Bob Beckel: Get Over 9-11!

Doozie of the Day:
Bob Beckel.


These are the Liberal Democrats my sweet friends:

In a panel discussion regarding the funding of the Muzlim Monster Mega-mosque at Ground Zero, Bob Beckel, says:
At some point ” we have to get over 911″.

I too, was a first responder elbow to elbow with our FDNY and NYPD.

And guess what Bob Beckel?

We will NEVER “GET OVER” 9-11.

In addition, we will we not “get over” the bombing of the Kohbar Towers, Oklahoma City, the USS Cole, The Twin Towers, the Pentagon or the Field in Pennsylvania.

How bout our soldiers just “get over” Pearl Harbor” while wer’e at it too eh?

G’head Beckel..Make your twisted statement to the families who wonder what their husbands, wives, sons or daughters did at the last moment knowing they were going to be burned alive or crash?


Tell your sickening statement to those families who had to see the images of their loved ones jumping out of the World Trade Center in a futile attempt to save their lives.


Tell it to those with the strength and spirit to do all possible to try to live just to see another day.




Tell it to those I had to hold for hours, or rock, or stay with till the Sun came up because sleep would never come…………….

Tell it to the children who I had to tell that Daddy is never coming home………ever.

On September 11, 2001, in the heart of America’s greatest city, nearly three thousand Americans were murdered in a single morning.

Terrorist Muzlims struck a blow against ALL of us that reverberates to this day. Well, At least for people of conscience that is …”


But wait…Why be surprised at what LIBS spew?

Wasn’t it Hussein Obama, their Messiah who stated: “America is not a Christian nation …”
Was it not he who lied and propagandized that : “Islam has always been part of America …”

So now one of his stooges embellished a tad:
Beckel comes along and says: “We’ve got to get over 9/11 …”

Should we “get over” slavery too while wer’e at it?

Right. That’s just what we should do.

I mean really y’all…………….Stop the whining and . Just get over it…

I have a better idea Bob.

How bout you get-over-yourselfx150_f


40 Responses to “Bob Beckel: Get Over 9-11!”

  1. z says:

    And, will Beckel be mentioned negatively in the mainstream media? What do you think would happen had a Republican said this!!? !! I’d shudder to think, but we’re so used to it by now.
    Those photos say it all, Angel..great post. Tell THOSE precious survivors and responders to “GET OVER IT”…

  2. Debbie says:

    Beckel is an idiot drone for the Democrats, only this time the Democrats are not together on the Mosque. I notice Beckel, who was HUGE, took up the entire TV screen he weighed so much, has not lost a little weight.

  3. innominatus says:

    Keep your fat lips flapping, Beckel. The people are sick of you and your ilk. Every word out of your mouth is like more gas on the fire this November.

  4. carol-Christian Soldier says:

    why does Hannity keep having beckel on his panel ?? I turn Hannity OFF when beckel is on –his statement here reflects his attitude on everything–I can’t stand him!!

    Thank you for the heart moving photos my friend!

  5. KarL M says:

    I have a great idea, how about Bob Beckel get over a few meals perhaps..
    He has as no right to ask anyone to get over 9/11 until the collective families, responders and American people feel like it…get back to me in 100 years..i will give you an update…
    I still do not see why building in the middle of the Hudson River is not a great idea…they can appeal to New Yorkers and New 2 blocks from Ground Zero….and as the Popa Immama like to drone on about…build BRIDGES!!!!!

  6. Bunni says:

    What a jerk this guy is. He needs to get over being an ass.
    What a horrible thing to say. We will never “get over” this horror.
    Try to not let the nuts get you down, Angel. Getting hot out here again, arrrgh.

  7. jadedfellow says:

    Caring and compassionate people don’t git over something like this!

    Yes it is good to forgive, but to forget is stupidly naive. I try to forgive what happened and admit I ain’t there yet, but I state beyond a doubt I will neva forget what was done on that day.

    I have a beautiful painting in my living room that shows the Towers before Islam hell broke loose on that fatefilled day. I think of all the people who can’t “Paint Me A Birmingham” anymore with the ones that were lost. How many cotton dresses will never be worn again, how many will never see the ocean scenes with their loved one, how many swings will go empty as they go back forth alone, how many lovers will never embrace the loves of their life, how many will go thru the spring’s without walking hand in hand with their one and only, just where do the people paint themselves when they don’t have their beloved’s, when they can’t have them anymore?

    If I could miraculously stroke life back, I would take brush in hand and paint here again those who are no longer alive for those who loved them. Not my calling, so I will just paint a picture for those who died, for those who remain without, for those who came to help and for those who know “gittin over it” is a fat mans BS!

    I will never gunna git over it, I don’t forget.

