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Happy Halloween !!

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Enough bad news Sweet Friends…Let’s discuss somethin REALLY crucial: Halloween Treats!

What’s your pleasure?..In the mood for some salty bones, or wouldya prefer some scrumptious skeletons?

Cheese fingers or edible Eyeballs anyone? Then again, there’s always bat chips you can wash down with some bug Juice. Ha.

Lost yer appetite yet sweet friends?

OK. I’ll attempt to redeem myself with some really eeeeeeeeeeeeasy recipe ideas.

Try this at home.

Orange (instead of pumpkin..ha) Chocolate Jack-o-Lanterns.

All ya need are oranges and chocolate ice cream.
Tolja it was easy.

Oh wait. You need a knife or pumpkin carving kit and a spoon.

-Cut off the top of the oranges, the same way you would the top of a pumpkin.
-Grab your spoon and scoop out the inside of orange. ( I’s messy..that’s the fun part)

-Now carve out your favorite funny or if ya like… scary jack-o-lantern face.
-Then fill up your orange (jack-o-lantern) with chocolate ice cream.
-Toss your yummy Chocolate Jack-o-Lanterns in the freezer till your’e ready to gobble them up!

Halloween “Boo”tatoes..ha.

Snakes and Spiders. Yum.

Aw just kiddin.

-Get yourself some black licorice and red snakes..ok ok…or red licorice, if you insist.
-Cut the black licorice into thin strips for the legs.
-Twist four of the strips over each other to make 8 legs.
-Use a black loop of licorice for the body.
-The grab your red snake or licorice (heh) to tie the legs together.


Finger food anyone?

Want S’more?..ha

Alrighty, sweet friends..time for you to share share share..or scare, scare, scare..
Any cool recipes or ideas for treats or desserts?

OK. OK. OK. FOr those whoo ‘insist’ on bein healthy…heh


Whatever ya do..Have a spooktacular meal!


Happy Halloween and stay safe sweet friends!

Political Correctness or Fear of IzlamoNazis? You Decide…

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

A TAXI taxi driver has been banned from having a St George’s Cross sticker in her cab – because it could discriminate against foreigners.

Patriotic Denise Said, 56, has three English flag signs stuck on the doors and boot of her vehicle.

But after one complaint from a rival cab firm she was stunned to receive a letter from the council accusing her of breaching equality laws.Teignbridge Council in Devon said the stickers would leave anyone who is not English at a “disadvantage in their day to day life”.

The local authority says it will refuse to renew Denise’s license in February unless she ditches the stickers.

(Tip of the hat to the Zipster)
Council killjoys ban taxi driver from having St George’s Cross on cab for ‘discrimination’”


Ya think she could slap a crescent onna side of her cab?
Or wear a Nazi headscarf while she denies seeing eye dogs or liquor or Jooos in her taxi?

Let’s take bets.

Kinda reminds you of this eh?!

GI JOE no longer American:

Who needs A Real American Hero? Not Paramount or Hasbro it seems. The studio’s live-action feature film version of G.I. Joe will no longer revolve around a top-secret U.S. special forces team but rather an international operation.
What Does G.I. Joe Stand For?

So why the changes? Hasbro and Paramount execs recently spoke about the challenges of marketing a film about the U.S. military at a time when the current U.S. administration and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are at a low-point in global polls.

When a studio makes a film as expensive as G.I. Joe will likely be, they want to know that as many people as possible around the world will want to see it.

In other words, G.I. Joe — “A Real American Hero” — is a tough sell.

Tinseltown strikes again.

Hmmmmmmmm. Notice the colors Paramount and Hasbro…um…I believe they are Red, White, and Blue. Look again wouldya.

They kinna remind me of these colors, which is what the doll was intended for in the first place. Patriotism.

Big shots at Paramount and Hasbro can join ranks with the other apologists and self hating Americans.

What does G.I. Joe stand for:
Government Issue.
G.I. Joe, Real American Hero.

What will it now stand for:
Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity”

Kinna …sounds like an assembly line automaton of sorts, or mebbe some weed-smoking ex hippie Lefty, don’t it.

Of course they are missing the entire point of what G.I. Joe is about.

It began as a toyline to support the regular American military marine22.gifman…something their children..(yes, you PC’ers..the “boys”!) could play with, and learn to respect and even love. marine.gif

Perhaps his counterpart…the nurse which was created for the “girls” to play with can be transformed into a suicide bombing Muzlim chick..would that satisfy Paramount and Hasbro?

Can hardly wait to the ahem…. remake of Patton.
What will he be?..An A-rab rock thrower or perhaps a Nazi with a cause…no wait howzabout a French general who of course wins the Global war on terror with diplomacy and shmoozing with the Izlamofacist thugs.


None of these cowboy Americans who actually believe in fighting the enemy…. How tacky of us.

Perhaps Paramount and Hasbro oughta inform this Marine from the 3/5 Lima company who carries his GI Joe action man figurine as he patrols the city of Fallujah huh.

Shame on them. Cowards.

Stephen Sommers is director of the shameful flick.
Shame on them!
Lorenzo di Bonaventura will produce G.I. Joe along with Hasbro honcho Brian Goldner. Sommers and his partner Bob Ducsay will also produce.

Say G’bye to the U.K. and America Sweet Friends. They have handed the baton to the IzlamoNazi CaliphHATE lock, stock n barrel.

Soldier’s ‘Salute Seen Around the World’ Brought Men to Tears

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Sear this image into your minds and hearts sweet Friends:

Josh Hargis, who was seriously wounded, salutes as he is awarded the Purple Heart.

A wounded and presumed unconscious soldier whose valiant salute during a hospital Purple Heart ceremony made grown men weep and quickly became hugely popular online — and his wife says she understands why people are reacting with so much emotion to her hero husband.

Josh was at a military hospital in Afghanistan right after doctors had stabilized his wounds when he was being awarded the Purple Heart earlier this month.

During the ceremony the seemingly unconscious soldier raised his bandaged arm to salute — struggling with his doctors and medical tubes to do so.
Soldier’s ‘Salute Seen Around the World’ Brought Men to Tears


And why do they not high-light the fact that a filthy IzlamoNazi chick in a suicide vest wrought this horror upon this beautiful man and his beautiful pregnant wife?

Sweet Lord: Please Protect our precious soldiers as they discharge their duties.
Protect them with the shield of Your strength
and keep them safe from all evil and harm.
May the power of your eternal Love enable them to return home
in safety,– to us and to all who love them.

IzlamoNazis have taken enough lives.

Coach Scott Hamilton

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Warning: Mush alert.hug10

Quick commercial inna beginning…but please stay with it!

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Awwwwwwwwwww… I know.flirt

Coach makes special needs students feel like part of the team

Before every home game, Georgia high school football coach Scott Hamilton makes sure to add some special players to his roster.
For two years, Hamilton has surprised special needs students at Paulding County High School near Atlanta by making them part of the team for that week’s game. The “Player of the Day” gets his own jersey and takes part in all the team activities, from the pep rally to riding the bus to the pregame dinner to running out of the tunnel on to the field.

“It just gives them a chance to be part of something they normally don’t get to be a part of…”

Scott Hamilton: Good man indeed.

And just how good are we eh?… we too need to “pay it forward.”


Sounds too simple?
Trust me: The outcome can change the world. Yes indeedy. Don’t let the haters tell ya otherwise.

G’head. Do something kind for someone you don’t even know.romantic_8


Hey….Compliment someone. Instead of the awkward silence you feel when you’re stuck in an elevator with a stranger….find something you like about the other person and compliment them on it. Try it.loveanit5


Thank people in your life who you’ll never know but who serve and protect you every day.

Send a note or some treats to your local police or fire department with a card telling them know how much you appreciate their service to your community.


