“Kiss In” in Times Square


NEW YORK — Americans will gather for a group “kiss-in” in Times Square and buglers across the country will play the military funeral tune “Taps” on Saturday in the first national day of remembrance for the World War Two generation.
U.S. to commemorate WWII with “kiss-in”
The celebration was immortalized in Alfred Eisenstaedt’s photograph of an unidentified sailor kissing nurse Edith Shain in Times Square. A group “kiss-in” recreating the moment is scheduled to take place beside a 25-foot (7.5-meter) statue of the couple.

“It really became Edith’s mission in life that there would be this national day, that every day someone thought about that day in August when a girl was kissed in Times Square, that people would think about it more deeply,” ..

“She said we should have a day for all the ordinary men and women of that generation who did so many remarkable things and never were really recognized for that: The people who endured the Great Depression, saved Western democracy, and then went on and rebuilt the world,” ..


A 26-feet-tall statute was installed on 44th Street and Broadway.
It is a recreation of the famous Life Magazine photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt which eventually became a symbol of the celebration of the end of World War II.


Hundreds of couples showed up… donning sailor hats and nurse’s caps and smooched in Times Square yesterday to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the end of World War II.

Many World War II veterans and their children showed up to remind the younger generation of the sacrifices of those who fought in the War.


August 14, 1945 – a crowd of 750,000 people, buzzing with hope and excitement, had gathered in Times Square, eyes fixed on the Times Tower. At 7:03pm, the words finally blazed across the news zipper:


Times Square exploded in a collective cry of joy and relief.

By 10pm, the crowd had swelled to more than 2 million, as New Yorkers flooded the Square, a generation uniting to celebrate the conclusion of the 20th Century’s most devastating conflict and express their love of life and belief in the future.

Times Square

Times Square has filled a communal need as a place to share in national celebrations, remember historical events, and watch the news of the world unfold in real time.


Hey..It’s not too late Y’all.
Anybody up for some patriot pecks?kiss11ani

Grab your loved one and let the smooching begin~!kissani

And speakin of kissin……….

Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.
Albert Einstein


Kissing is a means of getting two people so close together that they can’t see anything wrong with each other.
Rene Yasenek


One more reason to head to NYC eh.


16 Responses to ““Kiss In” in Times Square”

  1. Christopher says:

    Hiya Angel!

    I love the quotes about kissing, so true and profound.

  2. KarL M says:

    Great ideas , comes from a great mind…like yours Angel…
    And if they can not find some one to kiss…
    they can kiss the Mosque @ Ground Zero GOODBYE!!!!!!

  3. proof says:

    A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous. ~Ingrid Bergman

  4. Sunday Linkage: Sid and Marty Krofft Edition | Conservative Hideout 2.0 says:

    [...] Wyblog asks the question, “Who was that mosqued man?” [...]

  5. jadedfellow says:

    Good Ideer gal. I shud find me one, maybe she can assist in me keeping me mouth shut.

    Love that Rene fellers thoughts. I see no wrong in what you been speaking for awhile now, so when duz I git one? ;-)

    G-d bless you and those who have fallen, so’z folks like us can embrace life inna free way. Okay Albert is cool too, I’ll pump the brakes and pay attention cuz Times Square ain’t no place to kiss and drive.

    G-d made country roads for that.

  6. Jack says:

    Sounds like it was fun.

  7. ben says:

    Cool, way! Edith, bless her heart. Nice to see this out nyc compared to the rest of the crap coming out of there lately.

  8. carol-Christian Soldier says:

    Thank you-your takes and photos brought a much needed smile moment -for such a time as these!
    Hugs xxx

  9. tapline says:

    Angel, your still knocking them dead……keep up the keeping up. I can remember that famous day or evening when Truman announced the VJ day….I was very small but the whole family went to Portsmouth that night to celebrate with the rest of the country side………stay well…..

  10. Always On Watch says:

    Many World War II veterans and their children showed up to remind the younger generation of the sacrifices of those who fought in the War.

    With BHO at the helm of our precious nation, not much notice was taken in the mainstream media. **sigh**

  11. carol-Christian Soldier says:

    Thank you-Germany-


  12. cube says:

    Thanks for posting this. I had no idea.

  13. Debbie says:

    A “Kiss In”, count me and hubby in.

  14. Leticia says:

    I recall the picture and I always thought it was so romantic! There is just something so majestic about that era.

    The people of that time were remarkable. They deserve the recognition.

    I would do anything to see a lot of that romanticism and respectability to make a comeback. Women were feminine and men were masculine, there was no confusion.

    They could teach our generation a thing or two.

  15. Kid says:


  16. Joe Ciciarelli says:

    It will not be too long before the ACLU declares this as offensive to others are is asked to tear it down.