  8. Teresa says:

    Beckel is a liberal shmuck. I will never forget 9/11 and doing so would be to avoid reality and to have your head in the sand. We must stop this mosque from being built so close to Ground Zero.

  9. Gramma2many says:

    Wow Jaded Fellow!!!!! Amazing gift of words! I would never be able to put such thoughts down. I think you caught the sentiments of every one of us!
    Angel, as I was reading this, Pearl Harbor came to mind. I am so glad you included it too. Of course an entire generation has passed since Pearl Harbor and for many it is just a story in a history book, but for those who still live, or who lived during the reconstruction, it is still a very real piece of history. Nothing to get over, but something to deal with day by day, year after year. As with Pearl Harbor, there will be a time that the pain is not so intense, but 9-11 is something we will never “get over.”
    Bob Beckel, you have just proven what an a$$ you really are.

  10. The Conservative Lady says:

    Isn’t it supposed to be the liberals/Democrats who are the party of the people? Aren’t they the ones who “feel their pain”? They’re for the little guy, aren’t they? The insensitivity shown by the people who support a mosque near Ground Zero is disgusting. And who is supporting this mosque…the Dems/Libs.
    Bob Beckel is nothing but a left wing hack. He’s paid by Fox News to be the other side of “fair and balanced”. But to say such a thing like “get over 9/11″ shows us that he, and the progressives/liberals/Dems on his side, care nothing for “the people” or for our country. The lack of respect for our country and for the victims and their families is evident in their willingness allow radical Islam to build their “victory mosque” on that sacred soil. Shame on them.
    Angel, you did a great job on this post and it’s getting linked to at TCL FB.

  11. Maggie M. Thornton says:

    Beckel gets worse by the day. Three years ago he was an often funny liberal. Today he is a bitter political hack. This was a terrible thing to say. This is one people will remember. The photos are heartbreaking Angel. I know you did what you had to do, and I’m sure it is not always easy to go to sleep at night.

  12. proof says:

    I think the country will be over Bob Beckel and the Democrats before they are “over” 9/11.

  13. Matt says:

    Beckel is an ass. Sorry for that term, but it fits too well to leave out. We will NOT forget. From all over the country, we stand with the folks in NY that suffered. We’ve got your back.

  14. Katie says:

    Well said. We will “get over” 9/11 when the Sun burns out and the Earth turns into a burnt out rock.

    Never forget!

  15. JINGOIST says:

    I’d like to think that we’d NEVER forget the murder and mayhem of that horrible day.
    We’ve already largely forgotten Pearl Harbor Day, and far too many get a glazed look on their faces over important WWI events like The Western Front, Flanders Field, or the Christmas Truce. deep sigh.

  16. Timothy says:

    The Libs can’t stand 9/11 because it shows Islam for what it truly is: a murderous religion. They want us to forget. Go to some of the nations where Sharia Law is imposed and just state publicly that you are a Christian and they put you to death. Spend some time learning about this religion. There are no MODERATES in Islam. They know better than to be moderates because the wackos bump them off as well.

    My church prays every week about Christians who undergo persecution around the world, and every week it is the same story. Christians suffering at the hands of Islam in countries ruled by Sharia. There is no such thing is moderate Islam. This is what they want here too.

  17. Always On Watch says:

    The left wants nothing more than for Americans to forget about 9/11.

    Can’t do it, Bob.

    WON’T do it, Bob.

    And one of these days, guess what, Bob? You’ll be a forgotten name, asshat.

  18. cube says:

    It would be really convenient for the islamofacists for Americans to just get over 9/11. Then they could much more easily plan for the next attack. Beckel is one of the useful tool liberals that are in the business of appeasing islam.

  19. Subvet says:

    Beckel, just two words.

    They ain’t “Merry Christmas” either.

  20. Leticia says:

    Wishful thinking, Beckel. Shut your liberal, biased yap!

    The audacity of the man is infuriating. I can guarantee that he did not lose a loved one on that terrible and tragic day. Otherwise he wouldn’t be spewing such reprehensible, uncouth diatribe. Moron.

    We will NEVER forget. Ground zero is hollowed ground, period.

    Angel, God bless you and every single person who was shouldering and helping to carry the burden and pain. It takes a strong person to remain diligent in such a horrific time.

  21. Mustang says:

    Bob Beckel, and those like him, are dangerous to our country. They are unapologetically anti-American, pro-Marxist progressives. Beckel and others worm their way into colleges and universities and poison the minds of our young people—this is part of the progressive agenda, while most of us sit around without a clue. Wake up America. Here’s an idea, Beckel would make a perfect centerpiece for a bouquet of assholes.

  22. JINGOIST says:

    Mustang writes:
    “Here’s an idea, Beckel would make a perfect centerpiece for a bouquet of assholes.”

    LOL!! That’s funny!

