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Take it Easy

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Yea that’s yers truly “tryin” to strum mah

Been crazzzzzzzzzzy busy!… but promise to visit y’all this weekend.

Inna mean time……….

Thanks so so much for the amazing comments and support always~!
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Yemen: Islamic Hellhole

Monday, July 26th, 2010


From his home in Beersheba, (Israel)…Yahya Marhabi still misses his hometown of Sana’a, Yemen. He left it nine years ago, but it is not the neighbors he misses, nor is it the air of constant fear.

Marhabi misses his sister, Lea (18), who disappeared several months ago.

Marhabi claims she was abducted, forced to convert to Islam and marry a Muslim. Some six weeks ago, he returned to Yemen to look for Lea, and saw firsthand how Jews were living in a country where al-Qaeda cells roam free.

“She was abducted just two weeks after marrying one of the Jewish men of the congregation. She was forced to convert to Islam and marry one of her abductors,” he said.

Israeli’s search for missing sister in Yemen provides glimpse into lives of fearful Jews


Yemen. Another Islamic cesspool.

But hey……… American taxpayers forked over close to $70 million to Yemen in security aid just last year.
Do not adjust your screen. 70 million

Now….The Yemeni um.. government, for lack of a better word, is demanding more because of the panty Bomber attack.

Even as the US has stepped up cooperation with Yemen in targeting al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, known terrorists wanted by the US government continue to operate in the open while the Yemeni government looks the other way.

Yemen permits wanted al Qaeda leaders to operate in the open

Of course that didn’t prevent
Hussein Obama from personally phoning President Saleh to offer err…”thanks” for all his non existent help in fighting terrorism.

Guess what folks?..Instead of handin over yer hard earned dollars to terrorists in Yemen..howzabout a coupla cruise missiles and predators?.. Might be cheaper in the long run eh.

Better yet..Take all the money back.
Give it to the Israelis who don’t seem to have a problem profiling on airlines.

DO NOT allow another flight from Yemen or anyone from Yemen enter our airspace period. See how long it takes the so called Yemeni ‘leaders’ to clean up their own cesspool.

Dontcha love how all these foreign countries says the same thing to America. “Give us yer money, and shut the hel*l up.”

And we do just that.

Forkin over thousands to the U.N., Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan and on and on and onnnnnnnn.

So what if we are practically experiencing our very own bankruptcy eh.
So what if we are slowly becoming a nation of illegal immigrants.

Perhaps we need to save our dough, bring HOME all of our unappreciated troops out there – ‘protecting’ all sorts of unsavory peoples.. AND TELL THE WORLD TO shut the hel*l up. insist on givin them money?
Yea…let’s drop the $70 mil from the air: 1,000 pounds at a time.

Of course, since we gave Saleh $70 bucks, we might jus get $7 dollars in counterrorism effort outta him.

Hey..that’s the cost of a few sticks of Chapstick to aide the lip service Hussein Obama will be givin us.


OH wait. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the way JEWS were abused and slaughtered at the hands of Muslims in good ole Yemen:
(Don’t even ask how they treated Christians)



The Jews of Yemen

In 1922, the government of Yemen reintroduced an ancient Islamic law requiring that Jewish orphans under age 12 be forcibly converted to Islam.
In 1947, after the partition vote, Muslim rioters, joined by the local police force, engaged in a bloody pogrom in Aden that killed 82 Jews and destroyed hundreds of Jewish homes.


Aden’s Jewish community was economically paralyzed, as most of the Jewish stores and businesses were destroyed. Early in 1948, the false accusation of the ritual murder of two girls led to looting.

This increasingly perilous situation led to the emigration of virtually the entire Yemenite Jewish community – almost 50,000 – between June 1949 and September 1950 in Operation “Magic Carpet.”

A smaller, continuous migration was allowed to continue into 1962, when a civil war put an abrupt halt to any further Jewish exodus.

Until 1976, when an American diplomat came across a small Jewish community in a remote region of northern Yemen, it was believed the Yemenite Jewish community was extinct. As a result, the plight of Yemenite Jews went unrecognized by the outside world.

Rabbi Moshe al-Nahari, outside his home in Raidah, Yemen.

Al-Nahari was a teacher and a leader of Yemen’s Jewish community.

