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Memory Loss? Huh?

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011


One of the first signs of aging that many baby boomers experience is memory loss, forgetting things such as people’s names, where they left the keys, or why they walked into a room.

When “Senior Moments” Begin

Such incidents are frequently joked about as “senior moments,” but people who notice that they aren’t as sharp as they once were, are often concerned that the problem may be the beginning of something serious.


“If you can, you want to get 30 minutes every day of aerobic exercise or catch up with an hour every other day” to help head off such memory loss, he suggested. “

You have to pump the blood into your brain. You have to give the brain a chance to relax. Whatever natural hormones you’re taking or nutrients like calcium and vitamin D, you need more nutrition.


We have something called the rainbow diet where you have spices and herbal teas. They all feed the brain.

Your brain can actually get younger and sharper at 50. You can actually reach a new peak.”


Here I am..Angel to the rescue.angelgirl

Wait..what was I sayin..oh yea. Memory memory.


My fam is forever ribbin me because I can’t remember squat.confused1.gif

Here are a few techniques I’ve stumbled across in my effort to remember people’s names at dance class or the 17th cell phone number in my memory.


Got a list?..Can’t seem to remember.
Make simple associations between items on yer list, and wala!

(Make sure the images are vivid..and if you can’t conjure up a vivid image for that word..use a similar word instead.)

You want to remember a shopping list you need to bring to your sisters later that evening.
Carrots, milk, honey, chocolate, chocolate..o.k. nuff chocolate,,heh..and red onions.

Here’s my “association” image.

A redhead kid (“Carrot-Top”) boy-red25.jpg

fell and knocked over a carton of milk.milk02.gif
The milk spilled and led a trail to the jar of honey which was on the table…honey-lil.jpg next to 10 bars of chocolate.chocolate-lil1.jpg
Your sister burst in the door dropping an entire case of red onions…onions-lil.jpg….at which point all y’all burst out laughing. laff1.gif

Sooooooooooo..try it.

Make a list and use that vivid imagination to make silly associations.
The sillier, the better.

How’d ya do?

2-Tell yourself a Story.
This method is similar to the one above but always use a story rather than just random associations. Embellish!jester

3-Names of People… nemesis!

Study the person’s face very closely but discretely heh.. when you are introduced to them.
Now to find an unusual feature, (yes, everyone has one )eyes, ears, forehead, eyebrows, nose, mouth, chin..well you get the idea.gasp

Now for the fun part.
Create an association between that unique characteristic, the face, and the person’s name in your mind.

You can use an association of someone else you know with the same name, or a rhyme, or a memorable image in your mind of the name with the person’s face. Be creative. skifallani.gif
You can set their hair on fire.hair1..oops..ok something a tad calmer…give them huge hoop earrings. girlkge74.gif

Go for it.

Oh, and one thing I was told years ago.
Notice how car salesmen seem to remember your name. Know why?

It’s called repetition.

They say it over and over and over……..
Angel, don’t you think you’d look spiffy behind the wheel of this Porsche..what do you think Angel…ha greenani.gif


So, all y’all…hows your memory?
Psst..Dang……do ya remember the question?