Mosque at Ground Zero?


Please watch..One minute says it all :

Howzabout we build a museum dedicated to exposing Izzzlamic atrocities worldwide…right near Ground Zero eh.

What would the lefty “Muzlim is the Religion of Peaceniks” think bout that freedom huh.
New York hasn’t been able to rebuild the stunning World Trade Center in nearly a decade but willingly allows Izzzlam to litter the area with mosques.

Uh…. It’s called subjugation.



TheTen Commandments are not even permitted on our County Court House lawns.

Yet… Victims are obligated to “make nice” with our villains.
Observe our so-called national security policy, foreign policy and immigration policy. That’s right. Wer’e at fault for ALL the bad things that happen.

You know… the folks who do vile, heinous things are simply “misunderstood” and we have to do all that we can to make amends for whatever we supposedly did.
Alleged moderate Muzzlims have the same rights in America in the 21st Century that Nazis had in the 1930′s and


Muzlims will be just to excited to designate Ground Zero as theirs.

Do we ignore how they conveniently co-opted areas in Israel and Jerusalem and claim, despite arriving there thousands of years after the Jews and hundreds after the Christians, that suddenly places are ahem..”holy” to their so called “religion”.


We sit back while false religions like the ACLU led atheist, heathen, pagan, secular, Izzzlamic, socialist Motley Crew have their collective thug boot
right on America’s neck.


The mosque is supposed to be called Cordoba? Nice name.

In 1148, Jewish physician and philosopher Maimonides fled Cordoba’s Almohad persecution with his family disguised as Muslims.

He found asylum in Fatimid Egypt. Arabs and Muslims had “persecuted us severely, and passed baneful and discriminatory legislation against us,” he later wrote. “Never did a nation molest, degrade, debase, and hate us as much as they.”

Maimonides’ 1172 Epistle to the [persecuted] Jews of Yemen that forced conversions they reported from Yemen, the Berbers had similarly forced upon Jews across the Maghreb and Spain.

He described Mohammed as “the Madman,” despairing that the sole objective of his “invented … well known religion,; was “procuring rule and submission….”


How dare anyone expect we New Yorkers, (yes, I know people who where slaughtered that day..Yes, I worked down there for months and months in the Search and Rescue effort)…. and the families who lost loved ones on 9/11 to prove anything to anyone.

These precious families have sacrificed more than any citizen should ever be expected to..


Everything you need to know about the horror of this mosque’s imam HERE

Angel’s take HERE



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26 Responses to “Mosque at Ground Zero?”

  1. KarL M says:

    My dear Angel, sometimes logic takes a back seat to “whatever”. The idea to put a building seeped in hatred in the shadow of Ground Zero is ignorance flavored with stupidity.I have no idea how to explain this to the family and friends of the survivors..Perhaps after O’Bozo removes his lips from the Muzzies backside he will let the citizens of America in on the secret..

  2. LomaAlta says:

    Nice post Angel. Allowing a Mosque at ground zero is like building a monument to rapists next to the rape crisis center or electing someone like Obama as the US president. In three words in compre hensible.

  3. C-Christian Soldier says:

    Terrorists are terrorists–and those who support terror- and then allow a monument to the terrorists-are –evil!!
    There-I said it!!!
    Good post – my warrior friend!

  4. Christopher says:


    There should have been a moratorium on this evil practice long ago but certainly after 9/11!

  5. Nili says:

    This monstrosity will be designed to convert more Americans to islam–then to jihad. The politicians of the free world are sell all of us down the river. I pray the people of New York and America can stop this mosque–if not, there will be no stopping them at all. God Bless America and the Free World.

  6. Brooke says:

    The insult of this is beyond measure, Angel.

  7. Teresa says:

    This is rubbing salt onto the wound. This madness allowing EVIL must stop!

  8. z says:

    And you all KNOW this WILL be built. Did you hear the builder imam say “he doesn’t NEED any approval from ANYONE?” Yup. It’s about the first time I honestly wanted to kick my TV in with outrage.

  9. Tim says:

    While we’re at it, lets build a Nazi Hitler memorial right on top of where the bodies were buried in Auschwitz.

