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Where HavE all the Men GonE?

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

An analysis of new census figures has shown that Australia is suffering from an unprecedented “man drought”.

The statistics have revealed that there are almost 100,000 more females than males in Australia.

The problem is worse in the coastal cities, where women have moved seeking better jobs and lifestyles, while many men have gone overseas.
Australia suffering ‘man drought’

“If you go into the United Arab Emirates census you’ll find there is around 12,000 Australians living in Dubai, mostly male, mostly in the 25 to 34-year age group.

Wowza. Man drought. Go figure. What’s a girl to do?blonde9.gif

Seeing that Australia is made up of a multicultural society with people from over 210 different nationalities, how do we begin to define the “typical Australian dude” anyway?

Some observations and insights I learned from my Aussie buds:

Aussie guys take pleasure in poking fun of people, even people in positions of authority.

I’m told that the jokes are meant to be “ice-breakers”, and never intended to offend. Hit me with your best shot boys.

Moving right along………Heh.

Australian men don’t care for displays of affection for their male friends too much eh.
No hugging or linking arms..uh uh.,,unless of course you’re on a soccer or rugby field. So, if ya need a hug…join a team.

However, Aussie blokes are among the most faithful in the world.

I was er…cautioned to be careful about which topics to choose for a first meeting.

Don’t ask an Australian men their income. How rude.
Steer clear of personal relationships. couple10.gif Too invasive mate.

Politics and religion?..well, that’s like wandering in a mine field.

Alright guys.
Speak up.
Are Australian guys really no-nonsense, beer-guzzling, cheers.gif crocodile-wrestling kind of a men or what?

Some famous Aussie blokes:
Do ya know who they are?

Don’t cheat now. Answers on the bottom of da post y’all.

Did u cheat? Hmmmm.

OK here goes:

Simon Baker. Curtis Stone. Patrick Rafter. Russell Crowe..and the Aussie swim team.

And………Who doesn’t simply melt over that Aussie accent? Fess up now.

Here’s a freebie guyz n dollz.
Some slang I picked up:

1-”As scarce as hen’s teeth”:
Impossible – wanting something that is impossible to obtain and in fact doesn’t even exist.


3-Back of Bourke
A long way from the city and civilization. Bourke is a town in outback Australia.

A drinking binge – totally blind drunk. woohoo.drunkani.gif

5-Buckley’s chance
Very small possibility of obtaining what you want.
(No idea where that came from?) Who’s Buckley y’all? confused9.gif

Planning some activity with someone that often involves something illegal. Kinda like our version of “thick as thieves”.

Australian uncouth chauvinistic males. pfftt!

To permanently stop engaging in some activity.
For example : “I don’t like Angel any more so I gave her the flick.” DON’T U DARE. heh


What say y’all?
Why have all the men gone?

To all my Aussie friends..girlz and guyz..Jiminy cricket! Hugssssssssss and kisses. Heh.

Special shout out to my Australian blogger friends and the whole Aussie community of bloggers who support America and freedom everywhere.

Y’all are “Very kerosene”…I was told that means “Very good” – to like very much. Ha.
Bet I royally messed that one up.

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Sarah Palin: Obama palin’ by Comparision

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Sarah Palin.

John McCain’s running mate.

She made history in 2006 by becoming both the first female governor of Alaska as well as the youngest- at the age of 42.

Where to begin?

Apart from the fact that we finally have a firebreathing Conservative on the ticket?!

The best the leftists can do is to hurl accusations regarding Governor Palin’s “inexperience.”

Guess what?..Besides the fact that Hussein O. is immeasurably less experienced……. I’ll take this all American girl’s real life experience over Hussein Obama’s left-wing Marxist, Muzlim upbringing any day of the week.

Lack of experience eh?

Check out the facts Hussein Obama. Sara Palin just so happens to be the Governor of the only state that borders two foreign countries.
She has personally worked on negotiating a multi-billion dollar energy pipeline with a foreign country.

Being the Governor of a state that has a direct border with the Russian Empire, who, if you recall Obama… has um….just invaded one of its neighboring states, she appears to be a country mile ahead of you and your terrorist associates.

Have you run any “National Guards” lately Hussein?

Running Bill Ayer’s slush funds don’t exactly count. Sorry.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has a son in the military.
Got any immediate family in the Miltary Hussein O.? (and we don’t mean Al Qaeda)
Didn’t think so dude.

