We “over-reacted to 9-11″


Doozie of the Day.

Lines that should be jokes but are dead serious:

Ohhh look: Another MODERATE, secular Muslim, Fareed Zakaria– speaking out. (In Newsweek of course)

Wonder what he’s saying?

Let’s give a listen shall we:confused1

September 11 was a shock to the American psyche and the American system. As a result, we overreacted.

Here are some of the highlights. Since September 11, 2001, the U.S. government has created or reconfigured at least 263 organizations to tackle some aspect of the war on terror. The amount of money spent on intelligence has risen by 250 percent, to $75 billion (and that’s the public number, which is a gross underestimate).

That’s more than the rest of the world spends put together. Thirty-three new building complexes have been built for intelligence bureaucracies alone, occupying 17 million square feet—the equivalent of 22 U.S. Capitols or three Pentagons.

Five miles southeast of the White House, the largest government site in 50 years is being built—at a cost of $3.4 billion—to house the largest bureaucracy after the Pentagon and the Department of Veterans Affairs: the Department of Homeland Security, which has a workforce of 230,000 people.

In the past, the U.S. government has built up for wars, assumed emergency authority, and sometimes abused that power, yet always demobilized after the war. But this is a war without end. When do we declare victory? When do the emergency powers cease?

It’s clear we “overreacted” to 9/11?

Who the heck is “WE”?
Zakaria was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India to a Konkani Muslim family…

He’s sorta Hindu, sorta secular, sorta Muslim.
Sound familiar?


To him….”It’s clear we overreacted to 9/11.”
Um….I’ll tell ya what is clear.
Fareeeeed isn’t a part of “we”, that’s for dang sure.

How exactly does a Nation “overreact” to the flat out murder of 3,000 of its innocent citizens by monsters who advocate a belief system which calls for world domination and destruction of democracy?




A nuke attack on Afghanistan, a mushroom cloud over Kabul or Iran may have been a tad over the top. Then again…………nukke

Gee. I wonder, Fareeeeeeeeeeed, why Al-Qaeda, isn’t the threat it once was.claphands

Hmmmmmmmm. Perhaps because the vast majority of its Muslim monster terrorists have been killed, deep sixed, pushin poppies up somewhere?
I wonder how that happened.


The ones who managed to escape death, like trusty ole Bin Laden–, have been in hiding for literally ..years.

What exactly do ya think OUR United States Marines, Army and Special Operations Command have been doing for the last nine years huh.armyaniq

But, speaking of “over reactions”..Do ya suppose a Muslim anywhere on planet Earth would accuse the Muslim, Sept 11th terrorists of an overreaction by hijacking four airliners and ramming them into buildings full of innocent civilians, burning them alive?

Spectacularly offensive. But typical of alleged Moderates.weapon027

Well, not for nothin..but scratch a Muslim..and you’ll find an anti semite.
Not a closet anti semite mind you.gunani8-mbuddy

Here’s Fareeeeeeeeed’s view of the terrorist, baby killers Hezbullah:

CNN’s Zakaria Presents Hezbollah as a Model of Religious Tolerance

If we can discern “religious tolerance” in a group that says that the state of Israel should be wiped from the earth, then there is a new definition of “tolerance” that no one is aware of. But unbelievably here is CNN’s Zakaria coloring this murderous terror group as a “tolerant” organization.


The Times Square foiled terrorist attempt, the Detroit Christmas bomber, the Ft, Hood massacre, and Muslim terrorist attempts in Springfield, Dallas, a constant threat to the New York subways, Attacks all over Europe and overseas…and on and on.bombani

No, Fareeeeeeeeeed. Nothing to worry about in the last year… Just a dozen Muslim terror plots in the N.Y. area, alone.

Fareed. Mouthpiece for the likes of CNN and Newsweek.
Do not dare speak for “WE” of the United States of America.

Another sick puppy.
Anybody got the antidote?


32 Responses to “We “over-reacted to 9-11″”

  1. carol-Christian Soldier says:

    This post and the one below-show haw far we have come since Pearl Harbor—
    The ‘sleeping giant’ did not awaken – even after 3,000 civilians were murdered—
    the WTC site should have been re-built by now!!– w/a third building – in the middle – and higher than the other two–
    I painted that idea right after 9-11–
    why can’t our “leaders” see that vision – even now-
    and I’m talking -both sides of the aisle…R and D!!!

    Happy Labor Day week-end-my warrior friend!

  2. 1389AD says:

    Hey, if you ask me, I’d say we UNDERreacted.

    The problem with George W. Bush is that, on account of his family’s (and Condoleezza Rice’s) longtime association with the Saudi oil business, he was, and is, a dhimmi. He simply is incapable of understanding that Islam itself, not merely “radical Islam” or “al Qaeda”, is the problem.

    Nobody likes the idea of having to uncork some “bottled sunshine” on our enemies, but we have a nuclear deterrent for a good reason. It’s to PREVENT bloodshed, especially our own and that of our genuine (i.e., non-Islamic) allies. Obama was wrong, wrong, wrong to take that off the table.

    I have joined a blogging community that is staunchly anti-jihadist. I would like to invite you to participate at You need to sign up to comment, but registration is open. If you want to contribute guest blog posts, you can email them to the address in the sidebar. Once you have submitted several guest posts, if you want to be a regular contributor, you can ask the admins to add you to the list. You can participate as much or as little as you like.

    I’m still blogging at and have added the DoFollow plug-in so that you get some search engine brownie points for commenting there. Comments are moderated, but I make an effort to put them through in a timely manner.

  3. Debbie says:

    Fareed Zakaria– I can’t stand listening to him.

  4. Christopher says:


    I had heard this “we overeacted” and, well you know.

    These azzholes are brainless, they have no clue!