He was murdered by a Muslim in December.


Amran, 12 Dec. (AKI) – A gunman shot and killed a Yemeni Jew in the Raydah district in northern Yemen, security sources said on Friday. Thirty-nine year-old Mousa Yaish al-Nahari, a father of eight, was reportedly shot for no reason, said Yahya Mousa, a rabbi for Yemeni Jews in the capital Sanaa.
Yemen: Man killed in religious hate crime
Police are still investigating the motive of the crime, but witnesses say the gunman approached al-Nahari and told him “Jew, accept Islam’s message” and then shot him five times with an AK-47 assault rifle.

Al-Abdi is alleged to have murdered his wife two years ago but was not jailed because he agreed to pay compensation to the wife’s family.

This, my friends, is IZLAM.

Routinely destroying property, threatening others with death and bodily harm, funding terrorism throughout the world, savagely murdering wives and daughters and getting off scot-free.

These vile, heinous actions are approved and encouragred by Izlamic teachers (so called “Imams”) and religious leaders.

When yet another woman, daughter, JEW or Christian is beheaded, tortured, savagely beaten, buried alive or just plain murdered in cold blood…………….Yet again we are told this act was undertaken by some mentally ill, warped loner claiming to represent Islam but quite against the will of the majority or authority.


Sooooooo, Where is the Human Rights Council?


Wait up……., they’re to busy attacking Israel to deal with a little Muslim rape, torture and abduction of women, brutal anti-semitism and slavery. I mean it’s just poor Africans being exploited by Arabs ..Actually… nothing new.


What bout good ole Sudan?

The Arab Muslim slave trade is alive and well in Sudan where black Muslims are slaughtered and brutalized by Arab Muslims daily.


Arab Muslims consider them to be “too black”..Uh huh.afro9

Ever hear the media recount that it is the systematic Islamic ethnic cleansing of African Muslims by Arab Muslims that is behind the genocide in Darfur..?

Didn’t think so.

And guess what? FYI:
The Islamic slave trade dwarfs any other slave trade in recorded human history.


Missin mah Doggie

Sunday, July 25th, 2010


It will be four years since our family doggie of 15 years left us in the comfort of our home.

It still feels as if a light permanently went out.worried

I can not help but feel that those who never tasted the love of an adoring pet are sooooooooo impoverished for it.


“If there are no dogs in Heaven,
then when I die I want to go
where they went.”

Will Rogers


“Heaven goes by favour. If it went by merit,
you would stay out and your dog would go in.”
Mark Twain


There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.
Bern Williams


My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.

One reason a dog can be such a comfort when you’re feeling blue is that he doesn’t try to find out why.

“Can’t find God in the usual places …
churches, books or preachers’ faces?
Keep on searching and don’t give up,
You may just find Him in the eyes of a pup.”
Richard C. Call

Gee. I think I really want a Pomeranian.

Should I get one? (Will ya walk her and watch her while I go on vacay too?)bat-eyelashes
What say Y’all?


Obama supports Terrorist Flotilla

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010


Yup. Yet again..Muslims are put upon victims and ………….It’s all America’s and ISRAEL’s fault Hussein obama.
Tell us sufmfin we don’t know.

Obama Pal Rashid Khalidi Back in the News for Aiding Hamas .

President Obama’s good friend, former PLO mouthpiece Rashid Khalidi, is back in the news.

Surprise surprise eh.

Obama’s Jew hater pal breaking Laws..Who cares?
He has signed an appeal for funds to outfit another ship that, like the “peace flotilla,” would try to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza, the territory controlled by Hamas — the foreign terrorist organization that is the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian arm.

The ship would be called — wait for it — The Audacity of Hope.

The United States has neutrality laws against things like fitting, furnishing or arming vessels with the intent of committing hostile acts against a country with which the U.S. is at peace. (Challenging a blockade is a hostile act.) We also have laws against providing material support to terrorist organizations like Hamas.
Will the Obama Justice Department pursue an investigation of Khalidi?

Oh Joy. It’s Flotilla time again.boatani

Yea. Let’s support terrorist Turkey now too.
Any mention of when Turkey invaded in the Summer of 1974, they used napalm and terrorized the Cypriot Greeks?

You heard me. Napalm.



