Mayor Bloomberg makes Irish Slur


Under Criticism, NYC Mayor Apologizes For Comment About ‘inebriated’ People At Irish Event

Mayor Michael Bloomberg apologized Thursday for a comment he made about public drunkenness at an Irish-American organization event and said he’d been referring to a yearly party the group throws to celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

NYC Mayor Apologizes For Comment At Irish Event



Bloomberg dissing the

Normally when I walk by this building, there are a bunch of people that are totally inebriated hanging out the window waving,” Bloomberg had said Wednesday to laughter and moans from the crowd,………………

He continued: “I know, that’s a stereotype of the Irish, but nevertheless, we Jews from around the corner think this.”

WE JEWS?????

Alla sudden he’s Jewish?..And he’s speakin of behalf of JEWS!?curse-ani

The very same Mayor of my precious New York City who along with the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) suggested Turkey as a finalist in the search for the city’s new cab manufacturer.



Yea. Real Jew Lovers. No conflict of interest there.
The cabs prolly had an internal bomb feature that explodes at 40 mph.bombaniww

The biggest terrorists enabler, builder of the GROUND ZERO MOSQUE, buddy buddy of the Saudis is now labeling himself as a JEW?

S’cuse me while I choke on my chicken soup.

Mr. Dhimmi “NO LABELS”….is cool with some labels apparently.


And his buddy the um…NEW “tolerant” Ground Zero Im-am: whose latest insight to us all is : “Apostates Against Islam Must be Jailed”.

Diss the KKK? ………Naw.biting4
Tyrannical BIG Government Statists?…..Naw.


IzlamoNazis?…Hell Naw.


But sure..hurl insults at the

Oh yea what a tolerant American and Jew he is.dangerani

Despite the fact that a majority of New Yorkers AND Americans– oppose the mega mosque at Ground Zero, Mayor Bloomberg had simply refused to meet with the 9/11 families or with any of those opposing the Islamic supremacist mosque.

But the imams..oh ..he had plenty of time to share some good ole hal-AL food and “shmooze’ with them.


In fact…in light of all his amazing efforts to shove a triumphal Mega Mosque at Ground Zero— in the faces of those that lost their loved ones to Izlamic Jeehad….it should be renamed to honor this self effacing, loathesome JEW IN NAME ONLY:

Ah yes……The Bloomberg Mosque.

His Rabbi and synagogue would be so proud.brainfreezeani

Oh..and by the way Mikey:

The Irish don’t want a mosque at Ground Zero either.

Ground Zero Irish families say no to Mosque

The family of Damian Meehan, who died at the World Trade Center while working for finance firm Carr Futures, feels that a mosque only two blocks from Ground Zero would be “disrespectful” to those who died during the biggest terrorist attack ever launched on U.S. soil.

9/11 victim Damian Meehan and his baby son Damian Jr.

So there you have it Mista Mayor who does NOT speak for New Yorkers, Jews or Americans for that matter………….


23 Responses to “Mayor Bloomberg makes Irish Slur”

  1. Comedy Plus says:

    I’m sorry your mayor is a putz. Very sorry.

    Islam the religion of hate and intolerance. :(

  2. Bunni says:

    What a jerk. He is loathsome and horrible. I would have kicked him out if I was running that affair. He isn’t fooling anyone.
    Have a nice weekend, and enjoy some chicken soup to warm you up, Angel.

  3. Debbie says:

    Bloomberg is an idiot, a dhimmi,

  4. Carol-Christian Soldier says:

    Could not have stated it better – my friend- …
    to add:
    the 1/2 Dane in me is heated by the 1/4 Irish -so I know the Irish…

    thus- my suggestion- ‘Mr. Mayor”..don’t _ _ sssss off the IRISH…!!!

  5. Leticia says:

    Wow! He really is clueless isn’t he? Angel, I am sorry. Hopefully on the next election he will be voted out and replaced with someone who is a lot more intelligent and unbiased.

  6. Bunkerville says:

    Didn’t he get term limits eliminated? New Yorkers really will throw him out, for sure??? Tell me it is so.

  7. KingShamus says:

    That last picture says it all, doesn’t it?

    Good stuff, Angel.

  8. Kid says:

    And bloomberg is doing it only for money. Like he actually needs any anyhow.
    I’ll stop here.

  9. Matt says:

    Why does the word, “Quisling” come to mind?

  10. Kevin says:

    Don’t feel too bad about him being Jewish, Angel. There are jerks in EVERY culture :) .

  11. DeanO says:

    I’d never insult the Irish or a Muslim Jew…at least I don’t think I would.

  12. Christopher says:

    Blooming idiot can KISS MY IRISH ASS and go straight to hell with his moslem loving life!

  13. Woodsterman says:

    That’s a great sign at the end …. Did anyone suggest letting the Irish in Detroit build the taxis?

  14. Always On Watch says:


    The double standard is astounding — criticize the Irish but give the Moslems a pass.

  15. Layla says:

    OUY! Oh hun what can we expect from him? He has gone liberaltard all the way and with that idiot Arriana? OMG! She can HUFF her way around can’t she? Bloomberg is a huge disappointment. HEH!

  16. Karen Howes says:

    Oy, what a schmuck.

    And I say this as someone with both Irish and Jewish ancestry.

  17. Brooke says:

    Bloomburg is scum. He is a liar and manipulator and full of hate and hypocrisy.

  18. Bob Mack says:

    The people that run for political offices in America always seem to be the very ones that are unqualified to serve in them.

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  20. Silverfiddle says:

    I love it when libs violate their own political correctness rules

  21. Steve says:

    THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS! I always love visiting your blog…


  22. Mustang says:

    Thank you for inspiring me to become better informed. I was confused so I looked up the word Bloomberg in the dictionary, and it says, “… a person of either gender whose behavior is so obnoxious and ignorant, they could wear their own ass as a hat. Also: Asshat.”

  23. KarL M says:

    So what exactly makes the Mayor of N.Y.City a genius?????
    Correct…absolutely nothing!!!
    with zillion$$$$ in his pocket and nothing between his ears=Idiot..
    Thank you Angel for the evidence to prove it.