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Mumbai and America HaterS

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

Would you not think the massacre in Mumbai would give even liberals pause?

Hell no.

Painful Graphic Images for humans with a heart. ( no discernable effect on Libtards, outside of engendering more America bashing)

Liberals are not capable of thinking their way past their own narcissistic preening to understand the evil and enemy we are up against.

Don’t misunderstand.
The problem is not that they don’t understand the kind of enemy “WE” are up against.
The problem is that they do not even accept that there is a “we” to be up against.

To them America itself is the enemy.
Yup. Wrap your mind around that lil ditty:
America is the problem.

Or haven’t you heard?
America is thoroughly racist, sexist, homophobic, and inherently evil.

Anyone, or any group, who hates and targets America is, ipso facto, a freedom fighter.

Anyone or any filthy, barbaric regime that America defeats is, ipso facto, an oppressed victim.

Y’all know the drill. If we Westerners were just “understanding” enough, we wouldn’t deserve barbaric attacks from Muslim extremists, while Muslim moderates remain useless and silent.

Can you name one activist Muslim organization designed to combat muslim terrorism worldwide?
Uh huh.

Mumbai, courtesy the Religion of Death:

(Photos: Reuters, AP, Getty.)

Fret not about Muslims pitching in to do their share.
Apparently, a song recorded by one of the Bali bombers before their execution for mass murder is being used as a ringtone by members of the Religion of Death throughout Indonesia.
Comforting, aint it?
We Beat Up the United States

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To families and friends of the victims:
Like birds gently singing in the rain, let grateful memories survive in times of sorrow.

Mumbai Massacre

Friday, November 28th, 2008

An ultra-orthodox Jewish group based in Brooklyn confirmed Friday that a New York rabbi and his wife were killed in terrorist attacks in India that have claimed more than 150 lives.

Rabbi Gavriel Noach Holtzberg and his wife, Rivkah, who ran the movement’s local headquarters in Mumbai, India, were killed during a hostage standoff at the center..


The couple’s toddler son, Moshe Holtzberg, was rescued Thursday by an employee and is now with his grandparents.

Tragedy would be a masterpiece of understatement.

In Mumbai, India yet again, and again, and AGAIN……. Islamic terrorist thugs murdered.This time- all of the Jewish hostages who had been taken at the Lubavitch Chabad House.

Peruse the NY Times for the fact that these Jewish hostages were targeted and taken simply because they were Jews.

They met the same fate as all their co-religionists under the vile thumb of the Religion of Killing and Hate: Death.

Jewish victims of Ham-ASS:

The Jews there were killed because they were Infidels. Like you and me.

The Americans and Brits in the 2 hotels, in addition to the 100 or so Hindus were killed the last 2 days in the rampage because they were Infidels.

Lo and behold: A Turkish couple were freed by the jihadis. Why?..Oh, because they were Muslim.

Anyone consider stormtrooping the Chabad house?
Of course not. Some Muslim terrorists may have actually met their 72 virgins, while some Jews and innocents may still be among the living.

A day after glorious Thankgiving, we are fed more brutality, murder and savagery against innocents around the world, courtesy : IZLAM.

Rabbi Gavriel Noach Holtzberg and his precious wife Rivkah.

To the parents and family of this beautiful young couple murdered by Islamaniacs.
Blessed be the True and only Judge.

You have our deepest heartfelt condolences.
Blessed be their memories.

May their souls ascend swiftly to Heaven and may they have a special place in the next world.

To send aid please go to Relief Fund

Thanksgiving Wishes

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

Thanksgiving Scents.

What’s the aroma at your house when you open the door?




Candied and

Mmmmmmmmmm good!

At our place, you’ll find mountains of turkey and pie, (apple, blueberry, cherry and pumpkin..oh my!)
Sweet yams and mashed potatoes piled high to the sky.

You will find me surrounded by the ones I love most.
Laughing, eating, and offering a toast,
For this meal, For this day,
For the years yet to come,

To my precious family and their zany fun.

To our troops near and far:

Another year has turned its circle,
the seasons still come and go.
The harvest is gathered in;
And chilly north winds have begun to blow.

Those serving our dear Nation are often gone,
Yet their spirit remains, closely drawn

They give us the freedom to celebrate Thanksgiving Day,
So, if you can
keep one plate bare, and for their safety: pray.

I send you all gentle kisses and smiles
Though you are apart from your loved ones by so many miles.

And To you sweet friends,
May your Thanksgiving Day be magnificent from the start till it ends.

