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Blogger Award!

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013


An award from a fellow blogger!
How awesome~!

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Here were AOW’s 7 Questions:
(Thanks AOW!)

1. Other than a parent or a Divinity, who — living or not — has most influenced your life?

Oh man.
Wayyyyyyyyyyy too many thinkers to list dude.

M.Scott Peck.
Eric Berne

and one of my dearest buddies :Alex. You know who you are.

2. What is your favorite movie and why? If you’re not a fan of film, what is your favorite book and why?

So many films, so little

Howbout It’s a Wonderful Life.
It kinda says it all, no?

3. If you could be any animal, what kind of animal would you like to be?

I miss my doggie Ashley.

Nuff said.

4. Whom would you nominate for President and Vice President in 2016?

Allen West
Allen West
Allen West

Did I mention Allen West?

5. What is your dream vacation?

Anywhere with mah honey. Awwwwww.

6. When a new day dawns and you first access your computer on that new day, which site(s) do you visit first?

Mine, of course. Ha.

7. What is the biggest regret of your life?

Wow. That’s very intense.
Will get back to y’all on that one.

Movin right along….

I don’t know if these bloggers were acknowledged as of yet.
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If not…Feel free to participate and I would like to nominate some of my faithful readers as well.

My nominees:

ComedyPlus who never fails to make me smile.

Monkeyin the Middle who was no doubt nominated already!

Cube who always has somethin interetin up her sleeve.

Here are mah questions, should ya choose to answer:)

And Sweet readers..Please feel free to answer these as well.
I would luv to hear ur thoughts.

1-What do you see as the best way to improve the world?

2-What offers you the most comfort?

3-What is the most profound thing you have ever learned or heard?

I love the rest of yaz and would nominate so many but this is hard work..ha.


It makes me wanna keep up the good fight.

Muzlim Cartoon?

Thursday, July 25th, 2013


Meet the latest, greatest Burka Avenger!! …An ahem.. “mild-mannered” teacher who posesses secret martial arts skills and who uses black bur-ka to hide her identity to save the world!!


Enough Sci fi and back to the REAL world where Burka clad men and women rob banks and murder inf-idelz.

As the Middle East Forum’s David J. Rusin points out in his detailed survey of Philadelphia bur-qa crimes, Mus-lim garb holds two great advantages over other forms of disguise: First, many full-body covered women walk the streets without criminal intent, thereby inadvertently providing cover for thieves; the more full-body coverings around, the more likely that these will facilitate criminal activity.

Second, the very strangeness and aloofness of these garments affords their wearers, including criminals, an extraordinary degree of protection.

As in other cases (three purchases of alcohol in Toronto state liquor stores by a 14-year-old boy in a burqa; Mus-lim women not checked at Canadian airports), clerks so fear being accused of racism or “Islamophobia” that they skip state-mandated procedures, such as requiring niqabis to show their faces and establish their identities.

Burqa Crisis

And Just Yesterday ….

The emissary of Hasidic movement Chabad to the city of Derbent in the Republic of Dagestan, Russia, was shot by anonymous assailants on Wednesday night, sustaining serious wounds.

Rabbi Ovadia Isakov

The incident took place in an area located on the border of Chechnya, which includes a large Mus-lim population, prompting local police to look into the option that the rabbi was attacked for being Jewish.

May the good Lord grant him healing and comfort.
Please keep him and his family in your hearts and prayers.


REAL Superheros were actually created by none other than…JEWS.

Shhhhhhh..Don’t tell Bur-Ka Avenger.

She no doubt would hafta call on her magical Muzlim powers to kill the infidels.

“I didn’t know Superman, Batman and Captain America were created by Jews.”

The exhibit ZAP! POW! BAM! The Superhero: The Golden Age of Comic Books, 1938-1950, at My Jewish Discovery Place Children’s Museum in Plantation, Florida is bringing comic book heroes back to life for a new generation of fans.

The report mentioned that the first superhero – Superman – was created in 1938 by two Jewish boys, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Bob Kane and Bill Finger, also Jewish, created Batman in 1939. Then came Captain America in 1940 from Jewish artists Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.
Florida exhibit showcases Jewish artists’ role in comic books
Most were created during the economic and political turmoil of the 1930s and ’40s. For Jews it was a way of confronting Hitler, who became the superheroes’ nemesis in many comic books, as World War II and the Holocaust ravaged Europe.”

