Lohan Insults Christianity: World Yawns


A new poster for Machete, directed by Robert Rodriguez, shows Lohan posing as a nun, in full habit, licking the barrel of a gun.

Lindsay Lohan poses as a gun-licking nun in shocking poster for new movie

Lesse now.
Howz this for profound? A quote about “tolerance” from good ole hater Kofi.

“Tolerance, inter-cultural dialogue and respect for diversity are more essential than ever in a world where peoples are becoming more and more closely interconnected.”
(Hater Kofi Annan, Former Secretary-General of the Useless Nations aka U.N.)

RESPECT for Christians of Jews a part of that by any chance?indifferent
Any embassies being burned over this blatant LACK of respect?
Cars being overturned?
Innocents being slaughtered?


The Transportation Security Administration, you know the good ole TSA..terrorist enablers…… created after 9/11 to allegedly safeguard America’s airports– provided “Islamic sensitivity training” to over 45,000 airport security officers.

Ya know to ensure that Muslims get ahem…”courteous, respectful and non-stigmatizing” kid glove treatment by airline and security personnel.

While Shariiiiiia courts sprout up like poisonous mushrooms throughtout Europe, the dhimmis bend till they break in order to embrace the Islamic Fundamentalist worldview.


Anyone denouncing this insult to Christians and nuns worldwide?

Libtards fall over themselves coercing us into changing our society to accomodate what amounts to a handful of demanding, totalitarian, intolerant, supremacist invaders. scifi_2

Of course…We must install airport footbaths, add special prayer rooms in schools and public buildings, order special food in public schools, and above all: appease their incessant demands.

Is that not in and of itself proof of their imperialist agenda?

But, but, but, Anyone demanding “respect” and “cultural sensitivity” for Christians?
No wait…There were no Kooorans or Muslims insulted right?
Never mind yo.


Oh yea and don’t forget:

Being a dhimmi means ALWAYS having to say your’e sorry.
oh…and Don’t forget to genuflect while saying it.


22 Responses to “Lohan Insults Christianity: World Yawns”

  1. Katie says:

    How come when I was in school they didn’t serve kosher food? I had to brown bag it.

  2. Carol says:

    hollywood is getting boring-
    Christianity is a threat to their free-wheeling life-styles…
    lohan -under cover as a nun!?!! eye roll!

    as to the Christians being arrested for exercising their First Amendment rights (your post below) —
    This stuff has got to stop!!
    Christians leaders must start standing up!
    or-we Christians have got to start ‘community organizing’ to protect ourselves and our sisters and bothers – both here and abroad..

  3. silverfiddle says:

    Christians. like American Jews apparenly, realize that our God is bigger than a Hollywood celebutard.

    We will defend our faith, but unlike the woman-hating pedo scimitar wielders, we realize that we are not the flaming sword of God.

    A human being is free to mock God, but God’s justice is perfect and will not be mocked. The OT and NT is full of examples. The foolish ignore His Word at their peril.

    Cecil B. DeMille had it right: Man does not break God’s law, he breaks himself against it.

    I love the 5 pillars of the liberal faith, btw!

  4. jadedfellow says:

    Turning the other cheek does not mean a person is to be a victim in perpetuity. After the fourth has been slapped I figger it is my responsibility to start slapping back.

    David stood up for his faith and he rocked the mocker. Pretty good example to follow. Since Hollywood and Islame have many butts there’z plenty to go around. I figger it’s time to slap some butt around and git slap happy!

  5. proof says:

    Sorry, but when Lindsay Lohan does most things, the world yawns!

  6. Trestin Meacham says:

    I get sick of hearing about what a peaceful religion Islam is. Anyone who has objectively studied it’s history knows this is not true. It has and continues to spread by violent conquest.

  7. Bunni says:

    Lindsay is a drug addled moron. We don’t care about her, and this pic is a boring as she is!
    I’m sick of the double standard and all the preferential treatment muslims are given. Well, they have their iman in the white house, so what do you expect?
    I’m NEVER saying sorry to them, they can kiss my lily white ass, then go eat a BLT.

  8. Christopher says:

    Lindsey Lohan? What a waste. She is living in her own personal hell that she alone created.

    The same can be said of the entire cult known as islam.

    When one chooses not to follow Gods’ Laws and teachings they set their own destiny to hell.

  9. Gramma2many says:

    It is pathetic, the ignorance of what is to come. They all continue to wallow in their filth and muck. I quit going to movies years ago. My money is too hard to come by to waste it on people who are either too stupid to know what is happening or who are up to their necks in the plot to destroy my way of life. Last night Glenn Beck issued an interesting challenge….for us to ask our pastor or rabbi where they stand in the progressive push. He reminded us that before the Revolution and the Civil War, the pastors took a stand. It is time for our religious leaders to do so again. Many are beaten down by the fear of loosing their “tax exemption” if they speak out against the war against us today. My one comfort is that I have read the last chapter, I know what is going to happen. WAKE UP AMERICA!!

  10. z says:

    “meet your new editor”…what a FABULOUS cartoon.
    I hadn’t heard about this film…….Christianity must be VERY threatening because Hollywood’s scared witless. What’s the Christian word for JIHAD? (Oh, yes, there isn’t one…why would there be? :-)

  11. Sam Huntington says:

    The difference between Christians and Jews and Mooslims is that Christians and Jews don’t cut off people’s heads for being insensitive and insulting. Ergo, Christians and Jews are civilized, and Mooslims are barbarians. Simple logic, really.

  12. Brooke says:

    Yesssssss… Where are the fatawa? Where are the death threats?

    Yet let someone draw a stick figure of Mo and there’s hell to pay.

    I was done with that waste of oxygen named Lohan a looooooooong time ago. This really doesn’t surprise me. She’s GOT to do shocking, envelope pushing stuff to get any work nowadays!

  13. Red says:

    Of course that will be a film that I will not be patronizing. And Lohan? If she could only step outside of herself and see what she has become.

  14. Mustang says:

    Lohan = stupid white progressive.

  15. KarL M says:

    Lohan!!!! lolololololololololol…now there is a career i am sure is Oscar bound..(Oscar Madison)
    Angel, remember the rule..any publicity is good as long as you spell the name right..Not to be confused with Meryl Streep, Ms. NOhan is at the very bottom of the barrel, hence the “how do we shock moment, so my career is not flushed down the toilet event”…and this was it…

  16. Debbie says:

    This is supposed to be from her next movie? I cannot imagine what the movie would be like if that’s the image they put out on it to attract viewers

  17. William Stout says:

    If Marilyn Manson can’t shock anybody anymore, what hope has Lindsey Lohan? About the only thing that could shock me with regard to Ms. Lohan would be to stop the continual train wreck her life has become and to make a sincere conversion to sanity, same for Hollyweird and the rest of the “elite” dirtbags.

  18. Matt says:

    The double standard is becoming more and more obvious every day.

  19. KingShamus says:

    I’m with Carol.

    Lindsey Lohan is just a representation of just how tedious Hollywood has become.

    Whitewashing Islam’s sins, making Christianity the enemy…why does La-La Land continue to bleed money with American audiences again?

  20. Pamela D. Hart says:

    I’m sick of hearing how peaceful Islam is too. Christians are peaceful too!

    Lohan is pathetic and I’m sick of hearing about her, too. She’s supposed to go to jail for 90 days but her attorney is putting her into rehab hoping the judge will accept that. I hope the judge says “No way, jail for her!” These Hollywood jack-wagons need to learn they aren’t “special” and shouldn’t get preferential treatment.

    Angel, you’re a doll for your continued battle for truth. Bless you.

  21. Ben says:

    no sharia!

  22. MK says:

    Lindsay Lohan is licking gun barrels now, from what i’ve heard, that’s actually a step up, for her that is.