Google Restrictions or NoT

According to one opionion: Internet Cargo bound by law

“China has every right to demand certain restrictions from Google and other companies seeking to do business with its citizens.

This is no different than a cargo ship coming into port from international waters; by entering any country’s territory, they are agreeing to be bound by that country’s laws.

The Internet may be international, but all its cargo must come to port in your country before reaching your browser.”

What do you think dear readers?

7 Responses to “Google Restrictions or NoT”

  1. LomaAlta says:

    Same story as caving in to the radical Muslims. China says what it wants and enforces it any way possible, including violence and war. So, those individuals, businesses, and organizations which howl bloody murder if Boy Scouts us a public park or if Christians want a cross in the public square next to other religious symbols run like cur dogs from the radical Muslims and the CHICOMS.

  2. Lady Jane says:


    That’s completely ridiculous. Google shouldn’t do business with China if China is going to restrict freedom of information. It isn’t as though Google-China are restricting instructions on how to build nuclear bombs. Rather, they are preventing the Chinese people from seeing things about Tienman Square and Freedom. Nice of Google to assist.

  3. Karl m says:

    Surprise,surprise,surprise..This is the same country that has a quota on its births,1 per family,pray to Mao its a boy!!!

    Google needs to grow a backbone, and decide where their loyalties freedom or in CASH. (i think this one will be an easy one)

    Google..chinese noodles!!!

  4. C-Mom says:

    This is a simple case of getting away with what you know you can.

    China would take no crap from Google, so they capitulate to China’s demands, no matter how ridiculous.

    They know that they can backsass America, so to hell with giving them the stats on kiddie porn.

    Google should be ashamed!

  5. Middle Class Guy says:

    The purpose of business is to make a profit. If a business wants to operate in a country to expand its market and profit share, it must abide by the laws of that country.

    What we have here are two issues, one legal and one moral. Google decided that profit was more important than freedom of expression; not only in a legal sense, but in the sense of the internet, the ultimate vehicle for expression.

    There are two ways to approach this. Let it go. It is what it is. Or, boycott Google. It is called voting with dollars.

  6. WomanHonorThyself says:

    I hear u c-mom but
    I’m afraid MCG is right here..
    lomaalta..sad but true…but Google could jus choose to take the loss..whats one more bazillion dollars anyway right..

  7. Brandon says:

    I believe that the mojority of the citizens of the United States of America can dictate how others should live. We might not agree with China’s government, but that is none of our buiness. Google needs to obey the laws that China has if they want to do business with them. It is not for Google to dictate the laws of the land in any country.

    Sky high, seek peace,
    Brandon Bowers