Ah yes. The Jews’ idea of um…”cartoons.”
Fearless, timeless, lovable warriors: Fighting Evil.

Hmmm. I wonder if the “students” know down at the Saudi Academy in Virginia that some of our most famous and fearless defenders were created by none other than…shhhhhh..”Jews”.

Oh, wait. They don’t cotton to cartoons. Never mind..before a bldg. blows up or something.

What do you suppose is the secret behind the longevity and success of these amazing comics.

What lies beneath mankind’s need for a hero?

Do we not all fantasize about someone to save the world, someone strong and courageous enought to battle evil and do it all before it’s too late.

Some comics can even be a window into our spiritual life.
-The passion for Truth, Justice.
-The ethics of service to mankind.

Look around you sweet friends.
Are we not all secretly longing for a Rescuer?

Come to think of it…………..If you were a superhero...What would be your Powers — or better yet...your Superhero name?

To all of you: fighting the good fight.

Trayvon Whinefest (and Violence) Continues

Monday, July 22nd, 2013


No. This is not from “The “Onion”.

Rallies held across the nation Saturday not only called for “Justice for Trayvon,” but also boycotts for anything connected to Florida.
Activists pressure sports icons to leave teams over Fla. boycott

The National Actions Network rally in Las Vegas even appealed to star athletes like LeBron James and Dwyane Wade to quit their team.

(Tip of the hat to the Zipster)

Yup. Courtesy Al (Not so ) SharpTON.
Hmmm. Howzabout we boycott HIM?

Ah yes..Hussein O. proudly states that “HE coulda been Trayvon” back inna day.

Drug use: Check
Broken home: Check
Deserted by father: Check
Thief: ha (Have you seen how many vacays he has taken?)
Thug: No comment

Yes indeedy AL.

Why dontcha suggest we just kick Florida out of the Union entirely..That is until they find Zimmerman guilty of something (Skittleaphobia?) and of course repeal the “Stand Your Ground” legislation while ur at it eh.

Let’s just do a bit of a comparision Sweet friends..Shall we.

Civil Rights Leaders:

Martin Luther King.


- Rev.Al Sharpton (do they get that title out of a Cracker Jack box?)

-Louis Farrakhan

And who can forget good ole Hussein Obama’s ahem..”former” pastor: Rev.Jeremiah Wright

While Dr. King preached unity and brotherhood, they sermonize paranoia and a noxious hatred of other minorities. (aka “whitey”)anger6.gif

Which brings us to another bozo of mention:
-Elijah Muham-MAD

Elijah Muhammad taught was widely viewed as a black separatist doctrine. He taught that blacks were the original people on the Earth and had been tricked out of their power, conquered and oppressed by the Caucasian people via a global system of white supremacy.blackwoman.gif

He further taught that the white race was produced through a series of genetic breeding experiments conducted by a Dr. Ya-kub, which yielded the lighter species of human beings.boy-no-listen.gif

Mu-ham-mad preached that All-ah would cause a holocaust to happen wherein White America would be destroyed, and faithful followers of Is-lam in America would be ushered to safe areas, later to emerge as conquerors and settlers of a new world.

Along comes Hussein Obama.
Being canonized for political sainthood by the mainstream media.

And the masses are tripping all over themselves honoring this sleazy Chicago politician who has not only associated with this riff raff but aligns himself with them politically, and spiritually.
Remember Hussein Obama’s Pale-stinian Buddy RASH-id Kh-alidi ..who um..supports Muzlims killing Jews in Israel? (Whatever happened to that missing tape huh?)

Martin Luther King lived in “da hood” till the day he died.
Self proclaimed Rev. Wright lives in some exclusive lily white suburb with the oodles of money his racist fleeced flock continue to bestow upon him.

Martin Luther King believed that a man should be judged by the content of his character and not the color of his skin.
Wright believed the exact opposite of
Apparently for decades Hussein O and his wifey poo had no problem with that.

