boys?

Git off yer pity pot Moohamed.

The only “sensitivity” training offered should be to teach Muzlims that instead of the whole free world having to be sensitive to Muzlims’ tender sensibilities; citizenship courses worldwide should include classes in assimilation , doing things the way your host country does, what we require, and how not to offend us.

I mean why on earth would we pick someone out of a line because they are Muzlim? Silly us.

Now, about those explosive laden undergarments………….

How do ya suggest we check for those suicide bomb skivvies eh Mooohamed?
Oh right. We can’t eh?
Think again dude.

We’ll be watchin you..right down to yer undies.eyesanni.gif

Sorry Muzlims.
Wer’e not exactly ready to be nuked over the “armor piercing panty”, high cut bikini bombs or full metal jacketed Jockey shorts.

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Olmert JoinS the Trash heap of HistorY

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced that he will resign in September.

Another despicable demagogue bites da dust.
OK…not bitin dust just yet, but hearin that ole screen door slam behind him alright.

King Ehud is makin his departure.
Too bad he isn’t takin Livni with him.

His party: Kadima:

You know, the one that Ariel Sharon created so he could to justify the expulsion and dispossession of thousands of their fellow neighbors from Gush Katif. Who expels their own people in order to invite terrorists to take their place?

The party of losing wars and hopeless ineptitude.

Anything just to make a positive impression on the anti-Semitic and America hating Nations of the world who despise America and Israel even more than our own Leftists, if that’s possible.

Kinna sounds like the Democratic Party in the ole U.S. of A. don’t it?

Lesse. What exactly was Ole Omelet responsible for?

Outside of the blatantly poor performance of the IDF, due to his insistence that they fight with silk gloves in the war against the Muzlim jeehadist Hizbullys, Ohllllllllmert sweetened his rep with a personal financial scandal.

Hezbully Muzlim chicks:

Allowing scores of rockets to kill and maim our beautiful children in Sderot: Daily.

His sheer incompetence during the 2006 war against those monsters, Hezbollah, caused long-lasting damage to Israel’s deterrence ability.

The straw that obvioulsy didn’t break all of Ham-ASS’s camels’ backs — was his approval of the horrific, unforgivable POW “exchange deal” with Hizbullah.

Soldiers Regev and Goldwasser were exchanged for scores of terrorists and a cold blooded baby killer and returned to Israel in coffins after 2 years that tormented the Israeli public.

Shame he can’t be tried along with the Knesset for their abysmal and shameful behavior during the last few years.

What charges you ask?

Oh. the same ones we should issue to Pelosi and her cronies:
Sedition, treason, aiding and abetting an enemy…….Should I go on?

In addition, the tragic victims of the Amona beatings and all the bombing victims of Sderot and Jerusalem should bloody sue him for damages due to criminal negligence.

Ehud Olmert was unequivocally the worst Prime Minister in Israel’s 60 year history.

Oh, he will be remembered alright.
As the the man who single-handedly annihilated Israel’s self-respect and morale ……………and broke her National Heart.

Don’t let the steel door hitcha on the way out dude.

Partying over his departure with my friends over at Nuke’s, Rosemary’s Thoughts, Mark My Words, third world county, 123beta, DragonLady’s World, Adam’s Blog, Right Truth, Maggie’s Notebook, The World According to Carl, Shadowscope, Leaning Straight Up, Cao’s Blog, , Democrat=Socialist, and Conservative Cat, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.

Doozie of the DaY: Bali Bombers

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Today’s Doozies:
Lines that ought to be jokes..but are dead serious.

Angel’s first prize goes to:
Mahendradatta, the bubbly Muzlim Bali bomber’s defender.

Bombers seek ‘execution without pain’. Awwwwwww. Do they now?

Here’s his little “gem”:

Mahendradatta: (Try sayin that name 3 times fast) argued that convicts who go before a firing squad sometimes do not die immediately, causing unnecessary suffering.

