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Heat Wave in NYC!

Friday, July 29th, 2011



Still hot hot hot in NYC.




Any ideas on how to cool down the body and the ole mind?

Definitely Not this!:

A computer hacker took control of more than a dozen church Web sites hosted by a Perrysburg designer this week, replacing their regular content with an appeal that Christians convert to Islam.

Church Web sites hacked to push conversion to Islam


Sweet Friends..
Anyone with some refreshing ideas..
instead of readin’ daily creeping Shaariah?


or Debt floors or ceilings for that matter…………ugh.


or..the latest golf score of Hussein O’Golfer…..ugh.


or what foods Michelle “not My Belle” has banned today…….


Man, I need a break.

Can you say iced coffee?


Better yet…how bout a Hot fudge sundae…


Or maybe findin a pool I can just dangle my painted Toesies in..


Anyone got one?umbrellla


and remember………….WE WILL NOT SUBMIT.


The U.K. is Musslim

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011


Islamic extremists have launched a poster campaign across the UK proclaiming areas where Sharia law enforcement zones have been set up.

Communities have been bombarded with the posters, which read: ‘You are entering a Sharia-controlled zone – Islamic rules enforced.’

The bright yellow messages daubed on bus stops and street lamps have already been seen across certain boroughs in London and order that in the ‘zone’ there should be ‘no gambling’, ‘no music or concerts’, ‘no porn or prostitution’, ‘no drugs or smoking’ and ‘no alcohol’.

Hate preacher Anjem Choudary has claimed responsibility for the scheme, saying he plans to flood specific Muslim and non-Muslim communities around the UK and ‘put the seeds down for an Islamic Emirate in the long term’.

‘No porn or prostitution’: Islamic extremists set up Sharia law controlled zones in British cities


Ah yes. The country formerly known as GREAT Britain.

-Where the most popular name for a baby boy (which used to be Jack, by the way) now um.. Mooohammed.


-Where the average birth rate for Brits is 1.1 children per, but for is 3.4..or more than triple.

-Where Muzlims have scurried in record numbers, making dang sure their presence is known and keenly FELT: politically.fearme.gif

-Where Muzlim pro-Ham-ASS rage is permitted on the streets, where terrorist acts abound and I-mams arrogantly preach Jeehad against the Western world.

Apparently this isn’t enough for Britian (Europe, or even America for that matter) — to stop doling out free child benefits, Welfare or allowances.

These are the fruits a Nation reaps when it adopts a hard-line multi-cultural dogma and an unquestioning willingness to concede to virtually every demand made by Muzzlims, hom-osexuals, or illegal immigrants for that matter.


And that, my sweet friends is as close to a clear-eyed, honest appraisal of an utterly appalling situation as we can get.

And Don’t be sitting and looking over the pond, feeling sorry for the U.K.

I have a newsflash for you:
Your own country is going the same way.

P.S. I wouldn’t worry bout that gay flag flyin for too long England.
You KNOW how much ho-mo-s-exuality “offends” Muzlims.

Make no mistake:

Jeeehadis, are Nazis in Ke-ffiyahs.
They believe that Izzzlam, ….should own and control the Middle East first, then Europe, then….the World.

Not for nothing kumbaya lovers:
Pacifists always lose.
The “anti-pacifists” kill them.

Inch by next inch
Lie by next lie
That is the way free countries die.


Norway Terrorism

Sunday, July 24th, 2011


DID Anders Behring Breivik even commit this atrocity…
Did he act alone?…
For whom may he have been working…………..

Have you noticed how many seem so relieved by the bomber/shooter’s alleged identity?

Playin the See!… I TOLJA IT WASN’T A MUZLIM game.wasnt-me

But somethin doesn’t add up in RiverCity guyz n dollz.

Did he target a mosque?
Did he murder an imam?
Did he go on a rampage slaughtering Muzlims?




So who exactly deemed this anti Muzlim………..

