“A simple way to take measure of a country is to look at how many want in… and how many want out.”

Tony Blair

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  1. ABF says:

    Hopefully they want in for the right reasons….

  2. The Stout Republican says:

    If only the half that leans left could appreciate the honest, and reality of such a statement.

  3. MissingLink says: take measure of a country ..
    I’d say we should keep it a secret.
    Hush, shoosh.
    Say nothin’
    This country very baaad for Muzzies.

  4. DL says:

    “The Stout Republican

    “If only the half that leans left could appreciate the honest, and reality of such a statement.”

    They do -the problem is that they really ought to be the second half of Tony’s measure – those that want out. They really do hate America and love Godless socialist Europe.

    The left’s true love of America is only in their vision of how they wish to tear it down and rebuild it as a leftist utopia -sort of like buying a house and tearing it down because you like to get rid of an eyesore that bothers you. Traditional America is evil in the eyes of the left.

  5. InRussetShadows says:

    It is far past time for a Voluntary Deportation program. It could go something like this…”If you dislike America, sign up today! The U.S government will pay your way for a one-way flight anywhere in the world, with these two conditions: (1) you surrender your passport upon exiting the plane, and (2) you can never return.” I wonder how many leftists would jump at the chance? Or would they continue to fly their flag of hypocrisy?

  6. KaRL mMM says:


  7. Dumb Ox News says:

    Non-UWM (Utopian World Media) Headlines 8/29/06…

    Good Moaning! Rumsfeld scores a direct hit… Kerry lies (what’s new?)… Kofi cries… Dumb Ox News has ALL the headlines you need, the way you want them, PLUS the Non-Utopian Headlines……

  8. Farmer John says:

    Of course, another good measure of the health of a country is to look at its’ birth rate….

  9. stikNstein....has no mercy says:

    Katrina ……………Heroes…

    Disasters are terrible. Stik has been in a couple. You just do the best you can and figure eventually things will work out……..and they do.
    Today the News is concentrating on what a mess everything still is. It’s always easy to find ba…

  10. Mensa Barbie Welcomes You says:

    Water: A Call for Innovative Technologies…

    Before Religious Militant take-over of water rights becomes a reality (pushing millions away from survival) we must utilize and share technologies with those less fortunate, & help them to advert this problem……

  11. hNAV - 'Brooklyn Boy' says:

    MR. Blair and MR. BUSH are two MEN who have led quite well in this Global War for Freedom…

    I cannot thank the British PM enough…

  12. Brooke says:

    Well said, Mr. Blair!

  13. The Original Gobbleblog says:

    Play Ball…

    The United States has won it’s second in a row Little League World Series Championship. The team from Columbus, Georgia defeated Kawaguchi City, Japan 2-1 to win the Little League World Series on Monday.
    John Kerry issued a statement to the New Y ……

  14. bernie says:

    Leftists say they care for the little guy but:

    keep vouchers away from poor children to keep them perpetually in a poverty class.

    support unions that have destroyed almost every industry in the United States and so made fewer jobs available for the little guy.

    support minimum wage increases that only shrink the available pool of work for poor youth.

    support welfare programs that institutionalize poverty in this country.

    support Muslims, terrorists, and the Cindy Shithans who would destroy this country.

    We live in a time when the Alien and Sedition Acts need to be brought back.

    Leftists keep screaming that we cannot give up freedom for security. Unfortunately freedom means little if all of us are forced to be Muslim.

  15. Angel says:

    Wow..thanks for the amazing comments and insights y’all. :)

  16. Gayle says:

    Brilliant post, Angel: As short as it is, it says a lot, doesn’t it?

    Yep, everyone hates us but they all want to live here! Go figure!

  17. The MaryHunter says:

    Bingo, Gayle, DL and others. Man, Angel, this quote really zinged the b’sphere!

  18. TMH's Bacon Bits says:

    Is the Welfare State Our Destiny?…

    I read this fairly good response by Tim Worstall, to a report comparing Sweden, that socialist utopia, with the good old USA, based upon a study by the Economic Policy Institute. Tim points out that the USA is doing most of what that socialist fantasy…

  19. Lady Jane says:

    That is a great quote. I just wish some people would leave!

  20. Gulf Coast Hurricane Tracker says:

    Hurricane Katrina – One year later…

    Hurricane have always and will continue to strike the Gulf Coasts. Until the proper roles of local and federal governments are understood, this tragedy will certainly repeat itself with horrendous results….

  21. The Stout Republican » Blog Archive » The Lazy Link Posts says:

    [...] Quote of the Week at Woman Honor Thyself [...]

  22. tl says:

    Hey Gail.

    I don’t hate you. But I don’t want to live there either.

    I’ll stick with Australia thanks..

  23. The Clash of Civilizations says:

    Syria: More Kidnappings to Follow…

    As I’ve said repeatedly, conceding to the demands of kidnappers, as in the unfortunate case of the Fox News reporters, will undoubtedly legitimize acts of terrorism. Syria has joined the fray, and this is only the beginning…

  24. benning says:

    Yeah, true, but … a lot of ‘em we don’t want!