Free Speech: As LonG as You Don’t SpeaK

Controversial Prophet Mu-hammad Cartoons Appear At Free-Speech Rally

London, England — About 200 people have turned out for a free-speech demonstration in central London. And some of them carried posters of the controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muh-ammad that infuriated much of the Mus-lim world.

Protest organizers had originally invited protesters to display the images on banners and T-shirts. But they later withdrew that invitation to avoid alienating sympathetic Mus-lims.

The reversal prompted hundreds of angry Internet responses from people who called it political censorship.

Some demonstrators showed their support for the cartoons by carrying signs saying “Stop Toonophobia.” Others draped themselves in Danish flags.
Nine men identified by police as Mus-lim counter-protesters were escorted away.”

Escorted away eh?..ahem..were those the “symathetic ones”?

Is your belief in ‘free speech’based upon your morals, or on other people’s morals?
We know the United States Government rarely gets directly involved in censorship issues, save during wartime. (which despite the elective “blindness” of the Left..this IS)

Our oft quoted First Amendment guarantees freedom of expression within certain limits defined by the Supreme Court. Senators and congressmen have always been loathe to create censorship laws, as just about every attempt to do so (even involving brutal and violent images of torturing women) have been struck down as unconstitutional.
And along come the Muzlims claiming some cartoons “offensive”. The presses come to a grinding halt.
But if dehumanization of an enemy is a component of wartime propaganda, they are guiltier than any other in their unending depiction of Jews and Americans as ugly, long nosed , sinister vultures.

And now a handful summon up the courage to stage a FREE speech demo. and then don’t excercise the very free speech they are protesting for – so as to …”avoid alienating sympathetic Mus-lims?

I think I need a stiff drink…and I don’t even drink.

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7 Responses to “Free Speech: As LonG as You Don’t SpeaK”

  1. Karl m says:

    Hey Angel, don’t pass on that drink, pour me one too.
    Freedom of speech will prevail in spite of the intellectually challenged types.
    Fear will push people to do things that are irrational, but when the smoke clears the cartoons will still be there.THANK GOD!!!

  2. American Crusader says:

    Angel, seems like there wasn’t much reason to go through with the demonstration. If you’re afraid of alienating groups through free speech, then why bother?

  3. Always On Watch says:

    I’m not a drinker either. But when Mark Alexander’s site was censored by image-hoster PhotoBucket, I reached for the brandy at 4:00 P.M. If you want more details as to what happened, email me. It’s a stunner!

    A march for free expression without showing the cartoons is surreal.

    You know what? I dont like that “artwork” Piss Christ. So you know what I do about it? I don’t look at it! Such a thought never crosses the Muzzies’ minds; rather, they want to tell the rest of the world what we can and cannot do. What arrogance!

    So, to hell with their Islamic restrictions. They can follow them, but don’t tell ME how to be Islamic. MTP is not my prophet, and Allah is not my God.

    Besides, the biggest insulter of Islam is Islam itself. See this site.

    ———End rant, for now——-

  4. F.B. Jones says:

    Did you see the Canadian paper the published a cartoon of Christ preforming sex acts on a pig.
    i had it on my blog for a while. I took it off, it made me sick to look at it. The reason most people didn’t see it was because Christians typicaly don’t riot when we are offended. If anyone want to see it I will get them the link. The same paper wouldn’t publish the muhamad cartoon.

  5. WomanHonorThyself says:

    Why doesnt that surprise me f.b.?..UGH.

  6. kevin says:

    Perhps that’s the biggest difference between Islam and Christianity; free will vs fatalism.

  7. Lady Jane says:

    And isn’t it just . . . breathtaking, for lack of a better word, that Muslims get so offended over little drawings made of paper and ink, but then rejoice when an American’s head is cut off by their Muslim brothers?