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Appeasing Muslims

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010


DUBAI – An Arab ambassador called off his wedding after discovering his wife-to-be, who had worn a face-covering veil whenever they met, was bearded and cross-eyed.

Arab envoy finds wife-to-be bearded behind veil

He sued for the contract to be annulled and also demanded the woman pay him 500,000 dirhams (136,000 dollars) for clothes, jewelry and other gifts he had bought for her.



Ah yes.
Bet he’s a real looker.face-ani

Allow more and more to enter our country.
What decent fellers they are toward their women eh.


Inna mean time, lil dhimmi Israel considers establishing a…um… “commission of inquiry” to look into the (blatantly anti semitic, pathetic, lying) Goldstone Report’s charges.

Appease these clowns. Right.


The Goldstone er…”Committee” of Jew bashers have decided that any effective military operation by Israel will be considered illegitimate.

Any by America as well no doubt.
Or by any other civilized nation on the planet.

And frankly ..who cares?

I have an ideer.

Let’s call for an “independent investigation” into human rights abuses in Iran.

Howabout looking into the rampant misogynism and well-known abuse which are common occurrences in ALL Muslim countries, not to mention their war crimes, crimes against humanity, geni-tal mutiliation and all their other despicable “practices.”


And while wer’e at it…Let’s peer into China and appoint a commission to investigate human rights abuses in Tibet.

And of their women:

We can then “investigate” the Indonesian massacres of Christians by Indonesian troops.


Oh right ..and what about good ole Turkey, the ahem..’moderate’ Muslim nation with their ongoing slaughter of Kurdish civilians.


Mmmhmm. Yes indeedy.

Oh oh oh… And don’t forget the Congo, Somalia, Sudan, the Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Peru, Venezuela, and Russia : pillars of morality the whole lot of them.


Inna meantime in the Muslim world: misogyny and abuse reign.

Err..No global “investigation” into that?

Mad Shark Clipart

Oh and by the way…… the bearded, cross eyed chick………


Shahar Peer

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Tennis star slams anti-Israel protests against her, says demonstrators are clueless.

Peer: Anti-Israel protestors motivate me

Tennis star Shahar Peer says the recent anti-Israel protests she has been facing while competing abroad merely motivate her to play better.

The protests were terrible,” Peer says, referring to anti-Israeli demonstrations in New Zealand and Australia, where she recently competed. “They were held last year too, but this time around they were awful. In addition to what they said about our country they also targeted me personally – they said I need to retire and that I have blood on my hands.”

“It was difficult to hear it,” Peer added. “They’re simply clueless…we need better public relations for our country, so people finally understand what’s going on here.”

Yet despite the negative attention, Peer responded to the protesters on the tennis court, with repeated victories that pushed her back into the world’s top 30.

“The more I heard, the better I played,” she said.





They harass her worldwide. Australia. New Zealand………

Shahar Peer is a part-time soldier, and serves as a military administrative secretary in the Israeli Army.

NO apologies there.


And THIS is what she has to endure over and over again:

Israeli tennis player targeted again

Protests against an Israeli tennis player at the ASB Classic boiled over as five people were arrested on Thursday.
They say they are targeting Peer because there is an international consensus that the best way to challenge Israel’s “brutal oppression of Palestinians” is through an international boycott, disinvestment and sanctions campaign.

Yet we succumb and cower and apologize for things like THIS:
No Israeli Athletes Allowed in Dubai

As for…tennis, the U.A.E. does not exactly have a sterling record on women’s rights. Further, like other Arab nations, the U.A.E. doesn’t have diplomatic relations with Israel.

“If I’m, say, Shahar Peer, the top-40 Israeli player, I’m sure not happy that my tour is sanctioning events in countries in which I am not welcome. It’s not a perfect analogy but we’ll make this one anyway: Would the WTA or ATP ever even think about sanctioning an event in a country or club that excluded African-Americans?”

“We asked the ATP and WTA about this issue and both tours reported that before giving their sanction, they had assurances that no player would be denied entry into the Dubai event.”

And of course they were taken on their ahem “word”?no7

So here’s my question:
Where is the rant from the mainstream media?..Oh and….
Why aren’t the other American athletes boycotting?

Oh..that’s’s only Jewzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz who are barred.
Not Blacks
Not Muzzzlims


Not transgendered, neutered homo-bi-tri sexuals…
so……..Big Whoop.


The we got to hear the endless juicy rationalizations awash in euphemisms and evasive language attempting to yet again justify the A-rab position.

Shame on all of us for not reacting exactly the way Shahar does.
Let their anti-Americanism, anti-Westernism and anti semitism embolden you.

More power to her. :)

No cowardice, no shame.

Dubai authorities refused an entry permit to a fully qualified Israeli female tennis player.
And the world yawns.

There are NO words.

No one in Hollywood howling in the streets?
No principles.
No JINO’s (Jews in name ONLY, as I call them) screaming about hate speech and discrimination.
No nothing.

Oh, that’s right. There are no human rights policies, or organizations that reject anti-semitism.

The Women’s Tennis Association didn’t only cave in to anti-semitism, but became officially a party to anti-semitism by agreeing to even hold the tournament. tennisball

Women’s Tennis Association: As long as your’e not a JEWISH woman.

Furthermore, anyone who participated in that tournament was a party to genocidal hate and anti-semitism.

Oh wait.
The didn’t ban a black…or a homo-sexual…or a Muslim for that matter.
Never mind.

And never mind the fact that for centuries, Izzzzzzzlam has been anti Christian, anti-Semitic, militarist, expansionist, supremacist, and rabidly xenophobic. Minor details eh.

Our friends : The Saudis.

Yet Shahar endures.
Plays and …yes…wins.

No, not you JEW.

Think your’e safe because you may not be Jewish?
Don’t look now..but ALL FREE peoples are next in line.

It says so in the um..Hoooly Kooran.

Sunny Florida!

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Escaping the Hussein O. madness and takin the fam to sunny Florida for a few days sweet friends!

Can’t wait to bathe in the Sun. Mmmmm.

Gotta put some mental mileage between me and! ugh.

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” -Buddha

(Let’s hope he’s right~!)

Don’t shoot the messenger but George Carlin once said:
I like Florida. Everything is in the 80′s. The temperatures, the ages and the IQ’s.

Y’all behave while I’m gone.sunsmile.gif