Lara Logan Attacked in Egypt


Lara Logan set upon by mob in brutal sex attack.

“60 Minutes” correspondent Lara Logan was repeatedly sexually assaulted by thugs yelling, “Jew! Jew!” as she covered the chaotic fall of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo’s main square Friday.

…her attackers were screaming, “Jew! Jew!” during the assault. And the day before, Logan had told that Egyptian soldiers hassling her and her crew had accused them of “being Israeli spies.” Logan is not Jewish.

CBS reporter’s Cairo nightmare

She wasn’t taken to a hospital in Egypt because the network didn’t trust local security there, sources said.


Make no mistake.
IzlamoFacism is the new Nazism.

A pathological malignant theology.

They see JEWS everywhere.paranoid

But but’s all bout the”youth” Hussein obama spews..and um…err…”Democracy”.dieani

Ah yes..Can’t ya just taste and smell the scent of democracy in the air in Egypt where the savages are free to roam and hunt now.

Imagine if you will, that this happened here at home to some muzlim reporter.
Hussein Obama’s teleprompter would already be cued up and he would be addressing lecturing the Nation bout it.


And while all compassionate humans no doubt pray for Lara’s physical, emotional, and spiritual healing…Will someone dare ask if hers’ or others’ eyes have now been opened to the belief system that motivated these attacks against her?


….. Will she or others speak on her behalf of the the truth about this ideology in all it’s horror.

Or will we be insulted yet again with the “lone” wolves theory…. who of course—don’t represent Izlam— being the perps?

All hundreds of them.

Yet…White female journalists insist on covering politically turbulent Izlamic countries, denying the inherent horror and danger to women specifically.

Raping non-Muzlim women?
That is not only not a crime, but not even frowned upon in Muzlim countries.
Do we simply ignore that fact?

The American government has been liteally feeding the Muzlims of Egypt by sending billions of dollars– that guess what..the American government actually doesn’t even have.

But of course..yet again..this is the gratitude felt by the new freedom luving democrats and the “youth” in Egypt.


Any Muzlim organization come out publicly to denounce this atrocity?
I dint think so.

Any Muzlims “offeneded” by this event?


Dint think so either.

But of course chanting “JEW JEW” while torturing Lara is omitted by the media outlets worldwide.


Bet they would all be praying for her over at the Ground Zero mosque in NYC: NOT.


God speed Lara Logan.
Please find comfort in knowing how many of us are caring about you
and praying your health and well being will be restored to you soon.

“If the future seems overwhelming,
remember that it comes one moment at a time.”
~Beth Mende Conny

22 Responses to “Lara Logan Attacked in Egypt”

  1. Comedy Plus says:

    There will never be peace in the middle east. These people are offended by EVERYTHING. Obummer is one of them too.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. Leticia says:

    That poor woman! I hope and pray she recovers. The MSM will basically it was an isolated incident, blah…blah…blah….

  3. Debbie says:

    200 lone wolves Angel?

  4. Bunkerville says:

    She did not fit into the MSM script… how long did it take for us to find out about it? It happened last Friday, as I recall. Great post again. Still waiting for the women’s group to speak out…waiting….waiting…..Code Pink???

  5. KingShamus says:

    Nailed it, Angel.

    In fact, I liked it so much I quoted part of your post.

    Great work.

  6. Jenny says:

    Excellent summation. Especially the part about if a moose limb reporter received so much as a pinch on the arm HERE … all H-E double hockeysticks would break loose and Chairman Maobama would be leading the charge. We’re toast.

  7. DeanO says:

    Excellent analysis – My gut tells me that the leftist media is going to paint this whole picture as an act of a few Islamic men – gone astray, or caught up in the spirit of the moment; they didn’t really know what they were doing. I’ve asked myself the same question you ask; why would a woman go into the heart of an Islamic country to report the news – especially with the turmoil taking place in Egypt. It doesn’t make sense. Weren’t they kicking the media out left and right and for their own reasons? Great post – I really enjoyed the read and your efforts.

  8. Matt says:

    And the MSM still wont figure it out, will they? Too many people have no idea what we are dealing with. Hopefully, this wakes up a few more people.

  9. Maggie@MaggiesNotebook says:

    Not only did they not report the chants, they didn’t really say she was raped (at least the reports of yesterday). They said she sustained a brutal sexual assault (words I’ve seen to describe a TSA search). While I understand that Logan is a high-profile correspondent and those around her will want to afford her protection, I also have to wonder if they were protecting the mobs.

  10. amanofwonder says:

    I have mixed emotions about this incident.

