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NO Mosque at Ground Zero: Part 5

Sunday, August 8th, 2010


The inside scoop on the latest so called “Moderate” muslim..(whatta joke):


Raising $100 million to build a 13-story Izzlamic “center”..uh huh..whateva that means.boyq21..and of course a mosque.
The imam “wanna be” of the vipers nest of terrorists at Ground Zero:


Next thing ya know Rauuuuuuuuuf will be building an Osama Bin Laden Museum and a Taliban School for Women.confused7

Feisal Abdul Rauf..

Rauf is a permanent trustee of an Islamic Cultural Center (ICC) which his father founded in New York City.

Until September 28, 2001 — seventeen days after 9/11 — the ICC employed Imam Sheik Muhammad Gemeaha, who later said that “only the Jews” could have perpetrated the 9/11 attacks; that if Americans only knew about this Jewish culpability, “they would have done to Jews what Hitler did”; and that Jews “disseminate corruption in the land” and spread “heresy, homosexuality, alcoholism, and drugs.”


Gemeaha’s successor at the ICC, Omar Saleem Abu-Namous, said there was no “conclusive evidence” proving that Muslims were responsible for 9/11.

Feisal Abdul Rauf: Modertate, my tuchus


In a 60 Minutes interview that aired on September 30, 2001, Rauf said that the 9/11 attacks were part of a larger Islamic “reaction against the U.S. government politically, where we [the U.S.] espouse principles of democracy and human rights, and [yet] where we ally ourselves with oppressive regimes in many of these countries.”

“I wouldn’t say that the United States deserved what happened,” Rauf elaborated, “but United States policies were an accessory to the crime that happened.”

Charming aint he.
Whatta moderate.nice-try

Rauf depicts jihad as the Islamic world’s defensive reaction to Western provocations, rather than as a seminal Islamic tradition of aggression that long predated any Muslim interactions with the West.

In a May 7, 2010 sermon he delivered in New York City, Rauf seemed to suggest that the perpetrators of 9/11 may not actually have been Muslims.


Moreover, Rauf is a key member in the Malaysian-based Perdana Global Peace Organization, the single biggest donor ($366,000 as of June 2010) to the Free Gaza Movement.


You know…Just like America who have our cherished iconic image of Marines and a Sailor raising Old Glory on Iwo Jima…

The least we can do is allow the Mozzzlems to have one of their own at Ground Zero, you know….to symbolize and commemorate Izlam’s historic victory.


Meanwhile Rauuuuuuuuuf is currently on his way to visit some other “Moderate” pleace loving, petro-dollar capitals of the planet: ..bombaniqq. Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Qatar.

In case ya forgot: Out of the 19 terrorists who murdered nearly 3,000 of our neighbors on Sept 11th…, 15 were from Saudi Arabia, two were from the United Arab Emirates and the others were Egyptian and Lebanese.



Yea Lefties.
Whattagreat idea this mosque is and what an innocent muslim sweetheart Feisal Abdul Rauf and his side-kick “Daisy” is.

Now bend over and grab yer ankles boys and girls.


Not for nothing sweet friends but………….Does anyone remember seeing innocent people burned alive and jumping to their deaths on Sept 11th?

Just askin.



Does anyone recall the throngs of people (including my family members), fleeing northward from Ground Zero, covered from head to toe in dust, partially composed of other Americans, who had just been murdered in the name of …oh yea…..Izlam.



Does anyone ever ponder the fate of the the hundreds of brave police and firefighters whom I worked with daily and nightly……… desperately trying to save the hurt, injured and fleeing at Ground Zero?…. Many losing their own lives in the process?…



Jus askin.

The New Ground Zero Museum

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Early Look Inside the 9/11 Museum from The New York Observer on Vimeo.

…The revamped museum promises an unblinking account of the violence and terror of Sept. 11, 2001. Its choices could define American thought about 9/11 for decades.

Visitors standing in a 120,000-square-foot cavern below where the north tower once stood will be confronted with not just the names but the faces of the 2,982 fallen.

Re-Remembering 9/11: The New Ground Zero Museum

Artifacts will tell the story, from a huge FDNY fire truck, one-half of it pristine, one-half charred and crushed by the bridge collapse, to a pair of bloody high heels donated by a survivor who lacerated her feet as she fled the imploding towers. The museum will show the hijackers-and they will show pictures of people leaping from the towers, not to horrify visitors but to make sure the story is as complete as possible.

Visitors will have to descend the actual granite “Survivor’s Staircase” to end the tour.


Is there a shelf life for grieving?
At times, when witnessing the skyline, the pain is unceasing..and I feel as though I am still holding my breath.

As for me, I can’t cry (and rage) hard enough.

THIS is what I saw nightly:






Please come to the Museum sweet friends.
I would be honored to go with you.

Thank you Lord for giving me the oppurtunity to serve my neighbors and fellow Americans during that fateful and horrific time…and to all the victims of Sept.11.
I know they are resting in Your Arms, Sweet Lord.