Which of course led to one of Muslims’ favorite pastimes: Forced ethnic cleansing.

That’s right. it aint only Jews they expelled, tortured and killed.

Muslims eat their own.


Just ask anyone from the formerly Greek lands in northern Cyprus..
Oh and not for nothing but did Anyone ever even hear of “human rights abuses” in Cyprus?
I didn’t think so.


Trafficking in Women just bein one of hundreds of abuses.fight39

And mums the word on Turkey’s detention and jailing of Kurdish children k?



Inna mean time Israel stands as an astounding country who has welcomed and integrated people from every country, socio-economic background, race, and national origin.
They permit their own sworn enemies to sit in their Knesset.

But what we REALLY need is another terrorist flotilla headed toward Israel and a mega-terrorist mosque at Ground Zero apparently. Uh huh.


Airport Security?

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010


There’s been lots of talk lately about body scanners — the new airport security tool that allows screeners to see through clothes. People are concerned about privacy, delayed flights, health effects.

Now there’s another concern. What about kids? Do they have to go through this, too? And what are parents’ rights?

A Baltimore family is raising the issue after their 12-year-old daughter was pulled out of line in Tampa and subjected to what they say was an embarrassing and unhealthy scan. The girl was traveling with an adult friend of the family, not her parents.
Airport body scanners reveal all, but what about when it’s your kid?

“Our daughter was scared and didn’t understand what was happening,” said Michelle Nemphos, the mother of the girl. She declined to give her daughter’s name. “In essence they conducted a strip search on a 12-year-old girl without her parents present to advocate for her..”

Pulling 12 year old girls out of a line to get “scanned” for security. Uh huh.



Now it’s little girls wer’e gunnin for while Muslims plan thier supremacist mosque overlooking Ground Zero.

Oh yea….Do Y’all Rememba this?

THIS is what passengers and the sicko airline is worried about.

DOOZIE OF THE DAY: Passengers worried about a Jewish teenager having a bomb onna plane.
That’z kinna like worrying about a Jew instead of a Nazi in WW2 Germany.

What tools.

Jewish teen’s prayers spark jet security scare
Flight is diverted after religious item is mistaken for a bomb, police say


PHILADELPHIA – A U.S. Airways jet was diverted to Philadelphia International Airport Thursday after a praying Jewish man’s religious item was mistaken for a bomb, police said.

Um…Wake up people. Good grief.
Jews have been peacefully praying on airplanes for decades…But hey……..not anymore.

The Muslims mus be laughin their a$#@*& off.
They got us runnin round like dhimmis before our heads are cut off.

They sure are runnin da show aint they:

Take off yer shoes.
No bottles.
No drinks.

Scan those lil 12 year old girls up and down.

Blah blah blah.

How do Y’all feel about havin to endure the intrusive and annoying “security” checks at the airport.


Once upon a time (not long ago actually), we didn’t have to endure these ahem “checks”.


Anyone recall why they started? i-dont-know

We, of course have the Muzlims to thank for this intrusion.
Yasser Arafat, their venerated leader, is the demon who concocted (or borrowed from the Cubans)arrowthruhead9 the notion of hijacking planes for the purposes of imposing Izlam upon the free world.



Oh and…Next time ya see some kid donnin a “keffiah”.. ‘just because it’s in style’

Tell him or her to try donnin a white sheet over his head too. See how long he sucks oxygen.


Are the Izlam sympathizing Libs bothered by the billions and billions of dollars spent on sophisticated electronic equipment at airports worldwide?

Are they even slightly vexed at the adoration Muzlims display for Ara-FAT, the inventor of the horror that caused Sept11th?


Of course ‘racial profiling’ means wer’e pickin on people just because of their ahem..”religion”–- political ideology. Not due to legitimately suspicious behavior, and an inclination of some Muzlims to um… blow things up.


What will it take?

Inna mean time HUSSEIN obama is gunna start “talkin to the Taliban”.


Barack Obama, apparently frustrated at the way the war is going, has reminded his national security advisers that while he was on the election campaign trail in 2008, he had advocated talking to America’s enemies.

The White House is revising its Afghanistan strategy to embrace the idea of negotiating with senior members of the Taliban through third parties – a policy to which it had previously been lukewarm.


Good Lord. Planning our own demise……..and we remain silent………

What, sweet friends, will it take?