Lawyer: Norway suspect wanted anti-Muslim crusade

Muzlims in Norway, as everywhere where they have been insanely welcomed… refuse to assimilate into their host culture, to learn the language of the land, and certainly do not adopt, or at the very least- respect or conform to the basic values of the country which took them in.

In fact they patently reject the fundamental rights and ideals of Western culture.

Where shall we begin?

-the riots against the Danes in response to the ahem..MuuhaMAD cartoons.

-the forced cancellation of Christmas celebrations in public schools and parties at government-run organizations in order not to “offend” Muzlim employees.

Should we go on and on and onnnnnnnnnnnn regarding “gestures of accommodation”?

-installing “foot baths” at airports on the taxpayers dime.


-Salespeople not having to handle “filthy pork” or alcohol.”

-You are no longer allowed to say God, Jesus, or the Pledge of allegiance in some schools.christian-anis

-Taxi drivers refusing to transport blind guide dogs……… forbidden1

-Being forced to hire women wearing headscarves even in beauty parlors.hi-jab3

-Suffering endless lawsuits demanding they can dress how they choose or pray where and when they choose despite the demands of the employment.

-Changing rules for Muzlim students who are exempted from co-ed class trips.

-Mandating “women-only” swimming hours in spas or public swimming pools.

-Shrieking “Izlamophobia” if you dare screen them on an airline.

Ah yes………..When in doubt: APPEASE.

OSLO, Norway (AP) — The man blamed for attacks on Norway’s government headquarters and a youth retreat that left at least 93 dead said he was motivated by a desire to bring about a revolution in Norwegian society, his lawyer said Sunday.


But one thing we do know.
There was no love lost for Jews or Israel at the “youth camp” he targeted:

Taken (Reuters) during the foreign minister’s visit shows one youth holding up a sign saying “boycott Israel” in Norwegian:

The day before Anders Behring Breivik opened fire on youths at a Labor Party camp, organizers welcomed the country’s foreign minister.

Now, the foreign minister’s message from that day has been revealed: it was an anti-Israel speech in which he came out in strong support of a Palestinian state.

That message was something being supported by the camp’s attendees, who were part of the ruling Labor Party’s socialist youth movement called AUF.

Report: Norway FM Called for Palestinian State At Youth Camp the Day Before Deadly Rampage

That’s right.
Because no matter where death, destruction and havoc is wreaked on this planet………..

(the poor lil victims, who didn’t even get a hair on their heads touched…….cryani-uddy…….)

and as we ALL know…IT’S ALWAYS THE JOOS FAULT.jew

A manifesto published online, allegedly posted the day of the attack –ranted against Muslim immigration to Europe and vowed revenge on “indigenous Europeans” who he accused of betraying their heritage.


It added that they would be punished for their “treasonous acts.”

YET NO Muzlims WERE.

Norway mourns victims of anti-Islam attacker

But we keep reading about the anti Izlam attacker, who conveniently targeted everyone BUT Muzlims.

Perhaps A.B.B. took some lessons from the successes of jeehadees, whom he actually praises.

After all….after the heinous massacre of 9/11, did Izlam even get remotely denounced or run off the face of the earth?

Quite the contrary. Appeasement syndrome became so intense, floodgates of Muzlim immigration took place all over the USA and Europe as well.

We blamed ourselves, our precious Nation and even the victims — daily.

We threw open our arms and hearts to a freedom loathing, Jew hating, Western infidel killing, misogynistic hate-think system that is getting more powerful by the minute.

The biggest tragedy, outside of the loss of innocent life?
That Muzlim immigration will continue unchecked in America, Europe, and world-wide……….ushering in the very clash of civilizations that A.B.B. foreshadowed.


And if this truly was a personal quest to stop Izlamic expansionism..How prayell was that achieved by bombing his countrymen and killing unarmed kids, even if they may have been Jew haters?

