Semper Fidelis


“A man who had just been released from jail was sent right back Monday after police say he picked the wrong store to attempt a robbery.

When he got to the counter he asked the female clerk for a carton of cigarettes, .. But after he received them he walked out without paying..
The clerk told another female clerk who followed him outside the doors and told him to stop.
Instead, the man turned around and punched the clerk in the face, Quezada said.

Former Marine takes down man after clerk is hit continues…

When the man saw Sjo-strom coming at him, he took a swing at him, too.
But the attacker quickly found out he was no match for the bulky Sjo-strom.
Sjostrom is a former Marine who taught hand-to-hand combat and currently teaches a course on Russian kettlebells, or the martial art of strength training, at the Sports Mall in Murray.

“I grabbed him, threw him on the ground, put his hands behind his back, sat on him and waited for the cops to come,” Sjostrom said.

In just a matter of a few seconds Sjostrom had the man pinned. When the man realized he had no chance, Sjostrom said he became “pretty quiet.”
“Anybody would have done the same thing,” he said. “Another guy in the store said he was in the Army and asked if I needed any help.”
With a grin, Sjostrom replied to the man, “The Marines got here first.”

Most of us know that our Marine corps are elite, highly mobile troops, and just so happen to be the largest in the world.

Guess the 30 year old thug, who didn’t count on a U.S. Marine in his midst.. forgot a few things.

From a United States Marine:

There’s no where to hide, they will find you wherever you run.
They’ll appear out of nowhere and then disappear just as quickly behind their bursts of smoke.

They will come after you from the depths of the sea.
They will fall from the very sky you look toward.

These men are tasked with critical life-or-death decisions on a daily basis …so time ya think bout throwing a punch at a woman’s face…just remember:

They offer the enemy no shelter and extend no mercy.

A Marine will not see the inside of his tent until his mission is complete.

“The Marines got here first”…Boooooooooyah!

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16 Responses to “Semper Fidelis”

  1. Phil says:

    There are few forms of Martial Arts that is as deadly as that of the Ninja, Ninja training is ever on going and very few westerners have that training. Ninja was derived from only one other of the ancient fighting tactics known to the Eastern people from Japan as the Samari.
    The art of Ninjitsu is the form of using both hand to hand combat and the ability to use anything and everything as a weapon and they are taught in the techniqes of how to vanish and reapear in a place that the oponent does not know where they went.
    Ninjitsu is the top of the line in martial arts and combat training.

  2. Gayle says:

    LOL! Angel, that is just too cool! I love the fact that both a Marine and an Army man were there. I can’t say “Boooooya” though ’cause hubby is Army. “Hooah” will have to do! ;)

  3. Debbie says:

    Oh, I love this story. I can just see it in my head, the grab, the flip, the securing of the criminal’s hands, and the comment, “The Marines got here first.” Good for him ad all Criminals should take a cue, you never know when a Marine is around, so behave!

  4. benning says:

    I LOVE it! Good news! Great ending to the story. Hope the injured clerk sues his butt for everything he owns and is likely to own for the rest of his sorry life!

  5. ABF says:

    Most excellent … a lot more stories like this would eventually stop these idiots from pulling this kind of garbage. Go Marines! …

  6. The MaryHunter says:

    This rocks… at the beginning of the story I was hoping that the former marine was going to be a female clerk. See, my lil gals are learning Tai Kwon Do, and I have aspirations for at least one of ‘em to be wearing a Marine uniform someday… :D

  7. Little Miss Chatterbox says:

    Thanks sooo much for the link :) !!

  8. Michael says:


  9. Ogre says:

    Nice story! It’s always nice to hear good news these days.

    Now if the administration would just let the Marines in foreign countries do their job, too…

  10. benning's Writing Pad says:

    Readings Worth Your Time…

    Angel starts us off with “Semper Fidelis”, which ought to make you cheer! Then brings us “Inspiration” and the most famous WWII photograph of all….

  11. DL says:

    Being an old Navy man imprinted with friendly interbranch rivalry, I alway thought that the marines were a bit over the top. I now appreciate the job they do. (that no one else cares to tackle) Semper Fi guys (and gals)

  12. cube says:

    I’m glad our Marines are on our side.

  13. Debbie says:

    One down, how many more to go?

  14. Al-Ozarka says:

    I love it!

  15. Brooke says:


    This is GREAT! Ogre is right: If only they could do what they do best overseas!

  16. KarL MMmm says: