Lib Canadian MP’s ..hmm


“Liberal MP Borys Wrzes-newskyj has resigned as foreign affairs critic following his controversial remark that Canada should negotiate with Hez-bollah, a group Canada considers a terrorist organization.

Liberal MP resigns post after comments about Hez-bollah

During a tour of the Middle East with NDP and Bloc colleagues, the Toronto MP was quoted as saying that Hez-bollah should be taken off Canada’s list of terrorist organizations.”

Welcome to Hezbullahland, formerly known as Toronto.

Welcome yet another in the long line of apologists and defenders.

Borys Wrzes-newskyj.
I’ll give ya a hundred bucks if you can even pronounce his name.
Come to think of it, maybe that’s the root of his ahem..problem with self definition.
But, I digress.

Just because Libs insist on dancing the death spiral, must we all kick up our heels and follow them down?

Perhpas Borys fantasized about joining the ranks of the Maintstream Monster Media folk who can earn nearly $100,000 a year simply by creating propaganda and treasonous lies against their host countries. (and Israel too, just for good measure)

Naw, Hezz-bullah is not a terrorist org., Borys eh? faceis1.gif

And all the while, the masses in the U.S. and Canada are abandoning Christianity in huge numbers while insisting on bestowing upon Izlam some perverted from of “cultural sensitivity.”
The “Do not dare offend” credo.

Well, sorry Borys , some of us have gone a country mile beyond multi-culti sensitivity and self loathing, feel-good guilt complexes such as yours.

We just follow the logic.
A terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist.

For those of us down here in the good ole United States wondering why Canadian diseases are important to report upon……Remember one thing:
what happens way up there, all too often infects us way down here.

Oh, Borys, don’t let the door hitcha on the way out eh?

15 Responses to “Lib Canadian MP’s ..hmm”

  1. ABF says:

    He was racked over the coals big time for that one. Especially after they had video of him saying it, and then he denied it when he got back. The official LIEberal party line is NO support for the Hezzies. That organization is illegal up here.

  2. Always On Watch says:

    Yee-haw! I just love it when a dhimmi bites the dust!

  3. A. Truman North says:

    The only difference between this guy and most US Conrgessional Democrats is, they wouldn’t be caught dead resigning.

  4. Ma r t i n @ b l o g b a t says:

    Oh Canada… Wherefore art thou, oh Canada…

  5. Red_State_Blue says:

    Anatomy of a Hit-Piece …

    like the Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon, the Insurgents in Iraq know well the emotional vulnerabilities of the American public. And they play to them in similar ways – seeking to maximize both the numbers of civilian casualties and level of media exposu…

  6. DL says:

    I just came back from a brief stay in Montreal. This is a city that openly produces Satan worshipping with goat heads and dark potents etc. which has replaced the Catholicism it once was famous for. I can understand why they like Hezballoh there.

  7. Gayle says:

    At least Canada finally got a conservative Prime Minister who is friendly towards the U.S. even though he has been lambasted for it. As for this asshats name, Angel. Be careful… I refuse your offer of a hundred bucks, but I can pronounce it. I knew someone with that last name though, so that’s not fair!

    I visited Montreal once, back in the 70′s. It didn’t seem half bad then. How times have changed! :(

  8. Angel says:

    Thanks y’all for the insights as always makes me think and…smile. :)

  9. cube says:

    It’s disgusting how once mighty countries are allowing this kind of legalistic-PC-liberal drivel to erode their way of life.

  10. Old Soldier says:

    GFreat post Angel. A liberal is a liberal no matter where s/he hails from. They always want all the toys and then tell you to be satisfied with what you (don’t) have.

  11. American Crusader says:

    Unfortunately this type of infection is almost at epidemic stages throughout both Canada and the United States.
    Why do you think nations like Iran and North Korea act the way they do?
    They know they act with impunity.

  12. MissingLink says:

    We also have these lunatic here in Oz.
    Fortunately they are only a small group, then again we are always a bit behind when ‘progress’ is concerned.

  13. Brooke says:

    American Crusader is DEAD-ON! They KNOW they will get away with murder while we are all busy patting ourselves on the backs for being SO nice and sensitive! UGH!

  14. KarL MMmm says:


  15. bernie says:

    Borys Wrzes-newskyj.
    I’ll give ya a hundred bucks if you can even pronounce his name.

    A Polack goes for an eye exam.

    Doctor: Can you read the letters from the chart:


    The Polack says, “Read them? I know the guy.”