Paranoia RunS DeeP


“CARACAS, Venezuela – President Hu-go Cha-vez, who has repeatedly spoken of various plots on his life..

Cha-vez has… recently claimed that President Bush may be seeking to kill him after he called the U.S. leader “the devil” at the United Nations General Assembly….
Chavez: Assassination attempt foiled
Cha-vez has claimed before that the U.S. government is out to kill him and invade his country.”


Paranoia runs deep eh? eraserani.gif

In light of Clinton’s recent red faced, finger pointing paranoia fest fiasco, I thought I would invite y’all to nominate the most “paranoid” utterances youv’e seen as of late.

Any ideas sweet friends?

Sorry to get a bit technical on y’all, but a “Personality Disorder” is characterized by abnormal and maladaptive inner experience and behavior.

And allow me to fill you in on another insight, if I may.
Odds are those with the “Paranoid disorder” form of mental illness will not remit without professional intervention. eyeq57.gif

People with Paranoid Disorder exhibit chronic, pervasive problems and generally don’t just “get along real well with others”.

They tend to have dysfunctional core beliefs about the self, others and the world. The U.S. and President Bush are evil…um yea.

Everyone “else” is defective, bad and wrong, but uh oh…not THEM.

All their subsequent actions are designed to support this erroneous “core belief”. And everything that happens, ends up maintaining these beliefs.

Not to mention a splash of antisocial Personality Disorder which makes one believe that its others who are are potentially exploitative or abusive so they develop the maladaptive strategy of exploiting and abusing others first!

Witness:..Bush derangement syndrome. Hurricaine?..It’s Bush.
Terrorist attack?’s Bush. I gained 5 lbs this weekend?…Dang Bush! faceskulle2.jpg

Is there hope for these paranoids you ask?
Somehow I don’t see OBL, Cha-vez, Eichmadinejaad, or self loathing Libs for that matter revisiting and reinterpreting their early-childhood experiences which led to this disorder, so that they can “heal.”

Do you?

Perhaps “group therapy” for the whole lot of them eh? lol

What say Y’all?

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6 Responses to “Paranoia RunS DeeP”

  1. InRussetShadows says:

    Leftists really are wannabe tyrants, and tyrants evince all the psychological disorders you noted above. The verbiage about too many guns, we’re not doing enough for the poor, Bushitler is bad bad bad — all of it reduces to “You have too much power. Give it all to me and you will have no problems.” Their rhetoric is a poor mask for the fact that they never learned even rudimentary civility. In other words, they act as they speak. For just another example, see Malkin Derangement Syndrome over at Michelle Malkin’s blog.

  2. Debbie says:

    That’s great analysis. And they didn’t even have to lay down on your couch, heh.

  3. MB says:

    > I gained 5 lbs this weekend
    How terrible! :( Try Hoodi Thin (Hoodia Gordonii) by Prime Life!

    .. And about Chavez: I am sure that he doesn’t take time to review his antics… Rice made reference to the continuing focus on trade developments with Venezuela (definitely with less Chavez focus) …Have a great day! :)

  4. middleclassguy says:

    Liberal – A Machiavellian emotionalist with factual disassociative disorder.

  5. KKaarLL mM says:


  6. Brooke says:

    My hair has split ends, my kid is throwing a tantrum, it’s too hot outside… Dang Bush! He’s doing this just to get at me! LOL!