So very thankful for all of YOU and my friends at The Pink Flamingo – WordPress, Rosemary’s Thoughts, Faultline USA, The World According to Carl, DragonLady’s World, Pirate’s Cove, The Pink Flamingo, Leaning Straight Up, Democrat=Socialist, L.O.M.A., and Conservative Cat, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.

Marines Take on Insurgents..and WiN

Monday, November 24th, 2008

FARAH PROVINCE, Afghanistan — In the city of Shewan, approximately 250 insurgents ambushed 30 Marines and paid a heavy price for it.

Marine Makes Insurgents Pay the Price

. “Our vehicles came under a barrage of enemy RPGs (rocket propelled grenades) and machine gun fire. One of our ‘humvees’ was disabled from RPG fire, and the Marines inside dismounted and laid down suppression fire so they could evacuate a Marine who was knocked unconscious from the blast.”

The vicious attack that left the humvee destroyed and several of the Marines pinned down in the kill zone sparked an intense eight-hour battle as the platoon desperately fought to recover their comrades.

After recovering the Marines trapped in the kill zone, another platoon sergeant personally led numerous attacks on enemy fortified positions while the platoon fought house to house and trench to trench in order to clear through the enemy ambush site.

“The biggest thing to take from that day is what Marines can accomplish when they’re given the opportunity to fight,” the sniper said..

During the battle, the designated marksman single handedly thwarted a company-sized enemy RPG and machinegun ambush by reportedly killing 20 enemy fighters with his devastatingly accurate precision fire. He selflessly exposed himself time and again to intense enemy fire during a critical point in the eight-hour battle for Shewan in order to kill any enemy combatants who attempted to engage or maneuver on the Marines in the kill zone. What made his actions even more impressive was the fact that he didn’t miss any shots, despite the enemies’ rounds impacting within a foot of his fighting position.


1-Our precious American Marines are outnumbered and attacked by Izlamo-Maniacs.

2-They attack (big time) in response.

3-Our sworn enemy die, in large numbers, I might add.

4-Our cowardly enemy abandon their weapons and run away with their keffiahs tied between their legs.

5-Mainstream Media says nothing.

“….the small group of Marines pushed forward and broke the enemies’ spirit as many of them dropped their weapons and fled the battlefield.”

Not only is our media not the mouthpiece of our Military, they are not remotely sympathetic to the cause.

And what exactly is the ethos they so loathe?

Qualities such as masculinity, (yes, it does still exist), self-discipline, sacrifice, courage, achievement, courtesy, unity and above all: Honor.

Popular multi-culti groupthink devalues physical toughness, (especially in men), frown upon automatic obedience, (unless it’s by Izlamo-Maniacs..then we need to “understand it”) and loathe emotional hardness: all qualities needed for soldiering.

Make no mistake about it.
Our Military is what maintains democracy.

These are our guys, sweet friends.This War would soon be over……………….
If only we’d let them Git-ter done!

Y’all can vote for this article HERE Thanks!:)

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The Race Card and Drunk blacks

Friday, November 21st, 2008

No sweet friends. This is not a joke:

Lawyer: Test Unfairly Rates Black Men’s Lung Capacity.

Breathalyzer Device Is Racist, Lawyer Says

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — A lawyer representing a man charged with drunken driving has claimed Connecticut’s breathalyzers discriminate against blacks.
In a motion filed Tuesday in Bridgeport Superior Court, Ruane asked a judge to suppress his client’s breathalyzer test results.

He contends the device used by state police and most local police departments, the Intoxilyzer 5000, discriminates against blacks.

Ruane said research shows the lung capacity of a black man is 3 percent lower than a white man’s and, therefore, black men’s test results vary from the sobriety standard set by the device.

Just when ya thought the race card couldn’t be stretched any further.

I guess all those first place marathon winners from Kenya weren’t clued in that lung capacity of a black is 3 percent lower than a white eh? Ha.

Wow. I reckon THIS DUDE didn’t get the memo either.

BOSTON Tony Reed, has become the first Black runner to finish a marathon on all seven continents.

Or the winners in Mumbai or Boston either………

But keep whippin out that race card.
I hear it’s all the rage.

If you must drink and drive, drink Pepsi.

If you drink, don’t drive. Don’t even putt.
Dean Martin

Truthfully, there’s nothing remotely humorous about drunk driving.
But there is something beneath contempt about a lawyer using race to allow a drunk driver back on our roads to possibly kill your child.
First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you.
Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald

Anyone up for a game of cards?

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Ode to Conservatives

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

In light of and in spite of our descent into the ObamaNation, a.k.a. Marxism and soft tyranny……………….

To all genuine Conservatives who are struggling to remain guardians of our precious Constitution, despite being beseiged and under attack by our fellow Americans and media.

We understand profoundly why the framers of this one of a kind, prized document specifically called for limited government.

