Buckley on TorturE


My money quote of the Day:

“When confronted with the assertion that the Soviet Union and the United States were moral equivalents, William F. Buckley responded that if one man pushes an old lady into an oncoming bus and another man pushes an old lady out of the way of a bus, we should not denounce them both as men who push old ladies around.

In other words, “context matters.”

When push comes to torture continues..

…many decent Americans understand that abuse intended to foil a murder plot is not the same as torturing political dissidents, religious minorities and other prisoners of conscience.”

Oh yea, my heart breaks for the bombers of my World Trade Center.

They are subjected to..
Invasion of Space by a “female.” *gasp*

Never heard of it?..Ah, it’s a drill to make the terrrorist especially “agitated” by the close physical presence of a woman. Ouch! girlart.gif

The Rock n Roll torture.
Interrogators rouse the terrorist by dripping water on his head or playing Christina Aguilera music. Oh my. Too bad it isn’t Barry Manilow. boy009.gif

How about the Muscular Strategies.
The terrorist may have to stand for prolonged periods, (kinda like waitin at a bus stop only a tad longer…), or he may be isolated for as long as 30 days. boy.gif

No one likes to think of it let alone admit that it is a reality.
And yes, perhaps we can paint a grim picture of detainee treatment at Guantánamo. What if there really was mounting evidence of severe mistreatment of detainees?

So what.
These tactics, my friends are utilized for the sole purpose of producing intelligence of a threat neutralization nature.

Muzlim terrorists are fighting with asymmetrical warfare.

They know they are the weaker so they attempt to surprise and disorient their opponent.

In order to restore symmetry to the battle, we need to develop tactics of our own and, yes perhaps even abandon certain principles and ethical values for higher ones..Saving innocent lives.

Do some abuse power?
Of course they do. Regrettable incidents will always occur when fallible human beings are involved.
But we do not celebrate these abuses.

We accept them as part of human nature, try our damnest to prevent them and take responsibility for them.

Don’t forget for one minute my sweet friends that if we wanted to torture, we wouldn’t be subject to the laws of the Geneva Convention.
These monsters, I mean, cough cough, detainees, are NOT lawful combatants.

As painful as it may be to face, there may be times (very extenuating times) that in order to save the very principles that we hold so dearly….. we may just have to sacrifice them.

If somone knew where a bomb was hidden that was due to detonate and kill your entire family, guess what Libs, you might just throw a punch or two.
Enough of the self righteous posture ad nauseum.
Enough of your sympathy for the Devil.


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17 Responses to “Buckley on TorturE”

  1. Al-Ozarka says:

    I watched Patrick Leahey on the Senate floor a few minutes ago. The left is in complete denial about the GWOT. It doesn’t want war (As if that was a position exclusive to the left) so it just ignores war.

    Don’t EVER let a leftist use the “head stuck in the sand” line and get away with it!

  2. hnav says:

    you rock…

    well done…

    William F. Buckley!

    what a quote…

  3. Veritas says:

    We cannot have a discussion about torture until we can agree on a definition of what torture is. I do not mean to sound like a lawyer, but let’s get real. Libs holler torture and the administration responds to allegations. I still maintain that we are not torturing anybody.

    Fingers are not being cut off, nails are not being pulled out, electricity isn’t connected to people’s genitals – all of which has been and is being done to Americans during WWII, Vietnam, now even though we are covered by the Geneva Conventions.

    Holding barking dogs on a leash to scare prisoners (as at Abu grab) is not torture. Letting the dogs bite would be but that did not happen. Yelling at someone is not torture. But the libs say we cannot make anyone uncomfortable. Making people stand for hours or sleep on concrete is very uncomfotable but it is not torture. The word is just used at whim to put our government on the defensive and then the bad guys get a moral argument on how they should get to sleep late and play video games.