Cheer someone up. If ya know someone who’s had a horrible day…send them flowers or give them a big ole hug.hugani1

Forgive somebody who has wronged you.
The ripple effect forgiveness can have in your life and in the lives of others is astounding.

Smile…at everyone you pass.smileys_3

Next time someone thanks you and wants to “repay” you for a favor or a gesture…..ask them to pay it “forward”.

Some people may not even act grateful, but benefits may come around even when you may not be there to see it.

Let your generous action be enough in and of itself.
Don’t expect abudant thanks, or even any thanks at all.


Just do it sweet friends.


And..hey………let me know how it turned out eh?


James Woods: Booyah!!!

Friday, October 11th, 2013

James Woods is starring in a drama off the screen — one he’s pretty much writing and directing himself.

The 66-year-old actor and vocal conservative has been tweeting increasingly vitriolic criticism of President Obama since the government shutdown began on Oct. 1 — and he revealed Wednesday night that his political rants may well cost him future acting jobs.

‘Ray Donovan’ actor, a vocal conservative in Hollywood, has been taking to Twitter to slam the President as an ‘abomination.’

James Woods: ‘I don’t expect to work again’ after anti-Obama criticism over government shutdown


Any film that even hints at Judeo/Christian values collides ferociously with the twisted Liberal agenda, which in case ya didn’t notice… is currently on the fast track in this country.

With Hussein O., irrefutably the most liberal (and incompetent) President in history sitting in the White House, and Leftard, criminal Dems running Capitol Hill, the LIBSs have truly arrived.

Why anyone expects Hollywood to do anything but ram its immoral, liberal values down our throats, escapes me.

The values we once cherished and long for…………were never theirs to begin with.

Tis all about their “agenda” my dears.

Ah yes, the ever so tolerant, intellectual Left eh. Oozing hatred and bigotry against anyone who doesn’t follow the Party Line.

The lies and counter-factual history about America and Israel they inject into everything they espouse.

Is it pathological self hatred, insanity, Evil..or all of the above?

Do they truly BELIEVE their revisionist lies? Do they honestly worship the God of Immorality?

Utterly Depraved:

There’s no more WAR ON TERROR according to Hollywood, Hussein lovers either.
Gee. Some of us actually believed we were fighting a War on Terror, but heck. the pantywaist Leftards cleared the smoke right outta our eyes, didn’t they?

Don’t make films about IzlamoNazis beheading, stoning, raping, geni-tally mutilating, or bombing buildings full of innocent civilians…ever.

Musn’t offend the head-decapitating terrorist thug, savage murderers, right?
Let’s just see, hear and speak NO EVIL. And…’s gone!
And while wer’e at it…Let’s just stop fighting for freedom altogether and simply change horses horse3.gif mid stream.

On second thought: NOT.

Someone find a cure for the disease of Liberalism……….or at the very least: Contain it..wouldya?

More Power to ya James Woods.

Your’e a rock star.

The Good Ole Days…:)

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Opie anyone?

A Simpler time.

A wayyyyyyyyyyyy Better Time?


-Father Knows Best: When a family actually consisted of a Father and Mother.

- I LOVE Lucy.

OK..Seriously. Who’s funnier than Lucy?

-Family Affair.
Where a man could be a butler or nanny for a little girl without
automatically being a sicko.

-Little House on the Prairie.

-The Munsters:

A more normal family than any portrayed on television nowadays eh.


When men and women had distinct roles…Even if one was wiggling their nose.

Well, it was once said:
Nothing is more responsible for the good old days than a bad memory.
lol Trudat.

But……..It was also said:
The good old days are now.

So…Enjoy…despite the madness Sweet Friends.

We shall not pass this way again.


Gun Rights and a True American

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

TAMPA (CBS Tampa) — Artist Jon McNaughton is standing up for gun rights in his latest painting.
Titled “Stand Your Ground” – a controversial law brought into the limelight when George Zimmerman fatally shot Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla. – his work depicts a man dressed in soldier fatigues holding both an assault rifle and an American flag.