  10. Stanford Matthews says:

    Mayor Bloomberg supports the mosque. Why the people of New York have not crushed this idea yet puzzles me. This is one issue where both left and right should be able to agree. Those who died on 9/11 were not exclusively liberals or conservatives. And erecting a mosque where Muslim terrorists (again, pardon the redundancy) killed thousands would be another act of terrorism.

  11. jadedfellow says:

    Thought I was a wiz at doing dumb stuff but this makes me look like an amatuer.

    Bloomberg and the minions of morons who do nothing to stop this type of activity should have some t-shirts made up with the slogan, “Please Don’t Kick Me, I’ll let you build your Temple of Doom”.

    Yep Bumberg, all you are doing is setting up alot of innocent people to agin hafta cry out “Why Does This Always Happen to Me” when WAHM! another bomb blows up.

    I for one am sick of the games politicians and the mentally ill liberals play with the lives of good ole folks who are trying to get thru life with some positive lasting stroke transactions.

    Stay after em Angel, folks iz listening.

  12. Karen Howes says:

    Yeah, it’s no coincidence that it’s called Cordoba.

    Actually, though, I don’t like the idea of rebuilding the towers. I think that a monument to the victims and heroes of 9/11 would be better.

    And ya know, if the Moozlums want to build bridges and show good faith, they could fund such a monument instead of the mega-mosque.

  13. Snarky Basterd says:

    I’m sure the muzzies will fire their guns in the Middle East if this thing is allowed to forward, and Zero will bow in their general direction.

  14. Early Light says:

    Whatever pretext is given, building the mosque on what is essentially conquered territory is very symbolic. Mohammed would be pleased.

  15. EDGE says:

    I can’t tell you how much this pisses me off.


  16. Ron Russell says:

    I’ve been reading about this for some time and I must tell you its disgusting and should not stand. People should be on that site every day protesting! But face it, that will not happen. Many talk a good game but few step forward when the chips are down. There was a time in my life that I took the bull by the horns, not always winning, but feeling good about my efforts. Now I can only use my pen to fight for what I believe to be right, the days of physical action are long past. I do miss them at times!

  17. Gramma2many says:

    They have a habit of building over the ground or churches they consider to have conquered. That is precisely why they are attempting to build at ground zero.
    Their lie is so that they can build better relationships with the people of New York. I am thinking they could build better relationships by going back to Saudi or Yemen or Iran or Iraq or Afghanistan or Palestine or wherever the heck they came from and stay there.

  18. Joe says:

    If this is allowed, we will become a laughing-stock in every Muslim nation. It is embarassing that New Yorkers would even consider allowing such a thing to happen.

  19. Timothy says:

    This is really sickening. I wish we could still run people out of town on rails. But alas…

  20. GV says:

    We’ve been blogging about it in England too, Angel. I can’t believe you’re going down the same road we’ve gone. Time after time I’ve hoped that Americans would look at us and take the warning – but you didn’t and Obama is President now. I hope things get turned around because we need a strong America and we need to fight back.

    I just don’t get it. Obama was obviously another Blair (yet Blair’s feted in America?) Now we have a coalition of wets allied to Obama and the rest of the world leaders. We’re in trouble.

  21. Religion of Evil Wins Support for Ground Zero Mosque « Timothy Matters says:

    [...] Angel has more on it here. [...]

  22. Ace says:

    I don’t know if I can find something more offensive

  23. cube says:

    I can only shake my head in disbelief. The world we live in today is topsy turvy to the world I grew up in. I can’t explain the insanity.

  24. Nickie Goomba says:

    This is humiliating. The point of terorism is to terrorize the weakest people. It has worked.

    It’s time for stronger folk to step to the front.

  25. tha malcontent says:

    But, but, don’t you understand this way, they can use a local fleet of airplanes to destroy New York! Unbelievable.. as I said in my blog, Bring the troops home. The war is over, we lost!

  26. MK says:

    “Howzabout we build a museum dedicated to exposing Izzzlamic atrocities worldwide…right near Ground Zero eh.”

    That would be more appropriate, if you ask me, i’d contribute money to that.