    It is horrid that the lesser half of the human specie can do this type of thing to the better half and then consider themselves to be justified just because they believe they can do it. Won’t elaborate on what I think of them since cuss words ain’t my style, but PIGS and DOGS they are, is the short version of what I will say.

    It is predictable that liberals will walk into almost any situation thinking no harm will ever befall them and consider themselves to be justified because they believe it will be the way they want to believe it. Won’t elaborate what I think other than recall the story of Ferdinand the Bull. If you walk in the fighting ring and not recognize there Bee a fight going on, it is partly your fault for what happens to you.

  11. Woodsterman says:

    I feel bad for her, but am amazed that the “peace loving” libs were caught by surprise by this. Are the events in the Middle East and Boy Wonder’s reaction to then going to change the voting patterns of Jews in this country? I’ll be curious to see.

  12. Brooke says:

    A reporter, one of their own, supposedly, can be raped and the midstream media will cover it up to keep with their agenda of socialism and kissing Islamist butt.


  13. Rightwing Guy says:

    I’m doing great, good to hear from you!

    Its Islam remember, its the religion of peace lol.

  14. Fredd says:

    Awomanofwonder and DeanO are both correct: Egypt is not and has never been ‘civilized’ as we know it. Sure, it has been called an ‘ancient civilization’ but civilized? Never in its long history.

    Most Egyptians do not believe in being civilized, and want to cut off hands and heads willy nilly for the slightest of ‘transgressions.’ I am always amazed, however, at anyone (even the bravest of tourists) who would want to venture to Egypt at any time, ever. All you have to do is get accused of spitting on the sidewalk (whether you did not didn’t) and there goes your hand. Or an uncovered woman’s calf or face, can’t have that: stone her to death. Or in Logan’s case, sexually assault her. It’s OK according to Egyptians.

    And its been like this since the pharoahs. It’s awful what happened to Logan, but when you venture into a lion’s den, the likelihood of you getting mauled is high. No westerner should be in Egypt, period. They do not behave in any way that would be called ‘civilized,’ and never have. And likley never will.

  15. Carol-Christian Soldier says:

    mo born 570/571 AD-and there has been terror trouble ever since–

    just posted-female officer-shot down – first gulf war- raped-she is now a General-
    don’t recall anything being done about it -RoEs are for our troops-= the G Convention is for our troops-all terror scum-not answerable–

    wonder what CBS or the bho regime will do about the assault on the female reporter..

    thanks -my warrior friend…

  16. Spidey says:

    Muslims changed everything on 9/11 – we are only reacting to their behavior.

    Just as illegal aliens have branded latinos, suicide/homicide bombers have branded Muslims.

    Sorry, but perceptions will never change as long as they place demands on the feelings of Americans. 9/11 changed our world forever and Islam extremism was at it’s core. Those are facts.

    It will take generations, if ever, for Muslims to re-gain the world’s trust. With each new terror event, that distant date becomes further & further removed from our better judgement.

  17. KarL M says:

    And we are surprised…why???
    When a country/people (read;men)/Izlamos promote absolutely nothing of quality… then attack, assault and abuse their women as a sport …while loving their camels…surprises you????
    The bigger sin, is the pathologic need to paint the towelheads as some type of progressive man..when in truth they are one puff away from a Huka pipe all day long….
    Go ahead O’bozo keep kissing their……..

  18. cube says:

    They sat on this story until other media factions began to report about the incident. Wouldn’t want the truth to interfere with the Egyptian people’s kumba-yah moment.

    That said, there is much speculation about what actually happened. I read reports of nothing much all the way to very extreme. I fear the truth will be buried because it suits the MSM’s agenda.

  19. Bob Mack says:

    Ah, but Muslims have the greatest respect for women. Like the ‘moderate’ imam Youssef al-Qaradawi says:

    “Blows are not effective with every woman, but they are helpful with some.” In other cases, the sheikh insists on equal rights. For example, he says, a woman does not have to ask her husband’s permission to blow herself up in an Israeli café.

  20. Karen Howes says:

    A shame that Lara had to find out in such a firsthand, brutal way what Islam really is.

    Prayers for her– I feel terrible for her. It’s sick that some are so totally without human compassion that they GLOATED about this. Digusting.

  21. Tha Malcontent says:

    amanofwonder says:
    February 17th, 2011 at 12:26 am

    I have mixed emotions about this incident. says:
    February 17th, 2011 at 12:26 am

    I have mixed emotions about this incident.

    What? amanofwonder are you kidding? Do we now have to cater DOWN to these people?
    I say Screw them, we don’t have to treat these animals with any more respect than they deserve.

  22. Quite Rightly says:

    “Bet they would all be praying for her over at the Ground Zero mosque in NYC: NOT.”