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Three militants awaiting execution for the 2002 Bali bombings plan to challenge the legality of death by firing squad, but it was unclear if the move would lead to a last-minute stay, their lawyer said Tuesday.
Bali bombers seek ‘execution without pain

Ali Ghufron, Imam Samudra and Amrozi Nurhasyim were convicted in 2003 of planning and helping to carry out the Oct. 12 suicide bombings targeting two packed nightclubs on Bali island, killing 202 people, mostly foreign tourists.

Nice terrorist “scarf” eh.

Lesee now Mahendradattattatta.
Putting to death monsters who have been judged to have committed extremely heinous crimes (see the Religion of Peace daily for those) is a practice of ancient standing.

The death penalty is used to um deter murder thereby dramatically improving certain societies……you with me so far Mahendradattattatta.?

Ya see, back in the day people weren’t as morally confused as appear to be now.

First off, they possessed the insight to tell the difference between good and evil, and crime and punishment. Not only that, astounding as it may be, they also respected their moral responsibility to defend public safety by diligently opposing, and combatting barbarism and thuggery.

“Suffering” of cold blooded mass murdering Muzlim terrorists?

Libs will tell ya that life in prison without parole is just as effective. Ha.

Sure… Pay no heed to all the murders criminals commit within prison, like er…. when they kill prison guards or heck even other inmates.
And what about when they kill innocent citizens upon escape? Yes hippies. See here. Some actually do escape.

Now, the PCers just stand around wif their heads in the sand reveling on how “civilized” they are to permit and tolerate such a flat out evil cult like Izlam to exist amongst us.

Indeed. Bali was hardly enough. Nor was Spain, Israel, England, Thailand, India or even the grand ole United States.

On the contrary, Muzlim terrorists. We invite y’all to continue to terrorize the public everywhere you migrate.bombaniww.gif
PCers will cheerfully sacrifice public safety and social tranquility for some self-absorbed sense of “fairness” and delicacy.

See any skewed logic there fellers?

Oh. I nearly forgot. That pesky lil Universal Declaration of Human Rights that the UN only expects Israel and America to abide by.

Read it if ya want a good laugh.
Check out the Muzlim countries on the globe:

Then note Article 5:
No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.


I couldn’t come up with funnier material if I was Jerry Lewis himself.

OK Bali bubbly bomber bozos.
One more time for the intellectually impaired:

The death penalty, (you know the one that um…kills you…) is a punishment for a human rights violation. (ya know like killin dirty infidels daily)’s not a human rights violation itself.

Of course PCers, owning no moral judgment can not recognize and certainly not respect that difference.

The Libs opposition to the death penalty as some kind of progressive policy based on respect for innate human rights is riddled with contradictions. Ever confront them about their ahem…”progressive” euthanasia or abortion policies?

And spare me the racist shpiel k.
Izlam is NOT a race.

And as far as blacks being executed more…Well, a sizeable minority of blacks commit a disproportionate amount of crimes. So what would you have whitey do about that?
Pardon them all?

Oh there’s that terrorist “scarf” again. Uh huh.

What makes crime different from from punishment, or good different than evil are not their physical aspects.
It’s their moral aspects, dear Leftards. You do know what moral aspects are don’tya?
They actually examine the reasons and motivations behind one’s actions.

Stew on that one for a bit.
Inna meantime. Bali bozo bombers.

Enjoy your stay with yer fellow Muzlims:

Khalid Sheik Mohammed and Walid bin Attash know the “the self-proclaimed mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, who calmly told a US military court…. that he wishes for a death sentence so that he can become “a martyr.”

Just to clarify for the Libs who can’t seem to shake their beffudleness.

These are Bali Victims of Muzlim Terror:

Here are the cold blooded BOMBERS and thier Muzlim pals:

Oh look. Here he his with one of his 4 genitally mutilated wives:

Muzlim London bombers.

