Freedom of so-called “Religion”?


American Family Association policy analyst Bryan Fischer says 80 percent of the mosques being built are funded by Saudi money. Most are also acting as training academies.

And jus what do ya suppose the good ole “tolerant” Saudis are teaching?killanii

Islam’s tentacles enveloping U.S.
‘Every time we allow a mosque to go up, it’s like planting IED’

“So every time we allow a mosque to go up in one of our communities, it’s like planting an improvised explosive device right in the heart of your city and we have no idea when one of these devices is going to go off,” Fischer continued.

“The one thing we can be sure of is that eventually, one or more of them will,” he added.

Fischer believes that the best way to slow down the progress of jihad in the U.S. is for Americans to get educated about Islam, then to take an interest in the local government.

“Well, you appeal to the zoning commission or the board that issues building permits. You just lay out the ideology of Islam. Just lay it out for these local decision makers and say, ‘Look, we don’t think it’s a good idea to invite this ideology into our community,’” Fischer said.

“It’s anti-Semitic, it relegates Christians and Jews to permanent second-class citizenship. It assigns women to second-class status. It treats wives as chattel, and property of their husbands, and they can be beaten into submission,” Fischer continued.


And ya know what sweet friends…

If we do not show our repugnance and disdain for the Jihadists who slaughtered our neighbors on 9/11, we deserve a Mosque at Ground Zero and everywhere else.

Someone was heard saying:
“It says a lot about America that a mosque is allowed to be built in New York close to Ground Zero.
It also says a lot about Islam that its adherents chose to actually build that mosque.”


Until Izzzzzzzlam disinfects itself from its Jew and America and Freedom hating so-called “radicals”………….(don’t hold yer collective breath)evil-anii

Where is it written that we are required to wander in a mine field for the rest of time or play Russian roulette with our lives and the lives of our children?


You know that potentially lethal game of chance in which participants place a single round in a revolver, spin the cylinder, place the muzzle against their head and pull the trigger. gunani8-mbuddy1

I don’t know bout y’all but I have absolutely nothing to prove to the America and Jew hating (possible) terrorists. Do you?


17 Responses to “Freedom of so-called “Religion”?”

  1. Bunni says:

    Angel my dear, you are the best writer on this subject. People have been fooled for centuries about these monsters.

    Maybe the only good thing about this Ground Zero Mosque nightmare is that now it’s out in the open. Hopefully intelligent people research and read a little and find out the true state of affairs. Thank YOU for all you do to bring this to our attention. Until I started reading you, even I didn’t know how really evil they were. There is NO such thing as a moderate, they all have the same game plan. Our utter destruction. God Bless you & America.

  2. Debbie says:

    Good to see people writing about this Angel, we already figured it out.

  3. cube says:

    It’s important that we get out the truth about islam. Here’s to some of these videos going viral because you’re never going to see them on the MSM.

  4. Teresa says:

    Excellent post, Angel!! Cube’s right, we need to reach out to the public and get out the truth about Islam. Islam kills and hurts our communities. We must stop the Islamization of America!

  5. Karen Howes says:

    Exactly, Angel. It’s like I keep saying, Eeslaam must be viewed not a religion, but as an aggressive geo-political system with religious trappings.

  6. Matt says:

    Well done as always, Angel. Keep up the good fight!

  7. Bunkerville says:

    Great story…and perhaps the Ground Zero mosque was the best thing to get some headlines. A poll says that this issue is as important as immigration.

  8. z says:

    But, see how CUNNING they are? Everybody has to know Saudis have been planning this for years (the same Saudis we’re selling military jets to$$$)…they’re SO smart; Can you hear it?…….they were saying “So, listen, the Americans won’t EVER close our mosques because they think they’re so fair and so kind and they are so open minded about other religions…they’re AFRAID to stand up to anybody! SO, let’s start building…we might get a little flack but that’ll stop and we’ll succeed…keep building, their own people are taking THEIR God out of public life; this is our chance!”
    There is NOTHING we can do…we can’t ‘reach out’, you KNOW we can’t…..not unless we stopped ALL religions! Sometimes I think our rights are destroying us.

  9. z says:

    I just got sent the above link from a friend in Indiana………I don’t know the site, I don’t know the author, but it fits your piece……….take a look!

  10. Brooke says:

    Another excellent post, Angel!

  11. JINGOIST says:

    I hate to admit this, but EVERY time I see one of the damned “COEXIST” bumper stickers I want to shake the dogsqueeze out of the driver and try to explain what that means to the muslims.

    Will we be able to survive the rank stupidity of the cowardly left?

  12. Dapoppins says:

    You said it before. Not all muzlims are terrorists, but ALL TERRIORISTS are Muzlim.

  13. Mr. Shife says:

    I hate those stupid COEXIST bumper stickers as well. Thanks for the information Angel and I appreciate as usual. You do good work and I am always glad I stop by for a visit.

  14. KingShamus says:

    Getting involved in local government is the best way to affect change on this issue. It also works for a lot of other things too.

    Good work, Angel.

  15. William Stout says:

    I have always believed that it is up to us to spread the truth about Islam. The more people who see it for what it really is the better. Islam has proven that it cannot be trusted and its intent is evil. Lebanon, Darfur, Iran, and others have all proven what is possible under Islam.

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  17. slamdunk says:

    “The pilgrims were deeply religious people. (not Stone age in your face “Accept my so called religion or I’ll threaten to blow up the world religious.”).”

    Ha, novel concept eh? I hope your weekend was great.