Mosque at Ground Zero: NOT


Crazy Daisy, Rauf the Radical’s, sidekick should hafta wash her mouth out with soap the Nazis made of Jewish skin.


How dare she mention Jews at all– coming from the most anti-semitic ideology on the face of the planet outside of Nazism?

Let us jus peruse the good ole Koooooooooooran yet again.

Insights bout Jews and Christians:

Bear with me sweet friends with the quotes here:

Just skim so you don’t puke.puke-caes

2.61 Wretchedness and baseness were stamped on the Jews and they were visited with wrath from Allah.

2.65 And ye know of those of you who broke the Sabbath, how We said unto them: Be ye apes, despised and hated!

2:96 Jews are the greediest of all humankind. They’d like to live 1000 years. But they are going to hell.

4:160-1 For the wrongdoing Jews, Allah has prepared a painful doom.

4.16 And for the evildoing of the Jews, we have forbidden them from some good things that were previously permitted them.

5.59 Say: O People of the Scripture! Do ye blame us for aught else than that we believe in Allah and that which is revealed unto us and that which was revealed aforetime, and because most of you are evil-livers?

5.60 God has cursed the Jews, transforming them into apes and swine and those who serve the devil.

5.82 Indeed you will surely find that the most vehement of men in enmity to those who believe are the Jews and the polytheists.

7.166 So when they took pride in that which they had been forbidden, We said unto them: Be ye apes despised and loathed!

9.29 Fight against such of those have been given the Scriptures, Jews and Christians, as believe not in Allah nor the last Day.

9.30 The Jews say that Ezra is the son of Allah, and the Christians say the Messiah is the son of Allah. Allah attack them! How perverse they are!

9.34 Many of the rabbis and the monks devour the wealth of mankind and wantonly debar men from the way of Allah.

33:26 “And He brought those of the People of the Book [Jewish people of Banu Qurayza] who supported them from their fortresses and cast terror into their hearts, some of them you slew (beheaded) and some you took prisoners.”

33:27 “And He made you heirs of their lands, their houses, and their goods, and of a land which ye had not frequented (before). And Allah has power over all things.” [Merciful Allah asked Prophet Muhammad to confiscate entire properties of surrendered Jews]

62:5 A hypocritical Jew looks like an ass carrying books. Those who deny the revelations of Allah are ugly.

[62:6] Say, “O you who are Jewish, if you claim that you are GOD’s chosen, to the exclusion of all other people, then you should long for death if you are truthful!”


And Crazy Daisy dares insinuate that Americans are the bigoted ones?

Suddenly mosques are “just like Churchs and synagogues?”

Of course.
While we’re at it– let us all simply deny the cold blooded fact that mosques have been used repeatedly by al-Qaeda operatives and Izlamic terrorists to recruit, finance operations and train zealots to “kill the infidels” worldwide.


Need a handful of lil examples do ya?
Well..away we gooo:mosq3-ca

1-Let’s start with the trusty lil al Quds Mosque in Hamburg, Germany.

In case ya didn’t know…. It was in that mosque that Mohammed Atta, and his fellow “peace loving” Muzlims of the September 11 carnage, hung out, and were put in touch with Osama bin Laden.


2- In London,England, Richard Reid hung out at the Finsbury Park Mosque.
Oh yea..he became a convicted airliner bomber.
You can thank him for having to take off your bloody shoes every time you want to board a plane.


Want somethin a tad closer to home?

3-Howzabout Brooklyn, NY’s Farouq mosque, which housed the one n only blind Sheikh Omar Abel Rahman.


4-Then there’s Imam Anwar Awlaki who used to preach at the Rabat mosque in San Diego. He then moved to Virginia to the Dar al Hijra mosque,

Guess who he preached to?
Maj. Nidal Malick Hasan. Remember him?

Fort Hood massacre anyone?

How quickly Libs forget.



Whatever happened to Awlaki ?
Oh he took his butt to Yemen and is currently on the U.S. kill-or-capture list.


5-Don’t even get me started on Gaza, where mosques are nothing but storehouses of weapons and terrorist havens.

And here’s what Rauf the Radical had to say:

1- “We tend to forget, in the West, that the United States has more Muslim blood on its hands than al Qaida has on its hands of innocent non Muslims.
2-Islam does not need a reformation.

Not to mention his “understanding and compassion” for suicide bombers who blow up civilians.

The list goes on indefinitely guys and dolls.

We all know how dogs lift their legs to mark a tree, or hydrant.
That’s right. It’s called “claiming ownership.”doglookani

History is chock full of Muzlim examples where the declaration of victory is marked with the building of a mosque…especially where a Church or Jewish Holy Temple once existed.


Notwithstanding all the bellyaching and whining about “Islamophobia”, American Muzlims have been and are free to practice their faith in America.

American Jews, on the other hand ,Crazy Daisy, are 150 times more likely to be the victim of a hate crime.
You claim Muzlims invented algebra..You do the Math.muzzlimzz

Jewish temples and synagogues have to have police barricades around them, especially on Jewish holidays.

