Geert Wilders and Freedom of Speech


Shin Bet forces arrested two Israeli Arabs, residents of Nazareth, on suspicion of supporting terror groups, illegal unionizing, and plotting to commit crimes,

Imam from Nazareth suspected of supporting terror groups

In 2009, A-bu Sa-lim was responsible for hanging a banner protesting the Pope’s visit, reading “he is not welcome here,” due to the Pope’s 2006 speech in which he quoted a medieval text depicting the Prophet Mohammad as violent.

Police arrest Sheikh Nazem Abu Salim, head of famous Nazareth mosque; court issues gag order on details of investigation.

Hmmmmmmmmm. Using Muzlim ahem “prayer houses” for terrorism?
Bet you’re stunned and shocked……..oh wait…bet your’e not.

What the sane amongst us have been saying all along.

Arab-Israeli is an oxymoron.
As will be Muzlim-American or Muzlim Brit or Muzlim Swede.

Watch and see.

Case in point:

Even as we speak…………



Geert Wilders
Geert Wilders is fighting for the identity of the Dutch culture, and way of life. Izlam is taking over Europe and implementing shari-ah law step by step.

Peaceful Muzlim reaction to Geert exercising his FREEDOM OF SPEECH?
Muzlims worldwide threaten him with death daily.
The man doesn’t leave the house without body guards and full metal jacket security.


He is being charged with “incitement to hatred and discrimination”.
By Muzlims?
If that is not laughable..what is.

Nothing short of a witch hunt. laughwitchb1

The litmus test of committing a hate crime is if muzlims are “offended” and subsequently…understandably incited to riot.killknifeani


Why on God’s green Earth would the Dutch government trample upon and censor liberty and free speech in some farcical, inquisitorial trial of Geert Wilders who I have deemed the hero for our times, you ask.

Ya think the Dutch have learned anything since our troops fought and died for their freedom in WWII?

Why does the United States permit and encourage Muzlims in the Military, FBI, CIA, and top levels of government?

It has gotten to the point that all the Muslim mobsters have to do is merely suggest “there might be a violent reaction” ..ahem…Imam Rauf and his side-kick Crazy Daisy—–from the Monster Mega-mosque at Ground Zero….and our government is already tripping all over itself apologizing for something that never even took place.

If that is not a public embarrasment…praytell…What is?sorry-word

Gert Wilders is the bravest man alive .
Yet he was Banned from the UK

The clowns in the Netherlands had best acquit him, or ALL Freedom is lost.

That a fearless patriot like Geert Wilders is on trial for his “opinions and views”, is a travesty.
Geert Wilders will go down in history as one of the titans of freedom.
I love this man.

This, my sweet friends is a true indication of just how far the West has fallen from the ideals of “freedom of speech” and “tolerance” in what used to be known as the “Western Tradition.”

THIS is apparently not offensive:


If we and all free people do not confront Izlam and stand up once and for all….to the intimidation and threats, well you may as well just stand in line and get ready to be gassed.

Chilling? Perhaps.
Accurate? In a word: YES.

They’re ready for you………….

25 Responses to “Geert Wilders and Freedom of Speech”

  1. Always On Watch says:

    If Geert Wilders loses this case, that day will be tragic for the West — for our ideals of freedom.

  2. Brooke says:

    Yes, what AOW said!

    I hope that Wilders gets a fair trial and a just outcome despite the pressure from the Islamofacists. .

    We shall see.

  3. Matt says:

    This guy points out reality, and he’s the bad guy. Others call for his death, and that’s OK?

  4. Debbie says:

    Angel, you’ve done a great job of pointing out the irony between the situations and the religions.

  5. Teresa says:

    Angel, you have done an excellent job of exposing the truth about Islam and standing up for Geert Wilders.

    Geert should be given a medal for standing up to the violent threats caused by Muslims and not on trial.

  6. jadedfellow says:

    What we got here and now, in the world, is a failure to communicate reality. Me speakin freely, I still got some of that right, but I see a stark similarity to the rise of Hiltler’s Nazism. A man rises up who writes a Mein Kampf or a
    Koran about the woes of the world and appeals to some zealots who feel they have been subjected to poor poor pitiful me (sorry like Linda Rondstat) and a hatefest takes seed waiting for the harvest of blood.

    Hitler sent out his goons and nondescripts to all points of the world to spread his words and then beat down any who had the um um um, male only glands, to to stand up and voice the freedoms of truth. What then, and yep can occur in the future, happened; either accept and convert or the worms are gunna take care of what’s lefty (pun intended) of you after the real haters have their way with you.

    I figger Mr. Geert Wilders-man is a latter day, blond, true to life Tarzan. Tarzan had many battles, which he won, against the Muzzie slave traders, child traffickers and the Barbary pirates at the turn of a sorta fictional century. Although kinda fiction, Tarzan stood for good and fought oppression, sinisterism (made that one up) and indiscriminate killing in all forms. Geert is a nonfiction and yet is a larger than life Tarzan.

    If I can state my freedom of speech,

    I’d follow either one of them into the war against true hate,

    Cheetafellow or Cool Handedfellow, pick your moniker.

  7. z says:


    Re your post;
    “HOLLAND GO TO HELL”? Wait, they’re IN Holland having everything paid for by the DUTCH. And still the West won’t wake up.
    “Gert Wilders is Christian terrorist” is just to get our idiot leftwingers on their side..”YA, he’s a TERRORIST!” #(*&@#(*&$ There are no nice words for this @#(*$&*(.