Martin Luther King preached that the “Promised Land is equality”.
Rev. Wright shouted and shrieked that his idea of the “promised land” is revenge on whitey, on Jews and on America.
Apparently for decades Hussein O and his wifey poo had no problem with that.

Martin Luther King was an educated, eloquent man.
Rev.(Can’t do anything) Wright is an ebonics speaking, hateful clown.clown3.gif
Apparently for decades Hussein O and his wifey poo had no problem with that either.

Obama could have ditched that racist, anti semitic, so called pastor 2 decades ago..but no..year after year he and his “African queen” sat there listening to him preach victimhood, hate and yes..RACISM.

Let us not forget Michelle Obama’s comment “this is “the first time in her adult life she feels proud to be an American.”
I wonder if inauguration day and her subsequent non stop ‘jetsetting’ was her second.question-mark.gif

Not to mention that Dr. King’s own niece, Dr. Alveda King, spoke out against Hussein Obama.
Criticizing the Messiah

Because Hussein Obama is so extremely pro-choice, this election and inauguration does not bring America closer to her uncle’s vision for it.

Hussein Obama is exploiting the memory of Dr. King while forming not a campaign but a movement.

Fear not being labeled a racist for not supporting him or his anti American ideology– by his knee-jerk defenders my friends.

In Hussein Obama and his racist, Marxists’ friends’ world:
Ham-ASS is Israel
Gitmo terrorists are U.S. soldiers
Black is White ..ooops..wrong analogyhandfist062.gif

Day is night….oops …dark and light? more try:
Good is Evil.


With all this ‘hate whitey first’ fest…We are headin into rough waters guys and dolls.

Fasten your seatbelts friends.
Your’e in for rhetoric overload till the next “latest” racist fabrication.

Someone please remind me.
What parallel Universe are we living in?

Demonstrators across America rally after Zimmerman ‘not guilty’ verdict, amid some reports of vandalism

Demonstrators from coast-to-coast boisterously — yet for the most part peacefully — rallied Sunday in protest of a long-awaited verdict that acquitted Floridian George Zimmerman in the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

However, sporadic reports of vandalism trickled out of West Coast cities like Oakland, including the halt of a passenger train, the burning of American and California flags, the lighting of small fires in city roadways, shattered storefront windows and the spray painting of a courthouse, as well as the damaging of a police squad car. Protesters massed there Saturday evening just after the verdict was rendered by a six-person, all-female jury around 10 p.m. ET.

Sgt. Joseph Chamblin

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

A Marine who was fined and demoted for urinating on Taliban corpses in Afghanistan in 2011 says he would do it again.

“I regret maybe any repercussions it might have had on the Marines. But do I regret doing it? Hell no,” Sgt. Joseph Chamblin told WSOC-TV in Charlotte, N.C., adding that he would do it again.

Sgt. Chamblin said he didn’t consider endangering other troops by the act, but considered the psychological effect it would have on the enemy “because if an infidel touches the body, they’re not going to Mecca or paradise.”

“So now these insurgents see what happens when you mess with us,” said Sgt. Chamblin, adding that he is planning to retire in September and is writing a book.
Do I regret doing it? Hell no!’ Marine who urinated on Taliban dead says he’d do it again

“Do you want the Marine Corps to be a group of Boy Scout pretty boys or do you want guys that will go out and kill the people trying to take advantage of your country and kill Americans?” he said. “Which do you want? Because you can’t have both.”


Oh. of course…Af-ghan “officials” were outraged and President HAM-id Karrrzai branded the Marine’s actions as ‘inhuman.’

Imagine a Muzlim calling anything “inhuman”. Ha.

Muzlims worldwide discriminating, slashing, and beheading innocents?..Not so much.

All the armchair generals can spout ’bout we should “respect” these savages.
Its high time we value our Marines more than our sworn enemy.
Indeed. One can argue that desecrating the dead doesn’t aid the war effort but guess what….a surgical strike against the ole Tali-ban sure would have.

Oh, and another thing…Breaking the spirit of savages is just as important as breaking their backs.

“Respecting” them?

-While they hide among civilians including their own children?
-While they routinely toss acid in womens’ faces who don’t um..’respond’ to their Tali-ban “charm”.

-While they stone rape victims to death in front of children.
-While they hang hom-ose-xuals in the public square.

