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Anti-Israel Protest at Minnesota State Capitol

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011


Take anotha look at the “Moderate Muslims” on your local college campuses. This is Minnesota sweet friends.

Note the chic lil nazi Keffiah scarf. Nice touch, dontcha think?kaboom

But hey..Give ‘em a State!


Muzlims findin’ Catholic and so called Jewish “tools” to carry their water for them again.
And of course PROTESTING en masse…..about human rights?..OK..that’s too funny to even quip about.laughing0


The Jews stole the land from the so-called “Palestinians?”

Oh cool.
Only one pesky lil fact for you Haters:
No, they didn’t.

There are more than 1.5 billion such IzlamoNazis spread around the universe. Crazed, psychotic, and sooooooooo fanatical – that they do not care if hundreds of millions of their own die as long as they get to exterminate the 13 million Jews…and all Christian infidels along with them.


After the Romans decimated the mighty cities built by King Herod, “Palestine” was an arid, sparsely populated land that was eventually claimed by the Ottoman Empire.

Then…. by the British Empire.

Jews have lived in Israel/Palestine continuously for well over 2,000 years. jewani

The British ruled over an indigenous population made up of Jews and Arabs.
If any at all were even referred to as “Palestinians”, it would have been both.

Much of the land was owned by absentee landlords who lived in places like Egypt, They were farmed by local Arabs.

As soon as the Zionist movement gained traction in the early 1900s, Jews universally contributed to funds and bought up land, for the future Jewish state envisioned by them.


Guess what anti-semites worldwide?…. it was not “stolen from them,” because they didn’t own it to begin with.

After the creation of Israel in 1948, the Arab states told the Muzlim Arabs living in Israel to leave until Israel was annihilated and defeated. Then they could all come back. dieani

Uh oh. Glitch:
Israel won the war.

Sorry y’all attacked her now?


The so called “Palestinians” who left became refugees . The Palestinians who stayed in Israel remain in Israel, and became citizens of that nation.

If the pathological Muzlim Arabs bomb-kidani are so upset over the “poor Palestinians”who remained in squalor… how come they haven’t manage to carve them out a little chunk of each of their lands so they will have a home? Hmmm.

Ya turning blue yet from holding their breath waitin’ for that to happen?bang-head

Oh and by the way..Mz. Keffiah, (the modern day swastika)…

Aint there a mosque built on the Temple Mount?
Um….. that seems more than “tolerant” to me.


But hey…some of us decided WE ARE ALL FOR the creation of a “Palestinian state”. That way, when they lob rockets into Israel, Israel can declare all out war once and for ALL: and level their so-called cities.freakoutani