NO Mosque at Ground Zero

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010


Tis not enough that twisted Libs elected a Chicago thug as Pres. who served on a foundation with, and funneled money to, a man who yes……………bombed our Pentagon.
Obama’s Terrorist Pals

‘I don’t regret setting bombs,” Bill Ayers said. ”I feel we didn’t do enough.” Mr. Ayers, who spent the 1970′s as a fugitive in the Weather Underground..”

Hussein Obama, the Indonesian Muzlim terrorist enabler, Israel and America hater, who attended a Black Nationalist anti semitic, anti American church for 20 years while apparently wearing ear muffs the entire time.

Does anyone even care about the social context of all of this madness?

Security Risks
As Izlam takes more and more hold in the US and worldwide, with increasing numbers of followers (for a lack of a better word), the construction of more and more and MORE mosques and called “cultural centers,” –the greater the likelihood that many of its adherents (for lack of a better word…….) will take Izlam’s violent precepts seriously and um…ACT on them.


We have only one chance of survival sweet friends:
Stop lying and sugar coating this rabidly anti-semitic, anti-Chrisitan and anti- West ideology. Take Izlam’s violent teachings, and accept it as a given.

Izlam is no more a “religious belief” than we are all orangutans.

Though accordin’ to the Kooran..we actually are.mon-key-caart2

It is an all encompassing political, economic, and religious movement that seeks to impose shari aka……..”Izlamic law” upon us all and upon all aspects of global society.

Rauf and Daisy Khan of the NYC mosque support the Jihad flotilla and have terrorist connections.
Nuff said?

Apparently not.


Mayor Bloomberg , the Kapo, self hating Jew, basically refused Landmark status for the building and cleared the way to demolish the present building and start constructing this hideous symbol of victory on the edge of the battlefield of nearly 3,000 American deaths.


This type of Lib will be the first to help Muzlims build “Ovens” if you catch my drift.nazi-no


This ahem “tolerant” mosque..(yea right…)boxing-smile would become yet another icon of triumph, encouraging them and their challenge to what will be left of our precious civilization.

What the so called “moderates” , who never seem to be able to bring themselves to condemn worldwide Muzlim terrorism or Jihad…….engage is is known as infiltration.

They move into countries in numbers large enough to then affect, influece and force their views on the host culture.

Lawsuits and accusing everyone who defends freedom of speech as Izlamophobic.

They take full advantage of tolerant laws and accommodating public policies to insert and insist upon the influence of Izlam.

Nearly a decade after what I witnessed first hand, – day in and night out on 9/11 and still the terrible truth is denied.
The heinous evil done in the name of Izlam is central to Izlam.
End of story.


Mosque? NOT!

Just say NO!

NO Mosque!


Boycott Israel again?

Sunday, August 1st, 2010


Sweet friends. This is a MUST SEE.

But if you don’t have the patience to watch the full six minutes ( I know…I usually don’t.cool2..) Please just listen to it as you surf the web.reading4

Every single Arab nation (except for Jordan) sided with the Axis powers in WW2.

Did they ultimately pay a price for picking the um wrong side?

Hell no.

Saddam Hussein stayed part of an Arab Nazi party and even flew a Nazi flag well into the early 1950′s.

Sadat wrote open letters praising Adolf Hitler and Hitler’s primary propaganda buddy Von Leers, who was welcomed to Cairo after WW2 by the head Muslim cleric,

Big surprise there. Not.boggled


As a matter of fact………He lived out his remaining years as an honored dignitary.

Every stinkin Muslim nation………….including
Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Tunisia, Kuwait, UAE, Morocco, and Algeria, all deny citizenship to their fellow Arab Muslim so-called “Palestinians”.

Why you ask again?

Why of course …. in order to perpetuate their “refugee” status so they can remain rabid dogs hell bent on attacking Jews and destroying Israel.


Even so called “moderate “Jordan, is now considering stripping “Palestinians” of their citizenship rights, just in order to have more human ammunition to attack Israel.

Must we review history incessantly sweet friends?
Jewish kingdoms in Israel predate the political ideology called “Izlam” by over 1,000 years.

There are literally thousands of references to Jerusalem in the Jewish Talmud.
When Muzlims pray, (to subjugate all Christians and Jews………) they turn not to Jerusalem, but to Mecca.


Zionism may mean different things to different folks. But to all who are semi rational…………… it means the ancient Kingdom of our ancestors.

It means freedom, safety, security, and liberty.


Israel is the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people. They never left….voluntarily.

Israel also just happens to be among the world’s most successful countries for integrating people from nearly every socio-economic background, race, religion, and national origin.

And the hateful, madly jealous Muzlims simply can’t stomach it.
It’s that simple. And yes……….. THAT twisted.


Save Freedom.
Save the World from madness.
Do your little part ……………..


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