Yet all of this remains unspoken.
Indeed. Political Correctness did in fact, kill the Norwegians.

Serious pieces of the puzzle missing Sweet friends.
Mark my words.


May the Good Lord comfort the families of this horror.

Images courtest ABC, Getty, AP.

Norway Terror Attack

Friday, July 22nd, 2011


‘Jøde-parasitten skaffet oss 9. april’ =
“The Jew parasite got us april 9′ ….

referring to the date in 1940 where Norway’s German occupation started”.

Well well well.

Something rotten in Norway………….

People told me when I came to Norway that the country has a long tradition of anti-Semitism. They were wrong. It is not history. It is happening here and now.”

Top Harvard lawyer Alan Dershowitz had excellent reasons to make this statement when he visited Norway last week.

He had offered free lectures on Israel and international law to the universities of Oslo and Trondheim …Both schools turned him down.

There are many examples of anti-Israel hate mongering, anti-Semitism and unethical journalism in Norway in recent years.

The pioneering of anti-Semitism in Norway has a long tradition. Typically, it was the last country in Europe to admit Jews, which happened in 1851. In 1929 its parliament forbade by great majority, ritual slaughter – well before Germany did so when the Nazis came to power in 1933. Yet up until this day, the cruel hunting of whales is still permitted in Norway.

In Norway during the war, the Jews to be murdered were arrested and robbed by Norwegians and not by the Germans. It is not by chance that the name of wartime Prime Minister Quisling became a generic international term for traitor.

Norweigian “cartoon”.

Nowadays, Norway is also a leader in initiating anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic actions.

Norwegian elite dominated by anti-Israel haters obsessed with Jewish state


And today:




Several buildings in Oslo were on fire, she said, and smoke was pouring from them.

Gibbs, the journalist with Reuters, said he believes one explosion happened on an upper floor of a main government building. He said it blew out every window on the side of the building where the blast occurred.

One of the blasts damaged the Oil Ministry and left it in flames, he said.


At least one of the explosions happened near some government buildings….He said he saw eight injured people, including two or three with serious wounds and one who looked dead. Reuters reported that the prime minister was safe.


A second blast was heard in central Oslo shortly after an initial explosion rocked the city………… there was a state of confusion in the city and several government buildings were affected.


An explosion rocked a part of central Oslo, Norway, on Friday,… windows in several buildings had been blown out and people were in the street bleeding. News reports suggest the government building has been affected.

Giant blast hits government buildings in Oslo, Norway

The attack came just over a year after three men were arrested on suspicion of having links to al Qaeda and planning to attack targets in Norway……….


Y’all may want to reconsider munching on that Norwegian smoked salmon. fish-lil-ca836_tn

Not to mention that Norway and Sweden, have become the rape capitals of Europe courtesy their ahem..(Asian…a.k.a.). Muzlim immigrants but Shhhh.duh4

Ah yes… the Norwegians bendin’ over backwardsbow to thank the Muzlims for cough cough “enriching” their society.

And by all means…Let us not forget this lil ditty:

(Reuters) – The founder of a radical Islamist group, deemed a security risk to Norway, has complained to a European human rights court that Norwegian authorities are violating his rights….

Mullah Krekar, born Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad, is an Iraqi Kurd and founder of the radical Islamist group Ansar al-Islam. Norway’s Supreme Court upheld a ruling to expel him last November, saying he posed a security risk to the country.

How do ya like it so far?

Has Norway even been relevant since um..The Vikings?


I am so sorry for the anguish of the innocent victims. May your hope and strength prevail to help you through this difficult time.

But, hey…. don’t expect the Liberal world or their twisted media to share your pain, anguish or suffering.


They will be too busy tripping all over themselves assuring us NOT to jump to conclusions bout the ole PERPS.


So, somebody please tell me…. why exactly did this group “take credit”?