It used to be said that self-preservation is the first law of nature. But much of what has been happening in recent times in the United States, and in Western civilization in general, suggests that survival is taking a back seat to the shibboleths of political correctness.
Thomas Sowell

Gaza Hookahs

Sunday, July 18th, 2010


Ya cant’ make this stuff up:


Gaza’s Hamas rulers claim that women smoking water pipes (nargilas) violates tradition and leads to divorce.
Hamas bans women from smoking water pipes in Gaza

Since seizing control of Gaza in 2007, the Islamic Hamas has been trying to impose its strict interpretation of Islam on residents.

Gaza women are forbidden from riding motorcycles with their husbands; women are forbidden from getting haircuts at male hair salons; women are forbidden from walking on the beach without a male family member’s accompaniment; and they must wear the hijab and full-length dresses to courthouses, schools, universities.


Never heard of a water pipe eh?
Join da club. Heh. confused9

Water -pipes are real popular in Arab countries. How quaint eh. They take fruit-scented tobacco and burn it using coal, passed through an ornate water vessel and inhale it through a hose.

Um… Can you say UGH?



The poor put upon Palis eh.


Humanitarian values upheld?

Yea. Anti-homosexual laws which include lashes and hangings.
Honor killings, Misogynistic laws, unending indoctrination of children, using children as human shields………tossing rockets into Israel’s kindergarden schools……..

Yea FREE Gaza…. from whom?

Not for nothin guyz n dollz but Ham-ASS won their elections.. so guess what?
The so called “Palis” of Gaza are getting exactly what they wished for. (and deserve)

To be honest witcha the only water pipes I ever heard of are the noisy ones in hotel rooms where I’ve stayed. lol


I always thought this was a water pipe.
Go figure.


But hey..Muslims have one more excuse for honor killing their womenfolk now. Good on them.


Happy Weekend!

Friday, July 16th, 2010


Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.
Bill Watterson


There aren’t enough days in the weekend.
Rod Schmidt boat1


Give a man a fish and he has food for a day; teach him how to fish and you can get rid of him for the entire weekend.
Zenna Scha


Any exciting plans Y’all?




Lohan Insults Christianity: World Yawns

Thursday, July 15th, 2010


A new poster for Machete, directed by Robert Rodriguez, shows Lohan posing as a nun, in full habit, licking the barrel of a gun.

Lindsay Lohan poses as a gun-licking nun in shocking poster for new movie

Lesse now.
Howz this for profound? A quote about “tolerance” from good ole hater Kofi.

“Tolerance, inter-cultural dialogue and respect for diversity are more essential than ever in a world where peoples are becoming more and more closely interconnected.”
(Hater Kofi Annan, Former Secretary-General of the Useless Nations aka U.N.)

RESPECT for Christians of Jews a part of that by any chance?indifferent
Any embassies being burned over this blatant LACK of respect?
Cars being overturned?
Innocents being slaughtered?


The Transportation Security Administration, you know the good ole TSA..terrorist enablers…… created after 9/11 to allegedly safeguard America’s airports– provided “Islamic sensitivity training” to over 45,000 airport security officers.

Ya know to ensure that Muslims get ahem…”courteous, respectful and non-stigmatizing” kid glove treatment by airline and security personnel.

While Shariiiiiia courts sprout up like poisonous mushrooms throughtout Europe, the dhimmis bend till they break in order to embrace the Islamic Fundamentalist worldview.


Anyone denouncing this insult to Christians and nuns worldwide?

Libtards fall over themselves coercing us into changing our society to accomodate what amounts to a handful of demanding, totalitarian, intolerant, supremacist invaders. scifi_2

Of course…We must install airport footbaths, add special prayer rooms in schools and public buildings, order special food in public schools, and above all: appease their incessant demands.

Is that not in and of itself proof of their imperialist agenda?

But, but, but, Anyone demanding “respect” and “cultural sensitivity” for Christians?
No wait…There were no Kooorans or Muslims insulted right?
Never mind yo.


Oh yea and don’t forget:

Being a dhimmi means ALWAYS having to say your’e sorry.
oh…and Don’t forget to genuflect while saying it.