‘Execution without pain’ huh.
Ouch?..Ohh did I jus hear something?

Not losin sleep over torture of terrorists with my friends over at Rosemary’s Thoughts, Mark My Words, 123beta, Maggie’s Notebook, Adam’s Blog, Right Truth, Shadowscope, Leaning Straight Up, The Amboy Times,, Cao’s Blog, Democrat=Socialist, Conservative Cat, Nuke’s, third world county, McCain Blogs, DragonLady’s World, The World According to Carl, Pirate’s Cove, , and Dumb Ox Daily News, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.


Obama Runs for PresidenT of the World

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

Unlike Obama, I would not speak to anyone as “a fellow citizen of the world,” but only as an ordinary American who wishes to do his best for the world, but with a much-appreciated American identity, and rather less with a commonality indistinguishable from those poor souls trapped in the Sudan, North Korea, Cuba, or Iran. Take away all particular national identity and we are empty shells mouthing mere platitudes, who believe in little and commit to even less.

It’s America, Obama

I also don’t believe the world did anything to save Berlin, just as it did nothing to save the Rwandans or the Iraqis under Saddam — or will do anything for those of Darfur; it was only the U.S. Air Force that risked war to feed the helpless of Berlin as it saved the Muslims of the Balkans.

So despite Obama’s soaring moral rhetoric, I am troubled by his historical revisionism that, “The two superpowers that faced each other across the wall of this city came too close too often to destroying all we have built and all that we love.”

I would beg to differ again, and suggest instead that a mass-murdering Soviet tyranny came close to destroying the European continent (as it had, in fact, wiped out millions of its own people) and much beyond as well — and was checked only by an often lone and caricatured US superpower and its nuclear deterrence.

We sleep too lightly tonight not because democratic Israel has obtained nuclear weapons, but because a frightening Iran just might.

Politicians characteristically say to applauding audiences abroad what they wish to hear. True statesmen often do not.

VDH hits it out of the park…again.

Ah yes. He is “a fellow citizen of the world.”
He is going to be President of the World and we: just his lowly, fellow citizens.

The racist, arrogant, condescending junior Senator from Illinois should be running for “Surrender Champion” not President of the greatest Nation on Earth.

Germany. France. the Middle East.

Did he forget the pitstop to pay respects to the dead in Normandy?

This empty suit morally equalizes everything under the Sun, while proclaiming how “embarrassed” he is that Americans aren’t bilingual.

How dare we Americans go to Europe and expect them to speak “our language” to communicate with us?
True. Usually we just go over there and win their wars for them.

In the mean time, the only language that this lighweight speaks is “telepromptereeze”. Ever hear him without one? didn’t think so.

Yes, his glow and aura speak for him.
And what is up with campaigning to Americans through the Europeans. Is he too “embarassed” to campaign in the country he’s so ashamed of : America?

He could have always visited Berlin, New York
or Paris, Texas ya know.

Maybe he’s running for President of the EU and we just didn’t know it?

“I know I don’t look like other Americans who have spoken in this city”.

Hilarious wasn’ t that.
Did he then supply a list of all the black Prime Ministers that Europe elected since the dawn of time?
Race card? What race card?

Indeed, After going to all “57 states”, the rock star Senator has now been to Germany, France, Iraq, and Afghanistan. To finish up his “world tour”, ala Michael Jackson.

“Change”! He will win the ex-hippies’ holier-than-thou, socialist, universalist, humanist, kumbaya “revolution” that miserably failed in the 60s.
Look who he is appealing to. Spoiled, hippy-esque youth of the World.

Even youth in Berlin were enamoured.

What do they have in common with us you ask? That’s simple: Scorn for the “old” truths and realities …like the fact that communism kills a heck of a lot more than it saves.

Just keep runnin up the ladder faster than the rungs are breaking, dude.

