Memories of Sept 11

The two women appeared calm. I approached hesitantly.
The younger of the two said in a somewhat soothing voice.
“I lost my husband. “Cantor Fitzgerald” was all that needed to be said.

Drawing a deep breath, I apologized profusely, not being able to fathom the pain that must be tearing at her heart. Her calm features broke into a smile as she introduced her older sister.

Moving her eyes from her sister to me, she then leaned back slightly and patting herself, announced, “I am having my baby this Wednesday, a Caesarean birth.”

She spoke of her three children at home, her eyes almost twinkling.
But as I peered more closely, those warm eyes which seemed to be searching my face so intently, were swollen and tired.

What she offered, however, was not her piercing pain, nor the distressful and frightening stirrings in the depth of her being, having lost her husband and the father of her children. Leaning on one elbow, she raised her eyes to me and gave me a sunny smile.

She held her head proudly and walked without hesitation as she told me she had much to do and was frightfully busy.

I stood in her presence for a moment, weighing the rage and anxiety she must be feeling at this whirlwind which struck her life with no warning. And at that moment, I realized what I was evidencing.

This pretty woman was waging the most valiant and silent struggle of all against the angry emotions the rest of us so effortlessly call forth.
She would persist in inviting warmth and love into her life with her heart tugging smile and tender voice.

As we said our goodbyes, I understood.

The waves of emotion which struck her were infinitely stronger than those of hatred.
After all, Wednesday was only two days away, and she had a new life to bring into this world.

by: Angel
October 2001

12 Responses to “Memories of Sept 11”

  1. ABF says:

    So much pain… so much suffering, but we must perceiver, we must move on, for the children, for ourselves … Excellent post Angel.

  2. KKarLL mMmM says:


  3. hnav says:

    thank you…

  4. cvmay says:

    The deep piercing sadness of 9/11 is awakened with every terrorist attack, suicide bombing and evil act perpetuated by the Muslim Fundamentalist world. Can you please tell me why every single terrorist action of the last 5 yrs was committed by an advocate of the Islamic religion,,,is there something here that needs to be investigated.
    Angel, you open our minds and hearts to think and feel. Much THANKS

  5. MissingLink says:

    We love life, they love death.
    This is our strength.

  6. The MaryHunter says:

    Angel, thank you so much again for sharing your inspirational reflection. There’s a story in here for us all, such a hard story at times to fathom:
    Life DOES go on. Life WILL go on.

    Be well today, God bless.

  7. The Uncooperative Blogger says:

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  8. The Clash of Civilizations says:

    Five Years Since Apple Pie Was Just Dessert…

    Five years since: Apple pie was just dessert…and not a blessed institution.
    The Fourth of July was just about fireworks…and not a proud remembrance. The Star-Spangled Banner was just something at the game…and not a teary-eyed anthem……

  9. N.B. Goldstein says:

    God bless, Angel. Just a great post and a great way to remember on this day.

  10. TMH's Bacon Bits says:

    The 9/11 Sky…

    I will never forget that day and what this Global War on Terrorism is all about: Islamofascists who hate our freedoms so much, and so wish to impose their New Caliphate upon the world, that they target people just like you and me, my family and yours….

  11. Blue Star Chronicles says:

    Carnival of Blue Stars #17…

    This special additon of the Carnival of Blue Stars is dedicated to the memories of those who perished in the horrifc attacks on our homeland 5 years ago….

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