Limited as in limited.

Because, unlike the pseudo-compassionate Leftards, who want BIGGG government to institute arbitrary rules and regs..They actually believed in maximizing individual liberty.

Individual liberty.
Y’all do remember that, don’t you?

Yet Conservatives are the ones labelled uncompromising, and of course – heartless extremists.
Izlamo Nazis who murder and maim worldwide never warrant such vitriol.

To all of you who wrestle daily to secure our steadily slipping away liberty.
You know who you are.

You resist succumbing to the sinister, gutless promise of BIG government-provided security.
You treasure family, believe in hard work, traditional values and God.

This battle is a call to action like no other.

Here’s to all of you.

You cherish the United States of America as we have known it, and are not quite ready to kiss it …………goodbye.

I salute you.
Steady on sweet friends.

Hope is the only real tonic.

Spreadin optimism to y’all and my friends at Rosemary’s Thoughts, Faultline USA, third world county, Wake Up America, Right Truth, Walls of the City, The World According to Carl, Pirate’s Cove, Rosemary’s News and Ideas, Cao’s Blog, Leaning Straight Up, Democrat=Socialist, Conservative Cat, and Right Voices, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.

Computer Hell..arg!

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

Sweet friends…we seem to be up n runnin..(for the time bein anyway!)

Will be back to…ranting soon as I recuperate from the PC headache.

Thanks for your endless patience.

The problem with troubleshooting is that trouble shoots back. comp-disconnect.gif

To err is human, but to really foul things up requires a computer.comp-shut.gif

I just wish my mouth had a backspace key.

Who hates computer glitches more than me?

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Saudi Arabia teaching Tolerance?

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

Critics Say U.N. ‘Culture of Peace’ Meeting Hides Culture of Oppression

Critics are blasting the United Nations for hosting a meeting to talk about religious and cultural tolerance sponsored by Saudi Arabia, a country in which the U.S. government has said religious freedom is non-existent.

Following up on an interfaith meeting they held in Madrid in July, the Saudis asked the United Nations to hold a meeting on the “Culture of Peace,” but some think it’s a move to lend support to the defamation of religions resolution that the world body will vote on this fall.

The White House announced on Wednesday that President Bush will attend the meeting on Nov. 13, and will also meet with King Abdullah while in New York.

Israeli President Shimon Peres will also attend the conference. Peres supports a Saudi-sponsored plan to make peace between Israel and the Arab world…

Critics say that Saudi Arabia’s track record on religious tolerance and human rights shows that its dialogue initiative is just talk.

“We’d like to see a conference like this take place inside Saudi Arabia and the fact that it isn’t speaks volumes.
The practice of religions other than Islam, and Wahhabi Islam in particular, in Saudi Arabia is forbidden, so religious leaders of other faiths could not go to Saudi Arabia, she said.

Churches are also forbidden in the country.

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is, by our estimates, one of the worst places on the earth for religious tolerance. There is none. There is no religious liberty in Saudi Arabia at all”..

Commission chairwoman Gaer thinks it’s more than a public relations move for the Saudi government, it’s a cooperative effort between Muslim nations to reinforce the defamation of religion resolution they’re sponsoring before the General Assembly this fall.

Gaer said the Saudi-sponsored inter-faith meeting in Madrid, like the U.N. resolution, was part of an attempt to legitimize sharia law by making attendees sign a declaration that said the participants would encourage “respecting heavenly religions, preserving their high status, condemning any insult to their symbols.”

Reality check folks:

Speaking, writing or drawing cartoons in any matter about Islam, which terrorists like S.A. or CA-IR consider “offensive” will soon be a “crime.”
Ya got me?
A crime.

While Muslim babies teethe on Christian and Jew hatred worldwide.

Most of us have seen the videos portraying the most hateful, “kill all infidels” material .. aimed at none other than Muslim children, financed by none other than the house of Saudi.

The Good ole Magic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest financial sponsor of Islamic terrorism, not to mention anti-Semitism…oops, sorry I guess I just did. My bad.

And for once, let us be honest friends.
The overwhelming majority of the Muslim population, worldwide, support Ham-ASS and terrorism against Israel and Jews, with their bogus, phoney claim to the Jewish homeland.

But President Bush and President Peres are willing to meet, hold hands (oh wait, he won’t touch a Jew’s bad again)… and sing kumbaya with a self proclaimed King who doesn’t even permit Judaism or Christianity to be practiced within its borders. Don’t even get me started on misogynism.

Most Muslims idea of “peace” is the entire world under Muslim rule.

While we in the West actually define “peace” as the absence of conflict. Silly us.