Did he forget to mention the starvation deaths of millions under Stalin’s neat lil Five-Year Plan, or Mao’s Cultural Revolution or perhaps Pol Pot’s Great Re-Education, or did that not make the itinerary of moral equivalence?

Collective power and Communism, ala Eau Bama, has never failed to result in misery, poverty, filth, and death.

But fear not. This newbie, upstart, black “President of the World wanna be” takes on Europe and the M.E.
Then again, he is pandering to the branded, small thinking, bumpersticker, MTV generation.

Pass the Pepto-Bismol.

Clue for ya O’ssiah:
Junior, unaccomplished senators who live in glass houses subsidized by real estate frauds, and supported by terrorists, should not be throwin no stones. Aiight?

Sharing the anti American and anti semitic stench of Obama with Rosemary’s Thoughts, 123beta, Maggie’s Notebook, Right Truth, Shadowscope, Leaning Straight Up, Cao’s Blog,, The Amboy Times, , Democrat=Socialist, Conservative Cat, Nuke’s, third world county, McCain Blogs, DragonLady’s World, Walls of the City, The World According to Carl, Pirate’s Cove, , Dumb Ox Daily News, and Right Voices, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.

Please don’t nuke us terrorists.


Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Spent the day shoe shoppin wif one of mah girls yesterday.

You dudes do not know how luck yar.rotfl.gif

Fashion houses need not concern themselves with comfort or even wear and tear for womens’ shoes.
I know I know. Womens’ fashion is hardly about “function” eh.daydream.gif

The women around me could hardly wait to snatch ‘em up and go out n pound the pavement.
Indeed. Tis all bout bein avant garde girls.

If the Croc or the Ugg can become an epidemic, what next? showoffani3.gif

Oh right. macabre spiked stilletoes of course. Our equivalent of Chinese foot binding. Only the women do it voluntarily.

These um..”shoes” serve no other purpose other than tryin to broadcast yer s-exiness quotient by how high off the ground you can tilt without actually fallin over.

Or outrageously unwearable gladiator viking.gif sandals.

Dontcha miss the Roman Collesium. I know I do. And those uber affordable prices can’t be beat. $199.

It’s been said: “It is the flagrant lack of practicality that makes high heel shoes so fascinating.”
(Stephen Bayley) UH HUH.signexclamation.gif

Well, some of us still prize comfort over style. And silly me, I actually prefer bein somewhat close to terra firma if you catch my meanin.

The comfortable selection:

Do these meet my criteria for attractiveness? Hmmm.

Aw now take a gander at the mens’s selection:

Notice a difference?

That’s right fellaz. Ask jus about any woman what her favorite thing to shop for is…bet she won’t say groceries. Let’s be honest. Shoes are like wearin a work of Art.

Take these for example:

Think I may wait a decade or so for my next shoe shopping expedition. Maybe somethin fashionable and just a tad functional will come back in style. Ya think? i-dont-know.gif

Guess I aint the tough shoe-buying machine I thought I was.

Ready for a 5k run anyone?run44ani.gif

Shopping tip: You can get shoes for 85 cents at the bowling alley.

“If you want to forget all your other troubles, wear too tight shoes.”babysign.jpg

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Sean Kingston HeartS Israel

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

‘Israel must be a beautiful place to be – I just can’t wait to put on the perfect show for you all over there,” 18-year-old singer Sean Kingston tells ..on the eve of his tour here.

What pops into his head when he hears the word “Israel”: I’m thinking all the time about seeing a country I’ve never seen before and interacting with my fans there.

I think Israel must be a beautiful place to be and I look forward to being there. I also think of Steve [Lobel], my manager, ’cause he’s Jewish, you know.

I want to reach out to the kids my age and to interact with them. And I want to taste Israeli food and interact with the people, play some basketball, see Tel Aviv, get to the beach, do some shopping…”
Sean Kingston in Israel
Kingston’s personal history informs his sound. The hard lyrics come from a life which has included prison, homelessness and generally needing to grow up very fast.

