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Willie Myrick: Free at Last:-)

Thursday, April 24th, 2014

“I really believe that God spoke through me to save that young man’s life,” Walker said.

ATLANTA — A young boy’s love of gospel music may have saved his life.
Earlier this month, police say a man kidnapped then nine-year-old Willie Myrick from his southwest Atlanta driveway. He allegedly drove the boy around for some time before dropping him off unharmed in East Point.

In front of a crowded sanctuary at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, Willie recounted the moment he was freed from the car.

Willie said while he was singing, the man kept cursing and telling him to shut up before eventually kicking him out.
“He opened the door and threw me out,” Willie said. “He told me not to tell anyone.”

Willie’s story traveled fast and soon caught the ear of Grammy Award-winning gospel singer Hezekiah Walker — the man who performed the song.

But Willie’s actions during those terrifying three hours are inspiring people around the country. Willie says he sang the gospel song Every Praise until the man let him go.

Child is a Believer

CONTRAST that inspiration with this insanity sweet Friends:

Atheists are threatening to sue over a planned Princeton, N.J., memorial to mark the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on American soil because a metal beam that’s part of the display has a small cutout of a Christian cross.

The beam is the brainchild of a firefighter — who’s Jewish — who says the cross is actually a historic symbol, not religious…

The beam was removed from the site of the World Trade Center debris; the cross shape was then cut into it. But American Atheists say the cutout is “grossly offensive,” and members vow to sue the municipality if the memorial goes forth as planned.

Atheists threaten suit over 9/11 memorial with Christian cross

As a first responder who worked at Ground Zero for months and months..y’all know how ILL this makes me…………..

Of course these useless tools have NOOOOOOOOOOO problem with a gargantuan Mos=que on the site.

Right on cue……….The Leftards suing to Muzlimize our Nation, —-the Godless “progressive ” Libs who don’t rely on God, Divine revelation, or any religion for their ahem “values”(do they have any of those?), morals, or policies.

Ah yes, the source of all order and morality for well………..whatever feels good at the moment k.

Amusing how rabidly intolerant these anti God, Lefty “progressives”, who claim to defend the virtue of universal “tolerance” are – when anyone disagrees with their non existent values.

They won’t rest until they get rid of God, banish Him, or heck… maybe even kill Him.
The athiest and their pals at the ACLU did manage to convince the Supreme Court to ban formal prayer and Bible reading from our public schools.

Once they succeeded in tossing God out of our schools, these “secular humanists” went gunning after God anywhere in the public square.

No displaying The Ten Commandments!

The very Ten Commandments, which are essentially the morals and values that just so happen to be the foundation of Western Civilization and jurisprudence for oh..the last 2,000 years or so………..

Since the 1960′s, the “We hate God” Liberals have fought furiously to remove all reference to these God-ordained decrees from schools and courthouses across our Country.

Some of their “We hate God” judges have gone so far as to take swearing on the Bible out of their courtrooms.

Indeed. Eliminate the “So help me God” oaths.
Take “In God We Trust” off of our money.

And most importantly, take that “One Nation, under God” out of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Uh huh. That will solve all our woes.

Try telling that to them eh:

Maybe the atheist cannot find God for the same reason a thief cannot find a policeman.

A man can no more diminish God’s glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word, ‘darkness’ on the walls of his cell.
C.S. Lewis

There are two kinds of people: those who say to God, “Thy will be done,” and those to whom God says, “All right, then, have it your way.”
C.S. Lewis

People see God every day, they just don’t recognize him.
Pearl Bailey

Do ya suppose the Heejab or burrka or mosques are ahem “grossly offensive” to these tools?
Just askin.

Praise the believers.
God Bless you Willie and keep you safe.


Happy Passover and Easter!:)

Monday, April 14th, 2014


Christians are being tortured and persecuted all over the world by Muzlims. And Jews? Ha. …Oh…they are not even allowed to step foot in Muzlim dominated lands………………………

A Lenten Prayer for Middle East Christians

The Obama administration has neglected Christian persecution, choosing instead to pursue a “partnership” and “broader engagement based upon mutual interest and mutual respect” with what the president and much of the media often refer to as the “Muslim world.”

But that term – “Muslim world” – is a misnomer. It serves only to reinforce the idea that Christians do not belong in the Middle East.

As we know from the Bible, however, Christianity was born in the Middle East and predates Islam there by 700 years..


Needless to say, the anti-semitic attacks by Muzlims are simply too numerous to mention.

Despite it all.lambani..Spend some precious time with your loved ones this holiday Spring season.


You may even want to prepare a family meal together. Woooooo.surferbirdie

Here are some handy dandy ideers–free of charge.

Passover or Easter treats.
What’s your pleasure?



Feel Creative this year?

Make a lamb out of butter for Easter. heh.

Passover meringues with kiwi fruit….. Made from whipped egg whites and sugar…. Yum.

Make your favorite flavored Easter sweetbread.wiz

Hollow it out in a bowl-like shape.
Toss in a cheese mixture, using yummy ricotta cheese.
Sprinkle spices such as cinnamon and raisins.

Potato pancakes..Who could resist?jewishani-uddy

Passover flourless chocolate brownies. Uh huh.

Dig in~!

When was the last time I’ve heard from you? Well, I just want you to know that I miss you so much. How I’d wish that you would talk to me again. I love you.

Sender: GOD.


Sweet friends:

May the Lord bless you and keep you.

May the Lord make his face to shine upon you,
and be gracious to you.

May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you,
and give you peace.


Dogs: Best Friends? Heck yea:-)

Friday, April 4th, 2014

A golden retriever named Boomer walked multiple miles to area where his former owner was last seen.

A dog found Thursday at the site of the deadly Washington landslide may have actually ended up there on purpose.

The golden retriever, Boomer, was treated for injuries to his leg and hip, but the dog didn’t get hurt in the natural disaster.

Dog found alive at Washington landslide site may have been searching for previous owner

According to a report from King 5, Boomer walked three miles to get to the landslide, the area where his former owner was last seen.

The loyal pooch is now cared for by the former owner’s sister. She confirmed to King 5 that her brother is still missing.

Despite the fact that human beings are animals too, their instincts and innate animal-like compassion and wisdom are often no where to be found.

Admittedly, man possesses a large and complex brain function. For all the good it does it him, at times..whoop-de-doo.
Why is it that some animals are so much more loving and genuine than human animals?

It’s because they are simple.

They have well developed emotional or limbic systems.

People have become so infatuated with their brains and ability to reason that many have allowed their intuitive and emotional functions to fade far away.

Humans, forget how to honor their feelings and their intuitive awareness. They worship “the mind” and believe in the overrated fallacy that what we think is reality.

Dogs, on the other hand, remain innocent, sweet, patient, and non-judgemental.

They continue to love you, no matter how nasty you become.
They can still draw out the little inner child within you, even when you do get that nasty.
And you play with them. You get down on all fours…and ………….play.

But, but but..Man has such a huge brain.
Uh huh.
Dogs don’t read mean spirited comments on blogs and then proceed to dignify them with commentary.

We walk down the streets, see one another but act like we don’t notice a thing.
We try “to keep it together”, be cool and act like we humans are self-contained islands.
We spend the better part of our lives hiding our true feelings.

Think you have nothing to learn from a lil doggie?
Think again. (Now, there’s a good way to put that mind to use )doganiee.gif

Dogs spend their time wagging their tails, wiggling all over or barking like mad.
They explore, sniff, race to the door to greet you and make their feelings known. dog77ani.gif

Do you ever wonder what humans would be like if they suddenly allowed their real feelings out?


In memory of Ashley.
I miss you every single day..still.