Israeli raid on “aid” Flotilla kills 10 Terrorist Enablers


Israeli medics rush an injured man to a hospital in Haifa, after Israeli commandos stormed vessels carrying humanitarian aid (a.k.a. weapons and ammo) to the Gaza Strip on Monday.

But..shhh…You won’t hear about that.
Ever hear of Arab, Muslim medics (oops they don’t have any).
biting4…rushing Israelis to safety? Don’t answer that.

Israeli officials said the soldiers were attacked with knives, clubs and iron bars as they boarded the six vessels. The Israeli military said the violence turned deadly after one of the activists grabbed a weapon from one of the commandos.

Danny Ayalon, Israel’s deputy foreign minister, told a news conference that weapons had been found aboard the vessels and described the flotilla as an “armada of hate and violence.”

Israel defends her Waters

A flotilla which is an “armada of hate and violence” gets warned, refuses to heed the warning and gets attacked.

You gotta problem with that?
What part of BLOCKADE don’t they understand?
Oh wait. It’s an Israeli blockade aimed at protecting Israel, so they need not honor that, right?

Can you say provocation.boycriminalfacani

Some of the Israeli soldiers were tossed from the top deck to a lower deck by the terrorist supporters, and jumped in the water to save themselves.
They grabbed soldiers and tried to hold them hostage.
Ten Israeli soldiers were wounded, two seriously.


Ooops. Guess the AP forgot to mention that ahem….’ activists’ allegedly going to give aid to poor Gaza Palis just happened to have ammo, clubs and knives with them which they brazenly wielded against Israeil commandos. Big Ooops.


The response: Worldwide Muslim condemnation. What a shock.bomb
Muslims accusing others of violating “human rights”?


Oh, and Hussein the Horrible in the White House expresses errrr..”concern” over Israelis’ actions to defend her waters.

Translation: He will side with Israel only if she commits suicide.


When a flotilla refuses to offer aid to innocent Gilad Shalit..Muslims and the world are dead silent…but now……..

wooo hooo Muslim wrath unleashed again.



Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas described the incident as a “massacre,”

Despite the fact that :
Israel had declared it would not allow the ships to reach Gaza and had offered to transfer the aid to Gaza from an Israeli port.


Lesse now.
Roughly 6 million Israelis with no oil, but a bunch of Jews.
Over a billion Arabs with ALL the oil ….Hmmm…. Who do ya think controls the banks, media, and the US congress?


Israel was not even one day old when 5 stinkin Arab countries invaded Israel to completely destroy it.

They were defeated of course but Jordan “occupied” part of Jerusalem and the so called West Bank until 1967.

Arabs attacked again with their filthy Intifada and started the 1967 war, but yet again, were soundly defeated by Israel again.

Yup. They then lost Sinai, Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, Gaza (formerly under Egypt), and the West Bank.

Israel then found oil in Sinai, but still gave back the whole Sinai to Egypt.

The end result?

Egypt made “so called peace” with Israel.

Israel continues her suicidal tendencies and then gives back the whole Gaza to Arafat.

Do Arabs stop terrorizing Israelis? Hell no.a-rab-ca

When countries defeat sworn enemies, do they return any part of the conquered territory?

Hmmmm. Did the Russians give back parts of Germany, Poland,Finland, China, or Japan after WWII?
Did France return Alsace to the Germans after the WWI?

Israel, however, insanely gives back so much territory, larger than what is the whole of Israel today, and what does she get in exchange?
Muslim terrorists slaughtering her men, women and children in her pizza shops.

The Golan Heights, and the so called West Bank were supposed to be Israeli, not Arab according to the Balfour Declaration.

But Great Britain, who had the Palestinian mandate gave them to Arabs. Why?
Because they felt like it.
And hey…Look at Britain today with her pals the Muslims.
But I digress.


When Israel was in Gaza, they built a stunning flourishing area, where the so-called Palestinians were even working.

They produced vegatables and fruits, which were exported.
They built glorious greenhouses.

As soon as the Israelis were expelled, the stinkin Palestinians trashed everything. So today that great area is as desolate as the rest of their territory.


And we are to defend some 700 pro-Palestinian “activists” a.k.a. Ham-ASS and Hez-bully, barbarian, terrorist supporters?
Worry about the fate of those who enabled the mass murder of 3,000 Americans at the World Trade Center?!


Enable the daily slaughter of innocents worldwide in the name of Isslam?

Um…Not so much.

This event has been sparking “widespread international condemnation”?
Who gives a flying falafel.




