One State Solution

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21 Responses to “One State Solution”

  1. Ricky Vines says:

    Humorous but true. I saw a candid camera episode where the Israelis stood up for an Arab woman who was being discriminated. (It was a setup like what John Quinones does here.) It may not be perfect but it is infinitely better than the way of life in the surrounding Arab & Persian states.

    Welcome back. Shabbat Shalom.

  2. RandyG says:

    Kiss my Jewish a$$…Priceless indeed!

  3. Bunni says:

    Love that vid, Angel, Klavan is great! Give all the mid-east to the Jews!
    Send all the scumbags to the moon or somewhere!

    Yeah for Bibi!
    Happy Friday to you!

  4. Woodsterman says:

    He nailed it as usual.

  5. Early Light says:

    That was great.

    My peace plan is kind of like this guy’s: Make sure Israel is adequately armed and, every time Israel is attacked, Israel gets to defend itself without pressure from Washington to stop. Whatever land Israel has to take in order to defend itself, Israel gets to keep. (No cheating, though; no false flag attacks.) The net result would be one of two things: either Arabs that quit attacking, or a Middle East that belongs to Israel.

    Either way, there would be peace!

    Love ya, Angel!

  6. Debbie says:

    A lot of humor has been made of this situation, and it would be funny if it wasn’t so serious, so life-threatening.

  7. Bob Mack says:

    Great vid. Love that Klavan.

  8. Leticia says:

    Loved it. I especially liked it where he said if the United States were Israel we wouldn’t be over $$ trillion dollars in debt, how very true.

  9. Matt says:

    That was good. Thanks for sharing it Angel!

  10. Kid says:

    Well Done ! Enjoyed it. And it might work. Nothing else will.

  11. Carol-Christian Soldier says:

    B N’s answer to bho-
    K M J A –
    Hugs- my freedom loving friend!

  12. DeanO says:

    Angel, this is good…happy Friday to you also

  13. eots says:

    The only problem I have with this video is that it’s made in a jest.
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. The Conservative Lady says:

    Now that’s the best idea I’ve heard in a long time!
    Have a nice weekend, Angel.

  15. Christopher says:

    Klaven for POTUS! This is a peace deal ALL can LIVE with!

  16. Brooke says:

    Klavan nails it every time!

  17. Freedom, by the way says:

    That’s entertainment! I just wish it could really happen.

  18. KarL M says:

    Loved it Angel…yet another stroke of Genius from WomanHonorThyself..

    Now if the Israelis would only finish OCCUPYING…then the plane lavoratories will be is their fault…right????

  19. Jenny says:

    Fabulously succinct, wonderfully sincere, and ultimately, refreshingly THE TRUTH. Thank God for Andrew Klavan. May God bless and PRESERVE the precious Jewish people, the sacred Israeli state, and my adored friend Angel!

  20. MK says:


    Bloody well said. If the Jews were running America, you wouldn’t be in so much debt, morons!

    Great solution, but the muslims will never go for it. For centuries they’ve resisted civilization and chosen barbarity and savagery, they won’t change their minds now. Arab spring my ass.

  21. Trestin says:

    The best solution I’ve seen yet.