  23. Kid says:

    Bob Beckel is a communist tool. I hear him spouting nonsense I know that he knows is pure BS.

    Tell him I said that.

    Anyway, no we must never forget 9-11-2001. Wouldn’t the barbarians love that.

  24. Layla says:

    Hi Angel grrly! Missed you, ah, but all this school. on break starting tomorrow for two weeks, so not I can do all my bloggie rounds to my grrly friends bloggies! :)

    Beckel is a jerk, there is not other way to put it. I really and truly wonder if any of his family were lost that horrific fateful day he would have this view.

    I was shocked when the aid to Bush that lost his wife in the plane that rammed the Pentagon said he thought the Mosque was a good idea because in America we practice freedom of religion and we do not want to send the wrong message. Okay….then build a Mosque someplace else!

    Ground Zero is hallowed ground…just like the supposed holy land in Saudi Arabia that won’t allow us to build churches their, in fact, nowhere in Saudi Arabia.

    I am not for any Mosque near Ground Zero, don’t they have enough Mosques here? Why there? Oh — those are the radicals and jihadists that want to rub it in our noses and pour salt in our wounds. There are MANY Muslims that do not want a Mosque there and agree with us. Debbie at Right Truth has an article written by Hirshi Ali from The Wall Street Journal and just read what she says and she is Muslim.

    Not all Muslims are bad, but there are many bad terrorists and jihadists coming out of Islam, which is not a religion of peace and Hirshi Ali would tell you that herself, hence, why she has to have the FBI protect her because Muslims want to even kill her!

    Good post hun! :)

  25. ben says:

    Hey Boob, what say I stick my fist down your throat and tell you to get over THAT?

    You’re right Angel, we will NEVER forget.

  26. Brooke says:

    I would say what Beckel can go do with himself, but I will refrain from such words here.

  27. Ace says:

    Sadly he’s not alone in his thoughts. Hasn’t the President moved on??????????????????

  28. Jenn of the Jungle says:

    GET OVER IT? I tell you what BOB, I will not EVER “get over it”. I wonder, if I walked up to you BOB and slapped you so hard you walk with a permanent limp, would you…get over it?

  29. Joe says:

    Let’s see how Beckel gets over it when Islam has siezed control of our country after the building of their victory mosque. Let’s hear Beckel shout, “Get over it,” when the executioner’s axe comes down on the neck of some woman who appeared in public with a man other than her husband, or when a woman is stoned in America for not wearing her berka, or when he, himself, is facing Islamic execution for having been “an American.”

    I’m not wishing it on him or us, I am predicting what will be in twenty years or so if we continue to allow Islam to celebrate their victories with monuments at their victory sites…think Spain.

    I won’t be here to say, “I told you so…so I’m saying it now.”

  30. Quite Rightly says:

    I wonder where Beckel was on 9/11, since it’s so easy for him to “get over it.”

    He’d do anything for a buck, or whatever it is they spend in Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

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  32. Johnnymac says:

    “Get over 9/11”? I’d like to ”get over” you Beckel. With a freakin’ baseball bat, you fat turd. 9/11. Never Forget. And never forgive.

  33. Johnny Rebal says:

    I will get over 911 when mecca is pile of smoldering glass and rubble with a few million smoldering bodie laying around it. I will get over 911 when all muslims are deported from the USA. I will get over 911 when all forgien aid to muslim run countries is ended and the money is used to help the USA. I will get over 911 when this current muslim in the WHite House is run out of office along with his hoard of pigs he brought with him.

  34. Claire Solt PhD says:

    I think what Americans really want is reassurance from the FBI thaT THEY ARE WATCHING MOSQUES FOR EVIDENCE OF SUBVERSIVE BEHAVIOR AND HAVE NOT BEEN NEUTERED BY pc bs.

  35. maggieh says:

    And nobody, not one person from Obama’s Media Posse will even mention this blowhard’s dreadful spew. I have no intention of “getting over it” – personally, I think the images of the planes flying into the towers should be shown on television occasionally, just so we DON’T “get over it”.
    What an a**.

  36. Cappy says:

    I would be great to see Beckel take one in the glommer in nationwide TV.

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  38. bil says:

    The thing I don’t understand is why anyone takes Bob Beckel
    seriously. Who the hell is he? I think he’s a plant who is there to steer controversy. We seem to give weight to him because he’s on TV. If Americans really had his view on most of the issues facing us today we would be in deep dodo. He’s like most if not all liberals very condescending and have an elitist attitude. In other words your to stupid and you need to let them do the thinking for you. Beckel
    and his ilk who are now in charge of America are not good for America. Now you can take that from me or listen to Mr. Beckel, he has as much weight as I do.

  39. Robinb says:

    Bob Beckel is a jack ass!

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