“Global Jihad” group says it’s behind Oslo blast
A group called “Helpers of Global Jihad” has taken responsibility for the bomb which ripped open buildings, including the prime minister’s office, in Norway’s capital, CBS News has learned.

Sorry Norway..

In a world divided into sheep and sheepdogs..Guess what…

I choose to be a sheepdog anyday.


God help us all.


“Occupied Territories”

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011


Sweet Friends…For those like moi who don’t want to read 10 pages of predictably boring history…. bored..
Take out 5 mins and watch or just give a listen please.

Says it all, now doesn’t it………….But don’t tell shrieking worldwide Muzlims..who unite in their rabidly anti semitic and anti Christian stance…….Shhh.

After all… why let some pesky lil historical FACTS get in the way of a good jeehad eh?


(Tip of the hat to Nili.)hat-tip-smiley

Stunning churches in Israel are spread throughout the country, and are visited by thousands of believers yearly.
Try experiencing that in a Muzlim nation. On second thought……………..

The Church of the Annunciation

St.Gabriel Greek Orthodox Church.
Try finding one of these in a Muzlim nation.

Magnificent Synagogues.
Try finding one of these in a Muzlim nation. bomb-boom




Stunning remnant of the Temple of the Israelites.
Should I repeat that………………Israelites.

But but but….what about the OCCUPATION??

Occupy THIS historical revisionist liars.







Arab Spring!

Monday, July 18th, 2011


Came back from mah break … more of the glorious Arab Spring~!
or was that the “Winter of authoritarian suffocation”
… if ya ask me..
You did ask me didn’t ya?

Ah yes springing and jumpin all ovah the world.

Hot off da press from Muzlim Malaysia:

Gov’t backed paper: “The Jews will find ways to destroy our prosperity and well-being”..

The Simon Wiesenthal Center condemned the editors of Utusan Malaysia, following Monday’s editorial in which the newspaper wrote “Muslims and Malaysians should not allow any party, especially the Jews, to discreetly interfere in the country’s administration..

Jewish group slams racist Malaysian newspaper editorial
“When in doubt, ‘blame the Jews’ is an axiom of all anti-Semites”.

Indeedy. Muzlim Malaysia is springing out all over.
But but but…Tis the Arab Spring!

Yes…the term du jour for the flat out chaos and anti Christian, anti-semitic fest in the Middle East.

Yup those charming Muzlim democratizing optimists. NOT.


No matter that Arab leaders, aka despots– get elected (supposedly, that is), then proceed to rule by waging wars, shredding minority rights, including Christians and Jews, (not to mention their own women),– and run their economies into the ground,


Hence Arafat’s amassed fortune– money111despite his “Palestinian brethren” allegedly rotting in refugee camps.

The Jew and Christian hating 22 Arab countries have no history of “constitutional rule” period.
And you can bet your infidel tuchus that “Consitutional rule” aint goin’ to “spring” from Muzlims anytime soon…no wait..Make that EVER.

(Note the swastika keffiyah shmata on his head.)

Christians and Jews will never even be offered a modicum of civil rights..and as as far as women and self proclaimed homo-se-xuals…..Uh uh.
Not exactly welcome in their totalitarian political ideology guys and dolls.
And not part of the “springing” and jumpin up n down apparently.jump-ani15204

A persevering culture, which is grounded in the Judeo-Christian view of morality, emphasizing the moral worth of each individual– is the very first prerequisite of democracy.

And err…um….Not a single Muzlim country on God’s green earth is blessed with such a resplendent culture… and furthermore…no Arab country shows even the slightest sign of even moseying in that direction.


And guess what guys and dolls..

The harsh truth is that liberal democracy can only grow in distinct, cultural soil which aint anywhere to be found in the Middle East …oh yea……..except in Israel.fl-ag-us-israe

The more things change..the more they……….


It sure is good to be back sweet Friends.angel9ani1

Break from Blogging:)

Monday, July 11th, 2011


A recession is when your neighbor loses his job.
A depression is when you lose your job.
A recovery is when Obama loses his job.