(tip of the hat to the Zipster)

McNaughton’s Latest Painting Depicts American Standing Up For Gun Rights

McNaughton – who previously painted President Barack Obama trampling the Constitution and burning it – wanted to show why gun ownership is important in this country.

“Since our country’s inception, we have proudly believed in the right of each citizen to own firearms. No man, or group, can take away these unalienable rights,” McNaughton said.


Stunning, isn’t it?

Now…Contrast that with ahem…. Hussein Barak O. Sweet Friends.

Ah yes.
Folks all around the world were pinning their hopes on Hussein Obama in the presidential election.

They just “don’t like America anymore”.

And exactly How many people have you spoken to lately who sincerely think that how the world views America is important?

How many of them claim that President Bush has damaged our reputation in the eyes of the “world” and most especially: Europe?

How many of these geniuses therefore claim that are all for Hussein Obama because the “world”, (whatever that is) likes him and that will make them all like America once again.

Yes yes.
Line up and join in.

“I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony………….”

No mention of the billions and billions of American taxpayer funded aid funneling into their inept corrupt governments eh?

Does Africa heart America?
Africa, for one, has received more money and aid the past decade than any other time in American history.
28 million Iraqis were freed of Sadaam’s tyranny, courtesy the USA.
Not the French, not the Dutch.

American soldiers routinely fight and die not only for the freedom of our great country but for the freedom of yours. That’s right. That includes you, ungrateful Europeans.
What’s that you say…
WW1 and WW2 just a faint memory now eh?

We, my friends are at a colossal fork in the global road.
Which trail do we blaze?
What passageway to take next?

America is a sovereign republic.
Since when do we need to take signs or cues from other nations on what and who is best for our country?

We are the last lookouts, the last sentinels of the Constitution of the United States.

And this is the leader of the Free World now???

Just think:
-Elimination of nuclear armaments and reduction of the military.

-An end to free market trade as we know it.

-Wide open, porous borders.

-Partying and “meeting” with the mullahs thugs and Holocaust denying sheiks.

-Perhaps even the end of civilian gun ownership.

-And don’t forget to kiss Israel goodbye.

Hussein Obama During our National Anthem. What is wrong with this picture boys and girls?

Indeed, the “world” may detest us.
Until they need our assistance or money, that is. money1.gif
Europe, who judge us so harshly is sadly decaying.
They are government dependent and lazy, but seem to always find just enough energy to hate on America.

They view us as all powerful, causing all the worlds’ suffering while they themselves remain impotent in the face of the Muslim takeover of their precious cities.
A smug, arrogant Euro Socialist is just the kinda dude they wish to see in the White House.

Europe and the place formerly known as the Soviet Union: Continents of illumination and bravery.

What stunning leaders arose from their midst. Indeed.
Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini can kiss my American tuchus.

So, it seems everyone hates America, (that’s right Michelle Obama..are ya proud of this country yet?)

But it is the only country in the entire world where people risk their lives hourly to sneak in.

Things that make ya go hmmmmmmmm.

You tell me who is morally, ethically, and intellectually superior to us here in the good ole U.S. of A.

Europe whose economies are a shambles, whose schools, I mean indoctrination centers, are little more than expensive daycare centers?

Europe or the Netherlands, who in spite of their high falutin “superior” attitudes on personal defense, now have cities that aren’t safe in the daytime, let alone at night due to roving “Asians”..cough cough, otherwise known as Muzlims.

No decent, civilized superpower was ever caught winning a popularity contest.

Do you too wish to surrender to and welcome our new Socialist-Democratic, terrorist enabling Over-Lords?

Get angry my friends.
Speak out and Take your country back.

Just remember sweet friends.
Tis far better to be feared than loved.

Jon McNaughton: Now THAT’S what I call a true patriot.

Keep painting dude. America needs the likes of you.