Why, you ask.
Oh.. because of their fellow American (Muslims.)

When was the last time someone even touched a hair on the head of some American IzlamoNazi’?

When was the last time a Christian or Jew or Amish or Buddhist blew herself up in Deerborn, Michigan?

Well, well, well.

No more Mr. Nice Guy Dhimmi.
It appears you’ve woken a sleeping giant, Rauf the Radical and Crazy Daisy.

Look Out.







18 Responses to “Mosque at Ground Zero: NOT”

  1. They Say / We Say says:

    Here is a link that will get your blood boiling too.

    World Net Daily—Who is telling opponents to ‘slit your wrist’?

    The DP Media (dinosaur propaganda media) not reporting the slander and hate speech coming from the lefty talk show host!

  2. sayitlikeitis says:

    How many of you talkers and commenters will be at the next rally on SEPT. 5 against the Mosque? Show up in numbers and let our voices be heard.

  3. KingShamus says:

    It’s gonna be real fun to watch how this mosque doesn’t get built when the ironworkers tell Imam Rauf to screw himself.

    I hope they give Rauf’s hag wife an earful too.

  4. Always On Watch says:

    Then there’s Imam Anwar Awlaki who used to preach at the Rabat mosque in San Diego. He then moved to Virginia to the Dar al Hijra mosque

    Right in my back yard!

    There are mosques like this one in Northern Virginia all over the United States. Colonizing us!

  5. Gramma2many says:

    It boils my blood that our media even gives her a second of air time, but what can we expect with the current stat of things? I have almost reach the point of implosion.

  6. KarL M says:

    of course we hate muzzlams, they were the one’s dancing in the streets when MY Towers came down..
    i do not recall the Jews do anything but coming to the site to assist in the rescue mission.
    So Mrs. Imamamamma you will have to address the issues and stop using buzz words and “bridge building” as the reason there has been ABSOLUTELY no attempt to reach out to Americans…your hosts..

  7. Brooke says:

    Another comprehensive and fantastic post, Angel.

    Despite example after example of Islamist violence, it’s OUR FAULT if we disagree with a victory mosque!

  8. Leticia says:

    Israel was the first and only nation that offered assistance immediately after the attacks!

    Muslims were dancing in the streets and firing off their guns in celebration.

    It is a shame that I can’t be in NY protesting this wretched and vile mosque. I certainly many people will continue to fight it and chase the Muslims away.

  9. Debbie says:

    Daniel Pearl’s father is against this mosque.

  10. Nili says:

    In Israel 9/11 was taken personally. Meanwhile, in the PA areas they went nuts celebrating, yallahing and handing out sweets in the middle of the streets. We see what Isalm is every day over here–it is with great sadness that we watch the mighty Stars and Stripes being hidden away as if it is a shameful thing. Please America–wake up! These are your enemies–experienced in soft talk and lies to achieve their goals. Look into their eyes–you will only see ice–or the fire of fanaticism. They do not want to live side by side–they want only dominance. Our world is sliding toward a black age.

  11. Teresa says:

    To be build a mosque just a stone’s throw away from where terrorists attacked us on 9/11 is insensitive to the extreme to the victims’ families. The Islamization of America must stop!!

  12. silverfiddle says:

    Islam has perpetrated one grand historical hate crime on every society it has touched.

    I challenge anyone to name one country that became more free because of islam.

  13. z says:

    The name of Daisy Khan’s organization bugs me and nobody talks about it..something like “center for muslim ADVANCMENT”


  14. tapline says:

    Angel, Great post, lest we forget……We can talk until we are blue in the face and they still will not admit that what they want is submission to the will of Allah….their Allah,,,,” what did God say when the word vengence came up???? It wasn’t Vengence is yours, so take it and use it against all. He exclamed ” Vengence is mine!” saith the Lord.. Me thinks, there is a word to describe what they are feeling as it relates to others attitudes. The word is transferrance,,That is, the feelings they have inwardly, about themselves, they project outwardly toward others….I could be wrong, but it won’t be the first time….I’m starting to ramble….again…..stay well….

  15. cube says:

    Excellent post. The truth must come out and the MSM isn’t going to help us.

  16. William Stout says:

    America must make a stand on this issue. We must not allow that mosque to be built. There is right and there is wrong and building that mosque so near to the greatest terror attack on American soil is wrong. I don’t care what Bloomberg thinks and I don’t care what Obama thinks. It is wrong.

    When the Muslim can come to us and whine about how we are not sensitive to Islam and then turn around and spit in our face by building a victory marker, it is too much. As for me, I have no use for anybody that supports building that mosque at that location.

  17. sayitlikeitis says:

    SAME QUESTION AGAIN: Will we see ya all at the next demonstration against the Mosque at Ground Zero? Numbers count so spread the word, Sept. 5 rally against….

  18. tapline says:

    CORRECTION on my last post….substitute the word projection for what I wrote to describe the feeling being transfered or transference, I meant Projection….sorry