15 Responses to “Israeli raid on “aid” Flotilla kills 10 Terrorist Enablers”

  1. Karen Howes says:

    Amen, sister! Yeah, it’s hardly surprising that Israel’s being painted by the Leftstream media as the bad guy…

    Have a great Memorial Day!

  2. Always On Watch says:

    A flotilla which is an “armada of hate and violence” gets warned, refuses to heed the warning and gets attacked.

    You gotta problem with that?

    The only problem I have with the entire scenario is that Israel wasn’t decisive enough to take out the entire lot of “aid” workers.

  3. Silverfiddle says:

    This is typical Euro-Muzzie axis of idiots liberal passive-aggressive agitprop.

    It is sad to see how liberal, passive dhimmi Europe does the bidding (submits) to their violent, dogmatic muslim overlords…

  4. Holger Awakens says:

    The Lord’s Sword of Justice is swift and final.

    The world rejoices as Hell welcomes these ten home.

  5. William Stout says:

    Hmmm…who to believe…do I take the word of Israel who has proven that it has acted in the past with honor, integrity, and even compassion for her enemies or the word of hate filled terrorists who butcher children and spew propaganda? It’s a tough call, but I’m going to have to go with Israel and her version of events on this one. I say the “aid workers” got what was coming to them and the world’s opinion can go to grass.

  6. sayitlikeitis says:

    There has been a huge global shift to HATRED of Israel as the ‘Occupiers’. When Israel was the victim and being attacked on a daily basis there were a few sympathizers and supporters to be found. Now that Israel is standing proud to protect its residents, freedom and itself from vicious enemies within and without – the WORLD IS HAVING A COW. The UN is calling a special emergency meeting to inquire and investigate,,,,are we ready for another Goldstone Report?????
    What is going on? Has ever brain turned to mush and every heart to stone when the subject matter is Israel & its compassionate soldiers? Where is honesty, integrity and fairness? We know the answer it is under the Moslem sword. BEWARE!!!!

  7. Matt says:

    Well said Angel. They will be attacked in our press for defending their country.

  8. KarL M says:

    BOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO…..get me a case of tissue boxes, i am going to cry a river for the poor they can drown in it.
    Israel offers to DELIVER the AID (hahahhahahahaha, must need a lot of guns and ammo for medical purposes) and the Palisinidoits say no thank you…you know why..cause a band aid and a rocket launcher look quite different..
    By the way there was a blockade, any Muzlamic geniuses know what that is…that’s right, you can not enter!!!!!
    So in other words you got exactly what you were looking for, and with the help of worldwide Anti-Semitism maybe a few days of bad press for Israel..sort of a “here we go again” Israel bashing…Can’t wait for the U.N. circus to send in their clowns….Grab a bag of peanuts and enjoy the show….

  9. Mr. Shife says:

    I knew I could come here and get the other side of the story. Thank you for posting this and I appreciate the news. Take care and I hope you had a good holiday weekend.

  10. Katie says:

    Well said my friend, well said!

  11. Brooke says:

    The rest of the world can take a flying leap. Israel would be doing us a huge favor if she’d take out most of those filthy Muslim countries that are alway harassing her.

    Why on Earth the world expects Israel to just sit passively while Muslims attack is beyond me.

  12. proof says:

    The Israelis were justified in stopping a ship that was trying to run their blockade. The terrorist enablers who died reminds me of the old saying:
    Mess with the best, die like the rest!
    Sorry if that seems less than kind, but there is a war going on, and Israel is in the shooting part of it.

  13. jadedfellow says:

    Pacifying should never been done while dropping from a helicopter. The first attacks came from the deck of the ship even before commandos set both feet down.

    The attacks were mob like and brutal. The commandos acted in self defense period. Isreal has been set up with this farce of a “humanitarian aid” drama. The boats had been warned and Isreal offered to deliver the aid themselves, so why would the “humanitarians” provoke the death of their comrades? To manipulate the UN, muslins, the world and cover up the truth that Turkey is properly named.

    Isreal should shake and bake the whole bunch of em.

  14. Dapoppins says:

    I hope Israel learns from this. AWAYS IGNORE what the world theater says or might say, because the world will side against them just because it can. And I wonder, what does the Bible think of “the world and the worldly” ?

  15. MK says:

    I’m sure you’ve seen all the videos by now, but it won’t make any difference, no matter what Israel does, the left and muslims will never listen to them. The reason behind this is that they’re not looking for justice or fairness, they merely want to finish what hitler was stopped from doing.