Yea yea yea.

We all know Hussein that you got experience with terrorists, drug dealers, and racists, but not in struggling against them dude………. but rather in befriending them.

While Sara Palin was busy in office passing ethics reform, Hussein Obama spent his time in office..well……… running for President.

The lefties and Dhiimicrats claim this choice is all a “gimmick”. Well, If this is a gimmick…… it worked on me. Heh.

Gov. Sara Palin has the innate ability to make people feel good about themselves, which most Americans haven’t felt for a long, long time. Didn’t she grab you the minute she opened her mouth? The enthusiasm she generated was nothing short of electrifying.

Sorry Hussein Obama……You can’t exactly practice that quality in front of a mirror, or a telepromter for that matter.

Let’s place bets y’all: How long before Hussein Obama calls her “sweetie.” ha.
Sexist and revolting comments about Sarah Palin from the “progressive” leftards will be a given.

So, What do I see?
I see two “real people”, with love of country versus two “empty suits”.

Battle lines have been drawn my friends.
If JohhnyMac chooses John Bolton for Secretary of State, heck, I’d say wer’e good to go.

By the way: Thank you, Senator McCain.

I do believe Sir, that you may just have saved this country from Marxist, IzlamoNazi Hell.

John and Sara: They’re gunna rock that little Hawaiian upstart….big time!

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Sara Palin..Booyahhh!

Friday, August 29th, 2008

I knowI I know!

Sooooooo much to discuss. I promise we will!

In the mean time……… wet that appetite of yours………

PropogandA WaR: Toronto Luvs Israel

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

September marks the beginning of an ambitious new pilot program, being run by the consul-general in Toronto, Amir Gissin, to “rebrand” Israel.

Starting with print ads that will be featured prominently in bus shelters and billboards across the city, and continuing with radio and editorial content, Torontonians can expect to see Israel being portrayed as an innovative leader in technology that brings real benefits to their own lives.
Brand Israel

With campuses around the world hosting “Israel Apartheid Week” on an annual basis and ex-presidents of the United States using the word in a book title, the need to have an ongoing campaign that will implant positive emotional associations to Israel has become crucial.

Wow. Is it even conceivable to imagine no more international hatred of Israel’s policies regarding the Arabs?

Governments worldwide, lick the feet of Muzlim terrorists, feed on their vile self-loathing to further their leftist plans of surrendering the West Bank, Gaza and eventually even the Jewish Holy City of Jerusalem to Muzlims: America and the free worlds’ sworn enemy.

Canadian Moonbats and Haters:

But hey…They do have Muzlim Honor Killers in Canada.
Dad charged in teen’s death

A 16-year-old girl is dead and her father has been charged with murder after an attack in a Mississauga home.
“She said she was always scared of her dad, she was always scared of her brother … and she’s not scared of nobody,” said classmate……..”

Why is it the joint force of Muzlim and leftist, vile, anti American and anti semitic propaganda goes virtually unanswered on campuses worldwide and in the mainstream media?

Any free thinking person knows that Israel is one of the most vibrant, technologically advanced, humane democracies in the world.jewish.gif

Yet she is allowed to be viciously demonized.

The American, Israeli, and I daresay most European (perhaps even Australian) governments are an embarrassment to non-masochistic citizens globally.

We do not “embrace” dhimmitude, thank you very much.

Yet modern day governments insist on maintaining the image of a Jew cowering in the face of modern day Arab pogroms in Israel, and free Americans and Europeans tossing their own precious culture in the rubbish bin.
Americans and Europeans welcome and subsidize whole communities of Muzlims who celebrate Sept 11 and shriek in our streets “Behead the Infidels” and “Apartheid Israel”.

Look at the facts:
-Saudi money, ergo mosques all over America.
-Oslo. Disengagement. Sderot. Disaster.
-Geert Wilders now on the run because of the truth of “Fitna”.
-Olmert, Livni, and the latest, terrorist Ayers buddy– Hussein Obama.

The average Canadian uses Israeli products and inventions most likely daily.
Time for some truth and gratitude sweet friends. canadaani-buddy.gif

Stephen Harper: Good people.

“When it comes to dealing with a war between Israel and a terrorist organization, this country and this government cannot and will never be neutral,” Harper said.

