Women in Music Portrayed as purely Se-xual


“Pop music in this country is almost completely dominated by American acts who have taken sexualised imagery, dance moves and lyrical content way beyond the limits of decency,”

Stock said in an open letter calling for broadcasters to toughen up their explicit content standards.
Hit songwriter takes a pop at se-x-driven imagery

Stock added: “As far as music is concerned it has been a slow but unmistakable descent into pornography.”
He singled out material such as Nicole Scherzinger’s “overtly sexual” performance on Britain’s Got Talent this year and called on the BBC and ITV to take the lead in cracking down on raunchy content.


Be honest for mercy sake.
The music industry is inundated with por-nography and demoralizing, commercialized s-ex. And the masses are sleeping through this cataclysm.

Apparently that’s not deemed “offensive”………….. dizzy1

Young girls are mocked if they are chaste and labeled “prudes” if they are modest or object to the objectification of women.


Other women tell them “they’re just jealous”.
Men tell them theyr’e too “insecure” to let their boyfriends or husbands gape at other scantily clad women.

Shhh….Your’e racist if you admit that Rap videos are nothing if not p-orno-graphy.

And what of that ever so popular show, Dancing with the Stars, where the so called dancers slutify themselves week after week seeing who can wear less.

And of course this is normalized and internalized by girls and women everywhere…not to mention the sudden “interest” by men in ballroom danc
ing. Uh huh.

Ask them to watch a Fred Astaire movie one night…see how enthusiastic they will be then. Pffft.dunno


And what of the men who play the “as long as it’s not my daughter” game.
They post scantily clad women on their blogs..”just for entertainment” purposes.

Well………guess what pal…She may not be YOUR daughter….but she is always someone’s daughter.


Then of course there’s the charming “hook-up culture”, which is nothing but unpaid prostitution of girls and women: plain and simple.heart-breaker1

And don’t get me started on the so called “s-exual revolution”, (what exactly were they revolting against?)

It has does nothing but dishonor women.

The effect of ‘free love’, which is anything but love, and promiscuous
s-ex on the female psyche is totally different and infinitely more damaging for women than for men.

But of course, since Libs and Radical feminists deny the inherent differences between men and women, this horror will go untreated and certainly unremedied.


And why do ya suppose so many men have bought into this feminist myth?
Because they respect women so much?


It’s quite simple. Many men no longer have to be manly and no longer feel any responsibility to “take care” of their girlfriends, wives or even families.

They are also thoroughly confused.
“I can open the dang door myself”, she shrieks at him, in her plunging neckline, and 7 inch stilletoes.girlangry

This new found se-xual freedom benefits men much more than it could ever benefit women.

Heck..a man doesn’t ever have to marry a woman.
They can “get what they want” easily from the so-called liberated woman, at any bar, any night of the week.


Oh..And as far as mixed messages go….
Feminists early on– told women that “all men are pigs”. pig.gif
Next thing ya know they tell women to act the exactly same way.

Someone tell me please…………

When did “liberation” ever become about women
wh-oring themselves rather than, what women truly want deep down – exploring the wonders of intimacy with one loving partner?


25 Responses to “Women in Music Portrayed as purely Se-xual”

  1. The Conservative Lady says:

    You make a lot of good points in this post. I also think parents need to instill a sense of self respect in their children, and respect for others. If a person doesn’t respect themselves, others won’t respect them either.

  2. DeanO says:

    Awesome post and I love the dig on “Rule 5″ of blogging. What an idiotic and perverted proposal for men blogs to post “guilt free” pornography. And, that’s all it is. Lady Gaga, Britanny Spears, Madona and a never ending list of “se-xual” music in our industry. Have you seen what Disney is pushing these days? Mercy, It’s sad Angel but it’s not going to get any better. Guess I’ll go play some Super Mario Now :)

  3. Adrienne says:

    Oh boy – oh boy! You’ve really hit a HUGE nerve here! I think Rule 5 is horrible. Now my problem comes from the fact that so many of the peeps that participate are like blogger buddies of mine (including women), and so I have mainly kept my mouth shut. These bloggers, mostly decent nice people, have been sold a bill of goods that it will drive traffic to their sites. Maybe. But what kind of traffic?

    As to DWTS’s? As a former ballroom instructor, I HATE the way they dress the women. It’s really no better in the actual world of competitive ballroom dancing. If anything they often exceed the dress “standards” of DWTS. It’s not a profession I even recognize anymore and speaks to how low our culture has become.

  4. Frank says:

    It’s all in the liberal agenda; Lewdness, Homosexuality, Perversion, etc.
    Anything to enshrine this once-flourishing, G-d-fearing society into decrepitude!

  5. Comedy Plus says:

    Go to San Francisco or another other large city and what you are talking about can be seen very easily. All of these big cities are filled with liberals. Freaks if you ask me. I just can’t understand their thought process. I’ve dumped every single liberal that I used to visit. They make me cringe.

    I agree that things have changed for the worse. Talk to some of the kids going to school about what happens there. Never happened when I was growing up and if you were easy everyone called you a whore. Those were the days.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. Big hugs. :)

  6. Always On Watch says:

    The music industry is inundated with por-nography and demoralizing, commercialized s-ex. And the masses are sleeping through this cataclysm.