    My kids want the same thing but they don’t get it. Am I torturing them when I yell “Rise and Shine” at 5:30 each morning?? Maybe I should sue the school system because my kids are being forced to do what they do not want to so that must be torture.

    We really need to stop this childish behavior and get on with the job at hand. Anything that is legally done to our own troops during training is not torture. I don’t care if Abu doesn’t like it. We are talking about people who are willing to blow themselves up and we don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable?!?!?!? This is nuts. No wonder the Islamo fascists think we are weak. We prove it to them every day.

    And if the Dems take control of either house of Congress this fall then we are really in trouble. They will shut everything down right away in the most dispicable way possible – by cutting off funding so that our guys and gals will be left hanging with no way to defend themselves until we come home with our tail between our legs. Rangel and company are crowing about how they did that very same thing to end Vietnam quicker and we saw the effects of that – THE BAD GUYS WON.

  4. Brooke says:

    I’ll bet Christina Aguilara music counts as torture… :twisted:

    Seriously, Veritas is dead right. We aren’t doing these sadistic killers any serious harm, just making them feel uncomfortable. Aren’t they cutting our heads off when we’re captured?

    Average weight gain at Gitmo: 20 pounds.
    Yeah, that’s rough… :roll:

  5. cube says:

    That quote by Buckley is spot on! It’s a keeper.

  6. Ma r t i n @ b l o g b a t says:

    William F. Buckley, brilliant as ever. brilliant spot by the blogger too! :p

  7. Tim says:

    Veritas: I think you’re right, we are not torturing anybody. Most liberals think putting terrorists in a room by themselves is torture. We may treat them harshly, especially when interrogating, but these ARE criminals in a PRISON. Last time I checked, its suppose to suck.

  8. American Crusader says:

    That was a great quote by William F. Buckley. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.
    Waterboard every last one of them. If it saves a single American life, it’s worth it.

  9. KKarLL mMMM says:


  10. Sillie Lizzie says:

    Woman, you make our gender look REALLY GOOD; you’re worth your weight in sixteen Cindy Sheehans. :-) What an excellent piece of work this is!!

  11. Angel says:

    Thanks ya’ll and thank u Sille Lizzie!…16 Cindys eh?..go me!..lol :)

  12. Sillie Lizzies Rock says:

    Senate Passes Detainee Interrogation Bill…

    Maybe NOW we can get off this constitution-derailing sidetrack (compliments of the judicial activist Supreme Beings) and get ON with this war!!!! The President got his military tribunals and some freedom of judgment on how to extract information from…..

  13. BB-Idaho says:

    Ever notice that the Gestapo ran into prisoners that would not talk?
    They did waterboard for recess. I don’t care how they interrogate,
    sometimes, it doesn’t work. We should note that Buckley is a little at odds with the Iraq war see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVCtlRfjjHw&mode=related&search=
    Nothing is ever easy…….

  14. radar says:

    I don’t want to even THINK of 16 Cindy Sheehans ever again! *cold shivers*

    The Buckley quote is perfect.

    Funny how liberals think that hacking little unborn babies into parts is just fine, but keeping a terrorist awake is TORTURE, isn’t it?

  15. IAMB says:

    Why does it seem that someone always brings up abortion these days no matter what the actual post topic or discussion is about? I think we need a rewrite of Godwin’s Law, or at least an amendment…

    And yeah, ditto on what Radar said about the Sheehans.

  16. Tim says:

    Its very simple IAMB: usually the same people against the war in Iraq, against the death penalty, and against our interrogation tactics, based on what they percieve as humane, are the same people who feel nothing wrong with around 13 million babies being killed every year. Its called hypocrisy, and its fun to point out.

  17. IAMB says:

    That’s about what I thought you’d say Tim, though the question was rhetorical. Thanks for the answer though. I may not side with you and Radar on much, but sleep deprivation is not torture as far as I’m concerned. If it were, there’s a bunch of med residents that deserve protection under Geneva, don’t you think?