Takin a few days off Sweet friends~!


“A vacation is what you take when can no longer take what you’ve been taking.”
Earl Wilson

Okay..not really a vacay but a break~!drummani



Please keep up the good fight sweet Friends.


Y’all behave while I’m gone.wheeeani-ddy



Friday, July 8th, 2011


Israel’s international jewelry and diamond exhibition took place this past week at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds.
Israeli Diamonds: Some of the Best in the World

“The Israeli diamond industry is one of the best in the world..”

Just some more beauty Israel is adding to our world sweet Friends. Ahhhhhhhh.


Since the fifteenth century, when an Antwerp Jewish diamond cutter Lodewyk van Berken invented the scaif, diamond cutting was one of traditional Jewish crafts.

Diamond industry in Israel


The Israeli diamond industry began in 1937, before the Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel, when the first diamond polishing plant was opened in Petah Tikva by refugee experts from Holland.


The Israeli diamond industry guarantees all diamonds are 100% naturally made and participates in the Kimberly Process, a certification scheme whose goal is to ensure no blood diamonds enter the marketplace.

Anyone feel like shopping? Heh.heartsani-ddy


Someone special?


Special occasion?

I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number of carats in a diamond.
~Mae Westlol21

Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without one. – Confucius

Not a fan of traditional jewelry you say…………
Oh hey…how bout these then?


Not this either?

Howzabout this trendy lil look?. .lol-rofl


For the man in yo life?

O.k., o.k….Okay.laughing1

Maybe it’s just a girl thing

God bless America and Israel.

Have a sparkly, blingy weekend sweet Friends~


Perhaps time’s definition of coal is the diamond.
~Kahlil Gibran

Sept. 11 Memorial & Museum

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011


A proposal that could hit visitors to the Sept. 11 Memorial & Museum with a fee of up to $25 is fueling outrage among families, tourists and elected officials.

“This was supposed to be a place of valor, remembrance and reverence,” said retired FDNY Deputy Chief Jim Riches, whose firefighter son, Jimmy, 29, died in the north tower.

“They might as well sell lemonade and T-shirts if they’re going to become a(n) … admission-charging tourist attraction.”

Possible $25 fee for Sept. 11 Memorial & Museum outrages relatives of victims


Welcome to Liberal America my sweet friends.
Billions to hand over to the Muzlim Brothahood whose sole goal is to eliminate us entirely….but no money11 whatsoever for families of the 9/11 massacre at the hands of devout Muzlims.

I, as most of y’all know…was a first responder elbow to elbow with our FDNY and NYPD.

There are some things our Nation will never “get over.”

We will NEVER “GET OVER” 9-11.

In addition, we will we not “get over” the bombing of the Kohbar Towers, Oklahoma City, the USS Cole, The Twin Towers, the Pentagon or the Field in Pennsylvania.

Sure..charge “fees” to the families who wonder what their husbands, wives, sons or daughters did at the last moment knowing they were going to be burned alive or crash?


Insist that the families who had to see the images of their loved ones jumping out of the World Trade Center in a futile attempt to save their lives– cough up cash just to memorialize them.


This is how we treat the memory of those with the strength and spirit to do all possible to try to live just to see another day.




On September 11, 2001, in the heart of America’s greatest city, nearly three thousand Americans were murdered in a single morning.

Terrorist Muzlims struck a blow against ALL of us that reverberates to this day. Well, At least for people of conscience that is …”


But wait…Why be surprised at how Libs treat their fellow citizens..
Their compassion was all ‘used up’–makin sure NO Muzlims were ‘insulted’ by anything whatsoever the last 10 years since we were attacked.


Oh..and Wasn’t it Hussein Obama, their Messiah who stated: “America is not a Christian nation …”
Was it not he who propagandized that : “Islam has always been part of America …”

Indeed…since Sept 11th…It sure has.