    I am out of words printable as my anger grows.

  5. Kid says:

    Bring it on Cleetus, bring it on.

    I find it hard to believe Americans are going to allow having this crap shoved down their throats.

    I plan to dip my bullets in pigs blood.

  6. Kid says:

    Personally I think we need the ‘Wheel of Retribution’ in the Oval office. When a terrorism event occurs anywhere, like the Bali, or the Mumbai event, the president spins the wheel. The wheel has the names of every Muslim city on it.

    The city selected by the wheel will be carpet bombed with flyers in the local language explaining that terrorism murder has occurred once again, and Islam is about to lose another city – the one they are living in. In 6 months, the city will be bombed to rubble using whatever most effective and cost effective means is available at the time. Eventually they will all be living in tents again.

  7. Maggie M. Thornton says:

    I like Kid’s idea of spin the carpet bomb wheel. Oddly tho, I do have one thing I agree with Fareeeeeeeeeed about. This Homeland Security building they are erecting is waste and fraud – I’m sure it’s green and we need to know how many “JOBS” were created with this monster.

    Have a great day off tomorrow Angel.

  8. KarL M says:

    OVERREACTED!!!!…that fine with me…
    I still look to Hiroshima as the perfect response in the name of my country.
    Those who believe otherwise you will notice are immigrants….

  9. Subvet says:

    The only “overreaction” was the break neck speed with which all politicians in this country immediately ran to kiss the nearest Islamic butt. It’s still going on and I wonder just when we’ll finally wake up.

    THAT is the true problem, the quislings who ennable followers of the Pedophile Prophet to continue attempts to attack us. Look to how the military brass played “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” about the Ft. Hood killer until it was too late.

    I’ve said it a lot lately, we’re reaching a point of critical mass. Unless things change soon you can bet vigilante committees will begin forming.

  10. William Stout says:

    Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. Where have all the sane people gone? Because it appears that none of them are left in journalism.

  11. proof says:

    He’s on Comedy Central, so maybe it is a pathetic attempt at dark humor. It certainly isn’t funny. If anything we under reacted after 9/11.

  12. KingShamus says:

    Fareed is basically David Broder with a tan.

    That is, he’s the conveyor of the safe moderate middle of the road conventional wisdom of the DC ‘smart’ set.

    The CW says we overreacted, so here comes Zakaria to trot out that line of talk.

    Yawn. Zakaria sucks and he’s boring.

  13. silverfiddle says:

    I’m tired of hearing dingbats like this sold to us as “experts.”

    According to people like him, we should have simply surrendered ourselves to dhimmitude.

    Wrong answer! This is America, and there is a reason we are not screwed up like the armpits of the world who have succumbed to muslim infestation.

  14. Bunkerville says:

    How long has this dude been in America? Great Comments..!

  15. Sam Huntington says:

    Just when you think there cannot be greater stupidity, someone like Zakaria comes along and spoils it. Okay environmentalists … you want to save the world? Kill a terrorist

  16. Karen Howes says:

    Of course he thinks that. He’s a f@#$@#$ Muzzie.

  17. Holger Awakens says:

    ” When do we declare victory?”

    When every LAST ONE of the sons of bitches is dead and gone. That’s when.

  18. z says:

    Watch his show sometime, he is HORRID. What makes me laugh is that CNN says they’re REAL NEWS and FOX IS BIASED :-) amazing.
    Fareed, Sanchez, Blitzer….etc etc…leftwingers who belong to the same HATE AMERICA FIRST CLUB.
    Super post and great comments….God bless Conservatives who still care enough to err on OUR SIDE.

  19. slamdunk says:

    Whoa, I missed that guy’s crap.

    I have to agree with your other commenters–we did not overreact we underreacted.

  20. Katie says:


    We didn’t go far enough. We should have gone to the source and wiped out Mecca and Medina, the 2 hellhole cities.

    5 MTs each would do it nicely!

    L’shanah tovah to all.

  21. Brooke says:

    That’s it. Can it get any more RIDICULOUS!?! INSULTING?!?


  22. cube says:

    WE overreacted after 9/11????? This coming from frothing-at-the-mouth loons who go insane when a cartoonist draws a comic of Mohammed? Please.

  23. Matt says:

    Wow, I thought that they’d try to erase the meaning of 9-11, but I’m still shocked when they try it.

  24. Layla says:

    “We over-react to 9-11.” Yeah right. What a jerk. Talk about shock and awe, just no words to describe my anger at this….ugh! :(

  25. Nickie Goomba says:

    If I had him within arm’s reach, I’d probably overreact again.

  26. Bunni says:

    That Fareed jerk is a bum. I know he doesn’t speak for any of us!
    I don’t think we’ve reacted enough! “Overreacted” my butt!
    I hope you had a good weekend, Angel dear.

  27. Claudia says:

    Hello, Angel:

    Well, just another “Alliance of Civilizations’ fan”. Westerners over-react for silly things like human lives or stoning adulterers, while “peaceful and reasonable” Islamists react in correct terms to unveiled women, dancing women (and cheerleaders like the Red Foxes) and girls going to school.

    Oh, yeah, I understand his words fully… ;)

  28. ravi says:

    dear sir/madam
    you wrote ‘he is sorta hindu, sorta secular, sorta muslim’
    please clarify in what way he is ‘sorta hindu’ and why bring hinduism into this? we have nothing in common with muslims.

  29. MK says:

    “But this is a war without end.”

    Because it is a war started by muslim savages and one still being waged by them. Oh and as for the over reaction, @#$% you Fareed.

  30. radar says:

    Well said and moving pictures. If only we had a President worthy of our military, police and firemen….

  31. Layla says:

    The devestation and loss will never end. It is a scar on all the hearts of every decent American.

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