Jews and Christians are routinely vilified in sermons worldwide in mosques and madrasses by Saudi-funded imams.
Hypocrisy would be a masterpiece of understatement.

So, instead of spitting in his face, or on his keffiah, terrorist scarf, we hand this terrorist in robes, and so called “King” all the international prestige he salivates for.

Do we discredit and expose the Saudis for who they truly are?
Hell no. Time and time again, we countenance our would be killers.

Ah yes…Dubai…and Saudi Arabia, the fabulous tourist attraction for rock and movie stars, where robbers get their hands amputated to this day, where… homosexuals are hung, where men practicing polygamy or pedophilia are revered , but women must wear a full length black bag or go to jail.

Where women can not drive or leave their homes without the accompaniment of a male.
Where rape victims are tortured.
Where brothers, fathers and uncles slit their own daughters’ necks..for …”honor.”

Where there is not a Church or synagogue to be found.

But………..Back at the farm… Muslims whine, sue and litigate NON stop in free countries insane enough to allow them residence.

I have an idea.
Go to a Muslim country and guess what you see? Zero tolerance for any other religion.
Less than zero, were that possible.

And…This is the country who is invited to teach us tolerance?

Needless to say this joke of meeting is being hosted by the secularist thugocracy known as the UN, that hell hold rife with anti semitism, political correctness, corruption and a.. cough cough “human rights council” which is monopolized by the most horrible regimes in the world, whose “peacekeepers” spend their time raping children.

President Bush and Peres:
Hang your heads in shame.

You’re a disgrace to anyone who lost a loved one in the Twin Towers, burned alive, by none other than our “Saudi” pals.

You’re an even bigger shame and disgrace to any soldier who ever fought in the United States Army or the I.D.F.. risking life and limb defending freedom and liberty.

Y’all can vote for this article HERE


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African Refugees Escape to.. Israel

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Extra Extra. Read all about it!

Arab countries rushing to embrace their brethren! NOT.

It was only six months ago that John Pasahi and Taspaldat Dasta, both 17-years old, fled the bloody civil war in their homeland of Eritrea, crossed through Sudan and Egypt to Sinai, and at the end of an exhausting and dangerous journey
found refuge in Israel.

Teen refugees win Tel Aviv race

Last Friday the two young men won the Israeli championships in the 10,000 meter road race for competitors below 19, which was held in Tel Aviv.

Two young Eritreans who fled their country only six months ago win first and second place on national 10,000 meter road race this weekend. Now they dream of representing Israel in the Olympic Games

Dasta said that although he misses his family and country, he would like to stay in Israel, become nationalized and enlist in the army.
“But my biggest dream,” he said, “is to represent Israel in the Olympics. I can’t even describe how exciting it would be for me to realize this dream.”

Ah yes. That evil Israel.

Notice how these African “refugees” didn’t bother escaping to a Muslim country or even applying in Egypt for refugee status.

Nuh Uh.

Don’t expect Arab countries to help

Eritrea severed diplomatic relations with Sudan in 1994, citing that the latter was hosting Islamic terrorist groups to destabilize Eritrea, and both countries entered into an acrimonious relationship, each accusing the other of hosting various opposition rebel groups or “terrorists” and soliciting outside support to destabilize the other.

Why do ya suppose over 12,000 refugees flee to Israel each year?
(despite being next door neighbors with Saudi Arabia)

Because despite thousands of years of expusion, persecution, torture and genocide globally, the Jewish people and the Land of Israel learned this lesson from history:

Love others. Be merciful, generous, loving, and compassionate.

Not: ….like a people who imperialized, murdered and conquered all the countries around them throughout their Muslim history but learned THIS:

Hate others. Throw stones. Blow yourself up along with everyone around you.

Over 100,000 Ethiopian Jews live in Israel.

Despite the exodus of Jews from Asmara after Ethopia gained control, Eritrea and Israel stilll maintained strong ties.
Both nations were born of a violent struggle.

Israel, incidentally, was one of the first countries to recognize Eritrea’s independence in 1993.

Another fact conveniently lost on black anti semites.
Farakhan, Sharpton, Rev. Wright and his buddy Barak Hussein Obama etc…..

Eritrea has access to the Red Sea and is bordered by Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen,… all which happen to be hostile to Israel. Shocker, I know.

John Pasahi and Taspaldat Dasta.

Two future members of the I.D.F.
Get citizenship guys and welcome to Israel!

Y’all can vote for this article HERE Thanks!:)

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Obama and um..”Change”

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

Ok sweet friends.

Opinions please! Heh girla.gif

Two questions:

Can anyone refute this rationally?


Does this guy ever take a breath?


Couldn’t have…said – it better myself.

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