Obama raising money for Terrorists: Again


Doozie of the day.
Lines that should be jokes but are dead serious.

This just in!

Hussain……Hussein the Horrible Obama’s envoy to the Muslim world, (whatever the heck that is…..zombie……) said there is a “disturbing rise in anti-Islamic sentiment” that may be caused in part by the poor economy.

Oh wait..Isn’t that the Jews he meant?..That’s one confused envoy.confusedani-dy

Oh yea..he goes on to say:
That the (made up, contrived) arrowthruhead9backlash against Muslim-Americans has lotsa precedent in the U.S., as African-Americans, Jewish-Americans, Irish-Americans, and Chinese-Americans.

Don’t you see the commonality there? Not.dizzy1

Cuz all those immigrants flew planes into buildings aiming to slaughter United States civilians at one time or another right?death-cheer

Nobody with a pea brain would dare find moral equivalence between acts of Islamic terrorism all over the free world and the defensive War on Terror.
Nor would they compare any other immigrants to America (or any other free Nation) with Muzlims.


Is it really that difficult to distinguish between four planes being hjijacked and flown into buildings that contained over 40,000 innocent people and the collateral damage done to non-combatants who just so happen to shelter their brethren …the Islamic terrorists.

Funny how the pathetic oft repeated message of Izlamic “peace” gets lost abruptly as we discover bombs hidden on airplanes not 24 hours before this leech on the American taxpayer speakuth.
Cargo plane bomb plot: UK steps up security checks on airline passengers

In Washington, the US government was considering whether to grant the CIA far greater powers to select targets in Yemen for assassination by missiles fired from unmanned drones, despite mounting hostility in the country to such air strikes.

Care to connect any of these here dots…?


Al Qaeda bombing attempt is Thwarted. Ummm it was synagogues that were targeted. Hmmm..how unIzlamic…Not quite.
That err…sounds an awful lot like Anti-Semitism don’t it?


But Hussein the Horrible Obama races to conduct a fundraiser for Muzlims.

Yes ..Ah..in Mumbai – on the anniversary of the massacre. And then off to one of the biggest mosques in the world. Hmmmmmm.

Hussein’s oh so carefully applied veneer is peeling.


We’ve said time n time again:

If the allegedly moderate Muzlims would stand up en masse against the so called extremists who supposedly hijacked their religion, then maybe ..just maybe there would be a glimmer of hope.

What part of en masse don’t they understand. Have you ever heard of a muzlim organization dedicated to denouncing the activities of terrorist CAIR, No sir and you won’t. Never happen.


But hey… let’s blame the “economy” for alleged anti-muslim sentiment, shall we. Sounds good eh.

Same reason for the heinous crime rates in Detroit, right?thuganiee

With logic like that………..

No wonder democrats are going to get their clocks cleaned on Tuesday.


15 Responses to “Obama raising money for Terrorists: Again”

  1. amanofwonder says:

    The only thing I am concerned about this renegade, is that he is raising my blood pressure to dangerous levels.

    If his eastern allies think they want to walk down a dusty mainstreet, they better be packing, that is the way we settle disputes out here in the civilized wild wild Western Civilization.

  2. The Conservative Lady says:

    Let’s hope tomorrow is the beginning of the end of the Obama Regime.

  3. jadedfellow says:

    “Care to connect any of these here dots…?”

    I dun alot of that in therapy and my pencil is outta lead.

    I figger obadman’s pencil is in the same shape, cuz he don’t lead very well!

  4. Matt says:

    Great one as usual, Angel. One day, folks will finally figure this out. Hopefully, we wont have to lose a city to do it.

  5. Brooke says:

    That first pic is wonderful!

    Another great one!

  6. Bunkerville says:

    Yes, keep blaming everything on the economy stupid,, thus George Bush… and we will wipe your slate clean in 2012. Meanwhile a bunch of Bomb stuff came over in September as a trial run and we were never told. Great post as always.

  7. Carol-Christian Soldier says:

    went to vote 7:00 AM-
    It is time to stand tall-and get active-
    Like mares -mother horses-we will form a circle -(coalesce)-to protect our off-spring and our Nation!

  8. Debbie says:

    I’m hoping many of Obama’s clowns will be fired once Conservatives get in office. We must defund their salaries.

  9. Claudia says:

    I am writing about this guy for tomorrow. I will be linking you. ;)

  10. MK says:

    “But hey… let’s blame the “economy” for alleged anti-muslim sentiment, shall we.”

    Yep, blame anything and anyone except the child-raping retarded savage himself.

  11. Gorges Smythe says:

    Though I’m less obvious about it, I see our thinking on “MuZlims” harmonizes quite well. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog!

  12. mnrobot says:

    Hi Angel! Great post. God bless.

  13. Bob Mack says:

    So it was the economy that knocked down the WTC? I’ll be darned. All this time, I was under the mistaken impression that it was Mohammed Atta and his Salafa brethren. Just goes to show how uniformed a guy can be when he doesn’t listen to the best of Christine Amanpour.

  14. Always On Watch says:

    Typical Moslem crap, i.e., the victimhood meme to blame anything but Islam for Islam’s problems with acceptance in the West.

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