WelcomE TerroristS


The latest terrorist shindig.

Despite intense disagreement over suspected nuclear weapons and terrorism, the Bush administration decided Tuesday to allow former Ir-anian President Moh-ammad Kha-tami to visit the United States.

Former Iran-ian President Khat-ami Granted Visa

He will be received by Harvard University of all places.

Not that anyone cares ..but let us review some of his er..history..shall we.
Kho-meini fat-wa ‘led to killing of 30,000 in I-ran’

“CHILDREN as young as 13 were hanged from cranes, six at a time, in a barbaric two-month purge of Ir-an’s prisons on the direct orders of Aya-tollah Kho-meini, according to a new book by his former deputy.

More than 30,000 political prisoners were executed in the 1988 massacre – a far larger number than previously suspected. Secret documents smuggled out of Ir-an reveal that, because of the large numbers of necks to be broken, prisoners were loaded onto forklift trucks in groups of six and hanged from cranes in half-hourly intervals.

Many of those in the ruling council at the time of the 1988 massacre are still in power, including President Mo-hammed Kha-tami, who was the Director of Ideological and Cultural Affairs”.

He should be flown directly to Gitmo upon his arrival here.

But instead he gets invited on the eve of the 9/11 massacre to celebrate “tolerance”.

Gag. wretch.

But hey, thanks to Professor Mearsheimer, and all the other anti-semitic, anti American Harvard..cough cough..”educators”.. we all know that all the worlds’ problems are due to the powerful Israeli lobby in Washington right?

Guess during this ahem…”tolerance fest”, we should just conveniently forget the 241 Marines slaughtered as well as LtCol Rich Higgins who was captured by Hezbully monster terrorists, and at some unknown later date, murdered by his captors. soldier-small.jpg

Sure, let’s just invite those who slaughter our men in uniform to come to our shores. After all, they have the best host: Dhimmi-Jimmy in all his ahem..Ji-had glory.

What do you think the odds are of a citizen’s arrest, huh?

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19 Responses to “WelcomE TerroristS”

  1. benning says:

    We simply never learn.

    Nice idea, Angel, but they’d never letcha close enough. If you tried it they’d pound you to the ground, claim Diplomatic Immunity, and jail you.

    And that would be the Americans in the entourage!

  2. ABF says:

    This is the second time I’ve heard of Harvard being involved in head chopper sympathizing. What’s up with that place? Something growing in the ventilation system?

  3. hNAV - 'Brooklyn Boy' says:

    I am curious about this ‘allowed’ visit…

    The Bush Administration is not a bunch of fools.

    One has to wonder what else is at play…

    Hoping you are well.

  4. hNAV - 'Brooklyn Boy' says:


    this is related and i thought you might find it interesting.

    beware of Jimmy Carter…

  5. Angel says:

    Thanks y’all..can you believe this!?

  6. Terry_Jim says:

    Brooklyn, you are probably right about something being at play.

    Perhaps Ted Kennedy will take him for a drive while he is in Massachusetts.

  7. Right Truth says:

    Rumors of ethnic cleansing from Iran?…

    Some folks believe that the United States is making plans to attack Iran’s nuclear sites. Perhaps Israel is also making plans? Can we count on Britain getting involved? In “IS IRAN NEXT? It’s Looking More That Way”: British troops are…

  8. Kevin says:

    I can’t understand why we let any Iranian nationals into the country at all, much less this guy. Thanks for the info Angel, I hadn’t heard about a 1988 purging in Iran before.

  9. A. Truman North says:

    Massachusetts has been and will always be a haven for death-porn cultists like this guy. You have no idea what “tolerant” means until you go to Cambridge, home of Harvard and MIT and tons of icky vile socialist nazis.

    I should know; I spent my formative years there, which is why I’m such a curmudgeonly conservative at such a young age. Either you get religion or you chop your thing off and start pocket-mulching when you’re exposed to the horrors of pure unadulterated American liberalism.

    OT: San Fran Freako Islamofreako SUV-muderer is one day out from his killing spree; already the Mainstream Mafia has forgotten it happened. Don’t think this nation will ever learn from its mistakes as long as we’re all tuned into the old media.

  10. MissingLink says:

    powerful Israeli lobby in Washington right..

    P’haps, they use reverse psychology of sorts. Hmm…. or something.

    Perhaps Ted Kennedy will take him for a drive ..
    Gosh he must be pretty sloshed these days… I mean this mullah wears a dress but still …. he’s pretty hairy.
    Oh, well at least the breaking up act is going to be easier for Teddy.

  11. Ma r t i n @ b l o g b a t says:

    “Dhimmi Jimmy” Nice one! And I must say it fits like a glove. All I can venture to guess about why the Bush admin is inviting this Khatami terrorist onto our soil is that the State Department feels that terrorist acts aren’t as likely when one of their leaders is present, or that Iran wants to sign on to the NAFTA super highway deal…

  12. MB says:

    Excelent post! That (as you put it) “Dhimmi Jimmy”…has just become the official Ambassador of Terrorist rejects… Not sure why a major brain-scan is not compulsory… It keeps getting worse, and worser… :/

  13. benning's Writing Pad says:

    Last Days On Earth…

    Angel lets us in on the latest Harvard stupidity. It would seem that inviting bloody-handed, murderous Muslims to speak is just fine and dandy to the Elite Leftists that hide in the Ivory Towers of Academe….

  14. Gayle says:

    Oh nuts! I hadn’t heard about this. In self defense I’ve been cleaning house and rearranging furniture! It’s hard to keep up. :(

    This just befuddles my poor mind Angel, which is already befuddled enough. I don’t know how much more of this crap I can tolerate without exploding! How did we ever get so many weirdos into this country? Scratch that! I already know. When we said “give us your poor, your downtrodden, etc.,” we didn’t give any of those people IQ tests when they immigrated, so now here we are.

  15. Old Soldier says:

    Sometimes we just cannot see the forrest for the trees. Diplomacy and morality are mutually exclusive terms. Khatami should be taken straightaway to the Haig. According to some of the hostages, Ahamdinejad was up to his neck involved in the 444 days of siege on our embassy, but Dhimmi Jimmi thinks he’s just grand now.

  16. cube says:

    This is disturbing. We can’t fight these monsters by being diplomatic and politically correct!

  17. DL says:

    They both have the same religion – hating Bush!

  18. KarL MMmm says:

    But I’m a superstitious man — and

    if some unlucky accident should befall him — if he should get shot in the head by a police

    officer — or if he — should hang himself in his jail cell — or if he’s struck by a bolt of

    lightning — then I’m going to blame some of the people in this room. And that, I do not MIND AT ALL!!!!!!!!!

  19. The Stout Republican says:

    We’re stupid. I’m disappointed with the administration and the state department…the CIA…and the copy boy who all thought it was a good idea to put the stamp of approval on this…what ever happened to the story of the “Frog and the Scorpion”