  8. silverfiddle says:

    Holland is in hell, thanks to the sweaty, uncivilized hordes they invited in.

    Learn a lesson America!

  9. tapline says:

    Angel, great post…We will not wake up. When the one will not even say the word terrorist,,,,well, you get the idea…stay well….

  10. Subvet says:

    Geert Wilders, Molly Norris, etc. are just canaries in our cultural coal mine. We’d better wake up PDQ and that goes beyond getting rid of B.O. and his crew. Seems the path to dhimmitude was well paved by his immediate predecessor.

    Time to stand up and be counted as an Islamophobic bigot, otherwise we’ll soon be supine with a Muslim foot on our tolerant necks.

  11. William Stout says:

    The failure of the West to recognize the evil of Islam is due to the deterioration of its values and the decay of its morals. In a world where there are 64 trillion shades of gray it is near impossible to decide what is right and what is wrong and that is exactly where the left wants the public. When the citizen can no longer discern right from wrong the left will have won.

    I admit that I am an anachronism, but I only see black and white. There are no shades of gray to dither over. By adhering to traditional American values and morality I do not possess a spinning moral compass and can therefore guide my actions. By adopting multiculturalism, social justice, and attempting to navigate myriad degrees of wrong in making moral judgments Islam seems like a reasonable religion when in fact it is not.

    Further, we pass this moral confusion along to our children thereby crippling them so that they cannot make correct moral decisions. A Muslim may claim to love the U.S.A., but his religion is incompatible with freedom and our way of life. Therefore, any such claim is specious, but with defective moral reasoning we can no longer detect the falsity of the claim.

    In short, we are in trouble. When America is willing to stand by and allow a mega mosque to be built at the site of ground zero and makes allowances for the excesses of Islam, you know that we are in deep. Unfortunately for Mr. Wilders the societal decay of his homeland is much further along than is the case with us. I fear that sanity has left Europe and that Western Europe is lost as a result.

    Yes, there are people there who are fighting back, but I fear that they are so far behind that it is too late to salvage the situation. Apathy, the social caustic known as socialism, and the leftist destruction of morality and the church has had its impact. Pray for Mr. Wilders as I believe that only the Almighty can save him now because powerful forces are moving against him and they are bent on his destruction so that Europe can prove that they are docile to the strident Muslims.

  12. Christopher-Conservative Perspective says:

    I do not know of of the legal system in the Netherlands, but with Geerts party the PPV soon to be the ruling party in the Parliment I somehow doubt he will be convicted or if so it will be quickly overturned. If not, I see unrest there, not by muzzies but rather the common folk there that side with Geert.

  13. Karen Howes says:

    AOW is right.

    Just imagine anyone other than Muzzies getting away with this crap!

  14. Bunkerville says:

    Geert was here on 9-11. I wonder if DOJ will let him back in the U.S. Any excuse should work for them.

  15. 1389AD says:

    One thing we ALL need to do is to make sure that none of our money is going to support dhimmi clergy, dhimmi organizations, and dhimmi behavior. Case in point:

  16. Kimbal says:

    Geert Wilders = Patrick Henry. “Give me liberty or give me death!”

    Too bad our Judeo-Christian ethic, that standard upon which the USA was based, is being attacked now by our own administration. If we remove the “God” in whom we trust, we as a nation will simply fade away.

  17. Maggie M. Thornton says:

    I am praying for a 2012 president who understands the problems of Islam, and is not afraid of declaring it. Without such strong, and reality-based leadership, we will be desperate to keep the Islamic movement from destroy all that we know about freedom and free speech. We cannot keep on the path we have taken for last 15 years.

    Wilders said he is standing trial for the people of his country. Talk about courageous! He is that. Great article Angel.

  18. Carol-Christian Soldier says:

    Angel- great take- as always..thank you –

    AND-I ‘swiped’ the video of the Rescue Dogs-

    Even before I knew that Sirius had perished-I had tears-
    you know how much I love animals- and the golden lab photos reminded me of our General Schwarzkopf–named after the great commanding General of Desert Storm…

    Now-to us in the US-
    let’s stop being ‘nice’ and– to quote a hero from 9-11–”LET’S ROLL”…


  19. Mr. Shife says:

    Thanks for the information again Angel. I had not heard anything about us. I wish I had but that little boy of mine is keeping me way too busy. Glad you are around to keep up to date. I hope that Geert Wilders gets a fair trial. Have a good one.

  20. KingShamus says:

    You know what I learned today? That ‘teroris’ is a real word–according to some jihadist nutbar with no access to spellcheck.

    I mean really now. If you’re gonna start issuing hate-filled rants with a protest sign, at least try to get the spelling kinda correct.

    The clown in the picture might not be a violent extremist, but he’s definitely guilty of being a teroris against proper English grammar.

  21. Nickie Goomba says:

    I pray that Wilders does not have to die to get people to listen. The knives (literally) are out for him.

    Vote for liberty in November.

  22. slamdunk says:

    Good post. I think the situation in Holland exemplifies the difference between immigration and migration–they and the US are experiencing the unhealthy aspects of migration.

  23. dapoppins says:

    Once I would have said that America should offer political asylum to such a man. but, that isn’t what he would find here in America is it? We don’t offer freedoms like that here either.

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