Global Lying is More like It

Hot. Cold. Hot. Cold.

Ah friends..I have refrained from regurgitating this issue..up until now.
My apologies for beatin this drum, which no doubt y’all have had a gutload of.

This snowstorm caused a lot of grief. Lost lives. Flooded basements. Countless trees destroyed. The trees still had their leaves, and the weight of as much as 2 feet of wet snow caused giant branches to come crashing down. Call it the “October Surprise” or “Our Katrina,” it was pretty bad – a storm we won’t ever forget…

Remember the six feet of snow Buffalo received in the week between Christmas and New Year’s a few years ago? That storm was fueled by unusually warm water in Lake Erie. Now again cold winds blow across a warm lake, and we are hit by an unprecedented freakish snowstorm. …
Was surprise snowstorm caused by global warming?
Was this Mother Nature’s dark side or something we brought on ourselves?

What if there was a connection between this awful snowstorm and global climate change – and thus with all the fossil fuels we burn and carbon dioxide we are releasing into the atmosphere?


Oh……….So now cold causes hot too.
Who knew?
” unprecedented freakish snowstorm.”
Wow such hyperbole!


On a more sane note my friends…

BANGOR, Maine, Oct. 30 (UPI) — The general manager of two TV stations in Maine has ordered his news department to stop covering global warming until “Bar Harbor is underwater.”

Michael Palmer told the joint news staff of WVII and WFVX in an e-mail that global warming stories are like “‘the killer African bee scare’ from the 1970s or, more recently, the Y2K scare when everyone’s computer was going to self-destruct.”

TV GM bans global warming news

Palmer called the news report a commercial for Gore. He said the global warming issue had “evolved from hard science into hard politics” and “this science is far from conclusive.”

African killer bee scare.. lol

Y2K! y2k1.jpg


West Nile virus, Sars, anthrax, Bird Flu, Y2K, the Attack of the Killer Bees, brain tumors from cell phone use, over population, trans-fats……….

And now the so called activists and tree huggers are imploring us to end our dependence on fossil fuels, and move to a carbon neutral lifestyle. treehuggerani.gif

And while I am no scientist I have read extensively that industrialized nations have been decarbonizing their energy sources for over 150 years now. In other words, they already have been moving away from carbon toward hydrogen.

Soooooooooo, Howza bout we rein in the scare tactics till we get “just the facts M’aam” eh?

“I’ve seen a heap of trouble in my life, and most of it never came to pass.”
Mark Twain


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12 Responses to “Global Lying is More like It”

  1. elmers brother says:

    sorry angel OT but I did want you to know if you didn’t notice that I did h/t for the story of Michael Monsoor in my original post. I don’t want you to think I was trying to pull a fast one. You and daddio highlighted him and I wanted to do my part too. Thanks for remembering them.

  2. Angel says:

    aww..thanks u EB!…nice of ya..I will go check it out..and thanks for your lovely tribute as well. :)

  3. spree says:

    Thanks for the link and as usual a good read when I visit daily. Thanks.

  4. hnav says:

    maybe it was all a mistunderstanding?

    maybe someone will someday claim the meant ‘global swarming’…

    a typo of global proportions…

  5. Always On Watch says:

    Sorry for my absence of late. Busy!

    The media hype stories. I’m tired of their drama-queen antics. Meanwhile, they don’t bother telling us about developments which matter. Do I detect a pattern?

  6. daniel says:

    I think your’e cute, they way you post your blogs ;)
    I take it from the post, that you are in Buffalo?
    I am in NY right now(I have a place in San Diego) and will be here for the winter! (can you believe it? what am I nuts!)

    I do believe that the global warming issue needs to be addressed.
    Any reduction in stratospheric pollutants is good.

    Interesting phenomenon; lake effect snow. It is the same atmospheric conditions that create the marine layer (or coastal clouds) in SoCal.
    (Colder air flowing over the relatively warmer ocean waters)
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Take care Angel

  7. Brooke says:

    It wouldn’t hurt us to voluntarily be “green,” but forcing us to… No way!

    I doubt we could cause so much hot causing cold if we tried. :roll:

  8. Ma r t i n @ b l o g b a t says:

    Reminds me of that REM song, “It’s the End of the World as We Know It”. Yet somehow the libs are out to lunch when we talk of the consequences for letting violent criminals out on furlough or dangerous dictators develop nukes. Weird, wild, stuff.

  9. Kevin says:

    No, global warming is real, and it’s coming soon! What do you think all of the car burning in France is about? It’s the jihadis trying to hasten the end of the world by creating global warming! It’s true I tell you!

    Say, who are those guys in the clean white shirts coming after me with a jacket in their hands?

  10. Angel says:

    lol @ y’all!….Is it hot in here?..whew! ;)

  11. Right Truth says:

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  12. KKARllmMM says: