Obama supports Terrorist Flotilla


Yup. Yet again..Muslims are put upon victims and ………….It’s all America’s and ISRAEL’s fault Hussein obama.
Tell us sufmfin we don’t know.

Obama Pal Rashid Khalidi Back in the News for Aiding Hamas .

President Obama’s good friend, former PLO mouthpiece Rashid Khalidi, is back in the news.

Surprise surprise eh.

Obama’s Jew hater pal breaking Laws..Who cares?
He has signed an appeal for funds to outfit another ship that, like the “peace flotilla,” would try to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza, the territory controlled by Hamas — the foreign terrorist organization that is the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian arm.

The ship would be called — wait for it — The Audacity of Hope.

The United States has neutrality laws against things like fitting, furnishing or arming vessels with the intent of committing hostile acts against a country with which the U.S. is at peace. (Challenging a blockade is a hostile act.) We also have laws against providing material support to terrorist organizations like Hamas.
Will the Obama Justice Department pursue an investigation of Khalidi?

Oh Joy. It’s Flotilla time again.boatani

Yea. Let’s support terrorist Turkey now too.
Any mention of when Turkey invaded in the Summer of 1974, they used napalm and terrorized the Cypriot Greeks?

You heard me. Napalm.



Which of course led to one of Muslims’ favorite pastimes: Forced ethnic cleansing.

That’s right. it aint only Jews they expelled, tortured and killed.

Muslims eat their own.


Just ask anyone from the formerly Greek lands in northern Cyprus..
Oh and not for nothing but did Anyone ever even hear of “human rights abuses” in Cyprus?
I didn’t think so.


Trafficking in Women just bein one of hundreds of abuses.fight39

And mums the word on Turkey’s detention and jailing of Kurdish children k?



Inna mean time Israel stands as an astounding country who has welcomed and integrated people from every country, socio-economic background, race, and national origin.
They permit their own sworn enemies to sit in their Knesset.

But what we REALLY need is another terrorist flotilla headed toward Israel and a mega-terrorist mosque at Ground Zero apparently. Uh huh.


18 Responses to “Obama supports Terrorist Flotilla”

  1. Matt says:

    I’ve been saying this for a while, but Israel cannot consider the US a friend or ally, at least while Obama is on office.

  2. KingShamus says:

    We need a mega-mosque at Ground Zero like journalism needs another secret left-wing email listserv.

  3. KarL M says:

    “I love the smell of Napalm in the morning.”
    Blockade…hahahahhahaha my !@#$%^, just do not get in the way of those tunnels into Egypt…
    Just a little secret for those special WHT readers, the whole reason “they” keep trying these NOtillas are so they will be STOPPED, exactly what they expect a sovereign nation to do. This keeps the eyes and ears away from the Ha m ass controlled ($$$$cash$$$) tunnel smuggling business..
    (please do not tell anyone i told you, it will ruin the monthly flotilla game)

  4. slamdunk says:

    You’d think the current admin would be too busy trying to make domestic issues work rather than supporting another float.

  5. Trestin Meacham says:

    The treatment of the Kurds by Turkey has (like everything else relevant) been purposefully ignored by the MSN

  6. Christopher says:


    It is typical for the Hussein regime to support “overseas operatives” (terrorists).

    I had not heard of this latest attempt until your post, thank you. We know the MSM will NOT cover this angle of it if the story at all.

  7. Holger Awakens says:


    I just put up this same story and here you got it up! I swear I didn’t steal it! hahaha

    I’ll try to get out of your head if you get outta mine :)

    Great stuff!

  8. KristinMishmash says:

    Our president is a Black Libertarian Theology Muslim. Who ever thought that was a good idea?

  9. Carol says:

    You don’t know how much I appreciate the historical back-up and the illustrative photos and -actual illustrations – of the enemy …
    A very old war that we are in…my friend….

  10. Debbie says:

    This is really something, can’t wait to see Baghdad Bob press secretary dodge and weave the questions on it.

  11. Karen Howes says:

    Everything Zero does says, “CLOSET MOOSLUM”, Angel…

  12. silverfiddle says:

    The Turks have made their choice, electing to go back 1000 years…

    I pray Israel, and America can hang on for two more years…

  13. William Stout says:

    Excellent post Angel. With the current situation in the Middle East and the threat posed by a nuclear Iran I wonder if Israel can hold the line. In my opinion, America’s support of the Jewish state is far less than it once was and I suspect the growing levels of anti-Semitism on the left may account for that. There is a reason why Helen Thomas sounded off at the White House and I believe it was because she thought herself to be in like minded company.

  14. LomaAlta says:

    Thanks Angel. Yes, Turkey has a violent and racist history. Armenians were killed by the millions by turkey. Next to the communists, one of the largest genocides in history.

  15. Gramma2many says:

    Posting a link to this on my FB page. Thanks Angel.
    Have a great weekend. I think we may finish up some of our painting project.

  16. Flora @ Israel says:

    Any kind of support Americans demonstrate towards Muslims should be banned as such after everything the nation has suffered after September 11! But it looks as if the current American government have forgotten everything…

  17. William Stout says:

    As I am not of the left, I do not make up my facts. I shall leave that to you and yours who prefer to lie about DDT, Global Warming, forge scientific data and research. ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

  18. Bunkerville says:

    Thanks for a trip down memory lane. A good one.