-While they torture Christians and Jews, for the heinous ‘crime’ of being NON Muzlim.

Sure. If your’e on the Crazy Train maybe.

Why is it ya never hear outrage about all the American corpses what were desecrated?
Oh right.
The poor put upon Jeehadis.

One might argue that this action isn’t one of the U.S. Marines most shining…But then again……….
Some would say they should be so lucky as to be p-ssed upon by an American Marine.

Uh..It’s called Psychological Warfare guyz n dollz.

Jus sayin………….

Either way..

SEMPER FI Sgt. Joseph Chamblin.
Aint no way we gunna diss you from the comfort of the safety you and your men provide for us.


The Few. The Proud. The Marines.

R.I.P. Lee Rigby

Friday, July 12th, 2013

Lee Rigby, 25, was hacked to death May 22 on a London street near his army barracks. The killing shocked Britain and much of the world.

On Friday, Rigby’s family and mourners were greeted with applause by members of the public lining the streets outside Bury Parish Church in northwest England, where soldiers from Rigby’s Royal Regiment of Fusiliers had maintained an honor guard overnight.

The soldier’s widow, Rebecca, walked into the church with the couple’s 2-year-old son Jack, who wore a T-shirt bearing the words “My Daddy My Hero.” Rigby’s parents and sisters were in tears.

My daddy, my hero’ – Thousands mourn UK soldier Lee Rigby hacked to death in London terror attack

“alleged” Izlmamic extemists???

Then again…..
THIS is how the mainstream media reports on the Muzlim Brothahood takeover of Libya and Tunisia:


Tunisians go to the polls in first Arab Spring election

‘This is the first time in my life I’ve truly voted. It is something extraordinary’ !!

Oh yes extraordinary

Ennahda’s fortunes could have a bearing on Egyptian elections set for next month in which the Mus-lim Brotherhood, an ideological ally, also hopes to emerge strongest.
An Ennahda victory would be the first such success in the Arab world since Hamas won a 2006 Palestinian vote.

Ah yes….Muzlims voted Ham-ASS into power.

For the baby slashing, children killing, civilian slaughterers: Ham-ASS.skull333

But Of course Buraq Hussein is pulling our troops out of Iraq, where Christian-cide is ongoing just like in ahem…newly “freed” Egypt.

Iran’s threat looms and I said from Day One…
Iraq will never be anything but another Sha-riah Hellhole.

But more Arab springing and jumpin all ovah the world.


but hey…THEY’RE VOTING!! funnyface0

THE ARAB SPRING:the term du jour for the flat out chaos and anti Christian, anti-semitic fest in the Middle East.


The Jew and Christian hating 22 Arab countries have no history of “constitutional rule” period.
And you can bet your infidel tuchus that “Consitutional rule” aint goin’ to “spring” from Muzlims anytime soon…no wait..Make that EVER.

(Note the swastika keffiyah shmata on his head.)

Christians and Jews will never even be offered a modicum of civil rights..and as as far as women and self proclaimed homo-se-xuals…..Uh uh.
Not exactly welcome in their totalitarian political ideology guys and dolls.
And not part of the “springing” and jumpin up n down apparently.jump-ani15204

A persevering culture, which is grounded in the Judeo-Christian view of morality, emphasizing the moral worth of each individual– is the very first prerequisite of democracy.

And err…um….Not a single Muzlim country on God’s green earth is blessed with such a resplendent culture… and furthermore…no Arab country shows even the slightest sign of even moseying in that direction.


And guess what guys and dolls..

The more things change..the more they……….


The U.K. today.Where over HALF the Muzlims DON”T work and collect welfare.

And now these devastating victims of Jeehad in the U.K.:

God rest beautiful soldier Rigby’s precious soul.
And may the good Lord hold his family and loved ones in His Arms.

(Lee Rigby’s mother)

(Getty images)

In his loving memory and all the thousands killed by Jeehad..



Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

People for the ethical treatment of ANIMALS?..ha

May I INTRODUCE..their cough cough…”President”;

In the aftermath of a 2003 news report that a donkey laden with explosives had been blown up in a Palestinian terrorist attempt to kill Israeli soldiers, Newkirk penned a letter to Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat, politely asking him to refrain from involving animals in any future attacks.