“Those who seek to destroy the Jews, who seek to destroy Israel, will … ultimately seek to destroy us all. It is why Canada’s new government has reacted with speed and spoken with clarity on the recent events in the Middle East.”

David Miller ,Mayor of Toronto at Jewish festival.

Big Props to the consul-general in Toronto, Amir Gissin for fighting this War on the propaganda front.

Time for America and the rest of the world to follow suit my dears.

Indeedy. Splash those positive America, Israel and freedom loving messages on bus shelters and billboards across the world.
Watch the terrorist loving leftards squirm.

Not a moment too soon.

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100 CaloriE TreatS

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

If you think buying junk food in small packages will help you eat less, look out —marketers know the truth.

Two new marketing studies found that some people tend to consume more calories when junk food portions and packages are smaller. For some, it’s because they perceive small packages to be … get this … diet food.

For others, it’s just the temptation of small sins.

Small Packages Trick People to Eat More

Manufacturers are releasing more and more products in smaller packages. And in recent years, several brand-name products, from chips to cookies to candy, have been released in smaller packages promoted as having just 100 calories. In terms of sales, the tactic has proven successful, past research shows.

Sooooooooo……….Are there really any shortcuts to losing weight?

Hmmmm..So many choices.

High-fat, low-carbohydrate diets.
High-protein, low-carbohydrate.
“Detox” or “cleansing diets.

Diet pills?

Drawbacks to some diets:

-Oftentimes people lose weight too quickly, and as we know– put those ole pounds right back on.
-Many diets lack essential nutrients.

Dieting is no fun. Blech.

Dinner’s ready hun.biggrin.gif

Some recommendations include eliminating alcohol (those calories add up real quick). Did they just say eliminate alcohol?

Eliminating caffeine. So much for my friends the coffee lovers addicts.rotfl.gif

A number of them focus on whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, whole grains.
Find those yummy antioxidants, from green drinks such as wheatgrass or barley-grass juice. Um..ok.
Fresh fruits, especially citrus, kiwi and berries.

Include dark green leafy and root vegetables.

What are they you ask? Shame on ya!. boggled0.gif .Watercress, carrots, sweet potatoes, broccolli, brussels sprouts, spinach, green beans or peppers. Not too bad eh.

OK. I’ll try to make this as tempting as possible.

Not exactly in the same league as this eh?daydream.gif

Knock yourself out with some wholegrains such as rice, millet, rye, oats, wholewheat, corn, and quinoa.

And lots and lots of….water. (you know that tasteless, odorless, calorie-less drink) Heh.

Just think: One pound of fat is the size of a small brick. Hmmm.

Now where are those mini 100 calorie packets of M&M’s.

I could use a dozen.

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Lyse Doucet: TalibaN Barbarians DefendeR

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Doozie of the Day.

Today’s Doozies:
Lines that ought to be jokes..but are dead serious.

Angel’s first prize goes to:
Lyse Doucet, a presenter and correspondent on BBC World News.skullpink.gif

Here’s her little “gem”:

“What’s lacking in the coverage of the Afghans is the sense of the humanity of the Afghans.
‘It may sound odd but the humanity of the Taliban, because the Taliban are a wide, very diverse group of people.”
TV reporters are not showing the Taliban’s humanity, says BBC presenter

Doucet, who also covered Iraq in 2003, and the war between Israel and Hizbollah in 2006, added: ‘The right questions were not asked.’

Wait. Hold up. Rewind. Did she just say Humanity of the Taliban??

Perhaps this so called reporter for the Burka Broadcasting Co. should don one herself.

Indeed. She offers some real “front line” coverage eh?

Imagine the millions of Afghan women who are daily threatened, beaten and ultimately murdered for having the temerity to simply want an education and the freedom which Lyse apparently so takes for granted.

‘The right questions were not asked?, she has the audacity to say.


(What kinna name is that anyway?..Do ya pronounce it “Lice”?) bug-eat.gif

Questions such as these Lyse.

-Why do Radical Izlamists and their kissin cousins the Tali-BAN endlessly quote the Koooran while maintaining terrorist cells in 60 countries.

-Why is it that Muzlims, and their pals the Tali-BAN yet again, quoting the Koooran blew up a train in Spain, attacked buses and trains in London, erected massive bombs in Bangladesh, beheaded and burned civilians in Thailand, bombed a night club in Bali, which burned 202 people to death?

