Autumn Open Trackback Weekend

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3:1

Poised at a moment of transition, the Fall is upon us.

Autumn seems to bring a host of changes. The trees begin to change colors, bringing a beautiful array of different colored foliage into our midst.
What ephemeral beauty.

Time to dig out the toasty, warm sweaters and collect the wood to start the cozy fire in the fireplace.

There is something comforting about the predictable, cyclical changing of the year…is there not?

If only we could capture the beauty of autumn and hold it to our hearts all year long eh?

Ah, Leaves fall, rivers fall, and alas even we fall.
But, do we choose to be lifted up yet again?

What say you dear friends?

Open Trackbacks all weekend long.

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41 Responses to “Autumn Open Trackback Weekend”

  1. Conservative Cat says:

    Temporary Cold Snap in Hell Indicates Pop Culture Shift…

    Democrats are rushing to defend President Bush against Hugo Chavez’s attack. They want everyone to know that it is wrong to personally attack the President even if you disagree with his policies. Stop laughing, damn it! I’m serious. Do you……

  2. TMH's Bacon Bits says:

    Voter IDs: Force the Issue…

    We need to demand that the integrity of the voting system be upheld and we need to do it before illegal voting and amnesty sways the country to the left, never to be retrieved – relegated to the death of the USA and the birth of a Socialist Europe-sty…

  3. Planck's Constant says:

    The Jews control the Main Stream Media in US…

    Here is a story kept off all pages of every major American Newspaper:Some 35,000 people rallied across from the United Nations to protest Ahmadinejad’s presence at the world body. The crowd also wanted to show solidarity for Israel and implore the Un….

  4. bernie says:

    Beautful scenes, but utterly useless in Muslim culture. After 1300 years of picking off sand fleas, you will not find Muslim birdwatchers, naturists, botanists, or mountainclimbers.

    When was the last time you heard of a Muslim family going out camping? Hunting maybe, but the prey is usually Christian maidens they can rape.

    Sad, really. The Western World has such a vibrant , rich culture to share, yet Muslims want to force us to take up the life of tent-dwellers.

  5. cube says:

    Usually I’d agree with you about longing for fall, but not so this year. I wish summer would go on and on because we don’t have a heater on the pool yet!

  6. Brooke says:

    Cube, what’s fall in Florida like? *) degrees? LOL! Just kiddin’!

    Autumn is my favorite season! Not too hot, not too cold, beautiful trees and all the animals getting ready for the winter… Hot apple cider and pumpkins….

    Ahhhhh… *Smiles*

  7. Tor's Rants says:

    Belfast, Maine and Economic Planning…

    Belfast, Maine’s Retail Review Committee is like a textbook case in why economic planning by governments doesn’t work, except to the detriment of the average citizen and to the benefit of the politically connected….

  8. TMH's Bacon Bits says:

    Can Michael Steele Win in Blue State Central?…

    Could this, in fact, be a long-overdue racial backlash against the party that gave us southern segregation, poll taxes, and Sen. Robert KKK Byrd? Probably not, as the Democrat lie machine churns away on Steele – but you never know.


  9. Old Soldier says:

    Beautiful scenes. Having been born and raised in southern New England, I saw many gorgious Falls. It truly is a picturesque time of the year. Yet that awesome beauty is followed by a cold gray and chilling temperatures. I proudly make my home in the deep south now, and although I do miss God’s painting of the scenery, I do not miss the ‘dead’ of winter. More moderate temperatures suit me just fine, thank you.

  10. American Crusader says:

    To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…So the Byrds plagiarized their lyrics?
    Just kidding…
    Although Fall is a beautiful season, I’d much rather it be Spring.

  11. Jihadi Du Jour says:

    When In Rome do as Muslims Do…

    Amazingly Muslims in Saudi Arabia demand that foreigners follow their rules, and that when Muslims are in foreign lands that locals should follow Muslim rules as well….

  12. The Clash of Civilizations says:

    Triple C: The Clash Caption Contest 4…

    Popeye Edition. Get ready to rumble! It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for Triple C! Feel free to add your captions in the comments section. As always, if you’re hosting a caption contest, feel free to link to this post and send a trackback. I’…

  13. benning's Writing Pad says:

    Successful … Year After Year…

    Have you ever heard of the Chelsea Milling Company? Think hard! No? What if I tell you that the company is located in Chelsea, Michigan, and has been there for over a hundred years? Any idea? What about a “Little Blue Box”? Anything yet?…

  14. benn says:

    Autumn is my favorite season. It’s the time of the year that is analogous to evening. We prepare for bed, putting things away, preparing for the next day’s activities. The weather in Autumn is getting ready for Winter – the season of night – when the world around us sleeps, and dreams of the coming year.

    I like the photos, Angel!

  15. Kevin says:

    Mine too benn. That’s the single thing I miss about living up north. We only get summer and winter down here. Leaves green, then leaves brown. :(

  16. Al-Ozarka says:

    Fall is great in the Ozarks! Stay tuned–I SHOULD have my new camera USB by the time it gets real colorful around here.

  17. hnav says:


    thank you…

  18. Mustang says:

    The seasons are a gift of God . . . and yet, we hardly take notice. Can you imagine how dull Spring would be were it not for the cold winter? Thank you for those breath-taking photographs; they remind me to count my blessings.

  19. Tim says:

    That is one thing I’ll say for Canada. When the seasons change, it is really beautiful. That is all the good I have to say about it however.

  20. Stevina says:

    I agree about Canada, and their sunsets are gorgeous. So are the night skies this time of year. Seem so low you’d think you could touch them.