When the Washington Post subsequently asked Newkirk if she had considered asking Arafat to persuade his followers to stop blowing up people as well, she replied: “It’s not my business to inject myself into human wars.”


Ingrid Newkirk, Co-founder and president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

A buddy of Arafat, who makes nice nice WITH the savage Maachmud Abbas, and oh yes….who DEFENDS BESTIALITY.

Sweet huh.

A JEW hater, defending hurting DOGS not the killing of JEWS.
Who new?

THE LEFT is so predictably anti Christian and anti-Semitic-it’s laughable.
PETA President, the Jew hater

But hey..The get to strut out Na-ked models to um..”protest” the maiming of animals so what the H, right?

DID THEY EVER ONCE PROTEST Muzlim hatred of all things DOG?
Remember this?

See Spot explode!

Al Qaeda operatives in Iraq tried to unleash deadly terror in the skies by deploying a pair of kamikaze canines on a US-bound plane, a French newspaper reports.

The diabolical plot failed because the bombs were so badly stitched inside the poor pooches that they died, said the respected Paris daily Le Figaro.

“This case illustrates the determination of al Qaeda militants, who are trying to circumvent terrorism controls by any means,” French criminologist Christophe Naudin, an aviation security expert, told the newspaper.

Failed Al Qaeda plot involved sewing bombs inside dogs

Have we all gone barking mad?!

Do not kid yourselves sweet friends.


America is far from immune from the evil affecting both immigrant and indigenous Muzlim communities elsewhere in the world.

Remember this ?

A postcard featuring a cute puppy sitting in a policeman’s hat advertising a Scottish police force’s new telephone number has sparked outrage from Muslims.

Muslims outraged at police advert featuring cute puppy sitting in policeman’s hat

Note the recent slew of incidents involving homegrown (sounds like tomatoes eh?) tomato “radicals”, who the press like to call “lone wolves”, and trained terrorist recruits in our very own Military.
But it’s the Muzlims who are “outraged” having to look at a picture of a doggie?
Well guess what fools. I’m outraged that they’re outraged k.

And let us not forget the charming, vicious “converts to Izlam”, most notably in our Prisons. Ah yes.
Is Muzlim depravity not stunning.

There are approximately 53 million dogs in the United States.
Around 600 million worldwide. And this is what Muzlims decide to use them for.


Howzabout we convert the foot washing basins in the airports for muzlim cabbies to troughs for all our well deserving dogs to drink eh.



How WE treat our DOGS:




military_-dogs_ the way Has PETA piped in yet?

Apparently they’re too busy ahem..”killing” the animals in their shelter..That is- in between na-ked protests of hunting and fishing and um..”wearing” fur.

PETA kills 2,000 dogs and cats each year: report.


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals puts to sleep an estimated 2,000 dogs and cats each year, a new report finds.

The New York Times found that the animal rights group kills far more each year than it places for adoption. Last year, only 19 were adopted from its shelter; the year before, it was 24.

Same ole same ole.

Put yer doggies away~~!

July 4th 2013!

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013


“Feel Good 4th of July” Sweet Friends~!


The Leftards can celebrate Cinco de Mayo and errr…May Day for all I care.eek

Yup. Harvard whining. droning malcontents who despise America, Israel, and ALL religion-unless its …um….Islam or Wiccan…

Leftards, who have no respect for our Founding Fathers, their cherished principles, and basically anything sacred or righteous.


Libs who can’t abide any time honored traditions which are celebrated by the vast majority of those left sane in this Nation we still call America.

Oh..Don’t be surprised if they try to outlaw INDEPENDENCE DAY altogether.flagwave..cuz ya know if may offend some Muzlims………or illegal aliens or somethin.

And not for nothin– but the “rockets red glare” prolly aint “green” enough for the granola munchin, tree huggin, Arab Spring luvin, environmentalists…so please refrain from singin it too loudy eh.

Well sweet Friends..


Y’all just keep on congregating at events that celebrate America’s greatness and good fortune.

Stay grateful and proud of your country despite the grouchers and self haters amongst you.



And hey… save me somethin from the BBQ eh?usagirlani