-Why do Muzlims and the Talis routinely carry out suicide attacks on innocent, civilian Israelis, routinely bury IEDs in Iraq, killing our precious soldiers, while hiding behind children?

-How come Ms. Doucet, there are countless verses in the Koooran that are inimical to those of other religions?
Why have they created a Dar-al-Is-lam vs. a Dar-al-Harb, separating us infidels pig33.jpg from them holy Muzlims?

-How is it that you as a woman can begin to find “hidden good” among those who are violently hostile to women’s full rights in Izlam and ALL Izlamic countries, that demand the dhimmitude or murder of non-Muzlims, yourself sweetheart?

-Why is it that you can bring yourself to defend those who incorporate desert, primitive, tribalist, sadistic punishments (amputations and stonings) for criminal or even non-criminal acts.

Next thing ya know, Lyse will be thrusting herself upon the moral high ground, with her Lefty, freedom bashing buddies by claiming American culture is decadent and that, of course— the reason we got attacked on Sept 11 is that Muzlims, the Talis and Al Qaeeda were simply disgusted by our immoral behavior.

We all had it coming, right Lyse?

Of course we never did truly understand the sweetness and light of the German National Socialist Party of the 1930s either. Our bad.

I don’t know about y’all but I will sleep so much better at night in my infidel bed knowing there are the likes of Lyse Doucet around..defending those who behead, burn, rape, torture, incarcerate, and stone, anyone who refuses to accept the self appointed authority of supremist Izlamo-Nazism, who wish to gag all of humanity with their twisted, hateful misogynistic “laws and rules” and enforce them upon sovereign nations world wide.

Speaking of asking the “right questions” Lyse…
We got a few of our own back here in the States:

When are you, Ms Apologist for Terrorism, going to resign?

Guess what Lyse…You wouldn’t even have a bloody job if you were in a country ruled by your precious, misunderstood Tali-BAN.

Better yet girl…Why don’t ya go to Afghanistan and experience the humanity of the Tali-BAN first hand for yourself eh?

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ObamA, Biden, Germany and SwastikaS

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

Police searching for vandals who painted 11 swastikas on some of 2,700 gray slabs of Shoah monument.
Berlin Holocaust memorial vandalized
The memorial to the Holocaust’s 6 million Jewish victims is a field of gray slabs situated close to Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate.

It opened to the public in 2005 and is freely accessible around the clock. It has been vandalized several times since then.

Perhaps “Obama America” and his sidekick Biden, the terrorist supporter, should head back to Germany eh?

Do Not Enter indeed.

After all Biden loves anti semite Muzlims almost as much as Hussein, the closet Muslim, Obama:

Biden flatly refuses to designate the IRGC as a terrorist organization.

Sen. Joe Biden– should be named an honorary soldier in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

We’re all familiar with the IRGC: Iran’s unique corps of Islamist fighters who have been directly involved in deadly attacks against U.S. soldiers in Iraq – even Afghanistan – threatening our ships in the Persian Gulf; and organizing, training, equipping, funding, and providing direct operational support to Lebanon-based Hezbollah (perhaps the most dangerous terrorist army on earth).

And that’s just for starters.
Joe Biden, friend of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps
Also known as the Pasdaran, the IRGC is not Iran’s conventional territorial armed force, but the military force of the Khomeinist-inspired Islamic Revolution. The organization fields an army, a navy, and an air force, as well as an extranational special-operations force known as the Quds (Jerusalem) Force.

On September 26, 2007, Biden voted “Nay” to Senate Amendment 3017 (S. Amdt. 3017) – a piece of legislation amending S. Amdt. 2011 to H.R. 1585 – “to express the sense of the Senate regarding Iran.”
..the amendment said, “the United States should designate the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps as a foreign terrorist organization … and place the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps on the list of Specially Designated Global Terrorists.”

Nice goin fellers.

Quite the duo.

We got Hussein with his pastor, racist wife, his Muzzlim past & his terrorist associations.
and his sideshow: Joe Biden, friend of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The dream team.

No thanks Hussein.

Americans have no interest in being “just like the rest of the world” or becoming Euro-peeon’s dude.