When he was 11, Kingston was charged with breaking-and-entering and served 21 days in jail and in boot camp. Once, he had to live in a car while his mother was sent to jail for identity fraud. But it all made the young teen that much more determined to succeed.

Sean Kingston.
Feel good music. No foul language. No profanity.
Turned his life around..has a Jewish manager…and digs Israel.

What’s not to love?

His grandfather was a producer for Bob Marley.
I’ve been a Bob Marley fan…well…………since I was born.

Here he is performin at Rockefeller Center in my favorite city in the whole wide world:

Crank it up.

Make sure ya watch long enough to hear “Beautiful Girls”. Ya may jus hafta git outta yer seat.

You got me “suicidal” suicidal”.
Good job he didn’t perform for the Pali’s eh. Wouldn’t wanna give them no funny ideas eh.bombaniu-uddy.gif

Dang I think it’s time to see “Cool Runnings” again.
Sanka Coffie: I’m freezing my royal Rastafarian nay-nays off!

Jamacia here we come mon.
Any takers?

Some handy Jamaican expressions in case anyone comes with me: Heh

“Yuh tink a one day monkey want wife?”
Meaning: Do think you won’t need my help in the future?( do not forget your friends)

“Gi mi sponge fi go dry up sea”
Giving one an impossible task to do.

“ride & wistle”
Meaning: Be able to do more than one thing at a time,e.g.: talk & work

Cockroach nuh business inna fowl fite
Meaning: ‘Stay out of things that don’t concern you or else’

Thanks Sean, Yea, let’s get away from da madness for a bit mon.

Whooooooooooooo’s ready?
Gotta go pack.

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New York CitY MTA Muzlimized

Monday, July 21st, 2008

Allah board!

An Is-lamic group plans to blitz 1,000 subway cars with advertisements this September in a campaign being promoted by a Brooklyn imam whom federal officials have linked to a plot to blow up city landmarks.

The group says its mission is to explain the true nature of Islam to non-Muslims who believe the religion is bent on acts of violence – but Sir-aj Wa–hhaj, the inflammatory imam who appears in a promotional YouTube video for the project, has defended convicted bomb-plotters and called the FBI and CIA the “real terrorists.”

“In time, this so-called democracy will crumble, and there will be nothing, and the only thing that will remain will be Islam,” Wah–haj said in one of his sermons.

The MTA confirmed that the group has signed a contract for the ad campaign but would not comment further.


My Station:

Those interested in knowing more are directed to call (877) W-HY-IS-LAM……….
Why indeed.

Oh YaY.
Look no further lil dhimwits.
Jeehad recruiting posters right on our trains.

Apparently the Muzlim Transit Authority in NYC sees noooo prob Bob.

Muzlims on a Train:

This freakazoid says his mission is to “explain the true nature of Izzzlam to non-Muzlims”, aka pigs and infidels.
Um… 9-11 took care of that for us bozo.

A free clue to the clueless:
Pssstt. The man preachin to you that Izlam isn’t violent… was part of the 1993 WTC bombings.

Familiarize yerselves with this here button my friends.

Let’s all call now.
Don’t forget to ask about the free suicide bomb belt promotional give-a-way.

But first, join your local terrorist cell. Oh yea ..and then contact CA-IR for the details.

Anybody up for bein an exchange student…oh ..say in the Magic Saudi Kingdom?
Yea. Try posting ads all over teachin bout Jesus k. Call 1-877- BeHeadings Here.

Actually,……..I was thinkin of posters in the NYC subway system more along these lines:

Shoes of our neighbors who had to “run” for their lives. I know a few of them myself.
Howzabout the MTA plaster those all over our NYC subways.

Ah yes. The MTA : ushering 7th Century sensibilities into the 21st century.

New York: May I introduce your new over lords.
Allah Aboard!

