WelcomE to the Jungle

As you know, I spent a warm, loving yet devastating and painful day at Ground Zero.
Only to be met with these hooligans on my way out to the Path train.

Photos courtesy:TheMightyLGF

In-ves-tigate 9-11?
Yea. Sure. Be glad to.
What ya have in mind kids?

Fabricating evidence by so called “structural engineers” who will believe that the moon is made of green cheese perhaps?

Reminding and droning about how President Bush is responsible for 9-11, not Muzlim terrorists.
How President Bush caused the levees to overflow during hurricaine Katrina.
How Hezzzzbullah is really “your friend.”
How President Bush caused you to put on 10 lbs this year?
and of course how we should “cut and run” out of the war in Iraq because these little thugs in black t-shirts would do oh so well under “Shar–iah” Law eh? fireworkaniq.gif

Forget the piercings and tatoos kids….they can jus lob yer whole head off in one go…then y’all can wear each others decapitated heads as some new age, anti-establishment avant garde jewelry eh?

The Libfest in this country has become a vast theater of the absurd.
Step right up and get your tickets to the latest freak show in town. faceqqt1.gif

Guess they didn’t concern themselves with how the families of the lost may feel after exiting the sacred ground…only to enter that gauntlet of lies and madness eh?

After all…it’s all about “them” now isn’t it?

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15 Responses to “WelcomE to the Jungle”

  1. hnav says:

    this was simply the last straw for myself…

    on an old message board, i returned to post this horror, showing the Lamont Nuts in their glory…

    quickly, the Liberal Democrat Partisans began to rush to the thread, to call me names for ‘politicizing’ 9-11…

    it was so funny and deeply sad on this difficult day…

    these Liberal fools can and will say anything, no matter how irresponsible, and they expect us to sit and take it…


    we must rebuke their madness this Fall

  2. Karen says:

    Is there nothing too stupid for some folks nowadays?

  3. Middle Class Guy says:

    Why should we be surprised. There are still conspiracy types delving into the miasma of the JFK assasination. Some people are hard wired not to believe anything, especially if their is hard core evidence to back it up.

    On the other hand, this is what makes America great. Even the inane and insane can express freely themselves. The only action that can be taken against them is criticism, rebuttal, and rebuke. Much better, I think, than the bullet in the head.

    Of course, their timing and taste… ah nevermind.

  4. cvmay says:

    There is a psychological reason for the growth of “non believers”, the connection may be as long as I am a non believer I have no responsiblity over my destiny, and can always claim victimhood…………

  5. stiknstein says:

    There will always be stupid people that have no shame. Stik is not a particularly violent guy.
    Not particularly.
    Tho…..I could find a place in my heart to make an exception.
    and……..Being stupid does not get you off the hook.


  6. Brooke says:

    What a bunch of vipers! What a group of cretins!

    Sorry, Angel, but I can’t type what I REALLY feel, ’cause that just wouldn’t be appropriate for an open forum! :evil: :evil: :evil:

  7. hnav says:

    i agree with cvmay and appreciate the thoughts…

    i wish to offer…

    Blocking the reality of the Terrorism which created 9-11, could be another subconscious attempt to justify the hatred for Republicans. President GW Bush is greatly appreciated by Conservatives for his strong defense of this Nation after 9-11. The dismissal by the Left, of one of the most tragic attacks on American Soil, could be an irrational way for Liberals to cope with this President’s support.

    By removing the true source (9-11), the Liberal Partisan can feel more at ease opposing the admirable endeavors initiated by this President. Believing there is no justification for the use of Force, the creation of the Patriot Act, the need for the NSA surveillance, etc., the Liberal Democrat can continue to vilify the Republican President without guilt.

    Suddenly, the successful Operations in Afghanistan removing the tyranny of the Taliban, and the ouster of a mad Dictator in Iraq, can become a negative in the mind of the so-called ‘progressive’. Essential measures required to destroy the serious threats facing the Free World, and protect the American Public, are viewed as another ‘vast right wing conspiracy’ for the troubled Liberal perception.

  8. Ogre says:

    I’m right there with you, Angel. I don’t understand these people. They’re honestly rooting for the terrorists to take over this country and they don’t even know it.

    Thanks for the linky love, and don’t let the anger fade to appeasement.