We strive to remain what we have always been, and which is why we are so envied and hated: “better than the rest of the world.” That’s right. I said “Better”. Kinder, more generous, more compassionate and more Free.

Whom do you think is dispensing humanitarian aid to Georgia even as we speak?
Saudi Arabia? Think again.

If Hussein Obama and his sidekick Biden have their way, America will become a one size fits all whipping boy for every negative obsession spewing forth from the EU.

Ich bin ein a global citizen! Not.

Virulent anti semitism in Germany?..What a shocker.
Got any comment on this latest atrocity Hussein? Or ya too busy installing footbaths somewhere in Middle America?

The Euroweenies celebrate when they perceive America being brought to her knees. No wonder they love Hussein Obama. They recognize him as the means to that end.

Ah yes…Well here they are again: People of Berlin, People of the World……….splattering more swastikas around.

Perhaps Hussein could do another world tour..This time Spain is a must. You know those pesky lil Spaniards who voted for Zapatero, the biggest socialist appeaser of them all – who promised to bring home Spanish troops from Iraq if elected.

Now Spain is sittin around like the rest of Western Europe welcoming Wahhabis with open arms, (which haven’t been chopped off just yet), building more mosques and singing kumbaya with their soon to be executioners.

Okay. Muzlim terrorist loving Europe is not entirely hopeless…After all it is where we get our designer eyeglass frames, Gucci bags, and the latest French fashions my dears.

The EU-nichs can afford to be smug and don’t have to concern themselves with their lack of courage. As long as we remain America the great, they are protected but…like the Muzlims……who can’t stomach the glory and strengh of Israel: They live in constant shame.

To all you swastika painters over yonder in ole Germany:
McCain may be alot of things but he isn’t an anti-American Marxist.

Make Europe Angry, Vote McCain.

Perhaps a mass chiropractic adjustment is in order.
After all, Europe’s collective neck must hurt so dang bad from constantly having to looking up to us.

Apologies to my European friends and all decent, courageous Europeans who don’t support terrorism.

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ResT & RelaxatioN..Ahhh

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Did you know that when you don’t give yourself some R&R or just relaaaax, you are putting yourself at risk for illness as well as other side effects?lazyy154.gif

Much as we’d like to deny it..(or at least some of us) we mortals needs approximately 7-8 hours of sleep each night to restore our stunning little bodies with the energy they require to handle all of the demands of living day to day.

When we don’t get enough rest, we have difficulty concentrating, thinking clearly, and remembering things.
Trust me. This I know first hand. Ha. chillinani-ddy.gif

Now where was I……….

Yes yes yes….about the moodiness quotient……..
A shortage of good ole rest and relaxation affects your mood.…it aint good.

Research has shown that when we miss out on good nights rest, our personality is affected.
Wer’e irritable, grouchy, crabby….Should I go on?

Namely..we aint too much fun to be around.

Isn’t that reason enough to take a break, unwind, relax and loosen up?
Um…you may want to ask your loved ones or co workers bout that one. heh.

There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.
Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

The mark of a successful man is one that has spent an entire day on the bank of a river without feeling guilty about it.

The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.
Jim Goodwin and Sydney J. Harris

Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.
Etty Hillesum

Sooooooo sweet friends…………What’s your excuse for not just “chillin out” this weekend eh?

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O.K..All together now: OOOooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm.
There there. Dontcha feel better already?

James Hoyt: Hero Beyond MeasurE

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

James Hoyt delivered mail in rural Iowa for more than 30 years.

Yet Hoyt had long kept a secret from most of those who knew him best: He was one of the four U.S. soldiers to first see Germany’s Buchenwald concentration camp.

Hoyt died Monday at his home in Oxford, Iowa, a town of about 700 people where he had lived his entire life. He was 83.
Buchenwald liberator, American hero dies at 83
Hoyt had rarely spoken about that day in 1945, but he recently opened up to a journalist.

“There were thousands of bodies piled high. I saw hearts that had been taken from live people in medical experiments,” Hoyt told author Stephen Bloom in a soon-to-be-published book called “The Oxford Project.”

“They said a wife of one of the SS officers — they called her the B*tch of Buchenwald — saw a tattoo she liked on the arm of a prisoner, and had the skin made into a lampshade. I saw that.”

“Mr. Hoyt, as a young man, saw unspeakable horrors when he was one of the soldiers to discover the Buchenwald concentration camp, and those are experiences as a country and a world we can never forget.