Sharin the straphangers with my friends at Perri Nelson’s Website, Rosemary’s Thoughts, Maggie’s Notebook, Right Truth, Shadowscope, DragonLady’s World, The Amboy Times, Leaning Straight Up, , Democrat=Socialist, Conservative Cat, Faultline USA, third world county, McCain Blogs, The World According to Carl, Pirate’s Cove, Gulf Coast Hurricane Tracker, , Dumb Ox Daily News, and Right Voices, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.

“Moderate” Muzlims?

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

Please scroll down sweet friends to the next post.

This is an appetite whetter. biggrin.gif

America and Israel need to Get their HandS DirtY

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

Once upon a time it was America’s or Israel’s enemies who were expected to pay “a high price” for their vile, barbaric actions. Now America’s and Israel’s so called leaders daily prepare their own citizenry to pay it.

Izlam: Ya can’t live with it, and they sure as heck won’t let us live without it.anger6.gif

That, since Sept.11 2001, we New Yorkers can no longer drive through the Mid-Town Tunnel without police scrutiny or attend a ball game at Shea Stadium carrying a knapsack.bomb9.gif

That we are relegated to live in contant fear and paranoia while Muzlim immigration is at an all time high.

Forced conversions in Islamic history are not exceptional—they have been the norm, across three continents—Asia, Africa, and Europe—for over 13 centuries. Orders for conversion were decreed under all the early Islamic dynasties—Umayyads, Abbasids, Fatimids, and Mamluks.
Iss-lamic Coercion
A consistent practice was to enslave populations taken from outside the boundaries of the “Dar al Islam”, where Islamic rule (and Law) prevailed. Inevitably fresh non-Muslim slaves, including children, were Islamized within a generation, their ethnic and linguistic origins erased.

That Israel is held responsible for providing food, fuel, electricity, medical care, even cattle to the murderers in Gaza between their rocket launches against Israeli children is sheer lunacy.

America and Israel have taken it upon themselves to aid and succor their own sworn enemy.

Moonbat Heaven:

According the Left, and our self loathing media, Muzlims are always innocent.
There is no war against The “Evil West” by Izlam.

Not even if they preach it brazenly from the mosque on the next street corner.

But of course……..
-Blowing up our beloved Twin Towers was staged by the U.S.
-Entebbe was staged by Israel
-the brutal killing of Leon Klinghoffer was staged by Italy
-the Munich Massacre was staged by Germany
-and of course– blowing up a Pan Am airplane over Lockerbie was staged by Great Britain.

You do remember that don’t you?
Mass Murder Over Scotland

270 people died when Pan Am 103 was blown out of the sky over Lockerbie, Scotland on December 21, 1988. It was the worst-ever act of airline terrorism against the United States. It’s also been called the world’s biggest unsolved murder.
Finally, after 11 years of investigation, political stalemate, and legal delays, two Libyan men prepare to face trial for the Lockerbie bombing starting May 3, 2000, in the Netherlands.

Pandering to enemies and terrorists will not leave the world a better place for future generations.

We are at WAR.
And…There is nothing civilized, moral or noble about losing.

Our enemy-loving leftist do-gooders with their heart bleeding fake sentimentalism and amoral PC handwringing call the shots.

An “eye for an eye” means nothing to those who respect the Kooran but spit on their own Holy Bible.
An eye for an eye means means a coffin for a coffin, not a live murderer for coffins.

Our so called leaders have all rolled-down into the peace-making “touchy-feely” mud.

Let us recall a time when we weren’t afraid to “get our hands dirty”:

On June 27, 1976, four terrorists forced an Air France Airbus to land in Uganda, in the heart of distant Africa. They quickly demanded that Israel release 53 convicted terrorists. The hijackers freed the French crew and non­Jewish passengers, while retaining 105 Jewish and Israeli hostages. A 48­hour deadline was set before executions would begin.