  21. The Amboy Times says:

    Open Trackback Weekend…

    Here’s hoping this week’s OTA actually works. Click to enlarge and read the story. Other OTA’sThe Crazy World of Samantha Burns Woman Honor Thyself…

  22. Gayle says:

    Angel darlin’, I’m still waiting for the “cold snap”. Central Texas doesn’t seem to be going along with the game plan. Lol! But it will shortly, and I’m looking forward to it more than you know. Sheesh, I have so much work to do outside, and I’ve spent the last two months hiding in the house. Our skies are beautiful though. Texas is a bit strange. We don’t have four seasons here. We have three: Slightly cold, warm and hot! :)

  23. Selective Amnesia says:

    BlogRedesigned Open Trackback weekend…

    So, Selective Amnesia bears a new skin. And what better way to celebrate, than with a special Open Trackback Weekend post? Trackback your posts to this (and other open posts) and share the joy. Or whatever.
    Planck’s Constant: The Jews control …

  24. Selective Amnesia » BlogRedesigned Open Trackback weekend says:

    [...] Planck’s Constant: The Jews control mainstream media in US | Woman Honor Thyself: Autumn Open Trackback | Clash of Civilisation: Triple C | Florida Masochist: From the Silly News desk | Jihadi Dujour: When in Rome, do as the Muslims do | KAG Report: Chavez Performs Exorcism at U.N. | [...]

  25. Defiant Infidel says:

    Of Mentors, Memories and Meaning…

    “Fred” was my fourth grade teacher in a class of only 14 students. He was also the principal, which is why his ‘portion’ of the children of that grade was reduced …he had to perform double duty….

  26. Always On Watch says:

    I love autumn–the weather and the color. If only the leaves wouldn’t come down for raking!

    We don’t have an fall color here in the D.C. area, but in a few weeks, the area should be gorgeous.

  27. planck's constant says:

    Bin Laden’s Death Saddens Me…

    I’ll tell you why in a moment. First, here’s the swirl of news bits: French investigate report of bin Laden’s ‘death’…

  28. Right Truth says:

    Osama pushing up daisies?…

    According to a French secret service member, Saudia Arabia is reporting Osama bin Laden dead from “a very serious case of typhoid which led to a partial paralysis of his internal organs.” Pakistan says “We have no information about Osama’s…

  29. LomaAlta says:

    must see video from NumbersUSA…

    I wish all of Congress would see this….

  30. The Clash of Civilizations says:

    Fall is in the Air – And So is Freedom…

    Freedom hangs in the chilly air, as I walk around my beautiful yard. The wind blows, releasing a few brilliant yellow leaves. MY yard. MY house. MY leaves. MY pumpkins. We must truly appreciate what we have……

  31. Al-Ozarka says:

    “Fall is in the Air – And So is Freedom…

    Freedom hangs in the chilly air, as I walk around my beautiful yard. The wind blows, releasing a few brilliant yellow leaves. MY yard. MY house. MY leaves. MY pumpkins. We must truly appreciate what we have…… ”

    Cheers, TCOC! Great comment! I needed that one today.

  32. Sillie Lizzies Rock says:

    …to the Jew first, and also to the Gentile…

    Seasons change, but humanity never does… reflections on the incredible parallels between the culture of Jesus’ times and ours.The New Testament writers often used the characteristics of the Jews and Greeks as universal metaphors for describing two ….

  33. Wordsmith says:

    I’m too lazy to educate myself on trackbacks. And it’s difficult to narrow down my best post…I’m so proud of myself! (Naw, not really).

    Autumn is one of my all-time favorite seasons. The others in no particular order are Spring, Winter, and Summer.

    I just love the changes in the color of the leaves; something we don’t really get here in Los Angeles. There’s a certain sense of melancholy and serene, tired beauty.

    And pansy that I am, it reminds me of two Barry Manilow songs: Weekend in New England and When October Goes.

  34. planck's constant says:

    10,000 Year Old Remains of Liberal Idiot Found in…

    Malibu Ca (AP) — Scientists say human bones unearthed during a road excavation on the Caltrans Project that date back 10,000 years could be part of “one of the most important archaeological finds in North America.”…

  35. stikNstein….has no mercy » Blog Archive » Fall Food Porn says:

    [...] Angel loves crispy weather too… [...]

  36. Ogre says:

    Very nice pictures. We won’t get those color changes here for another 2-5 weeks yet!

  37. A Rose By Any Other Name says:

    Sunday Beauty…

    In honor of the new look here, I thought I would post a beautiful painting instead of my Silly Signs. This is Song of the Angels by one of benning’s favorite artists, William-Adolphe Bouguereau.

    Trackbacked to the beautiful pictures at Angel&#82…

  38. planck's constant says:

    Muslim Humor – Muslim Jokes…

    I have taken it upon myself to supply the world with more Muslim jokes. It goes without saying that Muslims are perhaps the least humorous folk on Earth; whereas Jews have learned to laugh at themselves…

  39. Cop The Truth says:

    Mexico Safer Than The U.S.?…

    Mexican President Vicente Fox compared the crime rates of Mexico and the U.S. on Friday.I saw that crime rates in the United States increased 3.5 percent so far this year. So they have their own problems, Fox said. And with…

  40. third world county says:

    Very Short Roundup/Monday OP…

    This is an open trackbacks post. Link to this post and track back. More below the brief roundup featuring articles by Mensa Barbie, STACLU, Conservative Cat (Ferdy: gottalovehim), Planck’s Constant, Big Lizards, Blue Star Chronicles, Woody’…

  41. cube says:

    Brooke: the high today will be 91 degrees :P