Christian Missionaries threatened by Islam in Dearborn

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010


Dearborn — Four Christian missionaries were arraigned today on misdemeanor charges of disturbing the peace following their June 18 arrest at the Arab International Festival.

But Ann Arbor attorney Robert Muise, senior trial counsel with the Thomas More Law Center, said their constitutional rights were violated and they engaged in no illegal behaviors.

“The encroachment of the First Amendment is just astonishing,” said Muise, who said police confiscated the video cameras and have yet to return them, despite repeated requests. He said he would take the case to trial.

“We’re not going to plead to anything because we didn’t do anything wrong,” Muise said.

4 missionaries charged in Dearborn festival proselytizing”

There would be much more footage if the police hadn’t confiscated the cameras of this group. When they were at the event, they did not distribute any literature nor did they even actively engage other people in dialogue, they only engaged the people who talked to them first.

US Mideast Israel Palestinians Protest

Guess ya didn’t know you gotta to be Muslim or an illegal alien in order to have your constitutional rights protected.creature

If this hadn’t happened in DhimmiLand Dearbornistan, it would have been no problemo.
So…instead of confiscating the Christians’ videos…………..What the heck should the POlice have done?
They should have arrested the angry, Muslim mob that were violating the missionaries’ civil rights.

So let’s review kids:
If Christians and Jews protest the inciteful, hateful Muslim beliefs and threats against them………They get arrested.

But if rage filled Muslims protest the “evil West”, against Christians and Jews… is not only legal and errr…”cool” but praised.weapon027


Apparently our Constitution is subject to shaaaria law in Michigan.

Mebbe we ought to be relieved that they didn’t suggest the Christian proselytizers be crucified and have their hands and feet cut off. (in keeping with their um…”religious injunctions” against filthy infidels).


Talk bout “offensive”……….
You wanna know what’s “offensive”?wtcani876

The public Muslim “call to prayer” they inflict on communities of all faiths ..five bloody times a day. That is “disturbing the peace.”

Oh and by the way….
Nice Dhimmi Mayor ya got there Dearborn:


Note how he questions “What were you doing at the rally?”

Planning something? he not so coyly suggests……..toadbud

Curious how a muslim “public festival” is not really open to the public and ALL infidel outsiders are shunned and ostracized.

Howzabout they hold their so -called festivals at a private mosque and not on PUBLIC land then eh.


Sorry Mista Mayor..but last time I checked… Dearborn is a public city in the USA and no religion or group “owns” it…including Muslims.

Jordan stripping “Palis” of Citizenship?

Sunday, July 11th, 2010


Amman, Jordan – A recent statement made by a group of retired Jordanian army generals, which calls for Palestinian refugees to be stripped of their Jordanian passports, has sent shockwaves across the kingdom.
Jordanian Army Generals: Strip Palestinians of Their Citizenship
The unprecedented statement was provoked by the haunting fear of the so-called “Jordan option” to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict at the expense of the kingdom by establishing a Palestinian state in Jordan.

Stripping so called “Palestinians” of Their Citizenship?

Where’s the Worlds’ collective outrage?boymad9

Oh wait.
Minor detail.
It’s fellow Arabs doin it.
Nevah mind then.dizzy1

It seems Jordan mus know somethin bout good ole Muslims that Canada doesn’t.
This week in good ole Canada, (our neighbors up North),a MUSLIM, Bangladeshi immigrant Salman HO-ssain openly called for “violent regime change in Western nations” in order to remove the presence of Jews.

Charming eh.
Those pesky lil moderate Muslims in our lands.bombani0-buddy

Funny. Most Muslim anti-semites ( sorry for the redundancy).. go about promoting genocide toward Israel (and not the Jews directly) without ever being indicted.
You know how it goes in Europe don’t ya: Racists and antisemites are just saying “Israel should cease to exist” other words: “Death to the Jews”.


But does this land muslim antisemites in jail for “hate” speech?
I won’t even answer that one for ya.

When the the so called right wing “settlers” of Judea and Shomron rightfully take back what originally was theirs long before the camel herders of Arabia arrived in the Middle East…the world goes to pieces.


But um….when Jordan shuns their own: DEAFENING SILENCE.signslow


Gee. I can’t imagine why Jordan or Egypt wouldn’t want their ahem “peace loving ” brethren, women and chilllins in their midst.
Can you?