How to REALLY fight Terrorism

The soldiers freed the hostages in a lightning attack, killing all eight terrorists in the process.

The mission struck a blow at international terrorism. “It resonated far and wide,” Shomron later commented. “It showed that you could counter terrorism, and that it was worth cooperating to do so.” As America celebrated its Bicentennial, the world was reminded that freedom is a value which must be fought for in every generation.

Now…………. if you visit or Heaven forfend, actually live on Israel’s borders, you will end up in a pine box courtesy of those to whom America and the EU shell out billions of dollars : Hezbollah, Ham-aaas, and Fat-ah.

Funded by the big Daddies in Iran and Syria.

But in Olmert-Land these murderous thugs are considered “freedom fighters” and afforded “rights.”peacee2.jpg

Israel’s misguided “compassion for the cruel” in not executing Kuntar back in 1980 is directly responsible not only for the bloody 2006 war, but to the hijacking of the Achille Lauro which led to the death of Klinghoffer.

Both events were intended to pressure Israel to release Kuntar.
And guess what? Neither would have taken place were he in the ground, six feet under pushing poppies up.

America and Israel are no longer nations that fight for their survival.

We are facing radical Izlamic sadistic, sick, cruel, animalistic enemies whom we prostrate before, accomodate by changing our own laws and customs and welcome with open arms into our cities, universities, hospitals…and on……….. our airplanes.

They play dirty.. they play nasty.
They intimidate and litigate while we thumb our breasts telling the world- “Look how loving and accomodating we are to ALL people.”

After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Americans of Japanese ancestry were taken from their homes and placed in internment camps.
The relocation of Japanese-Americans during World War II was through an executive order given by FDR.
Japanese American internment

The attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 led some to suspect the Japanese were preparing a full-scale attack on the West Coast of the United States. Japan’s rapid military conquest of a large portion of Asia and the Pacific between 1936 and 1942 made their military forces seem unstoppable to some Americans.

Mention internment camps for Muzlims now and then a REAL war will break out.
The hard core lefties will be first on the front lines.

All the tye died t-shirts and kool aid will be tossed and heads will be threatened to roll.
Not Muzlim heads…..boggled0.gif…..Yours and mine.

Spare me the “Love your neighbor” mantra. The vast majority of Muzlims in America support Ham-ass, Hezbollah and Fat-ah.
Those are NOT our “neighbors.”

Thanks to the Arabs, The Middle East has become reduced to a jungle. In a jungle, the weak die.

To wage real and total warfare for the sake of survival is the most humane action America or Israel can take.

Not tying our soldiers’ hands behind their backs, demanding they excercise “caution”, while getting blown to smithereens by IED’s.

The kool aid sippin left and the media latte drinkers have done enough damage.

Telling us all that WE are the ones who need to be civilized, cultivated, polished and refined.

What we need is the strength to overcome the irrational “West and Jew hating” blood thirsty animus that exists in Izlam.

Neville Chamberlain’s famous claim of “Peace for our Time” brought the execution of six million Jews.

Until Americans and Israelis feel proud of who they are and what they are meant to stand for in the world,
until they truly have a mind to live in freedom & prosperity, until and unless they are willing to get their hands dirty from time to time, they may as well resolve to hand their heads to the jeehadis and lose their Freedom……… forever.

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TrendY Terrorist “Look”: Get yours HerE

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

“We wanted to revamp the headscarf,”explains Domenico Dolce, “give it a new life and introduce it to a younger generation. Our aim was to give it a modern and cool twist.”
Scarves are making headlines once again

According to Dennis Nothdruft, curator of London’s Fashion and Textile Museum, this headscarf resurgence is about a new sense of chastity in fashion.

“Before peasants used them to keep their heads cool, women wore headscarves in medieval times to maintain their modesty,” he explains.