  9. InRussetShadows says:

    There is no more selfish creature than a liberal, for the liberal is convinced that his or her glorious quest takes precedence over anyone else’s feelings or freedoms. Worse, they have no shame, for they have seared the moral sense that convinces them of wrong. I sometimes wonder if they are those who are created for the purpose of being destroyed (Romans 9); are they the tares that grow up alongside the wheat so that the wheat may thereby be made more glorious by contrast? I would like to think that they are simply confused, misled, foolish, youthful rebels rebelling against all in sight like blood-drunk bulls. Mayhap those youth are. But I cannot extend the same grace towards their founders, their funders, and the professional misery clowns like Sheehan, nor the planners and architechts of the Big Lie like Justin Raimondo and Jay Rockefeller.

  10. KKarLL mMmM says:


  11. ABF says:

    All I can say is typical LIEberal mentality……. Ignorant jerks …

  12. Ma r t i n @ b l o g b a t says:

    These are the same lump of people who protest at the funerals of dead soldiers. It’s really funny how when the extreme libs do this, it gets downplayed by MSM. When lib animal rights wackos burn homes, people’s cars, blow up laboratories and threaten scientists, it all gets ignored. 70 years after the Lenin and Stalin came to power in the Soviet Union and more than 20 million people were murdered (inside and outside the USSR), even after mass murder of millions at the hands of Pol Pot, Mau, and the North Vietnamese; after the vicious attacks by radical Mohammedans (as they used to be called) against innocent civilians the world over and the recent wave of anti-Semitic violence; in the face of the cruelty of convicted murders here at home whose executions are protested by fanatic libs who care not for how the victims suffered, we still see nothing but sympathetic resonance emanating from the strings of liberalism as the song of hatred and strife plays out on the world stage.

    “There is no more selfish creature than a liberal, for the liberal is convinced that his or her glorious quest takes precedence over anyone else’s feelings or freedoms.” – I have to agree with Russet here. The wild-eyed radical lib is no different than his might-makes-right communist, Nazi or Islamofascist friends of yore in terms of personal outlook. I truly believe these people suffer from severe emotional dysfunction (and the fact that many libs choose to play the victim card because of difficult early lives instead of getting help and choosing still to be faithful to what’s right rather than bitterness and hatred seems to back that up). For most people, growing up in a bad family is no excuse to be cruel and extreme in our dealings with others. Yet, for the radical left, it’s an excuse for everything except becoming a conservative. You can be anything (murderer, Marxist, pervert, thief, slacker) and libs are at the ready to excuse it (birds of a feather, I suppose), but become a conservative and watch out.

    That’s because being a conservative means facing and dealing with your demons internal and external, standing up, dusting yourself off, and taking responsibility for what happens next. This scares libs because they know if enough of them defect, those lagging behind too might be forced to face reality by being the only ones left sitting and cowering. And part of that reality is that they secretly hate themselves for not fulfilling their true potential, were they to ennoble their hearts rather than wallowing in misery, self-pity, and hatred. It’s really sad that even in the light of 9/11 the first thing many libs wanted to do was go back into pretending that the whole affair was just Bush’s fault, that we should return to business as usual, and that we shouldn’t offend or hurt the feelings of those who might be terrorists or may have had rough lives and chosen to become bitter, hate-filled terrorists. The libs only saw another group of folks they could incorporate into their misery club (as they say, misery lives company), and so now we see why they are so ready to find common cause with the “poor” Islamofascist “victim-terrorists” in the Middle East. It’s why no matter who the new hooligans on the seedy side of town are who happen to be throwing their weight around, you will find radical libs always keeping company with them. Like the young girl who runs away from home to live with her criminal boyfriend who’s in a gang, such libs have significant personal issues. And clearly, they are very big, self destructive issues.

    Well, sorry ‘bout this comment becoming “War & Peace” in size… but this post and the other two comments really pushed my “talk” button. Anyway, that’s my take! :)

  13. Beakerkin says:

    I have held many conversations with these idiots. These conspiracy nuts are anti-semitic communist types. Forget all the crank bits and ask them who do you think did it. The answers you get are the Mosad, Larry Silverstein, A Neocon Cabal and it was covered up by zionist media. Even Art Bell calls these people ” hatefull anti semitic cranks”.

    The vast preponderance of these people are communists as well.

  14. Angel says:

    Thanks to y’all for your treasured insights…don’t fret if youre long winded….you save me from writing another post!..lol :) and thanks Beak for your take as well! :)

  15. The MaryHunter says:

    Hang in there Angel, it’s sickening, this… and ironic that good men and women have died so that these zipheads can enjoy freedom of speech. The zipheads are not fit to clean doggie doo from the boots of America’s heroes in uniform.

    They do provide some entertainment though (in other venues, not at Ground Zero). Hannity has a great time with these conspiracy kooks when they call his show.