    Most are sleeping, yes. But I have to say that homeschool parents are very aware of this problem — and they shield their children from it, too.

    Of course, many of those who are not homeschoolers claim that homeschool parents are suppressing their children. It is not suppression to protect one’s children from evil and moral decline!

    For decades, we have been witnessing the moral decline of our nation, particularly the moral decline of our young people. And that decline has accelerated the past few years, too.

    A nation without a moral compass will fall. Mark my words on that.

  7. Always On Watch says:

    They post scantily clad women on their blogs..”just for entertainment” purposes.

    I know several excellent bloggers who adhere to “Rule 5.” I just scroll past those posts — total lack of interest on my part.

    I admit that I find it particularly disturbing that several women bloggers who I know follow “Rule 5.” Yes, I’m disappointed in them; and, in some cases, I’ve delinked and/or no longer visit those sites. Call me a prude. I don’t care.

    I use a rule of thumb as to what is appropriate to post on my blog: Is what I’m posting something I’m comfortable with Christian students reading and viewing? If not, I don’t post that material.

  8. Ricky Vines says:

    Excellent commentary of a social and cultural illness of our times. Kudos.

    As sex sells, this is one area where unbridled commercialism needs to be controlled. Where is the government when it’s needed? And while virtue cannot be legislated as it is an attitude, certain standards of decency can be forced and policed into compliance.

  9. Subvet says:

    I’ll sometimes see moms who dress their little girls modestly (Mom herself will be setting the standard). The only thing stopping me from congratulating them is a fear of being perceived as “coming on” to them.

    But there are some sensible women out there and evidently they find men who will respect them. We need more of both, a LOT more!

  10. Zilla says:

    Great post (as always), Angel! I too am not crazy about the Rule 5 softcore porn on the blogs. But like Adrienne, since they are otherwise people I like & respect, I just avert my eyes and don’t say anything. It saddens me when I see women doing it – although I have occasionally come across a Rule 5 post that has lovely women dressed modestly, which is actually more attractive IMHO. But it’s not my thing. I am old fashioned and prefer not to see half nekked people whenever possible.
    We certainly live in gross and creepy times. My kids are little, I pray that our country will find its soul again before they become teens, I’m freaking terrified!

  11. Carol-Christian Soldier says:

    Right ON!!
    and I have ‘complained’ via comments-to couple of my favorites–
    I – too – have erased a couple from my roll..
    I could no longer scroll past the degradation of women even though the women photographed degraded themselves…

    Thanks Angel –I remember that you had posted a similar take on the degradation of women a while ago–

  12. KarL M says:

    These are our mothers, wives and daughters…and our pets get treated with more respect and dignity…why is that???
    Perhaps gentlemen it all begins and ends with us…think about it.
    Have a great weekend Angel….

  13. Matt says:

    Powerful stuff Angel, as a father of a daughter, this hit home for me.

  14. KId says:

    Woman, this is a big subject, especially today.
    How many people notice in commercials and even many programs, where women are cast as physically and mentally superior. Check it out. All part of the communist agenda…Not a good thing in any case.

  15. KId says:

    PS – Well, women are superior in some cases, but what I’m talking about are when men as cast as mindless beer and/or sex addicted dolts.

    This will shape women’s attitudes a decade from now if not already.

  16. Karen Howes says:

    Feminism has, ironically, led to women being less respected than ever, aminly because we eschewed womanhood and merely embraced vices that used to be chiefly masculine (fornication, for example).

  17. eots says:

    Great post, promiscuity in women (and men) is a dead end.
    I don’t necessarily agree about rule 5. There is a lot of great paintings celebrating female body. Is it wrong to post them too? Pictures of women in various state of undress don’t have to be disrespectful, though a lot of them are. To me it’s about the quality of the image more than the subject-matter.

  18. Leticia says:

    It really is tragic what the feminist movement has done to all women. The majority of us don’t feel that way.

    As for the music and clothing, spot-on!! I no longer listen to the radio and if I do, it is normally the oldies station or classic rock. I can’t handle the junk they are passing as music nowadays. It’s disgusting.

    Have you noticed that there aren’t any t-shirts or dresses that don’t have low-cut fronts? I have to wear cami’s with everything.

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  20. KId says:

    I reread this and had another comment.

    The world has gotten very vulgar. Some women don’t help. I remember the dixie chicks after that insulted GW Bush in France to an audience then had a ‘marketing problem’ on their hands. So they thought and thought and their solution was to …… pose nude on the cover of some magazine. Too many women think their only value is their body, and therefore make it so.

  21. Bob Mack says:

    Some of the stuff I see on TV these days even shocks my jaded sensibilities.

  22. Silverfiddle says:

    Excellent post. We have mainstreamed deviancy.

  23. sayitlikeitis says:

    When oh when will the female species realize they are being exploited and humiliated by Hollywood, MassMedia, Journalist and in the latest array of R RATED reading material (?).
    Stand up straight ladies and be proud of who u are, what u accomplish and your potency without showing your cleavage, bottom and racy body. Our bodies are holy, sacred and not for public consumption at ANY PRICE.

  24. Teresa says:

    Great Post! The sexualization and perverted form of feminism propaganda must stop! I have to disagree with you about rule 5 though. It offends me when people post almost naked pictures but otherwise I don’t see a problem with rule 5.

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