Given that the fashion world likes nothing better than provocation, isn’t it also a nod to Islam? “There’s no doubt that we have a huge Muslim clientèle,” agrees Alexander. “But this is more about a return to that elegant Grace Kelly era than anything else.”

So, will this strange amalgam of royal homeliness, Muslim chic and proletarian pretence ever take off? Come autumn, will we be seeing women ambling down high streets or queueing at the cold meat counter in Waitrose, looking like Russian peasants.

Terrorist chic all over again.

“A new sense of chastity in fashion”?..Ha. Are they kidding?
Chastity and modern fashions are mutually exclusive.

Try puttin a burka on them eh.

Designers and women who don their monstrosities wouldn’t know modesty or chastity if it hid them smack on their bared cl-eavages or exposed midriffs.

And about that “huge Muslim clientèle”?..Aw..just a coincidence right?

Certainly we get NO historical context whatsoever regarding the adorable new headscarf either. Priceless.
It’s not enough that Muzlim women get their throats slit by their own fathers for not donning the “veil”, but the compulsion has even spread to NON Muzlim women:

NON-Muslim English girls will be ordered to wear headscarves at a new Islamic school.
Madani High School in Leicester will take ten per cent of its pupils from other faiths ? but insists all must cover their heads.

Headteachers ruled the hijab scarf is part of the uniform.
Non-Muslims ‘must wear hijab’
Assistant principal Zainab Elgaziari said the demand was not a problem despite the row over Muslim women’s veils.

He said: “I can’t see why if a student wears a headscarf it should be an issue. It’s the same as a shirt or tie ? it’s just part of our uniform.”

There are literally thousands of examples.

Pick a Muzlim country. Any country.
C’mon. Do it.

Do women have a choice? ha. Nice joke.
Just posing the question belies the ignorance of the masses regarding compulsion in Izlam.

Fashion Designers thrive on to pushing the boundaries of social sensibilities.

But not apparently when it comes to the “styles” of Izlam.

After all …So what if Muham-MAD fought unprovoked battles, raided merchant caravans, beheaded thousands of innocent people, married multiple women…um….. including a nine-year old girl. Oh, did I mention that he was 54 years old at the time?

Oh, and while wer’e at it………Let’s not forget flat out murder of women shall we.

Check out the lovely lil Kooranic verse (4:34):

Men are the maintainers of women because All—ah has made some of them to excel others and because they spend out of their property; the good women are therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as All—ah has guarded; and as to those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them; then if they obey you, do not seek a way against them; surely All–ah is High, Great.

Uh huh.

Dontcha jus love the fashion worlds’ touch of legitimizing Izzlamic male violence against women by makin the “headscarf” all trendy and chic?

Oh lookie here. It comes in all colors.

Out of all the possible hat comebacks….

Not exactly this, now is it?

Of course, muzlim men (if you can call them that)..must preserve the morals and principles of Izlam…poor things. Must be a full time job keepin those girlz in line.

We all know how much female “honor” is prized and female sex-ual purity exalted (even if they do cut out womens’ genit-als.)

Why an entire family can be cast out if a female member brings shame upon it. And needless to say – the only way to restore peace is through violence. Men beating and killing their own wives and daughters.

What do these fashionistas think..that the headscarf and forced modesty happens in some sort of social vacuum?

Muzlims are acculturated to the belief that women who break taboos deserve to be beaten, even killed. Of course this all for the common good.

And yes………it’s all voluntary. Rrrright.

The controversial local laws inspired by sharia are now being applied to non-Muslim citizens. Female students who do not wear the headscarf are suspended, and few have the courage to rebel, because of fear of reprisals from fundamentalists.
In Padang, Islamic law is now imposed on all
Among the other norms inspired by sharia, they recall the obligation for students in the elementary schools to learn the Qur’an by heart.

So just how many girls and women are living in constant fear of the men in their households– enduring silent, anonymous suffering with their trendy new lil headscarf eh?

Chic indeed.

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