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Obama the Appeaser

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009


Isn’t it simply charming that Hussein O and the rest of the world appeasers have somehow drawn a connection between peace with the so called “Palestinians” and dealing with the nuclear threat from Iran.


Sure. Let Israel just fork over her territorial assets in Judea and Samaria in exchange for more rockets from Ham-ASS aimed at her women and children.
While the Hitler in Chief, Achhhmadinejad gloats.


According the closet Muslim Pres. hussein Obama…it’s cool if the bad guys have weapons of mass destruction, i.e. -nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. but peace-loving nations like Israel should sign treaties agreeing to disarm.

Oh wait.
According to Hussein O., there are no “bad guys” eh?


Israel has been repeatedly threatened for extinction from the day she proclaimed her nationhood by and with the passive or active support and enthusiasm of all Muslim countries.


Of course we don’t expect Hussein o and his wife, the America haters, to recall the (so-called) “Palestinians” in Gaza and the West Bank jumping up and down and dancing joyfully while watching our fellow Americans burning and jumping out of the Twin Towers.



When it comes to Israel, Hussein O invokes quite the decisive tone, insisiting on overt stipulations and pre-conditions.
When he addresses brutal, Muslim dictatorhships, (Iran, Ham-ASS and Syria )he uses a warm, apologetic, conciliatory tone.

The entire leftard Democratic party sanctifies cowardice and appeasement of the most vile and crazed thugs, including the likes of Ahmadinejad’s and Kim Jong-(mentally) ill.

Keep an eye on the Muslim in the White House:


So far, he has submitted a request to Congress to change the law so aid can be sent to the Palestinian Authority even if terrorist Ham-ASS joins a unity government.

He claims he is um..” reaching out” to moderate elements among the Taliban. Huh? dunno

He demonstrated a willingness to remove Syria from the list of terror-sponsors.

He does absolutely nothing in the face of North Korea’s provocations.
He prostrates himself and actually bows down to the Saudi kingThug.

All the while declaring that Islam has contributed to the er… “shaping of America.”
Re-shaping in the form of a crescent perhaps.


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Socialized Medicine: Uh huh.

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Down a hospital hallway, a row of stretchers line the wall near the nurse’s station. On one of them is an elderly woman who’s in pain.

She has been waiting for four hours to get into a room with a bed, but there isn’t one available.
Ontario’s push to shorten ER wait times means patients are languishing in hallways, nursing groups charge

“This is an older person who’s really wanting to have some privacy and have a room where they can just relax in and they are being forced into a situation which increases their pain,” she said. “Some of them have been examined in the hallway and that’s embarrassing, some have had to be toileted. In emerg, you have cubicles, you have people behind curtains, it’s not the same.”

Welcome to SOCIALIZED MEDICINE: courtesy Hussein Obama.

Nationalized health care. YUP.
Uneducated, naiive Americans blindly buying into the “feel-good soundbites” they hear repeatedly. Ah yes…the new statist, socialist utopia will offer us ALL the solutions. NOT.

Rule #1:
Additional government intervention invariably makes the problem one thing: worse.

And by the way, spit out those trans-fat potato chips now!
Skulking and creeping socialism gives government bureaucrats the power to poke thier noses into even your personal eating habits for ..ahem…”the public good”.

Federal bans on profit incentive kills initiative, innovations, and medical breakthroughs.

Admit it or not…..The state creates ahem…”programs” which subsequently force one segment of the tax-paying population to pay for the health care of another.
What does that do you ask?

It creates incentive alright.
The incentive to avoid taking personal responsibility for your own life and on top of it: to make others suffer the consequences.

Aw. Too bad. Get in line.
Say H’lo to your new little friend: the Federal Welfare State.

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Israeli Team punished for fans’ anti-Arab chants

Friday, May 1st, 2009


JERUSALEM (AP) — Defending soccer champion Beitar Jerusalem was penalized a point and ordered to play a home match in an empty stadium after fans shouted anti-Arab slogans.
Israeli team penalized for fans’ anti-Arab chants

The Israeli Football Association handed down the deduction after holding a special disciplinary hearing on Thursday.
The association discussed reports that Beitar fans repeatedly chanted phrases deriding the Prophet Muhammad at a game against Maccabi Petah Tikva in April.

“Beitar Jerusalem is extremely disappointed with the IFA disciplinary court’s ruling,” the team said in a statement. “This decision significantly hurts Beitar and its achievements on the soccer pitch. The club intends to appeal this outrageous ruling.”


And you wonder why Israelis are targeted.
Yes. I said it.

I’ve never seen such self hatred in action.


This reaction comes after the hateful decision by Sweden to play its Davis Cup match against Israel without any fans in the arena because of security concerns..Muslims.

After Dubai refuses to allow an Israeli to compete in their tennis match.

All this Muzlim rage aiming straight at the heart of Israel, and they punish their own team because some fans get rowdy and um…mention Muuuuhamad?

Muzlims isolating Israel as some kind of “sports pariah” is yet another sanctioned horror by the International Sports community.

Israel is the only nation on earth whose teams warrant such outrageous treatment.
Apparently, to the Muzlim hordes, athletes are indistinguishable from their government.

Teams from the world’s most horrific, repressive regimes competed in the Olympics and the soccer’s World Cup without any indignities whatsoever.

What other team has been forced to play abroad with the humiliation of an empty stadium?

Whatever happened to the promise made after the horror and massacre at Munich to treat Israel’s athletes with security and dignity huh?

And Israel eats their own.
Shame on them.

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