“You think back on a young man 19 years old and to have the experience that he had,” Geren said, his voice dissolving before ever finishing his thought.

Even 63 years after the liberation, Hoyt suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and attended a weekly group therapy session at a Veterans Affairs facility.

“Seeing these things, it changes you. I was a kid,” he said. “Des Moines had been the furthest I’d ever been from home. I still have horrific dreams. Usually someone needs help and I can’t help them. I’m in a situation where I’m trapped and I can’t get out.”

The discovery of Buchenwald, on April 11, 1945, began the liberation of more than 21,000 prisoners from one of the largest Nazi concentration camps of World War II.

There exists not enough praise to be heaped upon our United States soldiers, personified by James Hoyt, Buchenwald liberator.

The American Soldier.

Despite his sadness, pain, and sorrow
set always for the trials of tomorrow

Tired, hungry and frightened at best,
evil enemies keeping him from much needed rest

We fear, we plead that he will be alright,
pray the Lord will help him make it through just one more night.

At times he is wounded beyond repair
the thrashing and pain felt we can not compare

But to know and love a Soldier and walk through his pain
will humble any civilian, who dare no longer complain

How does he get through his chilling and terrifying deeds?
With our loyalty, trust, support and hope..
which is all an American Soldier needs.

Liberating Buchenwald.

The official U.S. military account of the liberation called the camp “a symbol of the chill-blooded cruelty of the German Nazi state,” where thousands of political prisoners were starved and “others were burned, beaten, hung and shot to death.”

“There is reason to believe that the prompt arrival of the 6th Armored Division … on the scene saved many hundreds and perhaps thousands of lives,” it said.

Never Again.

May your spirit rest gently Mr. Hoyt.
and may the good Lord continue to bless your righteous family.

How great a man you must be, to literally have set another part of the world free.

To all the men and women who wear uniforms, protecting our rights and cherished values.

Glory to the American Flag. Long may she wave.

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Russian Invasion of Georgia: WhO CareS?

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Gee. I must have slept through the rallys and marchs throughout the USA against the Russian invasion of Georgia.

You know, the usual suspects..the Lib and Code Stink protesters standing against cruelty, tyranny and supporting freedom and democracy. Uh huh.

The self same sickoes who portray our President George W. Bush as Hitler and defend burning the American and Israeli flags as ahem…”freedom of speech”.

Boy did they ever take to the streets to shriek against the wars in Iraq and Lebanon.

Torture at Guantanamo Bay: unacceptable!
Saddam the Monster Hussein slaughtering the Kurds? No Big deal.

Russian, Muzlim or Chinese human rights violations and cold blooded killing? No problemo baby.

Did you not know? Everything evil and sinister in this world is due to American imperialism.
Muzlim conquest, or Russian and Chinese military imperialism?
Deafening Silence from the Lefties.

Then again what happened to Georgia is all America’s fault.
Haven’t you heard?

I mean, the nerve of Mikhail Saakashvili and Georgia becoming members of the European Union or applying to join Nato.
How dare they encourage the spread of democracy?

Hussein Obama can truly be the Liberal lefties Messianic leader. After all, his favorite indoor sport and pastime is kissing the tuchuses of tyrants, dictators and genocidal maniacs.

Here’s a quickie Math lesson for Y’all:

The Left is brutally anti-American.
The Georgian government is pro-American.

The Left sides with the Russians.
Got it?


Back at the Israeli ranch……….

Israel is quietly lending a humanitarian hand.

JERUSALEM, Israel – Seventy-five new immigrants [olim chadashim in Hebrew] who fled the Russian offensive in Georgia are happy to be home.

A benefits package prepared by the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, includes ulpan (intensive Hebrew school), subsidized rent, and employment counseling and training.
“I feel like I’ve come home,”said Vaj’a Memisashvili, who arrived with wife and two children, ages three and eight, last week.
Georgian ‘Olim’ Happy to be Home

Those who fled the horrors of this war are still living with its aftermath. Dozens of them have found new homes in Israel.

Behind the scenes of all the madness, 400 Israelis, and 30 new Jewish immigrants, from the Georgian capital of Tbilisi are part of an emergency airlift (by Israel) just hours after Russia ordered their so called cease-fire.

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